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Topic: Slap and pop

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In the News (Sat 20 Apr 19)

  Slapping - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bassist Larry Graham is generally acknowledged as being the one who invented slapping and popping on the bass guitar while playing as a teenager with his mom who would play the piano.
The slapping technique is used to achieve a percussive "popping" bass sound, which is one of the signature sounds of funk music.
There are numerous variants of the slapping technique, which extend the basic actions by including other percussive strumming techniques, such as adding hammered notes, and repeating slap and pop patterns to effectively produce the equivalent of a drumroll on the bass guitar (see Victor Wooten).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Slap_and_pop   (684 words)

 Slapping and Popping 2   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
To "pop" a string, place your first (index) finger of your slapping hand part way under the string (just enough to grab it), pull the string out lightly and then let it pop back against the fretboard.
When you pop, leave the tips of your fingers touching the E, A and D strings and lift just the base of your fingers off of the G string by moving your hand forward, pivoting your wrist slightly.
Practice the slap and pop for a while, keeping the metronome set to between 40 and 50.
www.taborama.com /display_lesson.php?lesson_id=53   (812 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Slapping on Bass Guitar Lesson #3 OK, you guys should be real good with the octave slap and pop, the pop and mute, and the slap, hammer, slap mute, so we'll get into some combinations today.
Slap two octave patterns starting at the fifth fret on the A string then slap the A string and hammer on to the seventh fret.
Slap and pop one octave pattern, move up to the fifth fret of the A string, slap and pop an octave and then slap and hammer on the A string and slap and mute on the E string.
www.pinoychords.com /modules/downloads/visit.php?lid=1239   (550 words)

 Larry Graham - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
He is best known as both the bass guitar player in the popular and influential psychedelic soul/funk band Sly and the Family Stone, and as the founder and frontman of Graham Central Station.
He is credited with the invention of the slapping technique, which radically expanded the tonal palette of the instrument.
Although bassplayers for decades, indeed into antiquity, had been "slapping" their basses with their thumbs using a rotation of the wrist, Larry Graham pioneered the art of slap-POP playing on the electric bass guitar.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Larry_Graham   (352 words)

 Mark King (music) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mark King (born 20 October 1958) is the lead singer and bass player of the band Level 42.
In the early 80s he revolutionized the slap and pop style for playing the bass guitar.
The slap and pop style was first invented by Larry Graham.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Mark_King_(music)   (358 words)

 CGR: Slap Bass & Other Techniques   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
remember that slapping is as much a percussive technique as a melodic one, try to visualize a stream of 16ths as you play your lines and try not to let the line go too far away from that.
Slapping and popping, the terms sound like they came from the script of an domestic violence PSA but they are the fundamental elements of the techinque.
Slide one of the aformentioned fingertips under the string you are going to pop and pull it quickly and sharply away from the fretboard by pivoting your wrist in just as you did with the slap portion.
www.christianguitar.org /forums/showthread.php?t=28298   (839 words)

 Free Online Slap Bass Guitar Lessons - Bass Tablature - Slap Bass DVD
The overall lesson focuses on "Thumb Slap" and "String Pop", and explains the techniques used to perform slap bass, using specific thumb and wrist movements.
Slapping is very rhythmic and requires complete connec- tion with the rest of the rhythm section; good time is essential.
Slap and pop technique The first element of slap bass is the right hand slap-and -pop technique.
www.guitartabbooks.com /freelessons/js.htm   (548 words)

 Lesson 1   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Example 1: In first bar you only slap on the E-string and pop on the D-string and in the second bar you change your slaps to the A-string and your pops to the G- string.
The pops in the first bar is a two -octave E note and you should play it on your G-string, 9th fret.
And the pops in the second bar is a two-octave A note wich you should play on your G- string, 14th fret.
www.basslobster.com /lessons/lesson1   (661 words)

 How To Slap/Pop thread - Musician Forums   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Slapping is hitting your thumb against one of the strings so that it hits the frets and makes a metallic, percussive zing.
Popping is pulling the string away from the frets with your index or middle finger.
Popping is usually done on the D, G, and C strings.
www.musicianforums.com /forums/showthread.php?t=60286   (178 words)

 Blank Sheet Music .net Musician Forum - Slappin'
Slap is almost a necessity in funk, and can open up lots of doors in soloing.
Typically, slap bass is combines with other styles, the most common being the pop.This part of the lesson is significantly easier to learn than the first part.
First, the pop can be used on any of the strings, but works alot better on the D and G strings.
www.blanksheetmusic.net /musician_forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=335   (1512 words)

 tabvoyage.com: User submitted bass lessons and articles
slap the A string and hammer on to the seventh fret.
slaps occurring on the beat, and the pops, hammers and mutes occurring in
hammer on the A string and slap and mute on the E string.
www.tabvoyage.com /bass-lessons/index.php?ID=3   (541 words)

 What people say about Pop Wagner
"Pop Wagner is a mesmerizing, authentic cowboy, who possesses the unique ability to transform an audience to the simpler times of days gone by.
His captivating cowboy wit, combined with his musical talents are a treat for an audience of any age.
Pop Wagner is a rich historian of our culture and, as such, is truly an American treasure."
www.popwagner.com /quotes.lasso   (301 words)

 [No title]
Popping (I think that's how you spell it) is essentially taking a finger (forefinger or second generally) and snapping one of the strings (usually D or G) up off the fingerboard so that it smacks back down.
Also, pops tend to have a very LOUD harsh sound so you may want to turn the volume on your amp down a bit your first few times.
Playing several pops in a row can be difficult for some people which is why the first exercise in this lesson was nothing but pops.
www.angelfire.com /wv/Basshead/popping.html   (662 words)

 Slap Bass: The Ultimate Guide   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Do not expect it will rocet your slap playing, but if you are just starting, it will give you very solid basic knowledge.
Don't think from what I wrote that I dumped this DVD straight off, I gave it a few weeks to grow on me, but playing like this fool is just so damn uncomfortable and I find him so painfully annoying to watch and listen to.
He covers in an excellent way how to slap, pop, mute, develop a groove, how to play with drum machines, ghost notes, and does some licks in larry graham, louis johnson, and marcus miller style and it is laid out in a very good manner.
www.sheet-metal-tools.com /prod/B00008G90O/Slap_Bass:_The_Ultimate_Guide.html   (475 words)

 Video Progressions - Press : The Slap Bass Program page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
While slap bass is usually associated with funk/r&b, Alexis shows how to use slapping idiomatically within rock formats as well.
This video happens to be the most complete treatment of slapping on tape at this time and is recommended over any less comprehensive course even by a "name" player.
The last part of the tape demonstrates more advanced slapping techniques such as "machine-gun triplets" and a "flamenco" style of slapping which has to be seen to be believed.
www.videoprogressions.com /a1_reviews.php   (1600 words)

 MetalTabs.com Forum - Pop and slap!
Slapping is a method of slapping and popping.
Slap with your thumb and pull the lower strings with your fingers.
You slap the upper strings (really just the top one) and and make a popping sound with the lower strings by putting your (fingers) under them and pulling hard.
metaltabs.com /forum/showthread.php?t=1911   (646 words)

 Slap and pop - Musician Forums   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
But the best way to learn slap is to watch someone do it up close.
I downloaded the video "My Name is Mud." At the beginning there's a closeup behind the strings of Les slapping out the part, and I learned from that.
slapping and popping are both really easy,they just take practice,just think about what sound you are trying to produce, concentrate on your techniqe and you'll have it no time, try and find a friend who can already do it
www.musicianforums.com /forums/showthread.php?t=51132   (292 words)

 Ernie Ball Forums - Slapping on a Bongo
I'm very interested in getting a 4-string Bongo but I love to slap and I was wondering if the dual humbuckers make it more difficult to do or restrict the sound at all.
I don't slap a lot, and when I do it is usually on the single H Bongo (Kermit), but on the HH I found that altering my angle of attack cured most of the problems.
When playing slap (and pop), you don't really need to pound the thing that hard.
www.ernieball.com /forums/printthread.php?t=3638&pp=40   (793 words)

 CyberfretBass.com: User submitted lessons and articles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
A very common technique is to slap and pop notes one octave
Practice the slap and pop for a while, keeping the metronome set to
OK folks, practice the pop and mute and the octave slap and pop and
www.cyberfretbass.com /user-lessons/index.php?ID=2   (648 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Bar the G and D with your index finger at the 2nd fret, reach around back with your thumb and mute the E, and put your middle and index fingers above the 3rd fret on the E (you will hammer on with these two fingers) Your plucking hand should keep a steady rhythm of slap....pop....slap....pop.
Key: S - thump slap Lh - assuming one is right handed, it the fret board hand hammering on some string to emulate another hammer.
Play Main Part again (Verse) Then the Chorus Bridge(part1): During this part les holds down the 3rd fret of the E-string w/ thumb and second fret of the D string...
www.basstabarchive.com /cgi-bin/text.cgi?tab=p/primus/laquer_head.btab   (337 words)

 Archive Browser   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Performance Notes This track, taken from Parade, is played using a "slap and pop" bass technique.
On the live performance that I've heard, taken from 09-09-86 Tokyo, the bass part is simplified to the A - C - D rhythm figure.
The "slap and pop" technique is used very sparingly.
www.olga.net /dynamic/browse.php?printer=0&local=main/p/prince/anotherloverholenyohead.btab   (458 words)

 WARWICK'S Bass Survival 101 Lesson 5: Streamlining Your Right Hand Slapping Technique
When it comes to the area of slapping the bass, there is a common problem that I have seen over and over again, which is poor right hand slapping technique.
Fortunately, it is very easy to show players a few things that will dramatically improve their slapping.
A good right hand slapping shape should resemble the hand shape that you use when you reach out to shake someone's hand (figure 1 @ right).
www.warwickbass.com /basssurvival101/lesson_5slap.htm   (433 words)

 Taborama Forum -> Slapping please help?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
i would say practice slapping the main bassline to "higher ground"(click for the tab), as that will help you develope rhythm and confidence in your slap and pop.
Higher ground is the first slapped bassline i learned.
Jungle Man by RHCP is the first slap n pop bassline I learned.
www.taboramaforum.com /index.php?showtopic=58913   (413 words)

 JacoPastorius.com Discussion Boards - Jaco's pop
On Jaco's instruction video it sounds like Jaco is popping the strings like a slap bass player does, but it looks like he is playing normal finger style.
Posted - 11/20/2003 : 10:50:12 AM In regards to the "pop" Jaco gets on his instructional video...I think part of it is that his action is fairly low on the maple P-bass neck.
When you hit the strings hard on that kind of setup they are going to immediately hit the frets above where you are playing creating a popping then dampened sound.
www.jacopastorius.com /interact/discussions/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=657   (682 words)

 Breakdown! - Coronet Woolwich Solo By Mark King Part 2
In 1983, Level 42 bass maestro Mark King would pen a slap solo piece that would be synonymous with his name for the rest of his career.
The piece we're interested in for this edition is the slap piece of the solo.
The first two bars of the second part of this solo serve to tell the listener that a new phrasing is about to begin.
www.gazzbass.com /breakdown/coronetP2.htm   (619 words)

 [No title]
The band has slight influences of 311 but with a heavier funk overcoat that doesn't limit itself to a reliance on slap and pop riffs, offshoots of ska and rapcore blossom within the music which has an almost ethnic quality as mindful harmonies erect themselves with care and precision.
There's a definite tip of the hat to elements of 80's pop that isn't overly blatant, but there's also an aggressive edge in place that keeps the music from becoming sugar coated.
Bass also features a hint of reggae and funk and steps into the realm of slap and pop and plodding bubbly chord patterns familiar to the likes of The Urge or a less spastic version of the Pilfers.
www.theprp.com /reviews/lennex.shtml   (595 words)

 The Austin Chronicle
"...you'll wanna slap your momma, pop-punk-hip hop experience." BK & Mr.
E, a three-piece band from Austin, dabble in almost every style of music.
Be prepared for the future of the band: to rock the earth, space, and beyond.
www.austinchronicle.com /issues/annual/musicreg/register.php?display=bandpage&ident=2692   (39 words)

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