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  Smolensk Hotels
Smolensk is a port on the Dnieper River.
Smolensk was sacked by the Mongols in 1238-40.
It was captured by the Lithuanians in 1408, taken by the Russians in 1514, occupied by the Poles in 1611, and reconquered in 1654 by the Russians, to whom it passed by the Treaty of Andrusov (1667).
www.hotels-russia.info /smolensk.htm   (315 words)

 Touristic guidebook - Welcome to Smolensk region
Smolensk is one of the ancient Russian towns.
The Smolensk principality reached the apogee of its power in the XII century.
Smolensk got the title of the «Hero-town», which well-deserved crowned its glorious war history.
admin.smolensk.ru /tour_sp/eng/smol.htm   (412 words)

  AllRefer.com - Smolensk (CIS And Baltic Political Geography) - Encyclopedia
It also lay astride the trade route from the Baltic to Constantinople; Smolensk was connected with the Black Sea by the Dnieper and with the Hanseatic cities of the Baltic Sea and with Moscow and Novgorod by some of the most important medieval trade links.
Smolensk was sacked by the Mongols in 1238–40.
It was captured by the Lithuanians in 1408, taken by the Russians in 1514, occupied by the Poles in 1611, and reconquered in 1654 by the Russians, to whom it passed by the Treaty of Andrusov (1667).
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/S/Smolensk.html   (486 words)

 About Smolensk
The Smolensk Region, which has a population of 1,034,000 inhabitants, is situated on Smolensk-Moscow eminence on the west of Eastern European plain and has a territory of 49,798 square kilometres.
Smolensk had risen at the riverhead of the Dnepr, on the commercial ways connecting Baltic countries with the Black Sea on the one hand and Moscow with the central and Western Europe on the other.
A convenient transport communication between Smolensk and Moscow is due to the fact that Smolensk is located on the lively railway and highways, connecting the Russian capital with Belarus, Baltic and Central Europe countries.
www.antibiotic.ru /en/iac/smolensk.shtml   (1079 words)

 Kids.Net.Au - Encyclopedia > Smolensk
Smolensk (population 350,000) is a city in western Russia, located on the Dniepr[?] river.
The name of the city is derived from the Russian word smola, or pine tree, which grow in the area.
In the neighbour Katyn forest the center of the extermination of the "enemies" is established.
www.kids.net.au /encyclopedia-wiki/sm/Smolensk   (222 words)

 Kommersant - Russia's Daily Online   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Smolensk Region was formed in September 1937 from the central and western districts of Western (Zapadnaya) Region as the result of a reorganization of the latter region.
Smolensk was heavily damaged during the war, but it rose again from the ruins through the labor of city residents and their great love for their city and was awarded the title of hero city.
Smolensk Region produces 40% of the flax in the Central economic district and 28% of all flax in Russia.
www.kommersant.com /t-69/r_5/n_413/Smolensk_Region   (3148 words)

 Smolensk, Russia
Smolensk (Russian: Смоленск;, Belarusian: Смаленск) is a city in western Russia, located on the Dniepr river at 54.79° N 32.05° E, administrative center of Smolensk Oblast.
Smolensk has been a special place to Russians for many reasons, not least for the fact that the local cathedral housed one of the most venerated Orthodox icons, attributed to St Luke.
During the WWII Smolensk was again chosen by history as a stage for one of its greater battles, the Battle of Smolensk.
www.creekin.net /c6283-n153-smolensk-russia.html   (756 words)

 Through Smolensk To Russia // About Smolensk
Smolensk is a Key-town, a strategic fortress city, a valiant defender of Russia on the western frontier.
Smolensk is a Hero City honored for its determined defence against the Nazis.
Smolensk is the birthplace of such outstanding people as Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, Mikhail Glinka, the great Russian composer of music, and the prolific writer, Isaac Asimov.
www.russia4travel.com /smolensk.php   (489 words)

 Cultivate Interactive Issue 8: A Russian Province: ICT and culture in the Smolensk region
Smolensk also has a unique architectural monument and one of the biggest fortresses in the world in the Smolensk fortress (1596-1602) and an art symbol of the town - the Uspensky Cathedral (17-18th century).
The main archives are the State Archive of Smolensk region, the Centre for the Documentation of the Recent History of the Smolensk Region and the State Archive of Staff Documents.
The Smolensk Museum-Reserve is the largest regional cultural establishment that has a significant technical base, staff experienced in IT and good connections with culture organisations in the Smolensk region and throughout Russia.
www.cultivate-int.org /issue8/smolensk   (2726 words)

 RUSNET.NL :: Encyclopedia :: S :: Smolensk
Smolensk is one of the oldest and most historic of Russian cities, dating back to the 9th century, but the ravages of war (particularly World War II) have left few of its ancient churches and other buildings extant.
Smolensk was first mentioned in 863, when it was already a key stronghold controlling the portages between the Dnieper and the Western Dvina rivers and the route between the Moscow region and western Europe.
During Napoleon's invasion of Russia in 1812, a major engagement took place at Smolensk on August 17-18, and the town was burned.
www.rusnet.nl /encyclo/s/print/smolensk.shtml   (352 words)

 Administration of Smolensk region - Official portal of adminictrative organs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
There was the II Congress of the Council of Municipal Unions of the Smolensk Region held in the regional philharmonic society.
Governor Victor Maslov, Chief Federal Inspector of the Smolensk Region Nikolay Rudak, Deputy Governors Alexander Schelokov, Evgeny Batrasov, Yury Synkin, Vladimir Severinov, Chairman of the regional Duma Anatoly Mishnev, the heads of all the municipal establishments of the Smolensk Region participated in its work.
Smolensk region has a great potential for mutually beneficial cooperation, it is located on the intersection of most important automobile and railway routes connecting Western Europe to Central Russia.
admin.smolensk.ru /Eng_version   (545 words)

 Smolensk Regional Organization of Russian Painters Union   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Today the society with limited liability "Artist" is commercial division of the Smolensk regional organization of the Union of artists of Russia.
In the Smolensk organization of the Union of artists of Russia artists of the most different creative specialities: sculptors, painters, diagrams, artists of arts and crafts.
The spectrum of creativity of Smolensk artists is very wide: from monumental picturesque products (a list, a mosaic) and monumental sculptural (monuments, memorials) up to very lyrical and chamber noaieiauo products (landscapes, still-lifes, portraits).
smolensk-art.keytown.com /English/about2.htm   (719 words)

 JewishEncyclopedia.com - SMOLENSK:   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Capital of the government of Smolensk, Russia; situated on the Dnieper, 250 miles west-southwest of Moscow.
In 1514 the city was taken by the Russians, but it was recovered by the Poles in 1611; after that time it alternately belonged to the Russians, the Poles, and the Lithuanians, and as a consequence the Jewish inhabitants suffered greatly.
In 1654 Smolensk was finally annexed to Russia, and after being deprived of its privileges it gradually lost its importance.
jewishencyclopedia.com /view.jsp?artid=862&letter=S   (252 words)

 Smolensk   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Smolensk is an ancient city built on high bluffs each side of the Dnieper.
When the French troops entered the city, Smolensk was in ruins, streets were littered with dead and burnt bodies.
We captured Smolensk without the loss of a man. It is a very big town, with walls and pretty fortifications.
www.ddg.com /LIS/InfoDesignF96/Emin/napoleon/stoptext/smolensk1.html   (441 words)

 Russia - Smolensk Region. Map, economy, travel, news, arts, media, and business - RussiaTrek
Smolensk had a profitable geographical situation as it is situated on the trade ways from Moscow to Byelorussia, to Lithuania and to the countries of Central and Western Europe.
Smolensk is an administrative, industrial and cultural center of Smolensk region.
Smolensk City Council is composed of 25 deputes elected by the citizens of Smolensk for 4 years on the directed elections.
russiatrek.org /r_smolensk.shtml   (412 words)

 Highbeam Encyclopedia - Search Results for Smolensk
Smolensk is the head of navigation on the...
Smolensk City on the upper reaches of the River Dnieper, near the Belarus border, e Russia; capital of Smolensk oblast.
It was founded by the Viking Oleg, ruler of Novgorod from 879, who seized Smolensk and Kiev (882), which became the capital of Kievan Rus.
www.encyclopedia.com /SearchResults.aspx?Q=Smolensk&StartAt=1   (801 words)

By 1 July 1998, the oblast authorities and the Smolensk NPP directorate are to prepare documents on the construction of Smolensk NPP-2.
A group of Smolensk NPP workers began a protest march to Moscow on 3 July 1997, and by 8 July 1997, the protesters had covered 50km of the 250km distance between Desnogorsk and Moscow.
Workers from the Smolensk NPP held a meeting in the city of Desnogorsk at which they approved an open letter to the president and government of the Russian Federation, urging them to resolve the financial problems the power plant is facing.
www.nti.org /db/nisprofs/russia/reactor/power/smolensk.htm   (2215 words)

 Accomodation in Russia , SMOLENSK. Hotels Reservation , Peace Travel Services   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
V.I.P. Smolensk is one of the oldest Russian cities.
Smolensk is located on the both banks of the Dnepr river.
Smolensk was a cultural centre for a long time.
www.go-russia.com /hotelsprocessor.php?city=SMOLENSK   (182 words)

 Smolensk Hotels. Hotel Reservations in Smolensk, Russia. Airline Tickets.
Smolensk is a port on the Dnieper River, an important rail junction, commercial, cultural and educational center.
By the end of the 9th century Smolensk had turned into a large fortified settlement and became the capital of Krivichi tribe.
In the 13th century Smolensk fell out of Kievan rule as it had been sacked by the Mongols.
www.visitrussia.com /citiesguide/smolensk/smolensk.htm   (244 words)

 Smolensk : Battle of Smolensk : Napoleonic Wars : Invasion of Russia 1812 : Bonaparte
Smolensk : Battle of Smolensk : Napoleonic Wars : Invasion of Russia 1812 : Bonaparte
The battle of Smolensk was the first time since invading Russia that Napoleon Bonaparte had an opportunity to fight the defending armies.
The first skirmishes between the armies occurred on the 16th, but the main battle began the next day and brought about difficult street fighting in the suburbs of the city.
www.napoleonguide.com /battle_smolensk.htm   (123 words)

 Smolensk Region (Russia)
The coat of arms is in the canton in the center of the upper red part.
Description of the flag of Smolensk Region: Two yellow stripes are placed on bottom of rectangular red breadth with ratio 2:3.
The shield with cap occupy 45% of flag’s width and 20% of flag’s length and coat of arms’s vertical axis divides the flag with ratio 1:4.
www.crwflags.com /fotw/flags/ru-67.html   (266 words)

 Smolensk (Russia)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Smolensk is one of the oldest Russian cities.
Smolensk is located on the both banks of the Dnepr river.
Smolensk was a cultural centre for a long time.
www.besteastern.com /online/gettowndescription.asp?id=136   (120 words)

This video provides a brief look at the Smolensk Orthodox Cemetery at the northwestern edge of St. Petersburg, where Blessed St. Xenia of Petersburg (ca.1719-30 – ca.1803) spent most of her nights during her 45 years of wandering the streets of St. Petersburg, and strikingly conveys the sense of her presence here yet today.
Here she secretly helped in the building of the Church of the Smolensk Icon of the Birthgiver of God, by carrying bricks up to the top of the scaffolding every night.
Included are: small excerpts of processions and Molebens; the interiors and exteriors of both buildings and the cemetery grounds; various icons of St. Xenia and the wonder-working Smolensk icon of the Mother of God; an awesome evocation of the saint’s presence; and a visit by Patriarch Aleksei II to venerate Blessed Xenia’s tomb.
www.firebirdvideos.com /videos/videosinenglish/xeniasmolensk.htm   (309 words)

 Panzer Campaigns: Smolensk
New to the front, a certain uneasiness prevails through the ranks, but the word from the Front HQ is that they'll remain in reserve and won't see action for at least a few more days.
Smolensk '41 covers Army Group Center's offensive in the summer of 1941 to seize the crucial city of Smolensk, the historic gateway to Moscow.
To set up the situation, Smolensk is the objective and I've given the 17th Panzer Division the task of heading east towards it.
www.hpssims.com /Pages/products/pzc/pzc_smolensk/PZC_smolensk.html   (903 words)

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