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Topic: Skinhead

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  SKINHEAD NATION - the story of the Skinheads
Skinhead Nation is in many ways both a companion to Spirit Of ‘69 and an opportunity to concentrate more on the individuals that make up the cult, rather than the events and music that have shaped its history.
It is equally the case though that every skinhead has the right to hold whatever political beliefs he or she chooses to - just as everyone else is entitled to in a free society.
Skinhead Nation is dedicated to anyone who has ever had the bottle to shave their head, lace up a pair of highly polished boots and walk down the street with their heart pounding with pride.
www.skinheadnation.co.uk   (1398 words)

 [No title]
Although racist skinheads may show up for any type of racist or anti-Semitic event, from Holocaust denial conferences to neo-Nazi rallies, musical events are the most popular.
This renewed growth of racist skinhead activity includes a rise in the number of organized racist skinhead groups as well as a rise in the number of "independent" or unaffiliated racist skinheads.
The skinhead subculture was not originally racist —and, in fact, today around the world there remain many non-racist or explicitly anti-racist skinheads (often called sharps, for “skinheads against racial prejudice”).
www.adl.org /racist_skinheads   (309 words)

  The Prejudice Institute: Factsheet - What is a Skinhead?
Skinheads, mostly male, range in age from 13 to 27 though most are in their late teens.
Skinhead organizational structures are unstable; they seem to have high rates of turnover, internal conflicts, and dissolution.
If Skinheads are viewed as both part of the larger youth culture and a violent society, then the Skinhead decline may be a reflection of the decline in these sectors.
www.prejudiceinstitute.org /skinheadsFS.html   (1354 words)

 Skinhead nations
Skinhead Nation is in many ways both a companion to Spirit Of ‘69 and an opportunity to concentrate more on the individuals that make up the cult, rather than the events and music that have shaped its history.
No two skinheads are the same, and although outsiders would like you to believe otherwise - especially sociologists who dream up theories based on all skinheads being alike - there isn’t one type of skinhead, or two types of skinhead, or even 20 types of skinhead.
It is equally the case though that every skinhead has the right to hold whatever political beliefs he or she chooses to - just as everyone else is entitled to in a free society.
www.meta-religion.com /New_religious_groups/Groups/Social/skinhead_nations.htm   (1150 words)

 Japanese Skinheads: The Meaning of a Subculture
Skinheads were a natural progression from the modernists in the sense that there occurred a schism in the mod movement before the inevitable downfall.
Skinheads were forgotten for nearly a decade, even the media seemed to forget the escapades by the kids.
The skinhead subculture did not make a comeback until the late 1970s, mainly due to the punk explosion and the rebirth of ska (predecessor to reggae) which brought back the skinheads and also created a new identify for skinheads.
www.clas.ufl.edu /users/jmurphy/JPT3500file/JPT.Projectfile/Jpt/Skinhead.html   (2391 words)

 1960-today: Skinhead culture | libcom.org
Skinhead culture emerged as a result of two shifts in British culture and society in the early/mid 1960s.
Out of this, the Skinheads were born, a multi-racial, working class youth subculture with a clearly defined hostility to the police, government and bosses as well as being an expression of the discontent that many young people felt at the time.
However, to say that Skinhead died in the early 70s is wrong and by the late 1970s, Skinheads were back and had spread internationally, across Europe and to North America.
libcom.org /history/articles/skinheads   (951 words)

 Skinhead - The World and I Magazine   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Their skinhead affiliation (often linked to a specific band or soccer team) has replaced the disintegrating traditional ones of family, workplace, or neighborhood.
Billy Martin, a skinhead from Romford, writes in the British music magazine Sounds that far from being fascist, "skinhead was always supposed to be a working-class movement." As the children of Labor Party socialists who have all but given up the fight, skins may represent the thin edge of workers' anger.
Whether skinheads take root on alien soil or wither away in the cold winters of the 1990s remains to be seen.
www.worldandi.com /public/1990/october/cl4.cfm   (2476 words)

 SPLCenter.org: Racist Skinhead Glossary
Five words: "I have nothing to say." Skinheads are exhorted to give this standard response to any and all media and law enforcement inquiries.
Probate: A "member in waiting" who is on probation for a set amount of time before he or she becomes a full-fledged member of a skinhead crew.
White laces: Bootlace color identifying a skinhead as being "white power," as opposed to a non-racist ("traditional") or anti-racist skin.
www.splcenter.org /intel/intelreport/article.jsp?sid=384   (421 words)

 The Skinhead International: Index
There are many skinheads who are non- or anti-racist, and who come from a variety of different religious and cultural backgrounds.
Nizkor recognizes their achievements in anti-racism: they are part of the traditional, non-racist skinhead subculture and are not the perpetrators of the hate crimes discussed here.
Unless otherwise specified, the word "skinhead" within these pages, as noted by the authors themselves, refers only to neo-Nazi and white supremacist skinheads, the perpetrators of hate crimes and participants in racist organizations.
www.nizkor.org /hweb/orgs/american/adl/skinhead-international   (127 words)

September 9th: Bergen bands BitchesandBastards and Beinkjør played at the Uddevalla Punk festival, and sent us this travel report and review.
The only Mandal skinhead in the world joined his longhaired friends and went to the Wacken festival in Germany to see his long time heroes Böhse Onkelz and Mötorhead.
June 15th: If you want to preorder the Norwegian skinhead photo book that will be in print in august, you will have to pay for it before Monday 21st of June.
www.skinhead.no   (1933 words)

 Ukraine: Skinhead Attacks Have Increased in Kiev - Europe
Ukraine: Skinhead Attacks Have Increased in Kiev - Europe
The U.S. Embassy in Kiev issued an announcement Nov. 3 reminding Americans that racially-motivated attacks by skinheads have increased and “have occurred without provocation in prominent areas of downtown Kiev that are commonly frequented by tourists.” The majority of victims have been of Asian, African or other non-European descent, but all visitors should be vigilant.
Harassment is also common, with both civilians and police stopping Asians and Africans on the street for no legitimate purpose.
www.worldtravelwatch.com /archives/2006/11/ukraine-skinhead-attacks-have-increased-in-kiev.shtml   (259 words)

 Skinhead - Encyclopedia Dramatica
Skinheads fall into one of a number of categories.
Additionally, one might wonder what color laces one is supposed to wear, or how thick their braces (in American, or internets-lingo, "suspenders") should be.
Despite their best efforts, every skinhead dresses identically to the extras in American History X and Romper Stomper.
www.encyclopediadramatica.com /index.php/Skinhead   (231 words)

 Youth, Racist Violence and Anti-racist Responses in the Nordic Countries
Skinheads have been typified as the most arrogant source of racial violence and harassment, and there have been a number of cases in which immigrants have been beaten severely by local skinheads in the Nordic countries (Bjørgo 1997).
The skinhead phenomenon has been traced back to the early 1970s, when gangs of youths in combat boots began to be seen in the streets of England (Anti-Defamation League 1995), or even further, to Jamaican Blacks in the 1960s (Donaldson 1996).
Despite the fact that skinheads have drawn public notice for their bigotry and taste for violence throughout Western society, skinheads may not be classified as a coherent and universal category as such (Anti-Defamation League 1995).
www.alli.fi /nuorisotutkimus/julkaisut/virtanen/1/8.html   (1467 words)

 Skinhead (o)
Skinhead’s skeleton floats at the center of his massive form, and could be attacked by someone who has been engulfed by Skinhead.
Skinhead was knocked unconscious and reverted to his normal form as Eddie Cross.
At the present time, Skinhead is probably incarcerated at the Vault installation (a prison for superhuman criminals) in Colorado.
www.norse-man.net /Marvel/Char-S/Skinhead.htm   (969 words)

 [No title]
More old grannies probably voted NF than skinheads, but from that moment on the cult was to be associated with racism in the tiny minds of those who are very good at pointing the finger in our direction while the far more complex issues of racism go largely unchallenged.
Perhaps the most important skinhead band was Skrewdriver, which emerged out of the punk/Oi scene in the mid-1970s and came to prominence in the 1980s.
When asked whether a similar programme was in force for skinhead youth, he observed that "skinhead" identity was hard to define.
www.lycos.com /info/skinhead.html   (534 words)

 Amazon.ca: Skinhead: Books: Jay Bennett   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A protected teenager whose parents have left him to be raised by his wealthy, strong-willed grandfather, Jonathan knows little of the underworld of the Skinheads, a neo-Nazi gang that seeks white dominance and racial purity.
An adequate choice for those who consider reading a low priority, for it is a print version of the type of story they are likely to watch on television--it has generous doses of adventure mingled with unpredictable violence and a little romance.
The author also had a very good idea on skinheads but didn't give that much information in the beginning, probably because he wanted to keep it as a suspenseful.
www.amazon.ca /Skinhead-Jay-Bennett/dp/0449703975   (1404 words)

 Violence and hatred in Russia's new skinhead playground
Skinheads may be a British invention but when it comes to sheer numbers, levels of violence and hatred of foreigners a damning new report suggests Russia has become the bovver boys' blood-soaked new playground.
Adhering to a unique blend of neo-Nazi ideology and rabid Russian nationalism, Russian skinheads are among the most violent, and have staged a wave of savage attacks on non-Russians and children as young as five in the past year, leaving many of their bleeding victims to die slowly.
If nothing is done to combat the skinhead menace, experts warn that their numbers could swell to 100,000 within a few years.
www.rickross.com /reference/skinheads/skinheads49.html   (1805 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In 2005, one skinhead member of Aryan Nations, Sean Michael Gillespie, was convicted for attempting to firebomb a synagogue in Oklahoma City, the first of a planned series of attacks.
The Klan, which encompasses a wide variety of groups around the country, did not generally appeal to skinheads in the past, perhaps because the two groups differed so strongly in terms of culture, style of dress, and outlook—although their ideologies overlap.
For example, Tom Martin of the West Virginia Skinheads was White Revolution's youth coordinator and is now the group's Webmaster, and Ken Zrallack of the White Wolves, a racist skinhead group in Connecticut, is also the White Revolution contact in that state.
www.militia-watchdog.org /racist_skinheads/wsgwssm.asp   (1116 words)

 Hooligan Pride Skinhead Page
Skinhead is having pride in the land you were born regardless of the tyranny that government may project.
Skinhead is not buying into the whole left and right thing but finding your place in the middle, rather than buying into extremes.
Skinhead is having a say no matter what the repercussions may be.
members.tripod.com /~arawa/main.html   (290 words)

 Trojan Skinhead Reggae Box Set
The development of the skinhead movement can be traced back to around the latter half of 1967.
Not to be outdone by their male counterparts, Skinhead girls developed their own look, sporting feathercut hairstyles, monkey boots, tonic jackets and skirts.
Sadly, new generations of white youths who have since revived the basic Skinhead appearance have flened the name of the original movement and as a result, most people now associate the style with farright extremists.
www.savagejaw.co.uk /trojan/tjetd003.htm   (969 words)

 skinhead clothing and skinhead fashion
A handful of original London skinheads, who claimed to have followed Sham from the beginning when they were the only skins in the audience, said, “We’ve noticed that all the poseurs down the King’s Road have now turned skinhead.
Skinhead girls who want a suit with a three quarter length jacket are a case in point.
To them, skinhead means nothing more than meticulously emulating the identity (fashion, music, politics, etc.,) of the original skinheads, and in the process they give up their own identity, which to me seems like a complete contradiction.
www.skinheadnation.co.uk /skinheadclothing.htm   (5732 words)

 Skinhead Fanzine Website
Skinhead is probably one of the most written about youth cults in British history.
Nobody can deny that Skinhead has had it's fair share of racist followers, but that was in the days when fascism was fashionable and it just so happened that so was Skinhead.
Skinhead is about feeling big (even if, like me, youre not !), it's about feeling good, it's about standing up and saying 'I'm Paul, and i'm better than all the Shite' (this one could be a problem if you're not called Paul) and it's about backing youre mates up under any circumstances.
website.lineone.net /~the-skinhead-fanzine/page23.html   (1043 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: )
It was an important day for the skinhead cult in Germany, even if it was to be totally swallowed up and lost in the events that preceeded the march and those that followed.
And deservedly so too given the cult’s history, but that doesn’t mean that all skinheads are violent and it doesn’t mean that only skinheads are violent.
doesn’t mean that all violence involving skinheads was started by skinheads either, but still the myth remains that skinheads are trouble no matter what.
www.lycos.com /info/skinhead--skinheads.html?page=3   (393 words)

 nazi skinhead
Interventions were grouped together on the basis of limitations in their execution or design and were not considered further.
Of these 243 studies, 77 were excluded on the basis of limitations in their execution or design and were not considered further.
The 14 nazi skinhead Force either strongly recommended or recommended nine of the importance and the North American Quitline Consortium, maintains a national telephone nazi skinhead (800-QUIT-NOW) that links callers nazi skinhead free quitlines serving their areas.
hometown.aol.com /intopsite359/nazi-skinhead.html   (356 words)

I believe this paradigmatic shift came about in part, through the awareness of the musicians, artists, producers, and audiences in Jamaican that the music they were creating had value and use beyond their own needs and desires to a near global context, and had, weather they wanted it or no, now entered an international dimension.
The sub genre known as Skinhead is of purely British origin, it was not until well into it's existence that it was recognized as such by the Jamaican music industry, and then became part of a feed-back loop connecting the British Isle's to Jamaica.
This is not to take anything away from the style of the Skinhead, it just reinforces their commitment to some of the class values inherent in the Mod movement.
www.johnnyspencer.info /Page13.htm   (664 words)

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