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Topic: Sim racing

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In the News (Tue 18 Jun 19)

  Sim racing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
But sim racing is generally acknowledged to have really taken off in 1990 with the introduction of Papyrus' Indy 500 on 16-bit hardware.
Sim racers are well catered for on the PC with a range of steering wheel, shifter and pedal combinations, some with force feedback, some very highly engineered (and pricey), to provide real life feel to pedals and steering wheels.
Sim Racing Ltd in the UK is developing the concept of dedicated race venues for drivers and sim drivers alike.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Sim_racing   (1619 words)

 NASCAR.COM - Computers offer SIM-ple way to go racing - Jul 29, 2006
Race officials have the race ready to go, and the drivers are champing at the bit to get started.
Racing luck is another aspect of SIM racing which drivers must come to grips.
For drivers who don't have the time or expertise to prepare their SIM racers for each track, there are leagues that require all cars to run with the same fixed setup.
www.nascar.com /2006/news/headlines/cup/07/29/sim.racing/index.html   (729 words)

The team is a close group of drivers who love the sim and like to keep the racing as clean and as fun possible.
You wont find the races loaded down with rules, because we expect that all drivers to know and use some common racing courtesies.
Any team or organization that is going to put on a charity event for the online sim racing community may submit their info to me and I will post the event info as well as links to your site.
www.ortracing.net   (276 words)

 SportPlanet - A Member of The GameSpy Network
Initially, I thought that as far as sim racing went, 2000 was a total bust, and an absolutely horrible year.
This is less of a problem with GPL as the character of racing in this sim is not the same as NASCAR Racing and oval racing in general.
There are a few servers that can host more than one race at a time, but in general if you find a server that your ping times are good to, you race whatever is available at that time or you just don't race.
www.sportplanet.com /features/articles/simracing2000   (533 words)

 American Sim Racing Series-- America's #1 Online Short Track League   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
The race was on at this point, Johnston and Doiron were battling it out side-by-side, until the #20 got a little out of shape and scraped the wall with 10 laps to go.
Last year’s race took 4 hours to run, and was completed somewhere around midnight, we had people who exited from the event because of work and school in the morning, we won’t have that problem this year.
Cash dominated the race, leading all but 21 laps, but a late yellow flag put him in a situation where he had to fight to keep the lead for a one-lap sprint, which is always a handful of work when Louie Robinett is behind you.
members.cox.net /racerfoose42/series.html   (9566 words)

 NASCAR Sim Racing Review for PC - Gaming Age
Even with the commentary before each race to set things up, I still feel that someone needs to give racers the option for TV Style commentary during the races.
In the 30 or so races I have endured, I have yet had the feeling of the game feeling scripted or the A.I. being cheap, this is a good thing as it better prepares me for human opponents online.
You can race in an exhibition, take on the best in a Career mode, or go online and show the world that you are online with up to 42 other drivers.
www.gaming-age.com /cgi-bin/reviews/review.pl?sys=pc&game=nascar_simracing   (1130 words)

 SimHQ.com - Motorsports Zone - Feature: Sim Racing Tips - Getting the Most Out of Your Virtual Racing Hobby
Racing is about speed, but with consideration to pacing, timing, and conservation of assets.
Impressive, that is, until 4 or 5 laps later when the patient racers reel them in, or glance at them out the corner of their eye as they drive by the hot-lapper's car sitting off-track and in pieces.
A race lap will feel smoother than a qualifying or hot lap, and in the end your average lap times will be better than someone who doesn't conserve their tires.
www.simhq.com /_motorsports3/motorsports_080m.html   (455 words)

 ISRA - Internet Sim Racing Association
We'll run the majority of the races in fixed setups, but there will be some open setup races during the season.
Racing roughly every other Saturday night, the Trans-Am division races using the Project Wildfire PTA mod.
Pit frequency is set to 2x to add pit strategy to some of the shorter races.
internetsimracing.com   (317 words)

 SimHQ.com - Motorsports Zone - Feature: Sim Racing Tips - Getting the Most Out of Your Virtual Racing Hobby
And as such, things like chair height and placement, wheel position, pedal distance, and monitor height all are just as important to a good sim racing session as the preceding are to operating a real car.
The "driving" position you are looking for at your PC are a match for those in your real car: Arms should be slightly bent at the elbows when gripping the wheel, with a grip near the 3 and 9 o'clock positions, thumbs resting on the wheel rather than wrapped around it.
The more relaxed and comfortable your body position is while sim racing, the more you'll be able to concentrate on the sim and the less fatigued you'll become as you drive.
www.simhq.com /_motorsports3/motorsports_080a.html   (714 words)

 SimHQ.com - Motorsports Zone - NASCAR Racing 2003 Season
If you think F1 races are exciting regardless how far in front the Schumacher brothers are and if you can’t turn right in a race…it’s not a real race, then you’ll probably have a difficult time accepting NASCAR —; either real or simulation.
It would be nice to have output built into the sim providing a standard video format such as mpeg or avi, but other than that one capability, the Replay Studio has it all.
Close racing — like “scrape the bumper ahead with your front bumper” racing is only going to happen with good broadband connections and very close racing is the nature of real and simulated NASCAR.
www.simhq.com /_motorsports/motorsports_001a.html   (1107 words)

 SIM Racing Series
For better racing performance, it is important to have you game set up optimally.
In 2003 I decided to find a setting that worked and keep it there so I wouldn't have to adjust this setting for each track and risk possibly forgetting to change it for a race and cause problems.
World details and Mirror details aren't so important while racing, so a setting of Medium or Low is okay.
www.simracingseries.com /tips2K3.htm   (1670 words)

 NASCAR Sim Racing Review for PC - Gaming Age
For novices, there are pre-designed car setups, but those who know the game can analyze their cars, lap times, and will be able to hone their car into a winning beast.
It is easy to enjoy a NASCAR title when they give you a variety of venues to enjoy, and Sim Racing provides 28 highly detailed tracks including Daytona, Bristol, Indy, and even exclusive fantasy tracks designed by EA and NASCAR.
Online allows you to race the best the world has to offer, and you can even trash talk a bit online with the use of a microphone.
gaming-age.com /cgi-bin/reviews/review.pl?sys=pc&game=nascar_simracing   (1130 words)

 Sim Racing Design. Your source for sim racing add-on's
The Sim Racing World league is a Hardcore mode league full of veteran drivers who run the fixed expert setup and fixed weather at 70* clear with no wind.
If you like the feeling of racing side by side lap after lap without fear of the other driving wrecking you, this is something you will be interested in.
If you enjoy a large field and end the race with a finishing position of 12th, knowing you gave it all you had to get that far up front, this is a league for you.
www.simracingdesign.com   (372 words)

 G4 - Feature - NASCAR Sim Racing Review
By default, races are handicapped by a full suite of auto-assists which directly contradict the game's title.
The basic single race options are valuable--especially when learning the game's control tolerances or figuring out how to read the extensive telemetry reports.
The online option offers the ability to race against up to 42 other players, and while the server options are extensive and the races often more satisfying than the offline game, we've seen some debilitating lag.
www.g4tv.com /xplay/features/51463/NASCAR_Sim_Racing_Review.html   (838 words)

 Simulator Cyberworld Advertising Page - Racing Simulations at their best
The phenomenon of internet sim racing, less than five years old is suffering on several fronts where its only indictments are the lack of new faces, difficulties of use and comprehensibility to newcomers, lack of a fan base, poor media coverage, and general misunderstanding and devaluation by potential sponsors, and the overall appearance of non-professionalization.
Pro sim racers will no longer run sponsors on their virtual cars if they are not official sponsors-even if they like the sponsor.
Someday sim racing's biggest sites will not be used to generate incomes for others in a lopsided fashion, but will instead approach equity.
www.simcyberworld.com /html/news/rwt899.shtml   (1036 words)

 NNRacing.com | Your Auto Racing sim community
First off, I really have to hand it to Roush Racing because this is their 4th straight win at the 600.
Hello everyone, this is my review of the race, you can make any comments about it on the board or wherever you think.
They also have testimonials about their servers, so if you are one of those skeptical people, you can see for yourself first hand how nice they work....
www.nnracing.com /reviews.asp   (852 words)

 Sim Racing Network
With practice races reaching 15+ cars in the few practice races leading up to the first points paying race of the winter, car counts are expected to be high.
Practice race winners Kenny Tripp (Mechanic Falls, Maine), Scott Poland (Maine) and Dan Collins (Statesville, North Carolina) hope to continue their winning ways from the pre-season, while other drivers like Jimmy Vadeboncouer (Maine), Adam Ricci (Westbrook, Maine) and Joe Doiron (Berwick, Maine) hope to hit their marks to get into Victory Lane.
SRNtv will be on the air Friday night for the Redline-Servers.com Race 4 The Cure 250 at Talladega Superspeedway TR Version 1.5, with the pre-race show going at 10PM EST...racing to begin shortly after.
www.simracingnetwork.com   (556 words)

 Xtreme Sim Racing's :: Truck Series   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Benny McElyea took the last race of the 1st segment at Jennerstown.
Race leader Brandon Pennington experienced connection loss in the closing laps, handing the lead over to teammate Fabio Borghino.
Kevin Huff was the only driver left on the lead lap at the end of the race, but not by much.
trucks.xtremesimracing.com   (735 words)

 Boston Globe article about sim racing - The Prophecy Forums   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
On Sunday, the Daytona 500 launches the most popular racing competition in the land, the NASCAR Nextel Cup series (formerly called the Winston Cup until the RJ Reynolds Tobacco Co. pulled its sponsorship after 32 years).
The toughest race-car games seek to emulate the complexities of real-world race driving, and those complexities are harrowing.
Concord, Mass.-based Papyrus Racing Games, which produced the NASCAR Racing series for Vivendi Universal, has abandoned the series, since NASCAR has signed an exclusive contract with the Godzilla of sports gaming, Electronic Arts Inc. Phone calls to Papyrus and NASCAR were not returned, but it seems likely that dollars were behind the switch.
forums.prophecy.co.za /f75/boston-globe-article-about-sim-racing-17947   (1246 words)

 4 Cycle Karting Forums - Nascar Sim Racing
I raced the Nascar game from Sierra since 1999...I got out of it after the 2004 game came out and took up karting....I went by the name of T-Bone8 and Hudgens080.......I really enjoyed it but after seeing how alot of guys figured out ways to crack the game and cheat I decided I had enough....
Wish they would have jumped into making dirt sims games to replace Ratbags "Dirt Track Racing" series, I have both of them along with their sprint car series and they are alright but I believe Sierra/Pappyrus could have done an amazing job.
I know that Nascar 2003 is amazing, i've had it since it came out, and yes, i also know that EA is VERY far behind on their sim racing, but I wanted to know if anyone has raced the new one, just to know what they think of the old one.
karting.4cycle.com /showthread.php?t=29586   (1458 words)

 SimRaceCar.com - - International Race Car Paintjob Storage Site for NASCAR Racing 2003 skins
We know the sim racing world has slowed down a bit in regard to NASCAR Racing 2003 and the lawsuits that have surrounded the new scab company planning to release something, sometime.
Over time we are confident that they will be the new pioneers to the sport of sim racing and continue its furthered growth.
We started this site to help out the sim racing world and to achieve a "yellow pages" style of paintjob hosting for all sim racers in the world.
www.simracecar.com   (636 words)

 News from around the Sim Racing World   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Inside Sim Racing is proud to open the doors to the official ISR website.
Inside Sim Racing is a monthly show that takes a peak behind the scenes of the Sim Racing World.
Inside Sim Racing is looking for 2 qualified reporters who wish to showcase their Sim Racing Journalist talents.
www.insidesimracing.com   (245 words)

 <DJC> Sim Racing
Screen shot of Dale Jr.'s 2002 MLB All-Star paint scheme racing in "NASCAR 2002" by Papyrus.
is a well-known computer racing game "addict" -- the more realistic the game the better.
enjoys racing on Papyrus' NASCAR Racing Online Series, which has been a pastime of his for years.
www.dalejr.net /simracing   (177 words)

 SimRacingWorld - The Number 1 Source for Racing Sim News and Downloads   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
While the graphics have been improved, and the netcode corrected, the essence of GTR2 is just as captivating and addicting as its older brother, meaning that the game is a no-brainer for anyone who enjoys racing simulations.
Simbin have released a demo of the upcoming RACE: The WTCC Game, due to be released this November.
The continuation of the excellent racing sim has all the features that gamers and media have appreciated before,..
www.simracingworld.com   (1143 words)

 The American Sim Racing League
The American Sim Racing League is an organization that has been involved in supporting online sim racing since September 15, 1999.
The American Sim Racing League is a "Subscription" based Leauge.
The American Sim Racing League Administration performs it's duties on a wholly voluntary basis and receives no compensation whatsoever for it's services.
www.asrl.us   (338 words)

 Blackhole Motorsports
Designed for both race training and home entertainment, Virtual-E Corp.’s VirtualGT Personal Racing Simulator is a premium product offering precision controls, high resolution graphics, and an astounding sound system that delivers the most complete virtual racing experience possible.
In addition to hosting wide variety of professional and amateur racing events for cars and motorcycles, Barber is also home to the Porsche Driving Experience, the German marque's dedicated high-performance driver education facility.
RACE — The Official WTCC Game will be released on November 24th 2006 across all European territories on PC.
www.bhmotorsports.com   (2437 words)

 GPLegacy - Sim Racing News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Our dream : Provide the sim racing community what we would like to find united in one place.
Our resume has surpassed the 30 real life racing events showcasing Rfactor and Logitech, we will be offering the positions to be showcased, recognized in your professional resume, and potentially becoming a part of the company.
The nominations have been taken more serious than ever and we have to announce the main candidates who may, I stress "may" become part of the Advisory Board, and even to get into the trial level at the Board of Directors for the company.
www.gplegacy.com /antartida/modules/news   (502 words)

 Sim Racing Alliance » News
Keep it tuned here to Sim Racing Alliance to grab the update when it is available.
The Sim Racing Alliance is a website dedicated to providing the best in mods, patches, tracks and support for rFactor by Image Space Incorporated.
The Sim Racing Alliance is comprised of several highly talented modding groups all with a common mission - enhancing YOUR Sim Racing experience.
www.simracingalliance.com   (892 words)

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