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Topic: Skyscraper

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  Skyscraper Safety Campaign
The Skyscraper Safety Campaign (SSC) was created by the Regenhard Family in memory of Christian Michael Otto Regenhard, a 28 year old Probationary Firefighter who remains missing at the WTC, along with his entire Engine Company 279, to this date.
In two congressional hearings in March and May of 2002 regarding the collapse of the WTC, Congress determined that the aftermath of the 9/11 collapse was characterized by the absence of a comprehensive investigation, a lack of cooperation and no clear lines of authority among the federal, state and NYC governments.
The use of the name of the Skyscraper Safety Campaign or names of its members to endorse any statement, organization, or purpose is prohibited, unless explicit permission has been given by the Skyscraper Safety Campaign.
www.skyscrapersafety.org   (0 words)

  55. Skyscraper. Sandburg, Carl. 1916. Chicago Poems
Prairie and valley, streets of the city, pour people into it and they mingle among its twenty floors and are poured out again back to the streets, prairies and valleys.
A young watchman leans at a window and sees the lights of barges butting their way across a harbor, nets of red and white lanterns in a railroad yard, and a span of glooms splashed with lines of white and blurs of crosses and clusters over the sleeping city.
By night the skyscraper looms in the smoke and the stars and has a soul.
www.bartleby.com /165/55.html   (695 words)

  Skyscraper - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The somewhat arbitrary term skyscraper should not be confused with the slightly less arbitrary term highrise, defined by the Emporis Data Committee as "a building which is 35 metres [115 feet] or greater in height, and is divided at regular intervals into occupiable floors" [1].
Today, skyscrapers are an increasingly common sight where land is scarce, as in the centres of big cities, because of the high ratio of rentable floor space per area of land.
Skyscrapers are also considered the ultimate symbols of a city's economic power, a view first held by New Yorkers, and now by developers in many newly developed Asian economies.
www.wikipedia.org /wiki/Skyscraper   (1537 words)

 Skyscraper History
And with this new building method, the skyscraper was born and the race for the tallest building began.
Skyscrapers are built to last, so they must be made of materials that are strong; durable; resistant to the sun, wind, rain, frost, and snow; and affordable.
Among the early skyscrapers in Manhattan were the Metropolitan Life Insurance Tower (700 feet, 50 stories), the Woolworth Building (the world's tallest from 1913-1930 at 792 feet, 60 stories), the Bank of Manhattan (927 feet, 71 stories), and the heavily decorated Chrysler Building (briefly the world's tallest in 1930 at 1046 feet, 77 stories).
www.factmonster.com /spot/skyscraper1.html   (1259 words)

 World's first skyscraper museum opens - (United Press International)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Another text notes that skyscraper construction is cyclical, the tallest towers appearing at the end of a boom when escalating land prices drive up the height of new buildings to make them financially viable.
Skyscraper construction is more difficult than any other kind, since neighboring buildings have to be shored up and precautions taken against interruption of water, gas, and electrical services in the immediate area.
Other exhibits include skyscraper postcards of the "wish you were here" variety, handsome brochures used to market buildings, and an amazing photograph of 1,223 construction workers massed on the floors of the unfinished 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza building in 1959 at a cost of $10,000 in lost work time.
www.washingtontimes.com /upi-breaking/20040505-073720-8715r.htm   (847 words)

 Skyscraper Ad - definition, information, sites, articles.
Skyscraper ads are tall -- very tall -- with heights often ranging from 500 to 800 pixels (and widths often ranging from 120 to 160 pixels).
The standard skyscraper is 120x600 and the wide skyscraper is 160x600.
Skyscraper ads are often called skyscraper banners, although some examples have mimicked the look of a banner by using a combination of ad buttons and text.
www.marketingterms.com /dictionary/skyscraper_ad   (151 words)

 AdRelevance - snapshot   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Today, the data suggests that skyscrapers will be the most successful of the new IAB size units, as about 21 percent of all sites offer the larger unit, and total skyscraper impressions -around 280 million- account for nearly 2 percent of all ad impressions online.
The skyscraper is currently served on three times as many sites as the IAB's "square" java-enable ad, and has more than six times as many impressions than the "rectangle" standard unit.
The larger size of the skyscraper allows for more creative flexibility, but unlike the smaller ad types, the skyscraper can really only fit on the margins of a web page, making it easy to overlook.
www.adrelevance.com /intelligence/intel_snapshot.jsp?pr=010618   (951 words)

 Higher and Higher: Amazing Skyscrapers--Technology lesson plan (grades 6-8)--DiscoverySchool.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Skyscrapers are indeed a necessary blend of form and function - and this book explains how both are integrated to make beautiful buildings that work.
Context: The lower columns of a skyscraper are squeezed by compression.
Context: The superstructure of that skyscraper is 1,200 feet tall.
school.discovery.com /lessonplans/programs/amazingskyscrapers   (1576 words)

 Skyscraper Museum to open   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The space is worth around $3 million, and the additional $3 million in construction costs was raised through government, foundation and private sources.
This will be the first permanent home for the Skyscraper Museum, which has occupied a number of temporary spaces in the last six years.
"Downtown is the birthplace of the skyscraper and a living archive of the evolution of the high-rise form with buildings that span more than a century," Ms.
www.crainsny.com /news.cms?newsId=7665   (212 words)

 Archinect : Books : Skyscraper
Described and accompanied by striking full-color photography are over fifty new skyscrapers that punctuate the skyline of major cities around the world.
Essays delve into cutting-edge skyscraper design and construction, a brief history of the skyscraper's origins, the evolution of the "green" or sustainable skyscraper, symbolism and skyscraper design, and the rise of the skyscraper in Asia.
Far from being a dying breed, skyscrapers are increasingly vital, and continued reinvention of the form awaits us as the next decade unfolds.
www.archinect.com /books/enlarge.php?id=3299_0_25_0   (181 words)

 pygame Code Repository
skyscraper i love you this program is inspired by the book "mmm...
skyscraper i love you" by Tomato / Underworld i would like to try to set it to music some day it would also be nice to have some more structure to the chaos...
(%s)"%message sys.exit(0) class Skyscraper: # initialise the fonts array data = 'data' fonts = [] for entry in os.listdir(data): fonts.append(os.path.join(data, entry)) def __init__(self, text, screensize): '''Generate an image using the text (a single word) using a random font, size and intensity.
www.pygame.org /pcr/skyscraper/index.php   (572 words)

 Princeton Architectural Press: Skyscraper Rivals
Skyscraper Rivals is the first book to examine the architecture of Wall Street between the wars through an amazing array of contemporary and archival images and an informed discussion of the financial, geographical, and historical forces that shaped this district.
The economists of skyscraper construction and the real-estate market of Wall Street are explained; also included are illuminating details and anecdotes surrounding each building's history.
Skyscraper rivals contributes further to this hitherto neglected area of inquiry by investigating the broader cultural implications of the skyscraper instead of focusing narrowly on engineering prowess.
www.papress.com /bookpage.tpl?isbn=1568982445&cart=1106770023875646   (578 words)

 Skyscraper Magazine
The new issue of Skyscraper features Bad Brains, Les Savy Fav, Mum, Deerhunter, Cass McCombs, Two Gallants, Sir Richard Bishop, Editors, Tarentel, Pissed Jeans, Meneguar, Black Cross, Gallows and much more.
Formed in 1995 in Omaha, Nebraska, Cursive has become the forerunner of semi autobiographical ongwriting and dramatic, literate post-hardcore music.
All material is the property of Skyscraper Magazine and may not be reprinted, copied, or redistributed without the expressed written consent of the editors.
www.skyscrapermagazine.com   (181 words)

 Finding the height of a skyscraper with a barometer
"You tie a long piece of string to the neck of the barometer, then lower the barometer from the roof of the skyscraper to the ground.
Then you measure the length of the skyscraper's shadow, and thereafter it is a simple matter of proportional arithmetic to work out the height of the skyscraper."
"Or if the skyscraper has an outside emergency staircase, it would be easier to walk up it and mark off the height of the skyscraper in barometer lengths, then add them up."
www.jokeindex.com /joke.asp?Joke=3202   (569 words)

 UBL: artists free - Skyscraper Frontier
Skyscraper Frontier brings an ambitious, but familiar sense of a universally diversified pop sound to the modern music world.
With a wide array of musical backgrounds and involvement of years on the concert circuit, this camp prepares to bring a new tribe to the bonfire.
Amongst the stockpile of bands that are out for the overnight success, Skyscraper Frontier...
www.ubl.com /artists/skyscraperfrontier   (101 words)

 Why Big Skyscraper Ads Are Replacing Banners
The use of skyscraper ads has exploded, nearly tripling to 6 billion skyscraper ads being put to use every month.
Skyscrapers give you plenty of space to include product photos and more detailed text.
One benefit that generally isn't mentioned is that skyscraper ads look like a regular part of the web site.
www.webpronews.com /ebusiness/sitepromotion/wpn-3-20020503WhyBigSkyscraperAdsAreReplacingBanners.html   (458 words)

 SkyscraperPage Forum
Since 1999, SkyscraperPage.com's forum has been one of the most active skyscraper enthusiast communities on the web.
The global membership discusses development news and construction activity on projects from around the world, alongside discussions on urban design, architecture, transportation and many other topics.
SkyscraperPage.com also features unique skyscraper diagrams, a database of construction activity, and publishes popular skyscraper posters.
forum.skyscraperpage.com   (0 words)

 David Lee Roth Skyscraper - Buy used cds, rare vinyl records, LPs and music albums
Despite the inspired choice of charismatic sidemen Steve Vai and Billy Sheehan, the video images that accompanied his first solo album were more memorable than most of the tunes.
"Skyscraper," built on a solid bass foundation, is an admirable stretch, but Roth just doesn't have the range as a singer or lyricist to transform what was probably a genuine and breathtaking real-life experience into a soaring cut (the annoying echo on his vocals doesn't help, either).
Skyscraper - With Lyric Inner Sleeve (wx 140,1988)
www.musicstack.com /tsearch/david_lee_roth/skyscraper   (575 words)

But BA's engineers had ideas for attractions that went beyond the simple mechanics of bungee cords and in early 1996, they began to develop what would become the mind-blowing device you see pictured to the left.
The Skyscraper has proven such a success that Gravity Works has designed a permanent park model that possesses its own special charms.
Instead of the rigid latticework of steel on the portable variety, the arm of the stationary Skyscraper is a more streamlined, flexible monopole.
www.thrillride.com /Skyscraper/Skyscraper.html   (953 words)

 Hayden: Skyscraper National Park: Pitchfork Review   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The lyrics, including the chorus ("Miles away, just up ahead/ It doesn't matter just what/ Any of us is looking for/ We'll never find it because/ It's not even there") are a shockingly precise complement to the music, conjuring images of driving through open spaces and mountain air.
After "Dynamite Walls," Skyscraper National Park levels into a sonic consistency of subdued melodies and sparse instrumentation.
Although its best moments don't reach quite the altitudes of his prior releases, Skyscraper National Park, as a whole, is the most complete and coherent album in Hayden's catalog, a delightful listen from track one through track eleven.
www.pitchforkmedia.com /record-reviews/h/hayden/skyscraper-national-park.shtml   (653 words)

 Describe how to determine the height of a skyscraper with a barometer
Describe how to determine the height of a skyscraper with a barometer.
One student replied: "You tie a long piece of string to the neck of the barometer, then lower the barometer from the roof of the skyscraper to the ground.
The height of the building can then be worked out from the formula H =0.5g x t squared.
www.generationterrorists.com /quotes/misc/barometer.html   (622 words)

 Metal Crypt Message Board -> Hanker sign with Skyscraper Music!!   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Skyscraper Music is proud to welcome two of Canada's most legendary Metal bands - none other than NECRONOMICON and HANKER!!
The 18-year old Power/Thrash quartet has nothing to envy younger talent, the band is here to stay and work their way through today's international Metal scene.
Suivant le succès de Snakes And Ladders (sortie en 2000 par Metal Disk), Hanker fera ses débuts avec Skyscraper au printemps de 2004.
www.metalcrypt.com /invboard/index.php?act=ST&f=8&t=1942&s=8a1ed136b1effdc4568d7147971f548b   (405 words)

 The Skyscraper Museum
The Skyscraper Museum is devoted to the study of high-rise building, past, present, and future.
Alongside architect Yves Roger, participants will explore skyscraper architecture and work on a hands-on building project which they will be able to bring home.
The program will take place at The Skyscraper Museum, 39 Battery Place, and is free to families and children of all ages.
www.skyscraper.org /WHAT'S_UP/family_programs.htm   (1020 words)

 Skyscraper Tours and Skyscrapertours.com history scrapbook   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Founded by Lori's Grandmother and Grandfather in 1974, Skyscraper Tours has helped cruise passengers find the cruise vacation to fit their needs and wants.
At the time his building was the city's only "skyscraper"...
His advertising became his slogan on television for years "..come see us in Sherwood's only skyscraper -TWO stories tall!" Lori took over running the business in 1994 and dedicated the company to the then new 'Internet'.
www.skyscrapertours.com /historyscrapbook.htm   (375 words)

 The Observer | UK News | Trinity College in skyscraper hotel row
This will add to the student housing crisis in Dublin where the average Trinity undergraduate is paying £300 per month for a room.
'The other objection is that the skyscraper will tower over College Park, one of the nicest green spaces in Trinity.
Shane Ross, elected to represent Trinity College as an Independent member of the Irish Seanad (Senate), is normally bullishly pro-business but has called on the university to scrap the plan.
www.observer.co.uk /uk_news/story/0,6903,605673,00.html   (547 words)

 Dubai plans first rotating skyscraper - USATODAY.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — The Arab city with the palm-shaped islands and the sail-shaped hotel is adding to its eclectic skyline by building the world's first rotating skyscraper, a 30-story apartment tower that revolves on its base.
The tower, announced Wednesday, will use the Persian Gulf's abundant sunshine to power the building's slow rotation that brings it full circle once a week, said Nick Cooper, a British engineer designing the rotation mechanism.
Dubai's skyscrapers can be seen behind "The World," a group of 300 artificial islands 4 kilometers off the coast of the Gulf emirate.
www.usatoday.com /news/offbeat/2006-11-29-skyscraper_x.htm   (452 words)

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