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Topic: Snow Leopard

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Worldwide the population of leopards is estimated to be around 100,000 with the majority of leopards found in Africa.
Leopards prefer forest boundary areas, where they can observe their prey from the trees and emerge for the kill, only to retreat with their prey back to the safety of the tree line.
Leopards therefore are more successful predators than Cheetahs, with whom they share a habitat in parts of Africa, since Cheetahs often lose their prey to scavengers such as Lions or Hyenas.
www.india-wildlife-tours.com /wild-animals-in-india/indian-wildlife-leopard.html   (683 words)

  Snow Leopard - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Snow leopards have grey-and-white fur with numerous rosettes on the flanks and spots on the head and neck, similar to jaguars.
Snow leopards are successfully being bred in captivity.
The snow leopard (almost invariably known in heraldry as the "ounce") (Aq Bars) is a national symbol for Tatars and Kazakhs: a snow leopard is found on the official seal of the city of Almaty, and a winged snow leopard is found on Tatarstan's coat of arms.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Snow_Leopard   (622 words)

 Snow Leopard,Snow Leopard Animal,Snow Leopard Wild Animal
This species, like the clouded leopard, is one of those that is somewhere between the small cats and the great cats in that it can't purr like the small cats and it can't roar like the true great cats.
Physical appearance: Snow leopards are generally smaller than true leopards, and their tails are characteristically much longer.
Snow leopards have very large nasal cavities to enable them to efficiently utilise the oxygen in the thin, cold and dry air of high altitudes.
www.indiantiger.org /wild-cats/snow-leopard.html   (0 words)

 Snow leopard - Uncia uncia: More Information - ARKive
The snow leopard has many adaptations for its cold habitat; long body hair and thick, woolly belly fur, large paws and a well-developed chest and enlarged nasal cavity that warms the cold air as it is breathed in (4).
Snow leopards are generally found at elevations between 3,000 - 4,500 m in steep terrain broken by cliffs, ridges, gullies and rocky outcrops (3).
Snow leopard fur was once highly prized in the international fashion world and around 1,000 pelts were traded a year in the 1920s (3).
www.arkive.org /species/GES/mammals/Uncia_uncia/more_info.html   (631 words)

 Snow Leopard
The snow leopard is mainly distributed among Western Mongolia to NE Pakistan and Bhutan and Eastern Asia.
Most snow leopards basically stay in the grassland biome where there is proper rainfall for itself (25-75 cm/year).
Eventuallly, the snow leopard is affected by this misfortune.
www.lsb.syr.edu /projects/cyberzoo/snowleopard.html   (509 words)

 Snow Leopard Trust - Snow Leopard Enterprises
The Snow Leopard Trust and its local partner organizations provide herders living in remote parts of the Kyrgyz Republic, Mongolia, and Pakistan with training and equipment to produce handicrafts from the wool of their sheep and camels.
Snow leopards are sometimes poached for their pelts and bones, and sometimes killed in retaliation for preying on domestic livestock (which can cause great hardship for herding families.
Snow Leopard Enterprises helps save snow leopards because the economic benefits of the program make local people less likely to feel that they have to engage in poaching or retaliatory killing to survive.
www.snowleopard.org /programs/communitybasedconservation/sle   (0 words)

 Snow Leopard Trust - Programs
With programs on the ground in five snow leopard range countries, and connections with researchers and conservation organizations around the world, the Snow Leopard Trust is a leader in the effort to secure the future of the snow leopard.
With programs and staff in five snow leopard range countries, and connections with researchers and conservation organizations around the world, the Snow Leopard Trust is a leader in the effort to secure the future of the snow leopard.
Discovering how snow leopards live and how to overcome the threats to their survival.
www.snowleopard.org /programs   (0 words)

 now: snow leopard reproductive strategies   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Reproduction and Offspring: The snow leopards reproductive season is from early January to mid March which...
Snow leopard (Uncia uncia) The Snow leopard is a very rare and shy animal.
Snow leopards can live to be 20+ years old although females are usually reproductive only until...
www.walter-l.de /snow_leopard_reproductive_strategies.html   (286 words)

 Snow Leopard Trust - About the Snow Leopard Trust
Founded in 1981, the Snow Leopard Trust is the largest and oldest organization working solely to protect the endangered snow leopard and its Central Asian habitat.
Read about the partnership-based approach the Snow Leopard Trust brings to wildlife conservation.
Meet the people who are protecting snow leopards and working to improve the lives of local peoples.
www.snowleopard.org /about   (0 words)

 snow leopard   (Site not responding. Last check: )
See also Snow Leopard books, Leopard, Lynx, cat, felidae, panthera.
Pages about Snow Leopard: 1 2 3 4
Weighing up to 75 kilos, it can be distinguished from other similar species by its proportionately longer tail, which helps it maintain its balance on the often steep slopes of its mountainous environment, and is used to cover its nose and mouth in very cold conditions.
www.mycatcenter.com /snow_leopard.htm   (268 words)

 Snow Leopard Conservancy -- Site Map
Snow leopard sign transect method (pdf - 225 kb)
Snow Leopards in Nepal, Oryx (Journal of the Fauna Preservation Society), 1979
Snow Leopards, Local People and Livestock Losses: Finding Solutions using Appreciative Participatory Planning and Action (APPA) in the Markha Valley of Hemis National Park, Ladakh.
www.snowleopardconservancy.org /site_map.htm   (0 words)

 Snow Leopard Trust - Contact the Snow Leopard Trust
Snow Leopard Trust - Contact the Snow Leopard Trust
We always want to hear from people who share our interest in the conservation of snow leopards and other wildlife.
We invite you to contact us using one of the methods below, and let us know any questions, concerns, or comments you have.
www.snowleopard.org /about/contactus   (0 words)

 here you get snow leopard anatomy   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A statement of the mission of the Snow Leopard Conservancy.
Snow Leopard Sculptures - Anne Andersson Art Studio
Snow leopards are test often seen alone, except during the breeding season, and when females are...
www.gartenwebshop.de /snow_leopard_anatomy.html   (177 words)

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