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Topic: Sitar

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  SITAR - home page
Vi informiamo che apporteremo ancora piccoli aggiustamenti e/o integrazioni al SITAR anche in relazione alle segnalazioni che perverranno.
Il SITAR, Sistema Informativo Telematico Appalti Regionale della regione Emilia-Romagna, consente di monitorare il ciclo dell'appalto dalla fase di programmazione a quella di collaudo attraverso le fasi intermedie di bando, aggiudicazione ed esecuzione tenendo conto delle specificità dell'appalto in relazione alla tipologia ed all'importo.
Il SITAR assolve in modo unitario alle diverse esigenze di monitoraggio dei vari organismi legalmente deputati semplificando l'azione di invio delle informazioni da parte delle stazioni appaltanti attive sul territorio regionale e concentrando in un'unica banca dati le diverse informazioni.
www.sitar-er.it   (362 words)

 Chandra and Davids Sitar Site - The Indian Lute
Sitar is perhaps the most well known of the Indian instruments.
Sitar is used in a variety of genre.
The sitar developed during the collapse of the Moghul empire (circa 1700).
www.chandrakantha.com /articles/indian_music/sitar.html   (381 words)

 Sitar travels far with exciting Indian menu
Pakoras, fried vegetable fritters, are usually savory, but at Sitar they had a pleasant and unexpected mildly sweet flavor like a doughnut, detectable beneath a smart dusting of cumin.
Sitar has at least 15 appetizer and entree options for vegetarians, including a daal of yellow lentils in addition to the usual daal made with fl or brown lentils.
Sitar's wine list is limited and unimaginative, featuring white zinfandel, chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon by makers such as Inglenook.
www.post-gazette.com /dining/20021213dine2.asp   (1015 words)

  Sitar - an on-line Sitar tutorial for beginners
A Sitar is a delicate instrument and should be handled gently 'like an egg' as it is all-too-easy to break one of the gourds (tumbas) or the hollow neck, peg holes, etc.
A sitar's bridge is adjusted by moving it towrd the neck to raise the note and away from the neck to lower the note.
If the broken string went through a hole in the Sitar's neck before joining the tuning peg, as in the case with the Tarb strings, thread the string through the hole where the old string was.
www.buckinghammusic.com /sitar/sittut/btut.html   (4422 words)

 Sitar and Indian Traditional Music
Sitar is a string instrument, belonging to the family of the long-necked lutes and one of the instruments in traditional Indian music.
The sitar also has 11-13 sympathetic strings, which lie under the frets almost parallel to the plucked strings and vibrate giving the instrument its characteristic sound.
Sitar performance should reflect the natural law or flow, for this reason music can change every 3 hours according to the day and night cycle.
www.darshanam.com /sitar1.asp   (429 words)

 .:.:.Welcome to Sitar - Fine Indian Cuisine.:.:.
Sitar has become the preferred Indian restaurant for people who want to have a meal with their family and friends as well as celebrate their special events at Sitar’s in house banquet halls or have a large event at one of the catering halls offered by Sitar.
Sitar restaurant not only aims to provide customers with healthy vegetarian food but also provide them with specials that are designed to stimulate their palate.
Sitar offers a lot of different food stations as part of their wedding/catering menu such as a Thai station, Chat station, Mediterranean station, South-Indian station where we serve Dosas, Idli, Vadas and Sambhar as well as numerous other innovative stations which are listed in our catering menu section.
www.sitarny.com /about.asp   (590 words)

 The Sitar - Indian classical instrument   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The sitar is a plucked string instrument, the fusion between the tambur, an instrument close to the tambura but of smaller size, and the been having frets on its neck.
Ratna Rahimat Khan has changed the general shape of the sitar, adding a bigger resonator and thicker strings, so as to be able to play alaps in much the same color as he would have done on a bin.
The first type of sitar has 13 sympathetic strings tuned on the notes of the raga, 3 playing strings to cover three octaves tuned MA SA PA, and a fourth one reaching a bass octave tuned SA (kharaj).
makar-records.com /siteus/sitar.html   (255 words)

 Sitar - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Sitar, North Indian stringed instrument of the lute family, used widely in Hindustani classical music.
The sitar is believed to have been introduced...
The sarod is a squat instrument with a wooden body and bowl covered in parchment and a short neck holding a steel plate fingerboard.
uk.encarta.msn.com /Sitar.html   (122 words)

All of the full-size sitars are approximately 48 inches in length.
The sitar is in the lute family and the veena is a stick zither.
The Sangeet Sudarshana attributes the sitar to the second Amir Khusru during the 18th century.
www.mid-east.com /Info/sitars.html   (1958 words)

 Sitar School of Toronto North Indian Classical Music
Sitar school is not just a school; it is a family.
The Sitar School of Toronto is striving to be one of the best institutions in North America for Indian Classical Music.
The students of Sitar School are its greatest asset.
www.sitarschool.com   (311 words)

A sitar is basically a hollowed out pumpkin with a neck, a gourd at the top of the neck which is for extra resonatoin, and 19 strings.
They are held to the neck only with strings.There are a few variations on the design such as the single Sitar which does not have the sympathetic strings and the double Sitar, which does not have the gourd at the top of the neck.
There is a proverb that says a student of the sitar must spend 20 years learning, twenty years performing, and twenty years teaching the instrument to truly appreciate it.
sendingtransmission.tripod.com /sitarinfo.html   (607 words)

 Webindia123.com-Musical Instruments-Sitar
Sitar is one of the common stringed instrument of Northern India.
The finger-board of the Sitar is about three feet long and three inches wide, hollow and deeply concave, covered with a thin piece of wood.
The Sitar originally had only three strings, but the modern one's has a total number of seven strings which are fastened to pegs on the neck and the sides.
www.webindia123.com /music/instru/sitar.htm   (283 words)

 Sitar: Sitars are stringed instrument like Veena & are dominant instrument in Indian Music.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Sitars are a stringed instrument of the lute family.
The Sitar normally has five melody strings and five or six drone strings which are used to accentuate the rhythm or pulse.
While the Sitar thus grew into a major lute with its own idiom and diction, the heavier alap (a rhythm free exposition of raga) of the Veena was taken over by the Sur Bahar which is a kind of outsized Sitar.
www.himalayanmart.com /Sitar.php   (1078 words)

 sitar - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Sitar, stringed musical instrument of the lute family, used widely in classical music of northern India (Musical Instruments: Plucked and Bowed...
The gat of Hindustani music, in contrast, is a specifically instrumental...
Surbahar, Indian bass lute, which is a relative of the sitar.
ca.encarta.msn.com /sitar.html   (108 words)

 James Hamilton's Indo-Celtic Site
The sitar is a long-necked fretted lute that is an important instrument in North Indian classical music.
The word sitar is from the Persian seh-tar meaning "three strings", As with the present day Persian setar, older models of the Indian sitar (then known as tanburs) were small and had three or four strings.
Due to the influence of Persian culture in the Moghul courts of India, the Indian tanburs came to be referred to as sitars.
geocities.com /sitar_music/mainpage.html   (1956 words)

 Events < About Us < The Patricia M. Sitar Center for the Arts
The Sitar Center hopes that the retail space will continue to be a place for local artists to sell their artwork and an interactive way for Sitar Center students to learn business skills that complement their arts education.
Sitar Center volunteers, adult students, and all community members are invited to take to the stage for an impromptu talent showcase in the Sitar Center Theater.
Sitar Center Theater, 1700 Kalorama Road, NW The concert is free and open to the public.
www.sitarartscenter.org /events/index.php   (3897 words)

Sitar, N. (editor and co-author with 18 members of the geotechnical reconnaissance team), "Geotechnical Reconnaissance of the Effects of the January 17, 1995, Hyogoken-Nanbu Earthquake, Japan," Earthquake Engineering Research Center, University of California, Report No. 95-01, August 1995, 143 p.
Sitar, N., Ashford, S.A., Stewart, J.P. and Nova-Roessig, L., "Seismic Response of Steep Natural Slopes, Structural Fills, and Reinforced Soil Slopes and Walls," Invited Paper, in Seismic Behavior of Ground and Geotechnical Structures, Seco e Pinto, ed., Proceedings of a Special Technical Session on Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering at the Fourteenth Int.
Jimenez-Rodriquez R., Sitar, N., and Bartlett, P. "Maximum likelihood estimation of trace length distribution parameters using the EM algorithm", in Prediction, Analysis and Design in Geomechanical Applications: Proceedings of the Eleventh International Conference on Computer Methods and Advances in Geomechanics (IACMAG-2005), G. Barla and M. Barla, eds., Torino, Italy, 19-24 June, 2005, pp.
www.ce.berkeley.edu /~sitar   (2314 words)

 Sitar Tuning   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
A Shruti is a small cent gap in the pitch of a note which most people would not be able to notice (as in a very small string pull on a guitar).
If the player does not want to use a pick on his/her pinky, it is also common for them to grow their fingernail and use that instead.
Second, the Sitar is similar to playing the Guitar although there are quite a few variations in the styles of playing.
www.hotrodguitars.com /sitar_tuning.htm   (391 words)

 Sitar tuning tips, midi tuning tones, sitar size selection, Lesson #3 - RagaNet Issue #3
By size I mean not the overall length of the sitar but the size of the gourd and the width of the fretboard.
The width and curve of the sitar's fretboard is also important, depending on your hand size, if this is not a good fit you'll have a hard time playing fast and doing meend (producing notes by pulling the string).
Sitar with this string sometimes has a little metal latch installed on the last fret (the one closest to the bridge) so one can tuck the string onto the latch when the faster movements are anticipated.
raganet.com /RagaNet/Issues/3/sitar3.html   (1313 words)

 Sitar Tuning and Maintenance Silver Bush Music   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The 1st string on the sitar is F below middle C. This is the F at the 3rd fret on the fourth string on a guitar.
3rd sitar string is G in the second octave below middle C, at the 3rd fret on the 6th string of a guitar.
A sitar that is played daily should have all the strings changed every 3 months, and the main playing string, "ma" every month.
www.silverbushmusic.com /sitartuning.html   (570 words)

Over the past 50 years, the sitar has featured prominently in many different types of music--it can be heard played by Indian artists like Ravi Shankar, and British pop stars like George Harrison brought it to Western audiences back in the ‘60s.
Ravi Shankar-type sitars have a top gourd that acts as a second resonating chamber at the top of the neck.
Traditionally, would-be sitar players were apprenticed to master musicians in order to learn their craft.
www.sitarsetc.com /articles/sitar.html   (358 words)

 Guide to Buying a Sitar
The quality of the materials, the wood for the face and neck, the gourd for the body and the bone for the bridge are all important.
This is simply a crystallization of what we have learned in 30 years of importing, selling, playing and talking with professional players in India and the U.S. We have no exclusive arrangement with any maker nor a vested interest in pushing one over another.
The truth is, a cheap sitar with a top-class jawari can sound decent, and a first rate sitar with a badly done or worn jawari can sound mediocre.
www.aacm.org /shop/SitarGuide.html   (768 words)

 Sitar Tuning Chart by Ashwin Batish, RagaNet Sitar Lesson #4
The problem I have with this tuning in my regular approach to the sitar is that if I leave this string open it rattles like crazy and drives me crazy along with it.
New sitar students would also do well to stay away from the bass string until they have some experience under their belt.
As a matter of fact, to make sure you practice playing your sitar more than you spend time tuning it, the traditional way is to have a sitar student buy a sitar without sympathetic strings.
www.raganet.com /RagaNet/Issues/4/sitar4.html   (1239 words)

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