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Topic: Simon Kirke

  Free (band) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lead singer(Paul Rodgers, went on to become lead singer of the rock band Bad Company along with Simon Kirke on drums, while lead guitarist Paul Kossoff, a much revered blues/rock guitarist, was to die tragically from a drug induced heart failure aged 25 in 1976.
Despite their youth, Kirke and Kossoff were seasoned musicians with a strong and growing reputation among the London blues scene.
Kirke and Kossoff were immediately impressed with Rodger?s expressive voice and charismatic style, and recruited him for their group.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Free_(band)   (3440 words)

 Ringo And The All Starrs - Simon Kirke   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
After six months both Simon and Paul left and formed a new group called Free with Paul Rodgers and Andy Fraser.
Simon and Mick put the band back together in 1986 and continued to release more gold and platinum albums.
This biography and photograph was provided by Elizabeth Freund of Brooklyn, public relations consultant and publicist for the 1997 tour of Ringo and the All-Starr Band.The text was written by Alliance Artists Ltd. of Norcross, Georgia.
web2.iadfw.net /gshultz/simon2a.html   (459 words)

 Bad Company - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The duo recruited Kirke and former" King Crimson" bassist/vocalist Boz Burrell and christened themselves Bad Company, the name inspired by the 1972 Robert Benton Civil War film of the same name.
Throughout the 1990s, the band continued with various musicians, with drummer Simon Kirke the only original member.
The tempo and energy of each song is secure with Simon Kirke ’s powerhouse drums which lead Jaz Lochrie’s rich bass to set the musical foundation.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bad_Company   (3464 words)

 Bad Company Interview 2002
Simon: Me and Paul Kossoff were in a band called The Black Cat Bones, which was a standard blues band in early 1968.
Simon: The Punk movement started in the mid 1970’s in England and it kind of festered there for a couple of years before making the move to America.
Simon: We started out as a team that was saying just because one of the players is gone doesn’t mean we have to roll over and die.
classicrockrevisited.com /interviews02/Bad+Company+Interview+2002.htm   (6601 words)

Simon: My first thought when I heard about the book was "About bloody time!" It's been so long since Free was around but I suppose time has added to the mystique somewhat.
Simon: Having read the book I was very impressed by the accuracy and thoroughness of the text.
Simon: I think Free should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, quite honestly.
www.tomguerra.com /simonandrabbit.htm   (1591 words)

 Paul Simon --  Encyclopædia Britannica
Originally half of the renowned folk duo Simon and Garfunkel, U.S. singer, songwriter, and guitarist Paul Simon went on to become one of the most successful solo entertainers in pop music history.
As half of the renowned folk duo Simon and Garfunkel, Art Garfunkel brought his lyrical tenor and high harmonies to the pair's string of hits recorded in the 1960s.
Although he and Paul Simon decided to go their separate ways in 1971, they reunited on occasion to make recordings and perform in sold-out concerts.
www.britannica.com /eb/article-9002446   (702 words)

 VH1.com : Simon Kirke : Biography
Shortly after becoming a teenager, the Beatles perked Kirke's interest in rock music, as he picked up the drums -- leading to a gig with a local band called the Maniacs, which saw Kirke supply drums and lead vocals (something quite uncommon at the time).
Kirke worked out a deal with his parents after graduating high school, that if he couldn't ‘make it' as a drummer in a band within a two year period, that he would begin a college career.
It didn't take Kirke long to find another gig however, as he joined Rodgers in a new band, Bad Company, which was quite similar stylistically to Free.
www.vh1.com /artists/az/kirke_simon/bio.jhtml   (464 words)

 The exclusive interview with Simon Kirke
Simon was kind enough to take a break from his busy schedule to answer a few questions!
It is a thrill for me, as I have been a fan of your drumming for many, many years.
A: The "Evening with Simon Kirke" is me singing songs, accompanying myself on guitar and piano with help from a second guitarist Jeff Perez.
www.geocities.com /drummerinterviews/simonkirke.html   (783 words)

 Vintage Guitar® magazine : Music Reviews
Simon Kirke: My first thought was, “About bloody time!” It’s been so long since Free was around, but I suppose time has added to the mystique somewhat.
Simon and I always got on, and are still good friends today.
Simon: Free should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, quite honestly.
www.vguitar.com /music/details.asp?ID=49   (1524 words)

 Ringo Starr '98-'99 All-Starr Band Tour page
Kirke, Cappello, and Rundgren all through drum sticks out into the crowd at some point during the night, and Ringo threw his towel into the crowd, causing an expected small-scale riot.
Simon Kirke played what appeared to the same DW kit that he did on the last tour.
He said Simon Kirke may tour with Bad Company, but there are no plans for Ringo and Foreigner to hook up.
abbeyrd.best.vwh.net /ringo99.htm   (4055 words)

 Ringo tour reviews
Simon Kirke, basically taking the absent Zak Starkey's spot (he's off on another Who tour), provided a solid backbeat behind Ringo lead drumming.
Kirke did a fine job in his role as second drummer.
Simon Kirke then took up with one of his two highlights for the night, Bad Company's "Shooting Star," which, though he wasn't the original singer of the track, he handled quite nicely.
abbeyrd.best.vwh.net /concord.htm   (5817 words)

 Update for An Evening with Music Legend Simon Kirke, Rock n Roll Pioneer, in NYC
And fewer drummers have so influenced Rock n Roll as seventies super group Bad Company’s Simon Kirke.
Destined to leave his mark on music history, Simon left school at 17 to pursue his passion to its zenith.
Kirke brings to the live concert stage both the skill of a man who co-founded two top rock bands as well as the raw talent and energy that has given him staying power to remain a premier rock artist, songwriter and performer today.
www.prweb.com /releases/20061400/3/prweb363714.htm   (470 words)

 Simon Kirke Interview, Part 1   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Simon had been playing in the band for several months, yet getting contractual problems with Swan Song and Grant resolved was proving an insurmountable task.
Simon and I arranged to meet at a pub near the Kew Gardens tube station a few days later.
Simon picked me up the station right on time the next day and took me to his home.
www.mcnarie.com /KirkeMain.htm   (3773 words)

 thewho-rabbit.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
At thiis time 'Free' were also going through their break-up, and that left Simon and Kossoff at a loose end, so they decided to put together their own band while they waited to see what Free were going to do.
It was all very rewarding for a new boy from Texas, to be hurtled into the studio with such illuminaries as Simon Kirke and Paul Kossoff, and all at the same time as continuing my work with Nash on his 'I Can See Clearly' hit album.
After all, once you've been up their with Paul Rodgers in the front, and Simon on the drums, it was and 'exciting' thing to behold........But I can't take anything away from Crawler.
www.thewho-rabbit.com /interview_16.html   (2546 words)

 The Rolling Stones: A Weekend With Charlie Watts: Rockmine On-Line   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Luckily, Simon Kirke called out that he had them and we were soon en route for the hotel I had commandeered for them.
On my way down to the basement bar with Charlie,we came across Simon Kirke setting up his own kit for rehearsal (the roadies I had hired hadn't turned up!).
The audience for this private gig was Simon Kirke, one of the drivers, a minder, my girlfriend (now wife) and myself.
www.rockmine.music.co.uk /Stones/Charlie.html   (1105 words)

 Bad Company
Bad Company is a hard rock band from the United Kingdom which had many hits from the 1970s and 1980s.
The group first formed when vocalist Paul Rodgers and drummer Simon Kirke, of the band Free, teamed up with guitarist Mick Ralphs of Mott The Hoople.
Simon Kirke is also pursuing solo projects at this time.
www.rocknrollhell.com /badcompany   (926 words)

 hip online: artists: bad company
For Simon Kirke, who also was an ex-Free member, a return from holiday would be met with a fateful listening session.
But as Simon Kirke points out, the group was beginning to suffer from a rigorous touring and recording schedule that had seen them work virtually non-stop for almost five years.
In 1986 Ralphs and Kirke reformed Bad Company without Rodgers releasing albums with a varying degree of commercial success.
www.hiponline.com /artist/music/b/bad_company   (1448 words)

 LET IT ROCK - Simon Kirke interview
Don't do what you don't have to do: if that was the drummers' main rule, Simon Kirke would be one of the champions of this sport.
Pushing forward the music, not himself, Si has been seen on the scene for good 35 years - first with FREE, the last great blues band of the '60s, and then with BAD COMPANY, a group which seemed an antidote to what the '70s hard rock ensembles had become.
Still, only a drummer Kirke is not, his all-round musicianship keeping the man in demand from both colleagues and fans.
dmme.net /interviews/kirke.html   (948 words)

 T&T Management and Booking Agency - Bad Company
While the music was always consistently well played and tours well attended, nothing could replace the writing, stage presence and, of course, those one-of-a-kind vocals that Rodgers brought to the equation.
This same year Simon Kirke toured the US with Ringo Starr and his All Star Band.
In the summer Paul Rodgers and Simon Kirke of Bad Company co-headlined a tour with Styx.
www.tntbooking.com /bios/bad_company.htm   (3128 words)

 Top40-Charts.com - 40 Top 20 & Top 40 Music Charts from 25 Countries   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
And few drummers have been as influential as Simon Kirke.
Simon Kirke's acoustic show is up close and personal; you will hear acoustic songs from Free, Bad Company, as well as some of his new material.
Simon also takes on questions from the fans and tells the fascinating stories of his sojourn through Rock n' Roll history.
top40-charts.com /artist.php?aid=1701   (622 words)

 Chat with Simon Kirke - 10 March 02
Lucy-Atlanta: I was just saying Simon that your timing for clocks is as good as the timing on the drums.
Lucy-Atlanta: So Simon if you want to give us a run down on the DVD tour, on how it went and what is coming up in the next few months..
Lucy-Atlanta: Simon please excuse me some family have just appeared at my front door, I need to dissapear for a while, will catch yo later.
www.allrightnow.com /fws/simonkirke_chat_transcript_10mar02.htm   (2942 words)

 thewho-rabbit.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Me, Paul Rogers, Simon Kirke, Tetsu and Paul Kossoff, rest his soul.
I was so into what I was doing but when the song stopped, I thought, "I'm going to keep playing!" I just kept going and going and going and everybody turned around and said, "Rabbit, it's over." I said, "Oh, no, man, catch up.
We're going somewhere with this!" Eventually Simon Kirke tried to join in with me, but eventually someone came over and switched the organ off.
www.thewho-rabbit.com /interview_06.html   (921 words)

 DVD Talk > Reviews > Bad Company - In Concert > Printer Friendly
Bad Company was formed by former Free lead singer Paul Rodgers and drummer Simon Kirke in England in 1973 when they joined Mott the Hoople guitarist Mick Ralphs and Boz Burrell, the bassist from King Crimson.
Responsible for many of the staple rock songs on your classic radio station, watching this DVD is a concert full of moments when you realize how many popular songs the group had.
The concert on this DVD features the current line-up of Paul Rodgers, Simon Kirke, Dave Colwell and Jaz Lochrie.
www.dvdtalk.com /reviews/print.php?ID=4963   (694 words)

 Act Profile for - NiteLite Event Planning   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
This solid, highly acclaimed UK heavy rock outfit was formed in 1973, with a line-up comprising Paul Rodgers, Simon Kirke, Mick Ralphs and Boz Burrell.
With Ralphs (ex-Mott The Hoople) and Rodgers and Kirke (both ex-Free), Bad Company were akin to a blues-based supergroup, with much of their style derived from the traditions established by Free, not least because of Rodgers' distinctive vocals.
The band's subsequent releases were mediocre, pale shadows of their first two albums.
www.nitelitepromo.com /act-profile.asp?act=906   (392 words)

 Bad Company-In Concert: Merchants Of Cool (2002)
Bad Company were resurrected in 1986 by Mick Ralphs and Simon Kirke, recruiting guitar stalwart Dave "Bucket" Colwell and Brian Howe on vocals.
Although the band did reasonably well and released six albums till 1996, the lack of the on-stage charisma and distinctive vocals of Paul Rodgers led to clamours for the original band to re-unite, which they eventually did, in 1999.
   20 minutes of interesting comment from Simon Kirke and Paul Rodgers on the early days and where the band is now and less stimulating hype from each band member explaining how fabulous the others are.
www.michaeldvd.com.au /Reviews/Reviews.asp?ReviewID=2123   (1273 words)

 Paul Kossoff
Kossoff and Kirke set out to form another group, hooking up with vocalist Paul Rodgers and bassist Andy Fraser, the quartet decided to go by the name Free (which was supposedly christened by British blues icon Alexis Korner).
Both Kirke and Kossoff decided to stay together, forming the short-lived Kossoff, Kirke, Tetsu & Rabbit, along with bassist Tetsu Yamauchi and keyboardist John "Rabbit" Bundrick, issuing a lone self-titled release the same year.
With Yamauchi taking Fraser's place in the lineup (and Bundrick on board for good measure), the new lineup of Free attempted to record a sixth studio album, but due to his problems, Kossoff's input was minimal (with Rodgers and another guitarist subbing in for Kossoff).
www.80sretromusic.com /biography/K/kossoff.htm   (760 words)

 Rolling Stone : Straight Shooter : Review
Among the members of Bad Company, singer Paul Rodgers and drummer Simon Kirke witnessed the collapse of Free, guitarist Mick Ralphs witnessed the collapse of Mick Ralphs in Mott the Hoople and bassist Boz Burrell participated in King Crimson's stagnation.
In the aftermath of their extraordinarily popular debut LP of last year, Bad Company appears determined not to fall into the traps of any of those groups.
(Unless the "angel" in question is a large and faithful doggie.) Happily, Kirke redeems himself with "Weep No More," a shuffle of the first magnitude which comes alive with honky-tonk piano, beefy organ surges and a strong appearance by an omnipresent string section.
www.rollingstone.com /reviews/album/_/id/148488/rid/5943968   (738 words)

 Celebrity Page, Celebrity addresses, scans, photos, pictures
TENGRATILA, BANGLADESH -- The protesters are already gathering at the gate of the gas field as the top executives of Niko Resources Ltd. roar overhead in a float plane, inspecting the remains of the gas blowouts on the scarred earth.
They consequently took their first inspiration for the band and its name and 1973 radio play hit, also of the same name, from the 1972 classic Western, "Bad Company" that starred Barry Brown and Jeff Bridges.
The 2003 line-up of Bad Company includes Mick Ralphs and Simon Kirke plus Dave Colwell (keyboards), Rick Wills (bass guitar), and Robert Hart (vocals).
www.mailhollywood.com /cel.php?viewCel=13777   (775 words)

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