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Topic: Sniffles

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In the News (Sat 17 Aug 19)

  Sniffles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
And of course, Sniffles is a great toy, it can play smell games with kids, providing much needed science education along with companionship — it’s a toy that any parent can buy knowing it will keep the family safe, while entertaining and educating their children.
Sniffles behaves like any dog would, playing with the family and when not playing with the family wandering aimlessly around the house, yard, and neighborhood, all the while sniffing the environment for trouble.
In the notification position Sniffles crouches with its face and front paws to the ground and its rear-legs extended and but in the air, exposing the gas display — inviting the family member to “view” the trouble.
robotarium.org /viridiandog   (1086 words)

 FAL.net - Gulf War Dog Stories
Sniffles, a badly treated Golden Retriever mix was turned in to the SPCA.
At first, Sniffles caused all kinds of trouble for the couple - hiding their cigarettes, chewing their sports bras and attacking the TV every time Daryl Hannah came on.
Yolanda and Judy had to stop breeding Sniffles when their bitches experienced abdominal cramping and intense burning sensations, as though their genitals were being torched.
www.fal.net /content/dogstories.html   (586 words)

 Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Irwin Toy L'il Sniffles Baby Doll at Epinions.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
There are two ways to try and shut Sniffles up - when she asks for something to eat or for something to cure her oral fixation, your child should place the spoon, cup of medicine or thermometer (free with purchase) into Sniffles mouth and depress the tongue.
Problem is, Sniffles is too busy whining to realize you have met her needs and she asks for the same thing over and over.
Sniffles is cute in concept, a way to teach children to nurture and care for others, but she is just too demanding to be any fun.
www.epinions.com /content_66504068740   (1297 words)

 On Sniffles, by Jay Bates   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
At first I tried fending off the sniffles by blowing politely into a steady supply of soft-ply tissue, but somewhere along the end of the first day I found I had removed the top two layers of skin around my upper lip and nostril area.
You get to this stage in the sniffles and you may as well just give up, let the sniffles move in and take residence in your sinus cavity the way cockroaches take residence in a New York City apartment complex.
The sniffle dot poked her squarely in the cheek, and she pulled herself away from me in absolute repulsion.
www.apomm.com /archives/apomms/on_sniffles.htm   (830 words)

 The Cute Incarnate   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Even to this day Sniffles is characterized as talkative, even though most of his cartoons do not show him as such.
Sniffles didn't totally disappear, he did live on as a feature in "Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics" up until the 1960s.
Sniffles was characterized differently in these and was also given a permanent friend, a little girl named Mary Jane.
home.wi.rr.com /tatay/cartoons/mainsniffle1.html   (560 words)

 Don Markstein's Toonopedia: Sniffles
Sniffles the Mouse was the first continuing cartoon character created by Chuck Jones, whose illustrious career in animation runs the gamut from Private Snafu to …
Unfortunately for Sniffles, Jones had not yet reached the peak of his creative powers when the cute li'l feller made his debut.
Then he was absent from the big screen for a half-century, before making an appearance with the rest of the Warner characters in Space Jam (which, by the way, was his only crossover with his compatriots).
www.toonopedia.com /sniffles.htm   (322 words)

 Amazon.com: Lil Sniffles: Toys & Games   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
A 20-inch-high soft plush doll with a plastic head and hands, she can sneeze, cough, and say more than 20 phrases that are sure to bring out the nurturing side of any young nurse or doctor.
The doll talks, laughs, and sings merrily in short intervals when she feels well, but sneezes, wheezes, and sniffles something awful when she feels sick.
To abolish her ailment, the doll comes with a bowl of phony chicken noodle soup, a medicine dosage cup, a very large spoon, and a thermometer.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/ASIN/B00004YO1E   (454 words)

 Don Markstein's Toonopedia: Mary Jane and Sniffles
One of them was Sniffles the Mouse, whose tenure in comic books far outlasted, and is far more fondly recalled than his rather inconsequential career in animation.
Magic words of poof, poof, piffles, make me just as small as Sniffles!" During Hubbard's tenure, the magic sand was omitted, leaving just the words, which Mary Jane would pronounce with her fingers crossed.
Ask the average comics and cartoon buff who Sniffles the Mouse is, and the chances are he won't even mention the dozen or so cartoons the character appeared in during the late 1930s and early '40s.
www.toonopedia.com /maryjane.htm   (498 words)

 Stomp Tokyo Video Reviews - Amuck about Chuck
For instance, Sniffles Takes a Trip can be described as follows: Sniffles walks out to the country, tries to fall asleep, is scared by some sounds.
We were a bit surprised to find that Chuck Jones actually created Sniffles; there seems to be little of Jones' trademark cynicism and a lot of Disneyesque scenes in which a wide-eyed protagonist meets the forces of nature.
Overall, it was goofy, saccharine, and, apart from a scene in which Sniffles pitches a hammock between the legs of a stork, practically humorless.
www.stomptokyo.com /extras/chuckjones   (1510 words)

 Snowman Sniffles
Below is a short sample of the essay "Snowman Sniffles".
If you sign up you could be reading the rest of this essay in under two minutes.
Mainly, the author is telling a story of a snowman melting away.
www.coursework.info /i/15301.html   (253 words)

 wnbc.com - Health - Sniffles Club Offers Day Care For Sick Children
NEW YORK -- It looks a lot like your garden-variety day-care center, until you look closely and realize that the kids here are a little subdued.
Realizing there was a real need here, Shirley Horton, a licensed practical nurse at Holy Name Hospital in Teaneck, N.J., started the Sniffles Club.
It's a day-care center specifically for sick kids who can't go to their usual day care.
www.wnbc.com /health/3273326/detail.html   (369 words)

 GAC Forums - What do you think of Sniffles?
I'd get bored of the cute shtick, but the story lines pull me in - especially the one where he tries to stay up to see Santa Claus, or the one where he's running from the cat w/ his bookworm pal among all the toys.
Sniffles will never be my favorite character, and Jones did better work with other characters.
Sniffles added consistency to the set of short cartoons that he appeared in, many of which could've been drawn as one-shots.
forums.goldenagecartoons.com /showthread.php?t=475   (356 words)

 Re: Sniffles during a meal?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
In Response To: Re: Sniffles during a meal?
I often get the sniffles when eating hot (as in temperature) food or drink.
I always thought that the heat in the mouth must thin the mucus in the nose.
www.dadamo.com /forum/archive7/config.pl?read=35932   (217 words)

 Moviefone: Sniffles Takes a Trip Movie: MAIN
The NY Times review of Sniffles Takes a Trip, a Chuck Jones film starring and.
Sniffles Takes a Trip movie trailer, showtimes, tickets and reader reviews...
Sniffles and the Bookworm movie trailer, showtimes, tickets and reader reviews...
movies.aol.com /movie/main.adp?mid=1105006   (266 words)

 Sniffles and the Bookworm (1939)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Plot Summary: Literary characters come to life late at night in a bookshop, serenading Sniffles the mouse with swing music until the Frankenstein monster intrudes.
I have seen this movie and would like to comment on it
Discuss this movie with other users on IMDb message board for Sniffles and the Bookworm (1939)
www.imdb.com /Title?Sniffles+and+the+Bookworm+(1939)   (296 words)

 BurnerKitty.Com - sniffles m - French lop - England (Liverpool) - with Pictures   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Sniffles is very unusual, he does not have any bunny friends too play with so he makes love to footballs.
Sniffles loves dressing up on halloween and enjoys scaring pesky cats out of the garden in his monster costume.He also likes banana bix,tinking and tag.
Sign my guest book and vote for me as pet of the week.
pets.burnerkitty.com /4994   (126 words)

 eBay - Book: Sniffles (ISBN: 0843138270)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Join the whimsical characters in this beautifully illustrated collection as they entertain and inspire every reader.
Sniffles - Cosgrove, Stephen/ James, Robin (ILT) *NEW 
BookMarz-II NEW - Sniffles (Serendipity Books) by Stephen Cosgrove; 
product.ebay.com /Sniffles_ISBN_0843138270_W0QQfvcsZ1388QQsoprZ661622   (154 words)

 Sniffles' Catz Page
My name is Precious, and I'm one of Sniffles' catz.
If you are allergic to catz, I won't be offended if you want to go straight to Sniffles' Home Page!
If you are looking for Sniffles' Adopt-a-Catz Page, please go here.
www.fortunecity.com /millenium/lily/20   (166 words)

 PCWorld.com - Sniffles Plague Gainward Ti 4200 Boards   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
PCWorld.com - Sniffles Plague Gainward Ti 4200 Boards
Bad batch of capacitors spoils some Gainward boards; vendor offers to swap.
GeekTech: Would You Pay $600 for a Graphics Card?
www.pcworld.com /news/article/0,aid,109061,00.asp   (630 words)

 Got the sniffles? Fight back against a cold - Health - MSNBC.com
This makes it especially easy for colds, the flu and gastrointestinal viruses to jump from person to person.
Wallace Carter from New York Presbyterian Hospital Department of Emergency Medicine was invited on the "Today" show to share his tips for avoiding the sniffles.
How can I tell the difference between a common cold and the flu?
msnbc.msn.com /id/6790974   (895 words)

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