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In the News (Tue 16 Jul 19)

  Britain.tv Wikipedia - SkyTeam
SkyTeam Alliance is the second largest airline alliance in the world — behind Star Alliance — partnering ten carriers from three continents.
A few days later SkyTeam announces four new associate members due to join by 2006, each one being "sponsored"?title=by an existing member: Madrid-based Air Europa (sponsored by Air France), Panama-based COPA (partly owned and sponsored by Continental Airlines), Kenya Airways (partly owned and sponsored by KLM) and Romania's Tarom (sponsored by Alitalia).
SkyTeam Elite status is awarded to customers who have reached the premium level of a member carrier's frequent flyer program.
www.britain.tv /wikipedia.php?title=SkyTeam   (650 words)

 Airsider - Airline Industry News - Where Next for the SkyTeam Alliance?
This was all a far cry from the launch of SkyTeam Cargo at the Air Cargo Forum in Washington in October 2000, or, come to that, the behaviour of the alliance at the Air Cargo Forum in Bilbao four years later.
One of the aims of Payload Asia’s approach to SkyTeam members in Shanghai was to elicit evidence to the contrary.
Put another way, SkyTeam and WOW offer a toolkit, but it is one only their European founders seem to have any great enthusiasm for using to any significant extent.
www.airsider.com /files/2006/0406/008/pl_skyteam.htm   (1890 words)

 WebWire® | SkyTeam Named 2005 Best Airline Alliance
SkyTeam will be recognized at a luncheon at the Grand Hyatt in New York on January 17, 2006.
“SkyTeam values its passengers and is focused on delivering the highest level of customer experience in the industry,” said Dominique Patry, chairman of the SkyTeam Steering Committee and vice president, International Affairs and Alliances at Air France.
SkyTeam is the global airline alliance partnering nine members, including Aeroméxico, Air France, Alitalia, Continental Airlines, CSA Czech Airlines, Delta Air Lines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Korean Air and Northwest Airlines.
www.webwire.com /ViewPressRel.asp?aId=7645   (512 words)

 SkyTeam alliance globalizes Delta   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
And any boost in revenue and traffic is more than welcome for the still struggling industry, which is not expected to turn a profit until at least 2004 and is expected to lose nearly $7 billion domestically this year.
SkyTeam is the newest and the smallest of these alliances, ranking third to the Star and Oneworld partnerships in numbers of airlines and in number of markets served.
And there are more future plans for SkyTeam, which include branded ticket offices that can sell seats on any of the member airlines, cooperative agreements on purchasing such things as fuel and aircraft parts, and a cohesive luggage handling system at hubs such as Atlanta and Paris.
www.enquirer.com /editions/2002/09/29/fin_skyteam_alliance.html   (958 words)

 Continental Airlines - The SkyTeam Alliance
In an effort to provide you with more flexibility, choices, rewards and consistent customer service around the globe we've partnered with the SkyTeam Alliance (skyteam.com): Aeroméxico, Air France, Alitalia, CSA Czech Airlines, Delta Air Lines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Korean Air and Northwest Airlines.
The commitment among SkyTeam airlines is to bring you high-quality service that starts with more travel options and continues with seamless benefits and rewards.
If you are not already a member of Continental's frequent flyer program, enroll in OnePass for free now and begin taking advantage of the benefits today.
www.continental.com /web/en-US/content/company/alliance/skyteam.aspx   (294 words)

 WebWire® | SkyTeam Launches German-Language Functionality On skyteam.com
“SkyTeam’s commitment to our customers worldwide is demonstrated by our continuous effort to develop services that cater to their needs and help make the travel planning process easier and more convenient.
SkyTeam member flights to and from Germany serve 12 destinations, including Berlin, Bremen, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Leipzig, Munich, Munster, Nuremberg and Stuttgart, and offer the millions of passengers traveling into and out of the German market the highest standards of service and connectivity.
Winner of the 2005 Global Traveler Best Airline Alliance Award, SkyTeam is the global airline alliance partnering nine members, including Aeroméxico, Air France, Alitalia, Continental Airlines, Czech Airlines, Delta Air Lines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Korean Air and Northwest Airlines.
www.webwire.com /ViewPressRel.asp?aId=10983   (355 words)

 Luchtzak Aviation - China Southern towards Skyteam, Portugalia Associate Member
SkyTeam announced today that the alliance is seeing strong momentum in network development on a global and market level as China Southern continues to make progress fulfilling alliance joining requirements and Portugalia Airlines takes the first steps toward becoming a SkyTeam Associate Airline.
SkyTeam continues to build its world network as it targets regions of key growth and connectivity.
"SkyTeam is experiencing strong momentum and is poised for continued growth over the next few years," said Jean-Cyril Spinetta, chairman and chief executive officer of Air France.
www.luchtzak.be /article11713.html   (1036 words)

 SkyTeam Pilots Association
In the airline industry environment it is necessary for pilot groups to build a relationship of mutual cooperation between their elected representatives to protect our career prospects and working conditions, while respecting the autonomy, individual rights and cultural diversity of each individual pilot group.
SPA (SkyTeam Pilots Alliance) was founded in October 2000 as a logical step leading towards closer cooperation among pilots employed by the Sky Team carriers.
The SPA executive board agreed on the preparation of a "SPA news" magazine during the last meeting that was held in Cape Town.
www.skyteampilots.org   (317 words)

 Skyteam Expands Customer Options For 2006 Summer Season Alliance adds destinations in Central and Eastern Europe and ...
“One of the greatest benefits SkyTeam offers its customers is greater control over their own travel time and schedule,” said Dominique Patry, chairman of the SkyTeam Steering Committee and vice president alliances and international affairs at Air France.
• With the incorporation of Aeroflot into the SkyTeam network, passengers have greater access to the Russian Federation and surrounding regions, with 25 new destinations never before served by SkyTeam, including Krasnoyarsk and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, a destination popular for its natural beauty and fishing, cultural and coastal tours, as well as an international oil exploration project.
“SkyTeam is poised for continued growth in key markets over the next several years,” said Patry.
www.freesun.be /freesun_news/12_may_2006/skyteam.html   (704 words)

 SkyTeam gives Delta $600M lift - Atlanta Business Chronicle:
Four years ago, Delta Air Lines Inc. and a few other carriers formed an international code-sharing alliance called SkyTeam, which allowed them to sell tickets on each others' planes without actually investing in new planes and routes of their own.
Revenue from SkyTeam is becoming more important than ever for Delta, which has lost more than $3.6 billion since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks and may end up in bankruptcy if it cannot lower its costs.
Expansion of SkyTeam amid one of the worst shakeups in aviation history underscores the critical role these partnerships now play in the global air travel market.
atlanta.bizjournals.com /atlanta/stories/2004/05/31/story3.html   (585 words)

 SkyTeam Launches Global Meetings Product
With SkyTeam Global Meetings, event organizers are able to coordinate all air travel needs across ten member airlines via one single point of contact, while event attendees can receive attractive or discounted airfares and still accrue frequent flyer miles on all SkyTeam carriers.
SkyTeam Global Meetings allows event organizers to complete an easy online application to select SkyTeam as their event's official alliance network.
SkyTeam is the global airline alliance partnering ten members, including Aeroflot, Aeromexico, Air France, Alitalia, Continental Airlines, Czech Airlines, Delta Air Lines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Korean Air and Northwest Airlines.
www.primezone.com /newsroom/news.html?d=97940   (527 words)

 Alitalia - SkyTeam   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Since Northwest, Continental and KLM airlines joined SkyTeam on September 15, 2004, the alliance now caters to 341 million passengers a year, providing 14,320 flights a day to 658 destinations in over 130 countries.
The ticket offices SkyTeam worldwide are at your complete disposal for reservations, assistance and information about the wide range of fares and destinations offered by the Alliance.
On the www.skyteam.com you can find many useful information about airports, destinations and events in the most important 60 cities served by the Alliance and the useful travel toolkit for currency convertion, weather forecasts and local time.
www.alitaliausa.com /information/partnerships/skyteam   (363 words)

 Around the World Travel - Skyteam
The 10 SkyTeam member airlines jointly offer you a new range of products and services that makes your global travel easier.
Whether traveling for business or leisure, the SkyTeam Round the World program provides you with the right product for exploring the world in the easiest and most economical way.
For people who dream of traveling the world, the SkyTeam member airlines offer 4 Round the World products focusing on flexibility and service.
www.skyteam.com /EN/benefits/aroundTheWorld/index.jsp   (73 words)

 wcco.com - NWA Drops Skyteam Antitrust Request
Northwest's entered SkyTeam last year after its partner, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, merged with SkyTeam member Air France.
Northwest and Skyteam members can still codeshare, which makes it easier for passengers to book trips on a single ticket with multiple airlines.
But the Transportation Department had said the Skyteam routes overlap so much that little new service was likely to result from an antitrust waiver.
wcco.com /business/local_story_011221623.html   (462 words)

 Fly Skyteam with airtickets from Chawla Travel, Bangkok, Thailand - Cheap airtickets to destinations around the world. ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Fly Skyteam with airtickets from Chawla Travel, Bangkok, Thailand - Cheap airtickets to destinations around the world.
With its six member airlines and 8,000 daily flights to more than 500 destinations in 114 countries, SkyTeam makes life easier for the frequent business traveler.
SkyTeam member airlines are Delta, AeroMexico, Air France, Alitalia, CSA Czech Airlines and Korean Airlines - an alliance dedicated to providing you with greater flight options.
www.chawlatravel.com.cob-web.org:8888 /skyteam.htm   (457 words)

Our recent membership in SkyTeam gives you as a KLM passenger even more benefits.
You earn Miles on the flights you ake with any SkyTeam partner and you can also exchange them with any of the other SkyTeam partners.
For information and reservations, you have access to more than 2100 SkyTeam ticket offices worldwide, or you can go to the SkyTeam partners' websites.
www.klm.com /travel/ng_en/about/partners_alliances/index.htm   (191 words)

 Holly Brook SkyTeam (via CobWeb/3.1 planet03.csc.ncsu.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
All members of the Holly Brook SkyTeam will be part of the ONLINE SkyTeam, where you can help spread the word about the latest Holly Brook news online.
SkyTeam members will have chances to meet Holly and attend her shows.
The second part will be the offline SkyTeam Reps. SkyTeam Reps will be integral to spreading the word about Holly Brook in specific areas.
www.hollybrookskyteam.com.cob-web.org:8888   (198 words)

 SkyTeam - Airwise Discussion Forum
I\'m not sure of the reasons for Iberia nor the discussions going on with Alitalia, but like Delta, the US along with Europe is a large area and having more then 1 hub would be very beneficial to the Alliance.
SkyTeam could invest in a Ryan Air or an Impulse, then relaunch them as full-fare/full-service in a dazzling press conference extravaganza.
Or, if Alitalia and Iberia join SkyTeam, some redundant assets could be reallocated to form a startup unit at MAN or BHX.
forum.airwise.com /forum/showthread.php?t=172   (3351 words)

 RIA Novosti - World - Aeroflot SkyTeam accession to boost competitiveness - minister
"With Aeroflot joining SkyTeam, it increases not only its own competitiveness in the world but Russia's as well," Sergei Lavrov said at a ceremony to mark the Russian airline joining the global airline alliance.
He said closer contacts between Russian businessmen and their foreign partners would make it easier to implement current policy.
Other Skyteam members are Aeromexico, Air France, KLM, Alitalia, Continental Airlines, CSA Czech Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Korean Air and Northwest Airlines.
en.rian.ru /world/20060414/46374541.html   (257 words)

 SkyTeam Welcomes Middle East Airlines, Air Liban (MEA) Interest in SkyTeam Associate Program : ArriveNet Press Releases ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Air France will serve as the airline's sponsor during the joining process, with completion expected within the next 15 months.
SkyTeam is the global airline alliance partnering nine members, including Aeromexico, Air France, Alitalia, Continental Airlines, CSA Czech Airlines, Delta Air Lines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Korean Air and Northwest Airlines.
In 2005, readers of Global Traveler Magazine voted SkyTeam "Best Airline Alliance." Please visit SkyTeam on the Web at www.skyteam.com.
press.arrivenet.com /business/article.php/740780.html   (413 words)

 Join the SkyTeam
SkyKids Children's Ministry is an exciting, dynamic experience that allows you to participate in church growth and community outreach, ground children in the faith, and impact entire families for Christ.
Anyone desiring to join the KCBT SkyTeam is required to complete a Missouri State Screening Form and KCBT Elementary Screening Form before participating.
Prerequisites include KCBT membership, completion of Discipleship 1, and completion of the Teach to Reach Flight School Training Course.
www.kcbt.org /skykids/skyteam.htm   (302 words)

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