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Topic: Ski binding

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In the News (Wed 26 Jun 19)

  Ski binding - Patent 3979131
1 and 2, a ski binding according to the present invention is fixed to a conventional ski 10 of the touring or cross country type for releasably holding the boot 12 of a skier therein.
The ski binding comprises a toe plate element 14 for receiving the front or toe portion of the boot 12 which toe plate 14 is fastened to ski 10 on the upper surface thereof and at an appropriate location approximately mid-way along the length of the ski according to conventional practice.
The ski binding of the present invention also comprises a heel plate element 18, also designated a heel pop-up element, for engaging the heel of boot 12 in a manner preventing longitudinal and latteral movement of the heel portion of the boot.
www.freepatentsonline.com /3979131.html   (3052 words)

 Ask The Coach - Ski Binding Guide
Ski Bindings are very important in skiing because together with your ski boots they form the link between your body and your skis.
When skis are released from the bindings they of course run the risk of sliding down the slope, increasing in speed and possibly hitting other skiers.
Ski brakes are levers which flip down the moment a ski binding is released.
www.summitsportsinc.com /online/guides/ski-binding-guide.html   (1162 words)

 Ski binding placement
The way one determines BOF is to squash the skis together base-to-base, measure the length of the portion of the bases that actually touch each other, divide by two and make a mark on the sidewall at that point.
In Spring 2001, Steve Bagley of Superior Ski at Snowbird, and one of the nation's (and Realskiers') experts on alignment, headed a team of researchers sponsored by Nordica to perform controlled on-hill tests to determine practical effects of changes in binding placement.
These skis (and it is no coincidence that they are virtually all top end models designed for competition or serious high performance) can be mounted using BOF, and the ones beneath the feet of many top-level pros are so mounted.
www.techsupportforskiers.com /binding_placement.htm   (1382 words)

 Ski Binding Parts - Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC)
This burly leash affixes to the G3 telemark binding to prevent runaway skis.
Ski brakes to fit Karhu® tm releasable telemark bindings.
Ski crampons for use with the Pure, 555 and 500 binding systems.
www.mec.ca /Products/product_listing_all.jsp?FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2534374302725927&bmUID=1155467573134   (334 words)

  Volkl AC4 Ski w/ Motion AT PCOS Binding | Free Shipping on Advanced Skis
Unlike some ski manufacturers who contract core work to third party companies, Volkl produces their own wood core to optimize quality and consistency in design with CNC precision.
Included with Volkl's Unlimited AC4 ski is Marker's Motion AT binding with P.C.O.S. The P.C.O.S. stands for "Piston Control Oil Suspension" and features a special interface equipped with a hydraulic oil piston that delivers amazing flex and control between the boot, binding and ski.
Like previous Volkl Piston binding pairings, the entire binding still slides on aluminum motion rails using two carbon steel pins--one in front and one in back--to glide your boots over bumps and through undulations with complete flex and uninterrupted power transmission.
www.goski.com /gear/product/Volkl_AC4_Ski_w_Motion_AT_PCOS_Binding.html   (403 words)

 ForSkiers.com - Ski Binding Info
The binding of a ski is not only the part that secures your boot to the ski, but is literally a transmission device that transmits energy, in the form of motion both extreme and minute, from your body to the ski.
A good binding must do this in the most efficient manner possible while still allowing the ski to flex and releasing your boot safely when necessary.
The binding in screwed into the ski and, when your boot is placed in the binding, a stiff area is created in the area between the screw points for the heel and the screw points for the toe.
www.forskiers.com /gear/bindings.asp   (511 words)

  Ski binding - PatentStorm   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A binding for two feet in tandem on one ski that includes a boot for holding the front foot having a detachable toe holder and keeper means secured to the ski between the two feet for holding the forward boot heel.
A binding assembly for a structure which is designed to facilitate rapid movement along the surface of the earth such as a ski board for water wherein the binding assembly includes an elastic cord which when stretched permits tightening of the binding assembly to thereby...
A water ski binding includes: a flexible rear boot member for the rear part of the foot of the skier; a rear mounting structure for the boot member having wall surface structure which rises generally upwardly with respect to the top surface of the ski; and another rear mounting structure for the...
www.patentstorm.us /class/441/70-Ski_binding.html   (2392 words)

  Ski binding Summary
In skiing, a ski binding is an attachment which anchors the ski boot to the ski.
Unless telemark skis are being used, for Alpine ski touring, a special ski binding is used that allows the heel to be clipped down to the ski when skiing downhill, but which allows it to be released when climbing.
Spruce Ski created a riser which adapts between the standard 4 cm by 4 cm four-hole skiboard binding and standard ski bindings; furthermore, Spruce began selling their 120cm skiboard in the 2005-06 season which are only available with their releasable setup.
www.bookrags.com /Ski_binding   (1089 words)

 Ski binding - Glasgledius   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In skiing, a ski binding is an attachment which anchors the ski boot to the ski, and exists in several variations:
The cable binding, where the toe section of the boot is anchored, and an adjustable cable around the heel (for which there is a groove in the heel of the shoe) securs the boot.
The Alpine safety binding, where the shoe is firmly clamped to the ski at the toe and the heel, but to prevent damage, a mechanism yields if the forces at the binding points are over a certain preset value.
www.glasglow.com /E2/sk/Ski_binding.html   (144 words)

Hannes Marker, a native of Berlin who had learned to ski as a Wehrmacht soldier stationed in Norway, went to Garmisch after the war and found a job as a civilian ski instructor for the U.S. Army recreational center, where Leon Goodman was supervisor of the ski school.
The Stowe ski patrol reported that they were still transporting about four leg fractures per 1000 skier days, and placed the blame on the fact that there was no standard method of adjusting and testing release bindings.
Ski Magazine estimated that this amounted to an injury rate of.17 per 1,000 skier days-which presumably meant you'd be 24 times safer skiing on a properly adjusted Look than on the average New Englander's recreational rig.
www.skiinghistory.org /releasebindings.html   (3231 words)

Hannes Marker, a native of Berlin who had learned to ski as a Wehrmacht soldier stationed in Norway, went to Garmisch after the war and found a job as a civilian ski instructor for the U.S. Army recreational center, where Leon Goodman was supervisor of the ski school.
The Stowe ski patrol reported that they were still transporting about four leg fractures per 1000 skier days, and placed the blame on the fact that there was no standard method of adjusting and testing release bindings.
Ski Magazine estimated that this amounted to an injury rate of.17 per 1,000 skier days-which presumably meant you'd be 24 times safer skiing on a properly adjusted Look than on the average New Englander's recreational rig.
skiinghistory.org /releasebindings.html   (3231 words)

 Telemark Ski Mounting 101 ~ TelemarkSki.com
Usually skis that make an exception to this are marked somewhere on the topsheet or sidewall of the ski with a small circle and slash (sign for drill bit) and the number 4.0 or 4.1.
Ski drill bits have a built in collar to drill the holes to a specific depth.
Once all the screws have been tightened, inspect the surface of the ski where the binding meets it to be sure the binding is sitting flush on the ski.
www.atskis.com /html/how_ski_mount.html   (2737 words)

 Ski Snowboard Bindings Alpine Telemark Tognar Tips
Most modern bindings are designed to perform consistently season after season without backing off on settings, but it doesn't hurt to relax the springs, especially if they're usually set near the top of their adjustment range.
The bindings are attached to the skis by a pair of bolts that pass through the ski rails and the bindings.
A common culprit of binding tear-outs on skis is overtightening the binding screws during mounting.
www.tognar.com /binding_tips_ski_snowboard.html   (4062 words)

 Sponsors Page
Your bindings are an important component with regards to your equipment as they are the obvious link between your boot, the ski and the snow.
A ski binding will release in a number of ways, toe and heel, vertical and horizontal, which protects the leg and knee from any twisting or torque you apply as in the case of a fall or loss of balance.
The bindings in this case may be set to loose or it may have been caused by a buildup of ice or snow under the boot sole.
www.howtoski.net /sub_sponsors_bindings.html   (1001 words)

 Ski Bindings
Bindings are used to hold your ski boots rigidly to your skis.
SkiEnthusiast only recommends bindings with upward toe release because I have been in several situations (ski tip jams in the snow while body fell backward or foot got dragged under the lift) that would have resulted in leg injury if this release was not present.
The brakes on all bindings are practically the same and are used to stop the ski when attaching the boot or after it releases during a fall.
www.skienthusiast.com /bindings.htm   (584 words)

 SKINET :: The Golden Age of Gear?
SKI Magazine gear testers haven't ever seen a time-and that means you haven't either-when intermediate, or even beginner, skis have offered such extraordinary performance.
Most systems allow a binding's toe- and heelpieces to glide slightly fore and aft, respectively, during a turn, letting skis flex freely underfoot, with no "flat spot" where the rigid boot sole is clamped to the ski.
In skis, Head is using "intelligent chips," which constantly monitor and then adjust the torsional rigidity of its i.XRC models by sending electronic pulses that stiffen special fibers in the ski.
www.skinet.com /skinet/gear/article/0,26908,680580,00.html   (938 words)

 Goode Snow Skis - Bindings
If the ski is thinner the screw and drill bit must be at least 3 mm shorter than the full ski thickness.
Mounting a 3-pin toe piece with a tight cluster of screw holes directly onto the ski is not advised and may void the warranty for related damage.
Appropriately sized binding installation jigs must be used to insure proper centering of the binding.
www.goode.com /ssbindings.html   (701 words)

 Ski Bindings
SKI BINDINGS are often an afterthought in a ski package purchase, and usually the only thing considered is the color.
Many ski bindings today are systems in which the ski, binding and plate (or riser) is integrated instead of separate components.
We carry bindings for all ski levels and ages.
www.centerski.com /bindings.htm   (218 words)

 SKINET :: Bindings
Some options remain, though, particularly in fat skis, where skiers don’t care for the lift that an interface provides and are hardcore enough about equipment to know what they want.
The way the ski is built to grapple the binding required a binding shaped to fit.
Blizzard licensed a reliable Marker heel design and acquired patents on which to build the new IQ toe, which is shaped and buttressed in a way that works with the IQ interface to reduce slop and deliver undiminished energy to the edge.
www.skinet.com /skinet/gear/article/0,26908,1091807,00.html   (1746 words)

 Michigan Nordic Ski Racer - NIS Nordic Integrated System
The entire length of the binding is locked on to the ski, unlike traditional bindings that only attach to the ski at the screw points.
First, the new ski and binding combination is likely to cost $40 more than buying a traditional ski and binding as the manufactures try to recoup some of their RandD costs.
Skis shops will also have to wrestle with whether to carry both the traditional ski (which the manufactures will continue to provide) and the new NIS ski.
www.nordicskiracer.com /Equipment/2005/NIS/NIS.asp   (1438 words)

 Self test for alpine skiing   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The purpose of the self test is to ensure that the skier can release him or herself from their ski bindings at the start of a day's skiing.
Many people pay no attention to their bindings once they have bought them and yet drive several hours to a ski area with their skis on a roof rack exposed to the weather, salt, grit and dirt.
With your ski angled so that the front inside edge is on the ground, try and twist your boot inwards so that the toe should twist out of the front of the binding.
www.ski-injury.com /st.htm   (1132 words)

 Alpine Ski Bindings from Backcountryoutlet.com from Backcountryoutlet.com
With a DIN range of 3.5-12, this binding is ideal for a wide range of skiers, from intermediate to aggressive experts.
This binding's DIN starts at 8 and goes up to 18 for people who push their skis hard and can't afford to have them pre-release.
The Look Nova 10 Lifter Alpine Ski Binding is a super safe binding for intermediate and lighter weight skiers looking to get the maximum carving potential out of their gear.
www.backcountryoutlet.com /outlet/group/26/c1/s1/Alpine-Ski-Bindings.html   (533 words)

 First Look at 04/05 Naxo ski binding, randonnee AT randone
They appeared as a terrific solution for skiers needing a "one rig" binding that allowed them to use the same skis at the resort and in the backcountry.
The O4/05 binding eliminates this problem by using a longer vertical release spring assembly in the heel unit.
While this is a welcome improvement for huksters landing 50-foot jumps in hard sole alpine boots, the extra beef may prevent your ski boot from triggering step-in closure of the heel peice.
www.wildsnow.com /articles/naxo_faq/naxo_firstlook_04-05.html   (1262 words)

 Electronic Ski Binding by Dantonio Consulting
Safety in alpine skiing depends, in large part, on the mechanical releasable ski binding, which releases when the applied force on the bone exceeds a preset threshold.
DCI developed the Electronic Ski Binding, an energy-based system that continuously integrated the force over time and compared the value to a preset safety threshold.
The marketing effort that surrounded the development of the technology increased Marker’s mechanical binding sales and captured the attention of the West German government, which led to significant grants to assist with the development.
www.dantonioconsultants.com /prod_sp_ski.htm   (309 words)

 The Ski-binding Protein C184M Negatively Regulates Tumor Growth Factor-{beta} Signaling by Sequestering the Smad ...
Ski is a transcriptional co-repressor and is involved in the
in the cytosol, and the C184M and Ski signals are co-localized
Ski signals were found only in the cytoplasm, supporting the
www.jbc.org /cgi/content/abstract/278/22/20133   (397 words)

 Rossignol Zenith Z5 Oversize Ski w/ Axial 2 120 Ti Binding
The big difference between this award-winning Zenith Z5 Oversize and the other award-winning Zenith Z9 Oversize is the velocity, but unless you're a speed-crazed moron or a world cup contender looking for an extra second or two in the local skier cross competition, you're probably not going to care.
That certainly was enough for Ski Magazine, who gave the Zenith Z5 Oversize high marks and a gold medal in their 2006 Buyer's Guide, but Billy O'Donnell, a tester for Skiing Magazine's 2006 Gear Guide summed it up best (It) lays over like a Moto GP bike in full turn.
Rossignol Actys 100 Skis w/ Axium 110 Binding
gear.bootsnall.com /p-1146/rossignol-zenith-z5-oversize-ski-w-axial-2-120-ti-binding.html   (354 words)

 Ski Service - Ski Rent Cares for Your Skis
You've got your own skis - but for some reason they don't seem to be working like they did last year.
Not only is our own hire gear always in tip-top shape, but you can also bring your own skis in for a quick service or a more in-depth preparation.
And don't forget - one of the most important times for a service is before you are going to put your skis away for the rest of the year.
www.skirent.at /ski-service.htm   (224 words)

 Burnt Mountain Designs, Telemark Bulldog, ski binding, tele binding, snow ski binding, ski vermont, vermont ski resort, ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The toe box is generously long and wide to maximize contact with the sole of the boot which optimizes sensitivity and control of the ski.
The ski brake serves to hold the ski in place when stepping into the binding and prevents a runaway ski.
The main parts of the binding are made of high grade stainless steel and built to last.
www.burntmtn.com /description/index.htm   (355 words)

 The Dovre Ski binding [Archive] - Skiing History Forums   (Site not responding. Last check: )
I therefore seek information about the Dovre ski binding which I know was manufatured somewhere ine the U.S. in the 1950's or something.
They do not show up in SKI Magazine's equipment roundup in the Fall of 1950, but that doesn't necessarily mean they were out of business.
The Nov 1, 1946 issue of Ski News writes as follows: "The Dovre Ski Binding Co. of West Concord, Mass., has made a number of improvements on their already excellent products.Dovre is the only binding manufacturer who is "Parkerizing" their irons.
www.skiinghistory.org /forums/archive/index.php?t-30.html   (303 words)

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