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In the News (Sun 18 Aug 19)

 Small-block - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For example, engines ranging from the 4.8L Vortec 4800 to the 7.0L LS7 are all GM small block V8s, and share the same general external dimensions.
Although a small-block V8 is generally of significantly smaller displacement than the equivalent big-block, a small-block engine can be built to develop significant amounts of power.
There are some cases in which small-blocks seem to encroach upon big-block displacements; in these cases it is most important to keep in mind that small-block and big-block refer to engine families, not simply displacements. /wiki/Small-block   (600 words)

 Chevrolet Small-Block engine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The original design of the small block remained remarkably unchanged for its production run, which began in 1955 and ended, in passenger vehicles, in 2003.
The small-block was on the Ward's 10 Best Engines of the 20th Century list.
This block is one of 3 displacements that underwent a transformation for the 1968/1969 period when the main bearing size was increased from 2.30 in to 2.45 in. /wiki/Chevrolet_Small-Block_engine   (2728 words)

 AMC Small Block V8s
The AMC small block was first introduced as a 290 in 1966.
The AMC small block was first introduced in 1966.
In 1970 all three blocks grew in deck height and the strokes were increased on the 290 and 343. /resource/tech/v8faq.html   (956 words)

 Chevrolet Small-Block Motor
It might look like a regular small-block, but this engine is loaded with its share of charm.
Since the aluminum block "moves around" and "grows" a lot as with an increase in temperature, the tolerances like those for the main bearings are tightened to reduce the amount of oil flopping off the crank.
After mocking the heads on the block with a piston/rod/crank combo in it, Urban found he needed to open the radial valve clearance.080 inch for the intake on the Arias pistons (because they were built for the 18-degree heads). /enginemasters/articles/chevrolet/smallblock/0305em_mmouse   (3689 words)

 Vortec Cylinder Heads for Small-Block Chevrolet
Most small-block 350 engines will have a 9.0:1 compression ratio using flat-top pistons and 76cc heads.
The differences between the block, crankcase, rods, and pistons were minor between the '95-and-earlier engines and the Vortec engines.
Most performance-engine builders will block off the passage for a cooler running intake manifold, so this is not a serious setback for engines built for performance. /techarticles/0405cct_head   (3072 words)

 Small Block Chevy V-8 Casting Numbers Information Blocks
Small block casting date is located on driver side rear of block on flange forward of bellhousing.
While 6 different bore size blocks have been produced, the small block engine can be classified into 3 bore sizes and 3 main bearing sizes.
Four bolt main blocks are desirable in high performance applications because the extra strength of the additional bolts keeps the bottom end rigid and less prone to failure. /id13.html   (949 words)

 Muscle Mustang small-block 302 engine re-build
Honing the block prepares the cylinder walls with a cross-hatched pattern which holds a small film of oil and allows the rings to seal to the cylinder walls.
The remaining oil plugs and freeze plugs were knocked out of the block or unscrewed and the block was sent to the cleaning tank for a bath.
The 302 block was honed using a torque plate. /tech/0306mm_toohot   (2345 words)

 Small Block Chevy Vs Big Block
Small blocks commonly make between 300 and 500 horsepower, and even up to 750 horsepower naturally aspirated.
A block can be repaired from this type of damage, but the cost for repair is very high and you should start with a different block.
Inspect the block for cracks in the cylinder walls, around the freeze plugs, near the main caps, and especially in the lifter valley if the engine used a roller cam. /article_racing-18.html   (688 words)

 Novak Conversions - The Small Block Chevrolet Engine
As the Small Block entered the '80s, they reached their peak in anciliary complexity, though the same basic design remained the same, and they still enjoyed a level of reliability and servicability that kept them popular.
Based (albeit remotely) on the beloved Chevy Small Block engine, the LS1 features a single cam and hydraulic roller lifters/pushrods design with two oversized valves per cylinder.
Its cast aluminum block (alone weighing in at only107 lbs.) and heads are the basis for making one of the lightest powerhouses on the planet. /knowledge/chevy_small_block_v8.htm   (2254 words)

 LS2 Small-Block Engine
Similar to the LS6 block, the PCV valve was moved from the rocker covers to inside the valley.
In fact, the blocks are so similar that many of the Gen III parts carry over, including LS6-style cylinder heads used on the LS2.
One of the casting changes included relocating the provision for the camshaft position sensor (CMP) from the rear of the block to the front. /features/0405htp_ls2   (2415 words)

 Chevrolet Small-Block Engine Buildup
What's especially cool about this short-block is that it can be ordered with 9.5:1-compression dished pistons for the Vortec cylinder head's small 64cc combustion chambers.
Without the small base circle, the rods can be clearanced, but for an extra $20 added to the camshaft price we felt it would be best to use a small-base-circle camshaft.
By the time we found a block, paid for the machine work, and spent hours building it, we would be better off with a Coast High Performance 406ci short-block. /techarticles/148_0306_406   (1526 words)

 Build A Small-Block Chevy
Bolting on a blower, a turbo, or nitrous will make your small small-block really hustle, but if you want to pound out power without power adders, big cubes are the way to go.
We started our project with a GM Performance Parts Bow Tie small-block that was machined to deliver 4.125-inch bores and had a 9-inch deck height and align-honed mains.
After the block was machined and had its bores notched, it was thoroughly scrubbed. /howto/1004   (1714 words)

 History or the Winsor small-block
This was a different, larger block cast at the Cleveland, OH plant.
The 351W uses a taller block to increase the stroke.
The 390 was the first big block to see duty in the Mustang. /hunnicutt/history_windsor.htm   (504 words)

 Block Components
When rebuilding your engine use this kit for all small block V8 (except RPO LS1) or V6 90º Chevrolet engines.
Used on Chevrolet V8 aluminum blocks P/N 24502495, P/N 10134400, P/N 10185075, and on Chevrolet V6/90 degree aluminum blocks P/N 10134371 and P/N 10185051.
It can be retrofitted on blocks originally produced with two-bolt mains, or used to upgrade a four-bolt block for racing. /performance_parts/store/catalog/Category.jhtmlCATID=660.html   (905 words)

 Chevy Small Block 32Valve Heads
To illustrate the potential of Arao Performance 32-valve Cylinder Heads, we dyno tested a 5.7L Chevy small block with 10.0:1 compression, LT-1 cam, single-plane intake and 750 CFM carburetor. /Chevy/chevysmb.htm   (215 words)

 Bennett Racing's 940hp Street/Strip 331ci Small-Block Ford!
Dart's thick-wall, four-bolt-main Ford 302 iron block forms the foundation for the engine, which is stuffed with a Scat billet stroker crank, Scat H-beam rods, and premium CP pistons.
The block is topped by Bennett CNC-ported Trick Flow Specialties cylinder heads fed by a TFS two-piece EFI intake.
Cylinder-wall prep is particularly critical, with Bennett making sure to keep the walls straight with minimal taper, and using a 400-grit finish with some cross-hatch to help properly lubricate the piston skirts and aid ring sealing. /hotrod/techarticles/engine/113_0402_turb   (457 words)

 building and racing the small block chevy
Small Block Chevrolet 262, 265, 267, 283, 302, 305, 307, 327, 350, 400
You name it, if it's been done to, or with a Small Block Chevrolet, there is a chance someone here has tried it.
An over-view of the evolution of the small block Chevy engine and some helpful information /indexgrey.htm   (222 words)

 World Products Aluminum Small-Block
The extra meat in the block's casting is mostly on the inside, so all the Chevy small-block accessories, from intake manifolds to fuel pumps, bolt up as with a stock engine.
Motown Lite blocks come with 4.125-inch bore steel cylinder liners-the maximum bore that still leaves a sufficient amount of steel in the liner.
The light grey color and cross-valley ribs are the clues that distinguish the Motown Lite block from iron versions. /technical/engines_drivetrain/completebuilds_testing/0504sc_lite   (1552 words)

 Stroking a Small-Block Ford
Once the boring and decking machine has done its work, the block was moved to the Rottler honing machine.
Since the Smeding shop starts with brand-new Ford SVO Sportsmen II 351W blocks with non-Siamese bores for superior cooling and a one-piece rear main seal, the beefier Fel-Pro head gaskets are used (as shown on the right).
To balance the rotating assembly within 1 gram, Dan drilled 3 small holes in one of the crankshaft's counterweights. /techarticles/137_0502_smed   (1215 words)

 Small-block hot rod Chevy motor
As we've explained in previous late-model,small-block Chevy buildups, the factory cams in the new engines (including the ZZ-series of small-blocks) have a revised camshaft design incorporating a plate mounted to the block behind the cam gear.
When swapping out cams on a late-model GM block, double check which style cam and drive you'll need.
The new-style cams have a smaller diameter nose (right) to coincide with their retaining plate, while old-style cams (left) have no need for it and use traditional cam gears. /enginemasters/articles/chevrolet/smallblock/0305em_gmachine   (1541 words)

 Small Block Info
Up to about 1958 the small block Chevrolet used a rope type rear main seal,but from this point to the 1986 model the now familiar split neoprene seal was used.
In the 1968 model year when the 350 was introduced, blocks moved into the big journal crankshaft era and the 327 was produced both in small and big journal size.
The small block was introduced in 1955 with 265cid. /SSThunder/SBCinfo.html   (1202 words)

 Olds FAQ -- Picking the Best Small Block
That means these two small blocks can use valves as big or bigger than a 455 can, and with less valve shrouding for the 403 than the 455.
Usually, the most restrictive item in the whole intake port of an engine is the valves; this means that a small block Olds engine's heads should be able to flow about as many cfm as a big-block Olds, and ultimately the maximum horsepower you can get from any engine depends only on the airflow.
Unless you're driving a full-size Olds that really needs the extra torque of a 455, or a drag-race oriented car, I would think that 400 honest hp from a small block would be enough for most folks who drive mainly on the street. /oldsfaq/ofbsb.htm   (1284 words)

 543 Reasons to Stroke Your Small-Block - Sport Truck
The block is also ground away at the No. 1, 2, and 6 cylinders to accommodate the extra angle the connecting rods need when at top dead center.
As the travel length of the rods is longer than stock, Westech had the block and connecting rods modified.
4 & 5 Special block modifications are machined to clear tolerance between the rods, cam, and block in cylinders 1, 2, and 6. /techarticles/132_0107_eng   (1438 words)

 454 Small Block: 454 cubes in a small-block crate engine
That's enormous for a small-block; a stock 400-based Chevy block cannot generally be bored beyond 4.165 inches, and aftermarket manufacturers have usually recommended a 4.185-inch max for their offerings.
The World 454 small-blocks come complete from carb to oil pan, including a Hardcore-tuned 1050 Dominator, a newly designed Motown single-plane intake, Milodon's trick drag pan, and HEI ignition with ACCEL plugs and Taylor wires.
You read right: 454 cubes in a small-block crate engine, and not an exotic, tall-deck block with a bunch of specialized components, but in a regular ol' Chevy-type package that bolts right into anything that'll swallow a conventional small-block Chevy. /techarticles/engine/113_0307_454   (475 words)

 Small Block Chevy Block Casting Numbers
The very first small block Chevy,a 265 CID overhead valve v-8,did not even have a provision for an oil filter!The familiar oil filter boss on the small block came around in 56,along with an all new casting.
Several other changes took place to the small block Chevy in 67.It was the lst year of the 283 and the first year of the 350(Camaro only).It was also the first of three years for the very famous 302 Chevy(283 crank in a 327 block)
1969 brough with it 4 bolt main bearing caps further strengthening the bottom end of the small block for high performance and heavy duty applications.69 also marked the last year on the 327 as well as the 302. /sbc_block_casting_numbers   (327 words)

 Chevy 327 Small-Block
The road-draft tube hole (arrow) was used on small-journal blocks.
On special 327 (and 283) blocks made to fit the tight 1965-1967 Chevy II/Nova engine bays, the oil filter is recessed into the block about 1-1/2 inches.
The 1962-to early-1968 327s had small-journal forged cranks; the flange was circular with two notches (arrow). /techarticles/992   (300 words)

 450 cube small-block - 4 Wheel & Off Road
The Dart block can be ordered with larger-diameter big-block cam bearings to allow for larger-base-circle cams (to make them stiffer for extreme-valvespring race applications), but this one has regular small-block bearings.
Today, Dart offers the Iron Eagle small-block casting with all the benefits of the Rocket block, and several aftermarket companies have the parts needed to easily slam together a big-inch small-block.
When the Rocket Block was new, its special features demanded a bunch of fabricated parts that made the engine impractical for a backyard wrench to assemble or afford. /brandpages/chevy/131_0407_big/index1.html   (830 words)

 FORD, The Other Small-Block -- Classic Trucks Magazine
First seen in the '85 GT Mustangs, roller blocks have taller lifter bosses, and the cam bearing bores are bigger to accommodate the shaft's larger diameter bearing journals and base circle.
In fact, the 351W is based on an entirely different block that is stouter and has greater deck height than the 289/302 (289/302 is 8.206 inches while the 351 is 9.480 inches for '69-70 and 9.503 for '71-current).
Clevelands and 351M (Modified) and 400 engines are similar in appearance because they all use canted-valve heads, but there are some significant differences in the blocks. /tech/0212ct_alternative   (1247 words)

 427 Small Block...??? - Corvette Forum
A 427 small block combination is usually 4.125 bore X 4.0 stroke.
A big inch small block seems to be one of the best kept hotrodding secrets out there...
Can be done with a 400 block but for serious Hp I would go with the World or Dart block. /showthread.php?t=242892   (1083 words)

 Small Block Ford Kits
Our small block Ford kits are compact, one belt systems designed to fit a wide variety of applications including street rods, trucks, Mustangs, and practically anything else a small block Ford will fit into.
Small Block Ford Kit with Alt., A/C and Power Steering
Small Block Ford Kit with Alternator and Power Steering /Ford.htm   (511 words)

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