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Topic: Single phase electric power

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 Single-phase electric power - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Due to the greater availability of single phase power compared to three phase there has been demand for powerful motors that can work off it and therefore the designs of induction motors for single-phase power incorporate special features to attain starting torque that would not otherwise be possible with only single phase power.
The generation of AC electric power is commonly three phase, in which the waveforms of three supply conductors are offset from one another by 120°.
Note that true two phase power, meaning the simultaneous provision of sine wave and cosine wave electricity (that is, 90 degrees out of phase) is no longer widely used. /wiki/Single_phase_electric_power   (691 words)

 Basic Electricity - Wikibooks
Shaded-pole synchronous motors are a class of AC motor that uses single phase electric power to convert electric power to mechanical energy.
The generation of AC electric power is commonly three phase, in which the waveforms of three supply conduits are offset from one another by 120°.
The utility wants your power factor to be as close to 1 as possible, and businesses are penalized if they cannot achieve a target set by the utility, as the transmission losses are nearly the same for both active and reactive power consumed. /wiki/Basic_Electricity   (2975 words)

The power is applied steadily as in DC circuits, not in pulses as in single-phase AC circuits.
If you are transmitting a certain amount of power single-phase, adding one more conductor operated at the same line voltage and current and using three-phase will increase the power transmitted by 72% with only a 50% increase in the amount of copper and losses.
Electrical phase is measured in degrees, with 360° corresponding to a complete cycle. /~jcalvert/tech/threeph.htm   (1406 words)

For 220 VAC single phase systems this is 2 wires (a 2 pole switch), for 3 phase systems this is 3 wires (a 3 pole switch.) Since the phase converter is supplied with single phase power it can use a 2 pole disconnect or 2 of the 3 poles of a 3 pole switch.
If the mechanical means are used, power to the idler is not applied until after the motor is spinning and the rope or power to the single phase motor is removed.
The single phase 220 VAC input is brought in on lines 1 and 2, labeled L1 and L2 in figure 1. /howto/ph-conv/ph-conv.html   (3326 words)

The converter should be mounted as close to the single phase service as possible to minimize the heavier single-phase wiring required.
Center pivots operate on 480 volts 3-phase power.
Power consumed by the converter will amount to approximately 5% of the operated load. /rotomax.html   (473 words)

 The educational encyclopedia, single phase AC motors, universal AC motors
Single phase electric motors the split phase motor, also called an induction-start/induction-run motor, is probably the simplest single-phase motor made for industrial use, though somewhat limited.
Single phase induction motors single-phase motors are truly two-phase machines.
Phase converters operate a 3-phase motor on single phase power, Selecting a phase converter /educypedia/electronics/motoracsingle.htm   (565 words)

 Building a DC Drive for the Bridgeport Spindle
Phase converters are both inefficient in the use of the electric power, and reduce the shaft power available from the motor.
To mount the DC drive controller and power connections, I bent and flattened some 1/2" thin-wall electrical conduit (EMT) using a conduit bender and arbor press, and attached it to the motor where the baseplate would attached with 5/16" screws.
The primary power in a vertical milling machine is an electric motor driving the spindle. /dcdrv.htm   (1808 words)

 How Things Work - Electric Power Distribution
Each power wire is at 120 volts AC with respect to the neutral wire, meaning that its electric potential fluctuates up and down with respect to the neutral wire and behaves as though, on average, it were 120 volts away from the potential of the neutral wire.
Because the amount of power that a wire loses is proportional to the square of the current passing through it, this high-voltage, low-current electricity wastes very little power in the transmission line on its way across country to your city.
Transfers of this sort are important because many electric power systems have incompatible circuits--one circuit may use large currents of low voltage electricity while another circuit may use small currents of high voltage electricity. /HTW/electric_power_distribution.html   (12130 words) Three-phase electric power Article
All three phases are typically used in large industrial motors as this is the most efficient way to transmit large amounts of electrical power.
The power transmission grid is organised so that each phase carries the same magnitude of current out of the power station; the currents returning from the customers' premises to the power station all share the neutral wire, but the three-phase system ensures that the sum of the returning currents is approximately zero.
At the power station an electrical generator converts mechanical power into a set of alternating electric currents, one from each electromagnetic coil or winding of the generator. /three_phase_electric_power.html   (646 words)

 Leading manufacturer of label press & computer stationery converting machines
The power requirement for this unit is 220 V, single phase power supply.
This unit requires 220 V, 15 Amps, 1 phase power supply.
The unit is covered by a 12 month standard warranty for all mechanical and electrical parts. /genuss.htm   (398 words)

 Electric calculation and other electrical analysis
(Calculates power for a single or three phase electric circuit)
(Calculates current for a single or three phase electric circuit)
Electric calculation, current, voltage, impedance and power determination. /electric_calculation.htm   (116 words)

 Step Up Transformers, Step Up Transformer Sales : Acme, GE, Marcus
We distribute a wide variety of high quality single and three phase power transformers daily from regional warehouses at wholesale prices.
Single phase transformers 1 kva and larger may also be reverse connected to step-down or step-up voltages.
(Note: single phase step up or step down transformers sized less than 1 KVA should not be reverse connected because the secondary windings have additional turns to overcome a voltage drop when the load is applied. /step-up.html   (721 words)

 Schulz Electric Motor Repair and Sales
A multi-tap transformer reduces single-phase electric power to low-voltage power and impresses it on the electrically isolated pipe wall.
The Thermal Electric system can be installed on existing pipelines with only minor modifications instead of complicated piping, pumps, traps, boilers, and the like, normally required for steam or fluid-traced systems.
More than 95% of electrical energy input is directly converted into heat within the pipe wall. /thermal.htm   (306 words)

 Diesel Generators with Electric Power Generator & Industrial Generators for Backup Power Needs
Most homeowners will require single phase whereas industrial or commercial applications usually require three phase power.
Electric equipment is designed to use power with a fixed frequency: 60 Hertz (Hz) in the United States and Canada, 50 Hertz in Europe and Australia.
Electric Generator Mart sales engineering staff is available to help you with all steps of the generator selection and sizing process.   (1638 words)

 Technical Info
Our machines use standard, 60Hz, single phase commercial electric power usually at 480 volts.
Power consumption and voltage ratings for each Tesla coil can be found on the "Equipment" page.
Generator power is an option, however, our machines require a frequency stable platform under all load conditions. /html/content/technical_info.htm   (628 words)

 Power Quality Distortion, Meter, Analyzer. LMG 95 Single Phase Precision Power Analyzer
Measurements on switching power supplies, AC/DC motors and generators, electronic and conventional transformers, ballasts, PWM frequency inverters, ultra-sonic generators, ferromagnetic core losses, lighting, dielectric barrier discharge lamps, low and high pressure discharge lamps, calibration reference for power and energy.
With a basic accuracy of 0.03%, this is the most precise instrument in its class and it is therefore used as a reference device for power meters, power measurement transformers and TRMS-meters for current and voltage.
Single measuring with stop after one or more cycles are possible, averaging over 1 to 16 cycles. /ZeLMG95.htm   (927 words)

 Phase-A-Matic Phase Converter, Rotary Phase Converter, Static Phase Converter and CNC Phase Converter
might possibly manufacture and distribute more Rotary and Static Phase Converters combined than any other manufacturer in the U.S.A., having earned a name for being of the highest quality and proven dependability, including in service, technical support and uptime that is available anywhere.
Our technical expertise is derived from over 40 years of experience in phase converter systems.
that technical support is important for your power conversion success.   (321 words)

 Decatur Daily Democrat
The solid waste director said the conversion of the balers to single-phase electric power is not only an additional cost to the solid waste district, but he added that the balers do not perform at full efficiency under that scenario.
The district currently uses four such balers, and Mayer said each of those units has been converted at the time of purchase to operate using the single-phase power that currently services the transfer station.
Funds for the installation of the three-phase electric line were transferred from money set aside for waste hauling and landfill dumping. /articles/2004/12/21/news/news/news03.txt   (351 words)

 How Things Work - Electric Motors
And in the "Center-Tapped Grounded Delta" arrangement, the voltage difference between any pair of phases is 240 VAC and the voltage difference between a single phase and neutral is 120, 120, and 208 VAC respectively (yes, the three phases behave differently in this third arrangement).
In the standard "Wye" arrangement, the typical voltage difference between any pair of phases is 208 VAC and the voltage difference between any single phase and ground is 120 VAC.
The electricity leaving the generator still has the right frequency alternating current, but it voltage is somewhat lower than normal and the light bulbs it powers glow relatively dimly--a brown-out. /electric_motors.html   (2522 words)

 Venus DSH is the main supplier of single phase,three phase electric motors,alternators,starters,ignition,transducers in Romania
Single phase asynchronous electric motors with powers between 0,12 and 2,2 kW with permanent or starting capacitor
Three phase asynchronous electric motors with powers between 0,18 an 22 kW, in different frame sizes, in cast iron or aluminium housing
Electric motors with two, three and four speeds, in the same frame sizes and power ranges as the standard motors /elec/elec.main.htm   (234 words)

 Leeson Single Phase Electric Motor characteristics and applications
Where three-phase power is unavailable or impractical, it's single-phase motors to the rescue.
The split phase motor, also called an induction-start/induction-run motor, is probably the simplest single-phase motor made for industrial use, though somewhat limited.
And they're considered to be the most reliable of the single phase motors, mostly because no starting switch is needed. /leeson/leeson_singlephase_article.htm   (1664 words)

 Power Systems, Hydraulic Units, Single Phase Electric - Worldwide
Power Systems, Hydraulic Units, Single Phase Electric - Worldwide
F E P Hydraulics and Pneumatics Ltd, Aylesbury, Bucks, UK Manufacturers of hydraulic jacks and hydraulic equipment and distributors of hydraulic power packs, lifting gear and variable bore rams.
East Yorkshire Hydraulics Ltd, Hull, UK Hydraulic power pack and hydraulic cylinder/ram manufacturers. /qz-product-71049.html   (1675 words)

 single phase
or between a single conduit and ground is single phase electric power.
Single-Phase AC Motors Because it has but a single alternating current source, a single-phase motor can only produce an alternating field: one that pulls first in one direction, then in the...
Single Phase and Three Phase General Construction Purpose Electrical Transformers, Acme and GE Transformers Sales. /db/single+phase   (689 words)

 Advanced Topics on Single-Phase Power Factor Correction
The seminar will first review the basics of single-phase power factor correction using boost and boost-derived topologies.
Double averaging is then introduced as a systematic reduced-order modeling method for single-phase PFC converters, and design of both the input current loop and the output voltage loop using appropriate models is discussed.
It will help the attendees to develop an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals, and provide them with advanced analytical tools and methods for practical development. /conference/pac_16/index.html   (258 words)

 Power for Three Phase Electric Motors and Machines of All Types
When it comes to powering three phase electric motors and machines of all types, often three phase power from a Utility Company is expensive or not even available.
Single phase power is more often available at a reasonable rate.
TEMCo Superior Heavy Duty Rotary Converters are efficient at generating the necessary three phase power from single phase. /about.html   (229 words)

 Single-Phase to Three-Phase Electric Power Converters by William A. Moncreif, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association Staff, New, Used Books, Cheap Prices, ISBN 0917599187
Single-Phase to Three-Phase Electric Power Converters by William A. Moncreif, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association Staff, New, Used Books, Cheap Prices, ISBN 0917599187
Search 75 bookstores for: Single-Phase to Three-Phase Electric Power Converters: A Concise Application Guide : ISBN: 0917599187
Single-Phase to Three-Phase Electric Power Converters: A Concise Application Guide /detail/0917599187.html   (205 words)

 CEC PIER Buildings - Increased Energy Efficiency of Air Conditioners Through Power Electronics
Final product is an electronic controller for air conditioner and heat pump compressor motors that has two major design characteristics: 1) it converts single-phase electric power to three-phase for running a three-phase motor and 2) it converts a single-speed motor to a three-speed motor (not part of initial work plan).
Develop and test a power electronics/motor technology that will permit the use of lower-cost, more efficient, 3-phase power motors with single-phase power sources.
The purpose of this project is to develop an energy-efficient electronic control system by which air conditioners and heat pumps with single-phase compressor motors can be operated more energy efficiently using three-phase motors. /pier/buildings/projects/500-98-021-0.html   (501 words)

 Electric power engineering - single phase grounding transformer?
However, the transformer is single phase three wire type, not the single phase two wire type.\\\
I have recently come across an old installation (1930) with a 400kVA, 240 volt 1-phase, 2-wire transformer being used to supply a 120/240V single phase system.
A separate small 120/240V transformer (no nameplate) with a center-tapped (3-wire) winding is connected to the system and the center leg used to create a neutral and is grounded. /viewthread.cfm?qid=76247   (770 words)

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