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Topic: Situational sexual behavior

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In the News (Sun 21 Apr 19)

  Human Sexuality - Printer-friendly - MSN Encarta
Sexuality permeates many areas of human life and culture, thereby setting humans apart from other members of the animal kingdom, in which the objective of sexuality is more often confined to reproduction.
Secondary sexual characteristics are attributes other than the sex organs that generally distinguish one sex from the other but are not essential to reproduction, such as the larger breasts characteristic of women and the facial hair and deeper voices characteristic of men.
The behavioral differences between the sexes, such as differences in toy and play preference and in the degree of aggressive behavior, are most likely the product of complex interactions between the way that the child perceives the world and the ways that parents, siblings, and others react to the child.
encarta.msn.com /text_761580700___0/Human_Sexuality.html   (4626 words)

 Adolescent Sex Offenders
Behavioral reinforcement occurs with the arousal and ejaculation from masturbator fantasies as wall as during the sexual assaults.
Intrusive behaviors and inappropriate touching begat at age 9 with supposedly “accidental” incidents of contact with female genitalia during play in crowds, and the stealthy watching and waiting for girls which by his own admission were the beginnings of intent to assault and the first development of the planning and stalking of his rape cycle.
Youth who have sexually offended and their families must be treated with dignity and respect by all members of the team who are managing and treating the youth regardless of the nature of the youth’s crimes or conduct.
www.hopefs.org /Behavior/juvenilesexoffenders.html   (6450 words)

After a normal phase of sexual excitement, the woman's orgasm is persistently or repeatedly delayed or absent.
The clinician's judgment of this is based on her sexual experience, adequacy of foreplay and norms for her age.
The clinician's judgment of this is based on the man's age and the adequacy of duration, focus and intensity of sexual activity.
www.geocities.com /morrison94/Sexual.htm   (1981 words)

 Situational sexual behavior - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Situational sexual behavior is sexual behavior of a kind that is different from what is usual for that person (or from what that person normally exhibits) due to a social environment that permits, encourages, or compels those acts.
For example, people who travel overseas might not have sex with prostitutes in their home countries, but do so when they visit other countries, where such activities are legal or ignored by authorities.
Many people change their sexual behaviour depending on the situation.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Situational_sexual_behavior   (233 words)

 Understanding Female Sexual Problems -- Basic Information
Sexual behavior and response requires the complicated intertwining of environmental, physical (both anatomical and hormonal), and psychological factors.
If your sexual problem only occurs under a particular set of circumstances, or only with certain sexual partners, then your condition is considered to be "situational" rather than "generalized" (occurring regardless of the circumstances or partner).
Female sexual arousal disorder: the inability to become aroused, including lack of erotic feelings and physical signs of arousal, such as nipple erection, vaginal lubrication, and changes in blood flow to the labia, clitoris, and vagina.
www.webmd.com /content/article/65/72635.htm   (620 words)

 Asexuality Summary
Sexual reproduction involves the fusion of two gamete cells (the sperm and ova), each of which has half the normal number of chromosomes, a result of reduction division known as meiosis.
Among those who do not believe it to be an orientation, other suggested causes include past sexual abuse, sexual repression (of homosexuality, heterosexuality, or bisexuality), hormonal problems, delayed development, or disorders such as autism, sublimation of sexuality for personal, religious or cultural reasons, or simply not having met the right person.
Furthermore, according to some religious beliefs, sexuality itself is sacred or a divine gift; certain varieties of Tantra involve sex, for example, and some types of neopaganism and New Age include the concept of sacred sexuality.
www.bookrags.com /Asexuality   (2645 words)

 Sexuality Standards, Sexual Attitudes and Sexual Behavior
Sexuality standards can be conceptualized as a continuum that is defined by the amount of affection and public commitment which is necessary prior to the onset of sexual relations (See Figure 1).
The various measures of sexuality standards are highly correlated indicating that it's likely that they are tapping the same construct and that there is not much difference between using the single item measure and the 5 item measure of sexuality standards.
Using measures of sexuality standards and various measures of attachment to the person, I was able to correctly predict for almost 80% of participants whether or not they had sex with their romantic interest.
dataguru.org /love/sexstd/index.asp   (2382 words)

 The National Health and Social Life Survey
While public health officials understood that sexual behavior was the major route by which the virus was spread, they also recognized that they did not know very much about the incidence of various sexual activities that facilitated transmission.
To understand the motives, development, and varieties of human sexual behavior, it is crucial to understand the systems of meaning and action--the cultural context--in which the "facts of sex" are embedded.
These facts include evidence of purposive, strategic behavior on the part of individuals to avoid diseases; evidence of the social context in which sexual partnering occurs; and evidence that adult sexual behavior can be determined from surveys using proper scientific sampling.
www.rwjf.org /files/publications/books/1997/chapter_11.html   (6234 words)

It is important to recognize that while managerial awareness of the potential problems associated with managers using this type of behavior reduces the risk of organizational liability, managers' failure to see the danger of their employees engaging in similar behavior still leaves the organization exposed to charges of sexual harassment.
A unique contribution of this model is that it not only focuses on the determinants of appreciation for, and reactions to, sexual humor from the perspective of the recipient of the humor, but also incorporates the determinants of propensity to engage in sexual humor from the perspective of the initiator.
Even more importantly, sexual harassment was included in the model because of its growing and compelling relevance as a potentially significant outcome of the use of sexual humor in the work setting.
www.ilstu.edu /~mhemmas/sexual_and_sexist_humor_SHRM-PROP.htm   (2796 words)

 Situation Information Portal @ Situated.org   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The power shortfall shows that the situation hasnt changed from what it was during the Congress regime three years back, although the BJP government is...
Complicating the situation is that the Dolphins may be in the process of being sold, according to Sports Business Daily report.
Patrushev believes that a tangible role in improving the situation was played by the appeal from the national anti-terrorist committee to the militants to...
www.situated.org   (700 words)

 Selected Abstracts by Paul A. Schewe   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Outcome expectancies regarding coercive sexual behavior of male undergraduates were investigated to understand their possible association with self-reported past and future coercive sexual behavior and hypermasculine personality styles.
The rates of sexual problems for this sample of veterans with PTSD was similar to those reported in other studies and exceeded rates of similar problems found in samples from community samples.
Evidence suggests that a population of sexually coercive men may not be identified by the SES (Koss, Gidycz and Wisniewski, 1987).
tigger.uic.edu /~schewepa/abstracts.htm   (1754 words)

 Sexual Recovery Institute :: The Role of Grief and Loss in Addiction Recovery
No matter how much havoc or trauma the addict's drug/alcohol use or other addictive behaviors caused themselves and loved ones or how grateful they or others may be that the using or acting-out has stopped -- the addict is going to miss their drug.
The places, patterns and secret activities of their substance or behavior addiction were built into their life just as solidly as a job or home and changing these is difficult and sometimes painful.
Typically a person in denial, when confronted with a major loss, will say things like "No this can't be true" or "It must be someone else, not me or my loved one." Denial is a safety mechanism that protects one from being overwhelmed by their feelings; it is a form of shock.
www.sexualrecovery.com /resources/articles/grief.php   (2417 words)

 Remedial Sexual Harassment Counseling - New England Psychodiagnostics
They have established sexual harassment policies and grievance procedures, which may even be required by both general and employment practice liability insurers.
It is important, for example, to determine the level of participation in the sexual harassment, the degree of denial or externalization of blame, and the extent of rationalization for what has occurred.
Sexual harassment preventive training does not always accomplish this end and may not identify target areas within the alleged harasser or the organization which led to harassment.
www.psychlaw.com /LibraryFiles/RemedialSexualHarassment.html   (1415 words)

 Higher Education Center: Violence: Rape and Sexual Assault   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Early in the academic year, all women responded to survey instruments assessing history of sexual victimization, general knowledge about sexual assault, dating behaviors, sexual communications, perception of the risk for experiencing sexual aggression, resistance strategy, self-blame, disclosure of the experience, and reporting the assault to the police or campus security.
The purpose of this study was to examine the perceptions of sexual harassment of male and female students as well as perceptions of perpetrator and victim character traits.
Effective sexual assault prevention programs for both males and females have been slow to develop due to the fact that studies have not identified the etiologies of sexual assault.
www.higheredcenter.org /violence/sexual-assault.html   (3215 words)

 iCorrection.com -- Prison sexuality
Similar animal-based behaviors are widely understood as being part of human nature, and hence sexual relationships tend to follow universal archetypes, which manifest themselves in all aspects of human culture and behaviour.
A conjugal visit is a scheduled visit during which an inmate of a penal institution is permitted to have sexual intercourse with a visitor in a closely controlled setting.
The generally recognized basis for permitting such a visit is that, even though the inmate has lost their rights with incarceration, their spouse still has the right to enjoy sexual intimacy, and can not be required to divorce or commit adultery in order to enjoy conjugal rights.
www.icorrection.com /sexuality.html   (631 words)

 Behavioral Symptoms, W1
Thus, depression in HD is partly biological and partly situational, as an affected individual becomes aware of the life changes that may result from HD.
A study on mice with the HD allele of the Huntington gene found that mice portrayed abnormal social behavior, particularly chronic aggressive behavior.
In certain circumstances, a repetitious behavior or an impulsive behavior, such as a temper tantrum, may be an inappropriate response to something in the environment or a change in routine that needs to be addressed.
www.stanford.edu /group/hopes/diagnsis/behavior/w1.html   (1935 words)

 Clinical Trial: Project Friendship - Adolescent Safer Sex Social Network Intervention
The intervention primarily focuses on reducing risky sexual behavior and increasing condom use among adolescent males and females, aged 16-19.
The primary outcome related to sexual behavior is the self-reported number of unprotected (not protected with male or female condom) vaginal, oral and anal sex acts among all (index and network members) who receive the intervention.
Sexual acts when drunk or high will be measured by counting the number of sexual encounters that occurred concurrently with a respondent reporting being “drunk” or “high”.
clinicaltrials.gov /ct/show/NCT00107562   (1260 words)

 SexHelp.com - Clergy and Sexual Addiction/Compulsivity: An Update   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
In McLaughlin’s study3, 43 participants were survivors of adult and/or child sexual abuse by a priest (n=26) or Protestant clergy (n=17).
Leaving the current findings of sexually addicted clergy or offenders, we’ll now look at clergy who share their experience with sexual addiction in the context of their church.
This researcher is encouraged that these clergy appear to be aware of the prevalence of the problem of sexual compulsive behaviors in the Church.
www.sexhelp.com /clergy.cfm   (706 words)

 Understanding Male Sexual Problems -- the Basics
Problems with sexual functioning are common, affecting more than half of all couples at some time, according to studies.
Premature ejaculation is often a learned behavior pattern of rapid ejaculation seen with frequent masturbation or infrequent sexual activity.
Conditions or behaviors that increase the risk of vascular disease, such as smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol or the medications to treat these and other disorders.
www.webmd.com /content/article/7/1680_54100.htm   (1012 words)

 What is a Pedophile; What Is a Child Molester? Practical Steps on Preventing Child Sexual Abuse
Situational sex offenders frequently molest readily available children they have easy access to such as their own or those they may live with or have control over.
While the situational offender is merely taking advantage of a situation where a child is available to fulfill sexual needs he has been unable to fulfill elsewhere, the pedophile crosses the line within the framework of a relationship with a child he may have been cultivating over a period of time.
If pedophiles are able to publicly affirm their sexual orientation without fear for their safety, much of the pressure they are under would be alleviated and they would be able to have much more fruitful and fulfilling lives than they are now.
hfp.puellula.com /Polemic/WhatIs.html   (3062 words)

 Sexual Health Research Working Group   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
To effectively address sexual health challenges requires research that seeks to fully understand the complexity of human sexual behavior.
The purpose of the study was to explore the extent to which situational factors related to sexual decision making could be further understood by using the Triandis Model of Interpersonal Behavior.
Sexuality education remains a controversial topic in American society—to study it effectively requires the active involvement of stakeholders from throughout the community in order to ensure that study designs are balanced and that results are useful to multiple segments of society.
www.indiana.edu /~shrwg/r2.html   (449 words)

 Office of Student Conduct, Oregon State University
Some disruptive behavior may be due to a student's emotional or mental disorder.
for persistently disruptive behavior you may ask the student to leave class for the remainder of the period.
The Office of Student Conduct is available to present to faculty on the topic of Handling Classroom Disruption.
oregonstate.edu /admin/stucon/disruptivebehavior.htm   (351 words)

 Powerpoint Slides for Chapter on Sexual Disorders, Abnormal Psychology
Let's reexamine the actions of the Task Force on the DSM in their decision to remove homosexuality from the DSM in 1973.
Kinsey described sexuality as being on a continuum rather than dichotomous choices.
sexual activity that the clinician, taking into account the person's age, judges to be adequate in focus, intensity,
psy1.clarion.edu /jms/Abn13sexpp.html   (1509 words)

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