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Topic: Slalom skiing

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In the News (Thu 27 Jun 19)

  Slalom skiing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For slalom the vertical offset between gates is around 9m and the horizontal offset around 2m, although these figures have changed in recent times because of significant technical developments in ski equipment which have revolutionized the sport.
The rules for the modern slalom were developed by Sir Arnold Lunn in 1922 for the British National Ski Championships, tried by the FIS in 1928, and adopted for the 1936 Winter Olympics.
World Cup skiers commonly skied on skis at a length of 203-207 centimeters in the 1980's and 1990's but by the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, the majority of competitors were using skis measuring 160 centimeters or shorter.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Slalom_skiing   (635 words)

 Giant Slalom skiing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
GS gates themselves also differ from Slalom gates; in the Giant Slalom, gates are spaced in pairs with each pair consisting of two poles connected by a single fabric panel, whereas in the Slalom gates are single poles without panels.
As a result, a Slalom racer is likely to use a cross-blocking method to push gates out of the way in order to keep his center of gravity closer to the fall line during his run.
In an attempt to increase safety, the 2003-2004 season saw the FIS increase the minimum turning radius for Giant Slalom skis to 21m, and impose minimum ski lengths for the first time; 185cm for men, 180cm for women.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Giant_Slalom_skiing   (377 words)

 Malm√∂ Water-skiing Club - Slalom
Slalom is a competitive event where the goal is to ski around buoys in the water.
The winner of a slalom competition is the skier who skis around the most buoys at the highest boat speed or with the shortest rope length.
In slalom the longest allowable rope length is 18.25 m (60').
www.mvk.se /english/Slalom.html   (1018 words)

 KIAT.NET - Olympic Winter Games Alpine Skiing
From Norway, skiing spread throughout Scandinavia and Russia as a mode of winter transportation and eventually as a sport similar to cross-country skiing.
The combined downhill and the combined slalom are contested independently of the regular downhill and slalom events, and the combined courses are shorter than the regular versions.
Also, the combined slalom is held on the lower part of the combined downhill slope, which has not always been the case.
www.kiat.net /olympics/sports/winter/alpineskiing.html   (652 words)

 Slalom Skiing Slalom Skills Upper Body   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
In order to slalom ski properly, it is very important that you learn the proper form.
If you already slalom ski, you will find that learning to maintain the proper form is an ongoing challenge of learning and relearning.
The key to running the slalom course at all ability levels is being able to create angle, maintain it as you accelerate through the wakes, and decelerating before the next turn.
ksmalley.com /SKIING.htm   (957 words)

 CBC.CA - Torino 2006
Skiing has been around for thousands of years, probably as long as 5,000 years in Scandinavia where cave paintings depict hunters pushing over snow using animal large bones on their feet.
These multi-laminated wood skis remained popular for events such as cross-country skiing, but Alpine skiers switched to the metal skis that were introduced in the early-1950s.
She took gold in slalom, giant slalom and combined to go along with a silver in super-G. Kostelic joined Killy and Sailer as the only skiers with three gold medals at one Olympics and became the first woman to pull off the feat.
www.cbc.ca /olympics/sports/alpineskiing/history.shtml   (1574 words)

The spray protector eliminates the hydrodynamic abrasion that occurs during slalom skiing in a course at high speeds and increased inclination of the skier.
The slalom ski is equipped with a trailing fin to aid stability.
Figure 22 is a view of a drysuit used for skiing in cold water and during cold weather early and late in the water-skiing season.
www.robertsski.com /webpgws/safety.htm   (2506 words)

 Giant slalom, (from skiing) --¬† Britannica Student Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The vertical drop of a giant slalom in Olympic competition must be at least 1,000 feet.
skiing technique that evolved during the late 19th and early 20th centuries in the mountainous terrain of the Alps in central Europe.
Modern Alpine competitive skiing is divided into the so-called speed and technical events, the former comprising downhill skiing and the supergiant slalom, or super-G, and the latter including the slalom and giant slalom.
www.britannica.com /ebi/article-208110   (790 words)

 This has become the summer of th
To be able to run a slalom ski course by the end of the summer.
While I'm all about slalom skiing, these three guys are mad for trick skiing, another form of water skiing.
I've hauled my slalom ski with me, and the guys let me take a few runs on it, but then they insist that I try the trick skis.
www.awsasouthcentral.org /LeBlanc_article.htm   (1585 words)

Slalom decks typically have no nose or tail and include a flexible camber that racers work like a spring to propel themselves out of turns.
"Slalom is a considerably different sport, a lot closer in its roots to the carving of skiing or snowboarding or, for that matter, surfing.
Slalom was prime fodder for network sports television as late as 1978, when CBS Sports Spectacular broadcast the FreeFormer World Championships in Akron, Ohio.
www.slalomskateboarder.com /article/2003/skatebiz_oct_2002   (1350 words)

 kiat.net: SL|02 Olympic Alpine Skiing
Slalom: The slalom consists of two runs in one day down two different courses on the same slope.
Both ski tips and feet must pass through each gate, so the skier's key to success is tight, controlled turning.
The slalom course must have 55-75 gates for men, 45-65 for women on a tight, steep course in which gates can be less than three feet apart.
www.kiat.net /olympics/slc2002/alpineskiing.html   (1017 words)

 Competitive Slalom Skiing
Since we ski with people of similar abilities, we get lots of support, good coaching, and have a great chance to win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place ribbons.
If you normally ski the river at 26-28 mph you could ski in class 3 regardless of your age.
A standard ski line is 75 feet long and is referred to as a long line.
www.ggwsc.org /SLALOM.HTML   (502 words)

 Aquaskier - Articles - Portable Slalom Course Use 101
Unfortunately, for many of us a readily available public slalom course that can be accessed whenever you want to go skiing just does not exist, and if it does happen to exist it may not be readily available for any number of reasons (weather damage, missing buoys, wind, traffic etc).
I'm certain that most readers will already be familiar with how a slalom course is laid out but to be certain that all points are covered we'll assume that not everyone is. There are also a couple of features that are unique to the portable version of a slalom course that should be pointed out.
Every portable slalom course (and also many permanent courses for that matter) consists of a mainline which positions and separates the buoy arms (or booms) from which the buoys are suspended and positioned (see the diagram above).
www.aquaskier.com /articles/portable_slalom_101.htm   (5016 words)

 Marcus Brown -- Professional Waterskier
In the past, slalom skiing and coaching has entailed telling someone to "get their hips up and shoulders back" because Lucky Lowe is world champion and it works for him so it must be the right way.
The new wave of slalom, emerging about 5-6 years ago, is a result of slalom based on physical principles.....the same principles that govern how we move during any other activity: walking, runnning, riding a bike, skateboarding, roller blading, and especially snow skiing.
Free skiing is a great tool for learning, as the skier can forget about the buoy "telling" them when to turn and instead "feel" what is actually happening and where their body is in relation to the ski.
www.marcusbrown.net /articles.html   (4512 words)

 Boston.com / Sports / Other sports / Skiing news / Slalom turns Austrians' way
Austria's show of force was as sweet for skiing's dominant nation as the US day was ugly.
After surviving the first run in a fourth-place tie with Schoenfelder, Bode Miller, skiing 26th in the second run, was leading at the halfway point, then straddled a gate and slid off the course when his tips crossed.
In one of the few bright points for the US yesterday, Ted Ligety, a 20-year-old rookie, skied from a 26th start position to a 15th-place finish through the first run, then skied well through most of the second run before getting launched into the air during a left-booted turn.
www.boston.com /sports/other_sports/skiing/articles/2005/02/13/slalom_turns_austrians_way   (505 words)

 Slalom Water Skiing :: Slalom waterskiing at Cutting Edge
Slalom water skiing is a must-learn skill for those who love waterskiing.
To help get you there, we have two slalom courses and a time proven curriculum that is sure to get you around the buoys in minimal time.
The object for the skier is to pass around buoys while being pulled through the slalom course by the ski boat.
www.waterski-school.com /slalom.html   (338 words)

 Skiing roundup: Defending champ Palander wins slalom - Skiing - MSNBC.com
The best World Cup slalom result for Canadian men until now was by Scott Henderson, who was fourth during a 1967 race in the inaugural year of the World Cup in 1967.
Delighted by her run, Paerson slumped to the ground as her skis carved through the snow to a standstill at the finish area.
Skiing on an overcast day and in excellent conditions, Paerson won her 17th career title, with six coming at Maribor.
www.msnbc.msn.com /id/4056731   (574 words)

 slalom skiing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Schnitz Skis, the clear leader in high end slalom water skiing information, travel and equipment.
One ski is set up as a combination ski with a double binding to allow.
It involves skiing between gates as in the slalom...
www.mysportmaster.com /skiing/slalom-skiing   (341 words)

 2004 Southern Region Junior Bios
She is looking forward to skiing in G 2 and hopes to place at the regionals and nationals.
She is a National competitor in both slalom and tricks, finishing 8th in slalom and 6th in tricks at the '03 Nationals.
She set a Girls 2 national record in slalom at Trophy Lakes in September, 2003 and she was selected as an alternate to the 2004 Junior Water Ski Team to compete in the 2004 Pan American Water Ski Championships.
www.awsasouth.com /jrdev/04bios/2004index.htm   (5602 words)

 Trailer Boats: How to make your own slalom course. (for waterskiing)@ HighBeam Research   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Slalom skiing, is such a fun recreational pastime that many people are satisfied just to ski around the lake.
Skiing the slalom course is a way to compete against yourself and sharpen your skiing skills.
Unfortunately, slalom courses are prohibited in many areas, particularly in the Midwest.
www.highbeam.com /library/doc0.asp?DOCID=1G1:13309498&refid=holomed_1   (202 words)

 Adventure : Fine Living Essentials : Slalom Water Skiing : Fine Living
This is called slalom water skiing, and it can be as fun as it is challenging to master.
In slaloming you have one ski that is fitted with two boots, one in the front and one in the back.
Water skiing is a wonderful way to enjoy a great day outdoors, and slalom skiing adds an extra level of thrill to the experience.
www.fineliving.com /fine/adventure_essentials/article/0,1663,FINE_1421_1412992,00.html   (373 words)

 Slalom and Giant Slalom   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Slalom ski racing tests the skier's sense of balance, speed and agility while zigzagging through dozens of quick turns.
Ski poles are straight and often have plastic guards covering the knuckles.
The gates in slalom are formed by alternating pairs of red and blue poles set in a rhythmic pattern down the hill.
2002.uen.org /html/sports/lessons/slalom.html   (982 words)

 CBC Sports: Raich wins men's slalom at skiing worlds; Grandi 6th   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Raich raced to the gold medal in the men's slalom in Bormio, Italy with a two-run time of one minute 41.34 seconds.
Raich had already won a gold in the combined event, silver in the giant slalom and bronze in the super-G at these world championships.
Miller won gold in the giant slalom and combined titles in 2003 and the two speed titles in Italy last week.
www.cbc.ca /story/sports/national/2005/02/12/Sports/mens_slalom050212.html   (399 words)

 New tricks
I was ready to get back on my slalom ski after trying out some trick skis like Penner uses.
I'll probably never be the trick skier that Jon Penner is. He and his buddies from the Capital Area Water Ski Club ski backward for fun.
Austin is home to two major water-ski clubs: the Capital Area Water Ski Club, formed in 1988, and the Austin Ski Club, started in the 1950s.
www.statesman.com /health/content/health/fitcity/07/18fitcity.html   (1763 words)

 Waterski Online
Let's face it, whether you free ski, are just learning the course, or compete in tournaments, slack rope at the finish of the turn can seriously take the fun out of your slalom skiing.
There are certain points in the course where slalom skiers should simply stay invisible to the boat.
Here are two basic concepts to keep in mind while skiing that will allow almost anyone to gain control and consistency in a matter of weeks, not years.
www.waterskimag.com /articles.jsp?typeID=123&categoryID=116   (273 words)

 Day by day at the Games   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Freestyle skiing -- Preliminary round in men's and women's moguls competition, an event in which skiers descend a steep slope covered with bumps called moguls.
Events concluding -- (7) Men's combined slalom skiing; men's 20K biathlon; men's and women's moguls freestyle skiing; women's singles luge; 90-meter ski jumping; women's 3,000-meter speedskating.
Events concluding -- (6) Women's slalom skiing; women's 4x7.5K biathlon relay; men's 500-meter short-track speedskating; women's 500-meter short-track speedskating; women's 5,000-meter short-track speedskating; women's 1,000-meter speedskating.
www.jsonline.com /sports/oly98/daily20598.stm   (1503 words)

 SKIING - Slalom Skiing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Slalom waterskiing and combo waterskiing tips, tricks, equipment, pro shops, videos, accessories, and more.
Instruction in slalom, trick, jump skiing, wakeboarding, at all levels.
Slalom Skiing With Andy Mapple Video - This two-hour instructional video with 14-time World Champion Andy Mapple is the best intermediate/ advanced slalom video ever made.
www.skiingsight.com /directory/slalom-skiing.html   (254 words)

 Water Skiing Overview   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Both male and female athletes of all ages compete in traditional, three-event (slalom, trick, and jump) competitions, as well as an overall event, where the skier combines his or her scores from each discipline.
In slalom, the skier navigates a zig-zag course of six bouys, where the boat speed is increased by two miles per hour until a maximum speed for that division of competition is reached (36 mph for Open Men).
Trick skiing is often described as “gymnastics on water” with flips, spins, ‘toe turns’ (tricks performed with the rope harness on the skiers foot), and ‘step overs’ and 'body overs' (where the skier jumps over the rope with the ski and their entire body).
www.psports.net /overview/overview.php   (1302 words)

 The Epoch Times | No Time for Skiing at the Men’s Slalom
Competition slalom skiing is one of the most exciting winter sports.
What separates the modern sport from the past is the use of sophisticated timing equipment to split the competitor’s fraction of a second time differences into gold, silver and bronze.
Incredibly this may not happen at this year’s men’s World Cup slalom held in Schladming, Austria with the Austrian Ski team claiming that one of the Italian competitors, Giorgio Rocca, had crossed the line at the end of the first run with the clock already stopped.
english.epochtimes.com /news/5-2-4/26250.html   (297 words)

 University of Wisconsin-Madison Waterski and Wakeboard Team
I had a couple of fun nights at regionals 2003, also Jimmy and concessions, skiing at Dave's and I would love to say Nationals but I happened to be in the land of OZ.
Favorite Skiing Experience/Memory: Going from never skiing in a slalom competition in Sept, to skiing at Nationals in mid Oct. Getting 3 re-rides at Nationals, competing in my first slalom competition this year and my first barefoot trick comp., Roadtrip to Louisiana for Nationals.
Partying on fri night and then waking up at 7am to be the first one off the dock for the team all season...awesome, Getting to hang out with some of the most fun people on campus.
www.uwwaterski.org /members.htm   (1367 words)

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