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In the News (Thu 25 Apr 19)

  SoHo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
SoHo is a neighborhood in Manhattan that is bounded roughly by Houston Street on the north, Lafayette Street on the east, Canal Street on the south, and Sixth Avenue on the west.
SoHo's lofts were especially appealing to artists because they could use the wide spaces and tall ceilings that factories and warehouses required to create and store their work.
SoHo's boutiques and restaurants are clustered in the northern area of the neighborhood, along Broadway and Prince and Spring streets.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/SoHo   (926 words)

 Soho - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Soho is a small, multicultural area of central London which is home to industry, commerce, culture and entertainment, as well as a residential area for both rich and poor.
Soho is near the heart of London's theatre area, and is a centre of the independent film and video industry as well as the television and film post-production industry.
Soho is such a varied and cosmopolitan area that in much of it the sex industry is not at all evident; the idea that it is wholly a red light district is now very out of date.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Soho   (1602 words)

 Solar and Heliospheric Observatory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory' (SOHO) is a spacecraft that was launched on 2 December 1995 to study the sun, and began normal operations in May 1996.
Along with the Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE), SOHO is one of two spacecraft currently in the vicinity of the Earth-Sun L1 point, a point of gravitational balance located approximately 0.99 AU from the Sun and 0.01 AU from the Earth.
Although sometimes described as being at L1, the SOHO satellite is not exactly at L1 as this would make communication difficult due to radio interference generated by the Sun, and because this would not be a stable orbit.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Solar_and_Heliospheric_Observatory   (1095 words)

 ESA - Space Science - Home - SOHO overview
SOHO's studies range from the Sun's hot interior, through its visible surface and stormy atmosphere, and out to distant regions where the wind from the Sun battles with a breeze of atoms coming from among the stars.
SOHO moves around the Sun on the sunward side of the Earth, where it enjoys an uninterrupted view of the Sun, by slowly orbiting around Lagrange point L1.
SOHO and Cluster are also contributions to the International Solar-Terrestrial Physics Programme, to which ESA, NASA, Japan, Russia, Sweden, and Denmark all contribute satellites monitoring the Sun and solar effects.
www.esa.int /export/esaSC/120373_index_0_m.html   (1310 words)

The primary scientific aims of the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory mission (SOHO) are to investigate (1) the physical processes that form and heat the Sun's corona, maintain it and give rise to the expanding solar wind, and (2) the interior structure of the Sun.
The SOHO spacecraft is three-axis stabilized and points towards the Sun with an accuracy of +/- 10 arcsec per 15 min.
SOHO occupies a halo orbit at the Earth-Sun L1 Lagrangian point to obtain uninterrupted sunlight.
www.solarviews.com /eng/soho.htm   (278 words)

 NASA - SOHO Launch - AC-121
SOHO can therefore remain hovering around that relative position, in a "halo orbit", while it accompanies the Earth in its annual march around the Sun.
SOHO is providing scientists with a comprehensive study of the Sun, the nuclear powerhouse in the center of our solar system.
SOHO a cooperative, international mission between the European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA.
www.nasa.gov /centers/glenn/about/history/soho.html   (520 words)

 The Enterprise Mission - OH MY GOD
This conclusion was reinforced when it was announced a few months later that SOHO had been literally given a "poison pill" - a series of mistaken commands and improper programming that left the spacecraft drifting and unable to relay images and data from it's bevy of instruments.
Except that one of the characters, Kenny, had been replaced by a crude image of the SOHO spacecraft, and two "grey" aliens from an early episode are seen standing behind the residents of South Park.
SOHO, the "eye of Horus" (the only probe capable of warning us of the coming "war"), is struck down when Horus -- as Mars -- is in the clutches of Set (Taurus).
www.enterprisemission.com /oh_my_god.htm   (7092 words)

 London/Soho Travel Guide
Soho is a region of central London, part of the West End, generally considered to be enclosed by Piccadilly Circus, Shaftesbury Avenue and Cambridge Circus to the south, Charing Cross Road to the east, Oxford Street to the north, and Regent Street to the west.
Soho has the densest concentration of restaurants, caf├ęs, clubs and bars in central London, and represents the vibrant, bustling heart of the city.
An Underground station serves each of the four approximate corners of Soho: Tottenham Court Road to the north-east, Oxford Circus to the north-west, Leicester Square to the south-east, and Piccadilly Circus to the south-west.
www.imakoopedia.org /en/article/London/Soho   (699 words)

 DC Menus.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
Soho Tea and Coffee is a short walk from the Dupont Circle Metro and across the P Street Bridge from well-know Georgetown.
Soho Tea and Coffee's walls of windows expose its eclectic decor; with brightly splashed walls of different colors, displays of local art work, mismatched chairs and tables and a floor that was laid to look like the peeled cement sidewalks in every city's demolition area.
In addition to the decor, the atmosphere at Soho is relaxed and friendly.
www.dcmenus.com /sohoteaandcoffee_gw.html   (387 words)

 CNN - NASA decides to "wait and see" on disabled SOHO Satellite - June 30, 1998
SOHO stands for Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, and it is a joint NASA and European Space Agency project.
SOHO was designed to study the sun from an area out in space known as the L1 position, which is one million miles out from Earth, between the Earth and sun.
SOHO was launched in December, 1995, and successfully completed its initial two year mission.
www.cnn.com /TECH/space/9806/30/lost.satellite   (373 words)

 Soho District- New York City, NY - VirtualTourist.com
SoHo is a very artsy, new-age area, still holding on to it's strong Bohemian beliefs which date back to the 1920's, as well as the radical politics that ruled the area in the 1960's and 70's.
Soho is said to be one of the hippest parts of NY and indeed, there is an arty atmosphere in this part of NY.
Soho was threatened with demolition in the 1960s until the cast-iron buildings were saved by artist who begun to move into these lofts.
www.virtualtourist.com /travel/North_America/United_States_of_America/New_York_State/New_York_City-841252/Things_To_Do-New_York_City-Soho_District-BR-1.html   (1403 words)

 Comet Champion of the Solar System   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
SOHO's primary mission is to investigate the solar interior, the solar atmosphere, and the solar wind.
SOHO data are freely available to anyone with an internet connection and a computer.
SOHO (the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) is a mission of international cooperation between NASA and the European Space Agency.
spacescience.com /headlines/y2000/ast28aug_2.htm   (1524 words)

 Universe Today - SOHO Celebrates 10 Years
Over the course of these 10 years, SOHO has revealed the nature of the Sun's atmosphere, the links between its magnetic fields and coronal mass ejections, and even discovered more than 1,000 comets.
SOHO is celebrating ten years in space on 2nd December.
SOHO's instruments are monitoring the complex, violent solar atmosphere, the charged gases that the Sun expels into space and examining the solar interior.
www.universetoday.com /am/publish/soho_ten_year_anniversary.html?28112005   (593 words)

 NASA - History's Greatest Comet Hunter Discovers 1,000th Comet
The SOHO spacecraft, a joint effort between NASA and the European Space Agency, has accounted for approximately one-half of all comet discoveries with computed orbits in the history of astronomy.
It is likely that small fragments continue to break off all around their orbits, because SOHO observes a stream with tiny Kreutz members reaching the Sun almost every day, and bits as small as these would have simply vaporized if this had happened near the Sun.
SOHO successfully completed its primary mission in April 1998, and it has enough fuel to remain on station and keep hunting comets for decades, assuming the LASCO instrument continues to function.
www.nasa.gov /vision/universe/solarsystem/1000comet.html   (1239 words)

 ESA Science & Technology: SOHO Status Report - February 2004
SOHO no longer relies on 34m stations for recovery from, for example, Emergency Sun Reacquisition mode.
All instruments are nominal and SOHO science operations are progressing smoothly.
The 13th SOHO Workshop, "Waves, oscillations and small-scale transient events in the solar atmosphere: A joint view of SOHO and TRACE" was held at Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain, on 29 September - 2 October 2003.
sci.esa.int /science-e/www/object/index.cfm?fobjectid=34590   (496 words)

 SOHO Online--Resources for Small Office/Home Office Entrepreneurs
SOHO Members have access to a variety of valuable benefits and services that will help them save time and money.
SOHO Members, please contact the association to request your membership brochure.
SOHO Says: "Small Business Kit for Dummies not only gives you the practical advice you need to find a path through a maze of business laws, but it also provides you with the sample forms, agreements, policies, checklists and letter that you need to turn the legal and business jungle to your advantage...
www.soho.org   (337 words)

 SOHO Labels & Envelopes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
SOHO Labels and Envelopes is the fastest way to design and print professional labels and envelopes on your Macintosh.
The SOHO Series is an integrated series of software solutions that are designed and written specifically for small office and home office users.
Each product in the series is designed to work on its own and be "best-in-class." However, the true power of the SOHO Series shines through when the products are used together to create solutions that are greater than the sum of their individual parts.
www.chronosnet.com /Products/LE_product.html   (572 words)

 ESA Portal - History’s greatest comet hunter discovers 1000th comet
The 1000th comet was a Kreutz-group comet spotted in images from the C3 coronagraph on SOHO's LASCO instrument by Toni Scarmato, from Calabria, Italy.
SOHO, the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, is a joint effort between NASA and ESA and is now in its tenth year of operation.
It was not long after SOHO began sending down a steady stream of data in 1996 that SOHO scientists spotted a Kreutz-group comet in LASCO images.
www.esa.int /esaCP/SEMCA3908BE_index_0.html   (606 words)

 tourist information on Soho, London, England; a guide from TourUK
In the 20th century, as the local population began to fall, Soho became known for its cheap restaurants and entertainment's, both legal and illegal.
In the 1950's Soho was famous for its jazz, Ronnie Scott opened his first jazz club in 1959 on Gerrard Street, before moving to Frith Street in 1965.
Today, Soho's narrow streets are home to around 5,000 residents, a mix of local tenants, artists, media workers, tailors, market traders, dealers, prostitutes and the homeless people, who shelter in Soho's doorways and alleyways.
www.touruk.co.uk /london_soho/london_soho.htm   (433 words)

 The Enterprise Mission - soho
The "Suncruiser," an odd "flying saucer" like anomaly that reappeared regularly on SOHO images was the most common.
On July 1st, SOHO recorded yet another extraordinary event, What seemed to be a wedge or disk shaped object and a trail of some kind could be seen passing right in front of the SOHO imager.
SOHO has a battery of instruments that take images on a fairly infrequent basis, about twice an hour.
www.enterprisemission.com /soho.htm   (1299 words)

 ESA Science & Technology: 10 Years of SOHO
SOHO was initially designed to observe the Sun continuously for at least two years.
SOHO has provided an unprecedented breadth and depth of information about the Sun, from its interior, through the hot and dynamic atmosphere, to the solar wind and its interaction with the interstellar medium.
SOHO is the most prolific comet-finder observatory of all times, and has identified almost half of all comets for which an orbit determination has been made
sci.esa.int /jump.cfm?oid=38381   (1142 words)

 Soho London guide, area information, local guide to london's soho
Soho is rather like a distillation of the London experience.
Soho fits neatly into an area bordered by Oxford Street in the north, Shaftesbury Avenue in the south, Regents Street in the west and Charing Cross Road in the east.
West Soho (west of Wardour Street) is a little more mazelike and is generally less frequented.
www.viewlondon.co.uk /home_feat_local_soho.asp   (280 words)

 SPACE.com -- Communication Breakdown: How the Loss of SOHO Could Impact Everyday Life
SOHO observations are crucial and irreplaceable for scientists who provide advance warning of space storms that can cripple unprepared satellites.
No other satellite or group of satellites can fill the periodic SOHO data voids, experts say, which points out what could be seen as a lack of foresight in the overall space program, because SOHO was never designed to last this long.
After initial successes, SOHO was given a new lease on life -- meaning more money to pay the ground crew -- so it could observe a peak in solar activity during 2001 and 2002.
space.com /businesstechnology/technology/soho_impact_030623.html   (1233 words)

 Apple Store - SoHo - Genius Bar Terms and Conditions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
Same day repair service is available beginning on May 1, 2005 and is only available at the Apple Store SoHo located at 103 Prince Street, New York, NY 10012.
Customers may drop off their computers for repair service at the Apple Store SoHo beginning on May 1, 2005 between the hours of 6 a.m.
The Apple Store SoHo will continue to operate during regular business hours and will not be open during all Repair Hours.
www.apple.com /retail/soho/geniusterms.html   (416 words)

 SOHO 2000
Soho 2000 is Business Support system intended for use in small to medium companies.
Lately I was getting to busy doing other things so I wasn't finding much time to play with SOHO and I saw it again returning to the "drawer" which is very bad idea.
SOHO 2000 abides to the GNU GPL (General Public Licence) that means, you are free to copy it and use it at your own risk but you may not sell it or include it in your commercial (closed source-code) products.
soho.freeservers.com   (543 words)

 ESA - Space Science - Home - SOHO overview
Despite these problems, engineers have kept SOHO functioning with all its instruments performing well.
SOHO was built by industrial companies in 14 European countries, led by Matra-Marconi (now Astrium).
NASA launched SOHO and is responsible for tracking, telemetry reception, and commanding.
www.esa.int /esaSC/120373_index_0_m.html   (1310 words)

 SPACE.com -- The Winners! Top 10 Sun Images from SOHO
It has been near death three times but has so far survived to provide crucial early warnings of impending space weather that can destroy satellites and knock out power grids.
Scientists credit SOHO with allowing forecasts that prevent damage and losses that might otherwise occur.
SOHO is a joint project of NASA and the European Space Agency.
www.space.com /scienceastronomy/soho_top10_winners_031125-1.html   (413 words)

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