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Topic: Social Democratic Party

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In the News (Tue 16 Jul 19)

  Encyclopedia: The Social Democratic Party (UK)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
From the outset, the SDP's central purpose was in question: whether its alliance with the Liberal Party would lead to a merged party, or that the two parties were destined to compete with each other.
The SDP formed the SDP-Liberal Alliance with the Liberal Party late in 1981, under the joint leadership of Roy Jenkins (SDP) and David Steel (Lib).
The rump SDP finished fourth at the Neath By-election in 1991, and they were to hold a number of council seats in Yorkshire and South Wales throughout the 1990s.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/The-Social-Democratic-Party-(UK)   (907 words)

 Social Democratic Party of Croatia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Social Democratic Party of Croatia (Croatian: Socijaldemokratska Partija Hrvatske) is the main social democratic political party in Croatia.
Its delegation left the 17th congress of the Communist Parties of Yugoslavia together with the Slovenians due to inability to cooperate with the Serbian Communist Party led by Slobodan Milošević.
Račan, as the leader of the strongest party, became the prime minister of Croatia.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Social_Democratic_Party_of_Croatia   (318 words)

 Social Democratic Party (Estonia) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Social Democratic Party (Estonian: Sotsiaaldemokraatlik Erakond or SDE) is a social democratic party in Estonia, led by Ivari Padar.
It is a member of the Party of European Socialists since 16 May 2003 and a member of the Socialist International since November 1990.
Social democracy in Estonia was born at the beginning of the 20th century.
www.wikipedia.org /wiki/Sotsiaaldemokraatlik_Erakond   (828 words)

 Democratic Party of Armenia
Democratic Party of Armenia was created in 1991 to help and to support the Armenian people and to create a sovereign, democratic and economically developed state based on social justice and the rule of law.
Party Platform: The basic goal of the Democratic Party of Armenia is to create a sovereign, democratic and economically developed state based on social justice and the rule of law.
The economic policy of the Democratic party of Armenia is directed to ensure the stable development of the economy of the country and the well-being of its citizens.
dem_party.tripod.com   (312 words)

 Social Democratic Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Social Democratic Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina - Socialdemocrats (Socijaldemokratska Partija BiH - Socijaldemokrati / Социјалдемократска Партија БиХ - Социјалдемократи), is a political party in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The party is a successor of the Communist party of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and was enlarged by the inclusion of the Socijaldemokrati BiH party to the original SDP.
At the last legislative elections, 5 october 2002, the party won 10.4 % of the popular vote and 4 out of 42 seats in the House of Representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina and 15 out of 140 seats in the House of Representatives of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Social_Democratic_Party_of_Bosnia_and_Herzegovina   (210 words)

 Social Democratic Party of Germany : Social Democratic Party (Germany)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD - Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands) is the oldest political party of Germany and also one of the oldest in the world, celebrating its 140th anniversary in 2003.
The leader of the Prussian government in Berlin, socialist Otto Braun[?] was ousted by military coup on July 20, 1932 and the party was banned by the Nazis in 1933.
In the Russian sector which later became East Germany, the Social Democratic Party and the Communist Party of Germany[?] were forced to merge to form the Socialist Unity Party of Germany (SED) before regaining its status as a separate party after the fall of East Germany in 1989 and merging with its West-German counterpart.
www.explainthis.info /so/social-democratic-party-(germany).html   (598 words)

 Social Democratic party. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
(SDP), former British political party founded in 1981 to offer a centrist alternative to the more extreme positions of the then ruling Conservative party on the right and the opposition Labour party on the left.
The SDP began with the defection of 12 Labour members of Parliament who opposed their party’s leftward drift.
The party joined in an electoral alliance with the Liberal party in 1981 and merged with the Liberals in 1988 to form the Social and Liberal Democratic party, now the Liberal Democrats.
www.bartleby.com /65/so/SoclDemoc.html   (152 words)

 Country Studies - Austria: The Social Democratic Party of Austria
In 1945 it was reconstituted as the Socialist Party of Austria.
to Social Democratic party of Austria (Sozialdemokratische Partei Österreichs--SPÖ).
Although party platforms continued to refer to the classless society as an ideal, the SPÖ was careful to distinguish its brand of socialism from the centralized, inefficient version of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.
www.photoglobe.info /ebooks/austria/cstudies_austria_0137.html   (1460 words)

 The Lithuanian Social Democratic Party and the Revolution of 1905 - Dalius Vasys
Thus the Social Democrats' decision after 1900 to expand beyond the urban centers, into the countryside, was facilitated by their tactical flexibility but in turn required new ideological adjustments.
The Social Democrats, then in the forefront of the revolutionary movement, thought that the planned conference, which originally was to have been largely academic in content, would be a relatively minor event in the course of the revolution.
Thus, paradoxically, a Marxist party, supposedly committed to proletarian internationalism, played a central role in the national reawakening of Lithuania and accelerated the political differentiation of Lithuanian society by forcing the Democrats and clergy, in order to preserve their influence in society, to seek mass support by means of modern political party structures.
www.lituanus.org /1977/77_3_02.htm   (8657 words)

 Government: Parliamentary system
Several of the Swedish political parties have one thing in common; they have their roots in different popular movements formed at the turn of the last century, as for example the labour movement, the temperance movement and nonconformist movement.
Social Democratic and the Left Wing party still have a clause about the abolition of the monarchy in their party programmes, but today it seems more to be a matter of symbolic value.
In early 1996 Göran Persson succeeded Ingvar Carlsson as party leader of the Social Democratic party and subsequently became Statsminister.
www.sverigeturism.se /smorgasbord/smorgasbord/society/government/parlament.html   (2523 words)

 Social Democratic Party --  Encyclopædia Britannica
Unlike parties elsewhere in the world, the Democratic and Republican parties in the United States are very decentralized in structure and are marked by the absence of a rigid discipline and hierarchy.
Palme served as chairman of the Social Democratic party from 1969 and prime minister of Sweden from 1969 to 1976 and again from 1982 to 1986, when he was assassinated on February 28 by an unknown assailant in Stockholm.
In 1980, the Democratic Party was a house that was divided among the Kennedy and Carter camps.
www.britannica.com /eb/article-9068444   (824 words)

Social democracy is identified with the fractions of the European socialist movement which have been especially scrupulous with respect to the choice of the means by which the essential ideals of socialism are to be achieved.
Social democracy is identified with the operative principle that the maximum practicable degree of citizen participation must be provided in the procedural processes of formulating public policy.
The Natural Law Social Democratic Party does not seek to duplicate the work already being done by social ethicists, theologians, members of church study groups, and other people of faith who are working patiently to use ancient wisdom and new spiritual insight to solve social problems.
www.howardri.org /NLSDParty.html   (2687 words)

 German Social Democratic Party
The German Social Democratic Party (SDP) was established in 1875 with the publication of its Gotha programme.
After the anti-socialist law ceased to operate in 1890, the SDP grew rapidly and in 1912 the party won 110 seats in the Reichstag.
The Nazi Party banned the SDP in June 1933 and most of its leaders were arrested and sent to concentration camps.
www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk /GERsdp.htm   (1030 words)

 The decline of the German Social Democratic Party
Those who say it is the disappointment of the voters, who had hoped for greater social justice from the new government, which is responsible for the decline of the SPD and Greens are closer to the truth.
Their social base was composed of government officials, administrative staff and better-off workers, who identified with state and Fatherland, and regarded any danger to the existing order as a threat to themselves.
The improvement of the social position of the bottom social layers was attributable less to the initiatives of the SPD than to an international offensive of the working class, which even more conservative governments in other countries were unable to oppose.
www.wsws.org /articles/1999/nov1999/spd-n12.shtml   (1978 words)

 Social Democratic Federation
The Social Democratic Federation (SDF) became the first Marxist political group in Britain and over the next few months Hyndman was able to recruit trade unionists such as Tom Mann and John Burns into the organisation.
Although the membership was never very large, the Social Democratic Federation continued and in February 1900 the group joined with the Independent Labour Party, the Fabian Society and several trade union leaders to form the Labour Representation Committee.
The Social Democratic Federation was so close to the old Radical movement that the miner could accept it without misgivings despite the fact that it was essentially English, inspired by Marx's best-known English disciple, H. Hyndman, and with little Scottish blood in its hierarchy at the outset.
www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk /Psocial.htm   (1361 words)

 Social Democratic Party left high and dry in Senate elections dominated by opposition Civic Democrats - 15-11-2004 - ...
It was the result the ruling Social Democrats had feared the most: in the second round of elections to a third of the upper house of parliament, the Senate, they were stranded high and dry failing to win a single seat, while rivals, the right-of-centre Civic Democrats romped to victory.
If supporters of the Social Democrat Party were backing their party's aims they didn't show it by coming to the polls.
First and foremost they gave their votes to the largest opposition party: the Civic Democrats who won 18 seats, followed by 3 seats for the Christian Democratic Party, and one seat apiece for remaining parties that included the Communists and the Freedom Union but also a newcomer: the Greens.
www.radio.cz /en/article/60303   (900 words)

 BBC News | TALKING POLITICS | SDP: Breaking the mould
The party had lost the 1979 general election and was taking a sharp turn to the left under leader Michael Foot.
The former SDP leader recently caused controversy when he suggested that he was the original architect of the policies behind New Labour.
Some critics have suggested that all the party achieved was a split in the left's vote throughout the 1980s allowing the Tories to remain in power.
news.bbc.co.uk /hi/english/uk_politics/talking_politics/newsid_1136000/1136223.stm   (910 words)

 A resounding setback for Schröder German Social Democratic Party loses state elections in the Saarland and ...
The German governing coalition of the SPD (Social Democratic Party) and Bündnis 90/the Greens have suffered a devastating defeat in state elections in the German states of the Saarland and Brandenburg.
The German Free Democratic Party (FDP) with 2.6 percent, the extreme right-wing Republican Party (1.3 percent) and the Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS—successor to the East German Stalinist SED), which stood for the first time and obtained 0.8 percent of the vote, also failed to enter the parliament.
The conflicts inside the party will inevitably intensify as numerous functionaries and office holders, who comprise the active membership of the party, realise that their posts and privileges are under threat.
www.wsws.org /articles/1999/sep1999/germ-s08.shtml   (1716 words)

 Eastern European Social Democratic Forum   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Our main task is to coordinate social democratic and socialist parties' efforts in order to establish good-neighbourly and equal rights relations between peoples and states of Eastern European region, to strengthen traditions of democracy and openness, and to accelerate economic and cultural progress in our countries.
The Eastern European Social Democratic Forum was established to strengthen multilateral cooperation between social democratic parties of Eastern Europe and coordinate their actions.
We, leaders of social democratic and socialist parties of the CIS and Baltic countries, members of the Eastern European Social Democratic Forum who convened for this meeting on Dec. 20, 2001 in Minsk, appeal to you with a request to cancel this by-law contradicting the norms of international law.
www.sdpuo.org.ua /eng/eesdforum   (235 words)

 CAIN: Issues: Politics: Towards a New Ireland - Proposals by the Social Democratic and Labour Party
Proposals by the Social Democratic and Labour Party
Although the kind of declaration envisaged in the Party's proposals concerning the reunification of the country will normally be found in the preamble to the treaty, it is suggested that such a declaration should form Article 1 of the Treaty.
The Executive Council shall be elected by the Assembly on the basis of the proportional representation of the parties and groups in the Assembly.
cain.ulst.ac.uk /events/crights/sdlp1972.htm   (3977 words)

 Social Democratic Party of Germany
Founded in 1875, the Social Democratic Party of Germany (Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands--SPD) is Germany's oldest political party and its largest in terms of membership.
The party is split into two factions, one giving priority to economic and social justice, egalitarianism, and environmental protection, and the other most concerned with controlling inflation, encouraging fiscal responsibility, and playing a significant part in the European security system.
The core of the Executive Committee is the nine-member Presidium, which represents the inner circle of party officials and is generally composed of the party leadership.
www.germanculture.com.ua /library/facts/bl_spd.htm   (1193 words)

 asahi.com:Social Democratic Party abandoned bill to ban asbestos after pressure from unions - ENGLISH   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Social Democratic Party compiled a bill to ban the use and sales of asbestos more than a decade ago but dropped the proposed legislation after labor unions opposed, citing a possible loss of jobs.
At that time, the Social Democrats decided to compile the asbestos-banning bill in light of public outcry over the use of the substance in school buildings.
"The Social Democratic Party thought it (Rengo) wanted the party to drop the bill, and we reluctantly did so," he said.Around that time, Rengo shifted its policy of calling for a swift ban on use of asbestos and instead urged a reduced and limited use of the substance.
www.asahi.com /english/Herald-asahi/TKY200508050157.html   (806 words)

 Introduction to Japan's Political Parties
The Social Democratic Party (called in English the Japan Socialist Party until February 1991 and then the Social Democratic Party of Japan until January 1996) was originally formed in November 1945 through the merger of various prewar proletarian parties.
In its party convention in January 1986 the SDP abandoned the platform adopted in 1955, which was strongly influenced by Marxism-Leninism.
Although the party is jointly run by Hatoyama and Kan, Hatoyama is in practice serve as party head and Kan as secretary general, according to party members.
www.kanzaki.com /jinfo/PoliticalParties.html   (2867 words)

 Radio Prague - the international service of Czech Radio
The party played a significant role in the foundation of Czechoslovakia after World War I, and between the wars it was one of the prominent players on the Czechoslovak political scene.
On many issues there is a wide spectrum of opinion within the party; for example the Trade and Industry Minister, Miroslav Gregr and the Environment Minister, Milos Kuzvart, have often clashed openly, but for all these differences there have not been major party rifts during the Social Democrats' period of government.
In recent years the Social Democrats have been dominated by the current Prime Minister Milos Zeman, but he has now handed over the party leadership to Vladimir Spidla and has announced his intention to retire after the 2002 parliamentary elections.
www.radio.cz /en/html/cssd.html   (510 words)

 SD Website
SD, USA is the successor to the Socialist Party, USA, the party of Eugene Debs, Norman Thomas and Bayard Rustin and is a member of the Socialist International
"THE NEW SOCIAL DEMOCRATS" is a statement prepared in May 2003 by a sub-committee of the National Committee of Social Democrats, USA, for use in discussion to prepare for the adoption of resolutions and an action program at a meeting to be held in the late Fall or Winter of 2003.
The Socialist International is the worldwide organization of social democratic, socialist and labor parties.
www.socialdemocrats.org   (412 words)

 AllRefer.com - 1UpInfo > Turkey > Social Democratic Populist Party   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
In early 1995, the junior partner in the Çiller government was the Social Democratic Populist Party, known by the Turkish acronym SHP, for Sosyal Demokrat Halkçi Parti.
The Motherland Party's policies and constituency were similar to those of the True Path Party, but the intense personal rivalry between Demirel and Özal had precluded political cooperation between the two parties prior to Özal's death in 1993.
The party's cohesion had depended on the force of Özal's personality, and in early 1995 it was unclear whether Yilmaz would succeed in transforming the Moth erland Party into an effective organization based on a coherent political program and ideology.
reference.allrefer.com /country-guide-study/turkey/turkey84.html   (1038 words)

 Glossary of Organisations: Ru   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
This would help lead to the inevitable split in the party over stagism: with some arguing that reformism is necessary before revolution, and by the same logic, that captialism is necessary before socialism.
In 1903 the Second Congress of the party met in Belgium and England with this dispute comming to the forefront.
After the congress the party split into the Bolshinstvo (Bolshevik -- majority party) and Menshinstvo (Menshevik -- minority party), with the Mensheviks believing in Stagism/Reformism, while the Bolsheviks demanded outright revolution.
www.marxists.org /glossary/orgs/r/u.htm   (284 words)

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