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Topic: Simulation

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  Institute for Simulation and Training at the University of Central Florida
The region boasts the highest concentration of simulation and training related activities in the nation.
This is the granddaddy of all simulation and training conventions and trade shows and once again we're pleased to join with the Florida High Tech Corridor Council, Metropolitan Orlando Economic Development Commission, Daytona Beach Community College and others to showcase central Florida.
Simulations should begin within six months with first results coming at the end of 2007.
www.ist.ucf.edu   (585 words)

  Simulation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Simulation is used in many contexts, including the modeling of natural systems or human systems in order to gain insight into their functioning.
Interactive simulation, which is a special kind of physical simulation, and often referred to as human in the loop simulations, are physical simulations that include humans, such as the model used in a flight simulator.
Simulation is often used in the training of civilian and military personnel.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Simulation   (2378 words)

 Simulation game - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A simulation game, or sim game, (also known as a game of status or mixed game) is a game that contains a mixture of skill, chance, and strategy to simulate an aspect of reality, such as a stock exchange.
Some simulation games are intended to simulate the real world; others are intended to simulate a fictional world; still others are designed to be able to do both.
Dating sims are meant to simulate a relationship or friendship.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Simulation_game   (597 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Simulation is used in many contexts, including the modeling of natural systems, and human systems to gain insight into the operation of those systems; and simulation in technology and safety engineering where the goal is to test some real-world practical scenario.
Computer simulation, has become a useful part of modeling many natural systems in physics, chemistry and biology, and human systems in economics and social science as well as in engineering to gain insight into the operation of those systems.
In computer science, simulation has an even more a specialized meaning: Turing uses the term "simulation" to refer to what happens when a digital computer runs a state transition table (runs a program) that describes the state transitions, inputs and outputs of a subject descrete-state machine.
wikiwhat.com /encyclopedia/s/si/simulation.html   (778 words)

 ModelBenders - Encyclopedia
Simulation is the process of designing a model of a real or imagined system and conducting experiments with that model.
Simulations are usually referred to as either discrete event or continuous, based on the manner in which the state variables change.
In practice, most simulations use both discrete and continuous state variables, but one of these is predominant and drives the classification of the entire simulation.
www.modelbenders.com /encyclopedia   (1131 words)

 Baudrillard_Simulacra and Simulations
The simulator cannot be treated objectively either as ill, or as not ill. Psychology and medicine stop at this point, before a thereafter undiscoverable truth of the illness.
Simulation is characterized by a precession of the model, of all models around the merest fact- the models come first, and their orbital (like the bomb) circulation constitutes the genuine magnetic field of events.
A simulation which can go on indefinitely, since -unlike "true" power which is, or was, a structure, a strategy, a relation of force, a stake - this is nothing but the object of a social demand, and hence subject to the law of supply and demand, rather than to violence and death.
www.stanford.edu /dept/HPS/Baudrillard/Baudrillard_Simulacra.html   (6962 words)

 Are You Living in a Computer Simulation?
The simulation argument works equally well for those who think that it will take hundreds of thousands of years to reach a “posthuman” stage of civilization, where humankind has acquired most of the technological capabilities that one can currently show to be consistent with physical laws and with material and energy constraints.
As one approaches the limiting case in which everybody is in a simulation (from which one can deductively infer that one is in a simulation oneself), it is plausible to require that the credence one assigns to being in a simulation gradually approach the limiting case of complete certainty in a matching manner.
There is also the possibility of simulators abridging certain parts of the mental lives of simulated beings and giving them false memories of the sort of experiences that they would typically have had during the omitted interval.
www.simulation-argument.com /simulation.html   (4855 words)

 Folk Psychology as Mental Simulation (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
The simulation (or, "mental simulation") theory (ST) is a theory of everyday human psychological competence: that is, of the skills and resources people routinely call on in the anticipation, explanation, and social coordination of behavior.
According to Gordon's "radical" version of ST (1995), a capacity for simulation is necessary for the very capacity to perceive objects as mind-endowed (and thus for perceiving human beings as persons).
While no simulation theorist claims that all our everyday explanations and predictions of the actions of other people are based on role-taking, Heal in particular has been a moderating influence, arguing for a hybrid simulation-and-theory account that reserves simulation primarily for items with rationally linked content, such as beliefs, desires, and actions.
plato.stanford.edu /entries/folkpsych-simulation   (2647 words)

 SIMULATION   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Simulations of social processes can be accomplished either by human player games or by computer programs or by a combination of the two.
Simulation is unobtrusive because it does not disturb the object of inquiry (except perhaps when an actor applies its results).
Inasmuch as all information provided by a simulation is already contained in the model, simulation is useful primarily when the model is no longer tractable by algebraical techniques.
pespmc1.vub.ac.be /ASC/SIMULATION.html   (254 words)

 Simulation (jskl)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Simulation can contribute very much to understanding of the system being analyzed not only by supplying answers to the questions that were originally given.
Simulation on analogue computers is based on creating an analogue electronic system whose behavior is described by the same mathematical model (set of differential equations) as the system being investigated.
Discrete simulation deals with systems whose dynamics can be considered (due to the level of abstraction) as a sequence of events at discrete time points.
staff.um.edu.mt /jskl1/simul.html   (2892 words)

 Predicting an asteroid strike
The simulation is no video game; the calculations take into account the real-world laws of physics governing time, temperature, pressure, gravity, the densities of water and earth, and hundreds of other considerations to create an accurate prediction.
In the absence of real-world nuclear testing, DOE and the weapons labs are developing continually more powerful supercomputers and computer codes to simulate the complex 3-D physics involved in nuclear-weapon performance and to accurately predict the degradation of nuclear weapon components as they age in the stockpile.
According to the simulation, the impact would vaporize the asteroid, deform the ocean floor, and eject hundreds of cubic miles of superheated water vapor, melted rock, and other debris into the upper atmosphere and back into space.
www.sandia.gov /media/comethit.htm   (1119 words)

 Modeling and Simulation
System Simulation is the mimicking of the operation of a real system, such as the day-to-day operation of a bank, or the value of a stock portfolio over a time period, or the running of an assembly line in a factory, or the staff assignment of a hospital or a security company, in a computer.
A flight simulator on a PC is also a computer model of some aspects of the flight: it shows on the screen the controls and what the "pilot" (the youngster who operates it) is supposed to see from the "cockpit" (his armchair).
Another strategy for estimating the gradient simulation is based on the frequency domain method, which differs from the time domain experiments in that the input parameters are deterministically varied in sinusoidal patterns during the simulation run, as opposed to being kept fixed as in the time domain runs.
home.ubalt.edu /ntsbarsh/simulation/sim.htm   (12702 words)

 Simulation Tools
The simulation results are dispayed in 4 different worksheets, one for the data, one for summary stats of all variables and one for detailed statistics of a selected variable.
It supports the design of the simulation model from an object-oriented perspective and it provides both a graphical interface to enter the problem definition and a graphical animation of the simulation to represent the results.
The Georgia Tech Network Simulator (GTNetS), developed by Dr George Riley, is a full-featured network simulation environment that allows researchers in computer networks to study the behavior of moderate to large scale networks, under a variety of conditions.
www.idsia.ch /~andrea/simtools.html   (8035 words)

 Are You Living in a Computer Simulation?
The Simulation Argument is perhaps the first interesting argument for the existence of a Creator in 2000 years.
Weatherson is prepared to accept the Simulation Argument up to, but not including, the final step, in which I use the Bland Principle of Indifference.
simulations within simulations), the termination of these simulations is likely to be the point in history when the technology to create them first became widely available, (estimated to be 2050).
www.simulation-argument.com   (954 words)

 Education, Mathematics, Fun, Monty Hall Dilemma
Below is one simulation you may try on your computer.
Recently, I implemented a simulation of the Monty Hall Dilemma in Java.
During a simulation you are allowed to make as many selections as indicated in the "Trials to go" control before your first selection.
www.cut-the-knot.org /hall.shtml   (1967 words)

 WSC 2007
She will present an overview and perspective on the role that computer simulation currently plays and will play in manufacturing systems.
New this year are, "Clinic Sessions" in which a simulation practitioner presents a modeling or analysis problem that arose in a recent project.
Yet another highlight of WSC '07 is the new "Cross-Fertilization Track," which will feature leading researchers from fields outside simulation who have been invited to share concepts and developments that can benefit the simulation field.
www.wintersim.org   (443 words)

 INFORMS Simulation Society
The INFORMS Simulation Society is organized and operated exclusively for educational and scientific purposes:
It is our intention that this site be of maximum value to the world wide simulation community.
Please send e-mail to webmaster, pdwelch@att.net with criticisms, suggestions, additions, corrections, etc. If you are interested in simulation we hope to make this page a major reference source.
www.informs-cs.org   (178 words)

 The National Center for Simulation - Home
The National Center for Simulation is sponsoring an open house event on November 6, 2007 between 10AM and 2PM at the Partnership II Building, in the Central Florida Research Park located at 3100 Technology Parkway, Orlando, FL.
The Army’s Program Executive Office for Simulation Training and Instrumentation (PEO STRI) led the United States’ effort to provide a dynamic demonstration using Saab and SAIC products and technology.
Adacel, an industry leader in software integration, simulation development and speech recognition technology, announced today that the Company has released the next generation of the worldís leading Air Traffic Control (ATC) Tower Simulation System (TSS), MaxSim 4.0.
www.simulationinformation.com   (802 words)

is the monthly refereed transactions of the leading society devoted to advancing the discipline and profession of modeling and simulation.
In addition to its archival mission, the journal aims to help professionals and researchers, particularly those involved in multidisciplinary projects, apply advances in modeling and simulation theory, methodology and technology to their application areas.
The principal focus of Simulation is on research papers, however, comprehensive review and tutorial papers that explain methodological topics in modeling and simulation are also within the scope of the journal, and will be reviewed both for technical quality as well as understandability to the general reader.
www.scs.org /pubs/simulation/simulation.html   (167 words)

 The Society for Modeling and Simulation International - Homepage
The International, multidisciplinary forum dedicated to applications, development, education, and research in modeling and simulation
Simulation: Transactions of The Society for Modeling and Simulation International
Copyright © 2004 The Society for Modeling and Simulation International.
www.scs.org   (91 words)

 S&G - Simulation & Gaming: An International Journal of Theory, Practice, and Research = world's foremost ...
SandG - Simulation and Gaming: An International Journal of Theory, Practice, and Research = world's foremost scientific review for simulation/gaming methodology
Simulation and Gaming: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Theory, Practice and Research is the world's foremost scientific review devoted to academic and applied issues in the increasingly popular methodology of simulation/gaming as used in education, training, consultation and research round the world.
Simulation/gaming is to be taken in its broadest meaning, to encompass such areas as simulation, computerized simulation, gaming, simulation/gaming, policy exercises, planning exercises, debriefing, analytic discussion, post-experience analysis, modeling, virtual reality, game theory, role-play, role-playing, play, active learning, experiential learning, learning from experience, toys, playthings, structured exercises, debriefing.
www.unice.fr /sg   (193 words)

 Practice Tests -questions: CCNA, A+ Certification, Network+, CCNP; MCSE examcram and practice exams. Also i-Net+, ...
Each test is based on respective vendors published exam objectives and designed to help attain certification.
Download WinZip at www.winzip.com, Required to install the Simulation Exams software.
Disclaimer: All Simulation Exams practice tests, study guides and/or material are neither sponsored by, nor endorsed by, nor affiliated with Cisco® Systems, Inc., Microsoft® Corporation, Inc., CompTIA
www.simulationexams.com   (328 words)

DiSTI® is a global leader in Human Machine Interface development and the provider of the Simulation Professional Series Training classes.
Our Flagship product, GL Studio®, leads the industry in the development of Real-Time, 3-Dimensional Human Machine Interfaces for Computer Based Training, Maintenance & Part Task Trainers, Full Mission Simulators and Safety Critical Applications.
The key to GL Studio’s success is in its ability to rapidly generate HMI elements in human-readable C++, Java, or Safety Critical C++ source code for flexible ingestion into any user application.
www.simulation.com   (193 words)

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