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Topic: Ski mountaineering

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  Ski mountaineering: Facts and details from Encyclopedia Topic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-08)
Skiing is the activity of gliding over snow using skis (originally wooden planks, now usually made from fiberglass or related composite materialcomposites)...
Mountaineering is the sport or hobby of climbing mountains and is sometimes also known as alpinism, particularly in europe....
Ski wax is a material applied to the bottom of skis or snowboards to help them perform on snow....
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/s/sk/ski_mountaineering.htm   (520 words)

 Ski Mountaineering Equipment & Information
Simply stated, ski mountaineering is the use of skis for ascending and descending mountains.
In the purest form of ski mountaineering, both the ascent and descent of a peak are made entirely on skis, using climbing skins and perhaps ski crampons for traction on the ascent, and then descending a continuous ski route back down to the base.
The goal of ski mountaineering is to use skis to enhance the overall mountaineering experience by increasing speed, efficiency, and (most of all) enjoyment in the mountains.
www.skimountaineer.com /EquipInfo/EquipInfo.html   (316 words)

 Ski Mountaineering Gear
Fat skis are particuarly useful in soft or ungroomed snow, as in powder or the backcountry in winter.
Ski widths are given in three numbers expressed in millimeters (mm), such as 100-70-90, indicating the width at the shovel, waist, and tail.
These skis are especially suitable for backpack trips where there is a combination of steep and flat skiing, as in a trans-Sierra, because most of the time climbing skins on the skis are not needed, saving weight on the feet.
angeles.sierraclub.org /skimt/text/equipmnt.htm   (1835 words)

 UKC Articles - FAQ - Ski Mountaineering
Skiing non pisted snow can be very different to the manicured pistes but if you can ski red runs in reasonable style many of the easier classic tours should be feasible — kick turns and traverses can be very useful if conditions are difficult but will slow down the descent.
If skiing on glaciers it is normal practise in Europe to wear a harness, but keep a rope easily accessible in a rucksac and to carry a selection of pulleys, slings and karabiners for rescuing anyone who falls into a crevasse.
The Eagle Ski Club (www.eagleskiclub.org.uk) is the largest UK based club dedicated to ski mountaineering and their website is worth a visit.
www.ukclimbing.com /articles/page.php?id=172   (1620 words)

 Ski mountaineering
On ski traverses you are expected to be able to carry and ski with a moderately heavy pack containing your personal belongings.
This is a high alpine ski traverse which requires good stamina and ski technique.
This tour is for the experienced and fit ski mountaineer who seeks technically and physically challenging terrain under the expert guidance of a mountain and ski guide.
www.mountainsandmore.com /ski_mtnrg.php   (356 words)

 Chronology timeline, North American ski mountaineering backcountry skiing
While many mountains in North America were explored by people on skis in the early 1900s, the actual event of a person climbing to the top and skiing back down may have occurred at a date later than the first ski exploration.
In regard to backcountry skiing, it's important to note that both the Christiania turn and the Telemark turn were used and developed at the time, contrary to the myth that the Telemark is the original ski turn.
Ski Club of Great Britain publishes Handbook of Ski-Touring and Glacier Skiing, 2nd edition, this is first modern promulgation of the body of knowledge for ski mountaineering.
www.wildsnow.com /chronology/timeline_table.html   (9766 words)

 Mazamas Ski Mountaineering   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-08)
The Mazamas Ski Mountaineering Program is designed to teach you with the skills, attitude and awareness necessary to safely enjoy the many backcountry ski opportunities that exist in the Cascades and elsewhere.
Ski mountaineering in the Northwest can span the spectrum from multi-day traverses to skiing off the summits of local volcanoes to just basking in the sunshine on the South Side of Hood in July.
The focus of this course is on the skills necessary to ascend/descend non-technical intermediate level ski mountaineering climbs in the Northwest (i.e., St. Helens, Snow Dome on Mt. Hood).
www.mazamas.org /education/skimt_info.php   (979 words)

 MJ ADVENTURE: You Fall, You Die - Ski-Mountaineering the backcountry   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-08)
Tyler and I had never skied together, but after listening to my assurances that I was an expert, he shepherded me outside the resort and onto the steepest terrain I'd ever seen.
On this particular afternoon, however, the only people on the mountain were me and Bunch, and we were perched at the top of a chute to the left of Cody called No Shadows, a snow runnel that funnels into a mean-looking outcrop of exposed limestone.
In the Winds we climbed and skied the high, smooth face of Gypsum Mountain, a peak so isolated that the only sign of life we encountered was a set of menacing, dinner plate-size paw prints left by a grizzly bear.
www.mensjournal.com /adventure/0503/ski_mountaineering.html   (4186 words)

 First Ever U.S. Ski Mountaineering Race   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-08)
It was a tribute to everyone's love of skiing in the area that we had a good turn out, despite the low snow and gushing rain on the day of the race.
The Randonnee Rally Race Series is a series of ski mountaineering races held at some of the premier resorts in North America.
The Race Series test the competitor's endurance, equipment and skiing skills while skinning up and skiing down some of the toughest terrain that these resorts and their surrounding mountains have to offer.
www.outdoornewswire.com /v/current/htdocs/etc/sa.php/63617465676f72794e616d653d536b69696e672663617465676f72794c6162656c3d536b69696e67266c6f636174696f6e3d323030352f31322f313133343735303938352672737349643d32333534   (678 words)

 Ski Mountaineering   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-08)
After spending part of a day skiing in and setting up camp, we can head out and explore the wealth of skiing options in the area.
For those skiers who have always wanted to ski from the summit of a peak, this is a dream come true.
This spring time trip is designed with backcountry skiing in mind as well as summit climbing.
timberlinemtguides.com /skimountaineering/skimountaineeringpgms.html   (499 words)

 UIAA on line http://www.uiaa.ch - official UIAA website
Early terms used to describe ski mountaineering competitions were alpine races and the ‘military patrol’ (or the ‘patrouille du glaciers’).
“Mountain sports are endurance sports; they have a significant beneficial effect on the health of those who take part; they provide an intimate relationship between people and nature; they promote personality and social awareness.
“Ski mountaineering competitions require the skills of a climber, the experience of a mountaineer, and the courage of a racer.
www.uiaa.ch /?c=206   (1231 words)

 Ski Mountaineering Canada - Bear Mountaineering School - Backcountry Expeditions, Treks & Hikes BC, Yukon, Alaska
Unparalled ski mountaineering experiences in Canada await in the rugged mountains of northwestern British Columbia, Canada.
Whether you are looking for demanding mountain experiences -- big alpine routes, bagging peaks and climbing steep ice -- or hoping to carve turns in deep powder and return to the warmth of a cozy chalet at night, Bear Mountaineering can guide you.
Come and enjoy the ski mountaineering Canada has to offer at the remote Burnie Glacier Chalet.
www.bearmountaineering.ca   (210 words)

With Italian racers dominating the majority of the prestigious four-event competition, which attracted more than 200 racers, the young U.S. team proved they could ski at the highest level and learned a handful of handy racing techniques from their skillful international counterparts.
As a result of their arduous, lung-burning skinning and savvy off-piste skiing, the U.S. finished 10th overall as a team out of 33 nations.
With signs and banners promoting the championships lining the streets of the mountain town of Cuneo, which is about an hour south of Turin, the entire experience for the U.S. team was one that was not only filled with fun, but also influential on how races could be run differently in the states.
powdermag.com /features/news/mountaineering-champs   (881 words)

 Ski Mountaineering Race FAQ
A Ski Mountaineering race is a timed event that follows an established trail through challenging winter alpine terrain while passing through a series of checkpoints.
Ski crampons may or may not be allowed and will be stated well in advance.
Ski Mountaineering races are a blend of many skills, including endurance, uphill technique, downhill technique and efficient change-overs.
www.pawprince.com /sm_race/faq.html   (1551 words)

 Ski mountaineering at opensource encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-08)
Ski mountaineering is a sport that combines the techniques of skiing with those of Mountaineering.
One of the earliest inspirations for the sport was the Englishman Cecil Slingsby, who crossed the 1,550m high (5,800 feet) Keiser Pass, Norway, on skis in 1880.
However, the "father" of the sport is generaly regarded as the German Wilhelm von Arlt, who made the first ski ascent of over 3,000m, when he climbed the Rauris Sonnblick (3,103m / 10,180 feet high) in 1894.
www.wiki.tatet.com /Ski_mountaineering.html   (120 words)

 www.skimountaineer.com: Ski Mountaineering, Backcountry Skiing, Snowboarding
Progress on my upcoming Skiing the Cascade Volcanoes guidebook had also been halted, but I intend to resume work on that soon.
Skiing, snowboarding, and mountaineering are inherently dangerous activities, and all of the trips and activities described on this web site carry the risk of serious injury or death.
Anyone who is not an expert in skiing, snowboarding, and/or mountaineering should use an experienced, qualified guide or seek qualified instruction before engaging in any ski or snowboard mountaineering.
www.skimountaineer.com   (432 words)

 Alpine Ski Club: Mountaineering on ski.
This scholarship was set up jointly by the Alpine Ski Club and the Ski Club of Great Britain as a memorial to Kenneth Smith, in recognition of the work he did in promoting training for ski touring and ski mountaineering.
The object of the Scholarship is to assist skiers and mountaineers in improving their touring and ski mountaineering skills and qualifications.
The object of the Fund is to support ski touring and ski mountaineering by assisting ski mountaineers to undertake expeditions and tours which are considered worthy of encouragement and help.
www.alpineskiclub.org.uk /grants.htm   (339 words)

 Alpine Skills International - Mountain Climbing Guides - Ski Mountaineering, Rock Climbing
Established in 1979 by Bela G. Vadasz and Mimi Maki-Vadasz, ASI is America's original all terrain backcountry ski mountaineering and climbing program operating in the Sierra Nevada and the greatest ranges of the world.
With experiences among the highest mountains in over ten different countries, ASI's instructors and certified guides bring a wealth of experience to help coach and lead you to the greatest adventures of your lifetime.
We are right next to world-class ski resorts, fabulous backcountry terrain for both skiing and snow & ice climbing, and the famous Donner Pass rockclimbing area with over 300 traditional and sport climbing routes.
www.alpineskills.com   (149 words)

 Ski Mountaineering; Cirrus Alpine Guides
This 2006 ski season is off to an early start with 30-60cm dumps above 2500m across the Rockies and the BC interior.
This is an introductory winter mountain skills course designed just for skiers and snowboarders that want to head out into the backcountry in search of fresh powder, long lines and big fun in a wilderness setting.
Intermediate skiing and boarding skills are a must for this program, this is the only prerequisite.
www.cirrusalpineguides.com /ski_mtn.htm   (1010 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Ski Mountaineering in Scotland (Scottish Mountaineering Club Guide): Books   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-08)
This is the sort of book (like Tom Patey's One Mans Mountains), that, after you read it, you are immediately fired with enthusiasm and want to go to the places you have just read about.
This (Scottish Ski Mountaineering) is a subject with few books - Malcolm Slessers "Scottish Mountains on Ski" is good, although a bit dated re equipment.
A guide to many of the best routes for ski mountaineers in Scotland and a wonderful source of inspiration.
www.amazon.co.uk /exec/obidos/ASIN/0907521207   (521 words)

 Ski Mountaineering Canada - Burnie Glacier Chalet - Backcountry Skiing Lodge, Northern BC
Ski mountaineer in northern bc's backcountry, and experience deep powder, 1,700 metres (6,000 ft) of vertical, tree runs, long ascents over intricate glaciers in Canada.
After a day of backcountry ski mountaineering in Canada, arcing big turns on a wealth of unskied lines, a gourmet meal and the cedar sauna await at the Burnie Glacier Chalet, B.C.'s most northwesterly mountain lodge.
The Burnie Glacier Chalet is a backcountry skiing lodge in Canada that offers all the charm of a European mountain hut, but instead of sharing it with hundreds, you and your friends can enjoy the backcountry ski mountaineering Canada has to offer, and have the chalet to yourselves.
www.bearmountaineering.ca /winter/burnie_glacier_chalet.php   (360 words)

 Ski Touring - Alternatif Outdoor Specialists   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-08)
The Western Taurus mountain range extends west into Mugla province, and there are two mountains in this region suitable for winter sports, Mount Sandras (2294m) and Mount Eren (2677m).
A way of exploring the winter mountain landscape on skis, without the aid of ski lifts - so its an ideal way of discovering the beauty of mountains far away from busy ski-resorts.
Special ski equipment is used that allows you to climb slopes on you skis, as well as skiing down them.
www.alternatifoutdoor.com /act-skimountaineering.asp   (361 words)

 Alpine Guides: Ski Mountaineering Course
A stalwart of our winter courses for more than 20 years, the SMC has been designed to develop the techniques of winter mountaineering.
The 7-day course will help you hone the skills required to travel and climb safely in a winter mountain environment.
From ice climbing and ski mountaineering to avalanche courses and touring.
www.alpineguides.co.nz /programs/smc.htm   (185 words)

 ski mountaineering   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-08)
The ski descent from Marcel Col to Pioneer Hut is one of the supreme ski descents down moderate slopes past towering rock faces and hanging glaciers before the final neve cruise to the hut for a brew.
These mountains can be subject to high winds and navigation problems and have limited snow cover in low snowfall years.
The grand finale is a long ski run down to Chancellor Hut (8 bunks) on the edge of the lower icefall.
www.mountainrec.co.nz /skimtning.htm   (893 words)

 Backcountry skiing and ski mountaineering adventures in Colorado, Canada and Alaska with a certified ski mountaineering ...
Whether it be rolling ski touring, lapping up the powder in an alpine bowl, schussing through aspen glades, or cautiously picking your way down a steep couloir, it can be found in the San Juan Mountains.
These southerly mountains enjoy plenty of nice and sunny days, though, the relatively high altitude allows the tempuratures to stay cool enough to keep the powder nice and dry in the winter.
The surrounding scenery is breathtaking as is the fabulous ski terrain.
www.skywardmountaineering.com /ski.html   (347 words)

 Sierra Club Angeles Chapter Ski Mountaineers Section
We offer a varied schedule of mountaineering ski tours, including day tours, overnight hut and snowcamping trips, and peak climbs, as well as ski training clinics at resorts and in the backcountry.
Qualification for membership is based on skiing ability, including the ability to ski uphill in the backcountry.
You need not be a member of the SMS or the Sierra Club to ski with us except for certain trips restricted to members for insurance reasons.
angeles.sierraclub.org /skimt   (282 words)

 ski mountaineering, guided skiing services
America's premier backcountry ski and mountaineering school and guide service based at Lake Tahoe and servicing the High Sierra, Alaska, the Alps and the Himalaya.
Mountain adventures for beginning, intermediate, and advanced climbers since 1926.
Ski guiding and hosting on the Southern lakes ski areas.
www.mtnguide.org /mg_skimountaineering.htm   (1266 words)

 The Backcountry Ski Page
Kootenay Pass in the Purcell Mountains, above center, is a popular destination for ski tourers and powder hounds alike, while there are many hidden little powder havens, such as the one at right, tucked away in the southern Rockies.
The backcountry ski images found here are dedicated to the memory of Art Twomey, who epitomized the true backcountry spirit and was an inspiration to all whose lives he touched.
For those who are also track skiing aficionados, check The KNC Virtual Nordic Centre for a compilation of the best nordic skiing info on the web.
www.batesphoto.com /bcski.html   (548 words)

 Alpine Ski Club: Mountaineering on ski.
We hold an annual alpine meet or an expedition meet to a lesser-known mountain area.
The Alpine Ski Club is the UK's home of independent mountaineering on ski.
We welcome active mountaineers who choose to climb on ski.
www.alpineskiclub.org.uk   (110 words)

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