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Topic: Social structure

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  Social structure - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Social structure does not concern itself with people - individuals forming the society or their social organisations, neither does it study who are the people/organisation forming it, or what is the ultimate goal of their relations.
Social structure deals rather with the very structure of their relations—how are they organized in a patterns of relationships.
Social structure in the broader sense, known as social system can be viewed as a structure composed of the economic system, law system, political system, cultural system, etc. Thus social system is the parent system of those lower systems.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Social_structure   (619 words)

 Social structure of the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Generational social mobility is also pronounced; the children and grandchildren of "self-made" wealthy people may have additional social access that the initial generators of wealth did not, due to the stigma some associate with nouveau riche status.
In the technical language of social science, the social of the United States is characterized by moderate social mobility.
For many individuals, social class is more a matter of self-identification in terms of how the person views his or her relationship to society, particularly along the most fuzzy borders, like that between "middle class" and "upper-middle class".
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Social_structure_of_the_United_States#The_Upper_Middle_Class   (4613 words)

 Róbinson Rojas.- SOCIAL STRUCTURE AND CHANGE: RRojas Databank: Analysis and Information on economics, development, ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
The notion of social structure implies, in other words, that human beings are not completely free and autonomous in choosing their activities, but rather they are constrained by the social world they live in and the social relations they form with one another.
In his view, the components of the social structure have indispensable functions for each other--the continued existence of the one component is dependent on that of the others--and for the society as a whole, which is seen as an integrated, organic entity.
The social significance of such technological breakthroughs as the invention of the smelting of iron, the introduction of the plow in agriculture, the invention of the steam engine, and the development of the computer is indeed evident.
www.rrojasdatabank.org /ebstruct.htm   (7975 words)

 Social Structure   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Social structural theories do not simply try to locate individuals above or below one another in the social structure; they try to locate individuals in terms of their relationship to one another within the structure.
He felt that a capitalist two-class social structure, consisting of the ruling class (the bourgeoisie) and the working class (the proletariat), permitted the bourgeoisie to control and oppress the proletariat and thus affect their behavior.
Social control theory argues that people are motivated to obey the law by social controls but that they do not need any special motivation to violate the law—this occurs naturally in the absence of any social controls.
tkdtutor.com /06Theory/Psychology/SocialStructural.htm   (2226 words)

 JoSS: Journal of Social Structure
JoSS publishes manuscripts that are focused on social structure-on the patterning of social linkages among actors.
INSNA was founded on the premise that the behavior and lives of social entities are affected by their position in the overall social structure.
By examining the etiology and consequences of structural forms overall, of the location of entities within these structures, and of the formation and dynamics of ties that make up these structures, INSNA hopes to learn about the parts of behavior that are uniquely social.
www.cmu.edu /joss   (355 words)

 Discussion of Levi-Strauss's "Social Structure"
He uses the terms "model"; to him the social structure is a model rather than the reality; it is what you see persisting and repeating, He uses "model" in the sense of a descriptive model sometimes.
Social structure is as real or as unreal as anything else, but on a higher level of abstraction.
But, on the other band, social structure implies a problem of a very different nature, and I felt obliged to go very far toward demography, because it is impossible to study structure without studying numerical properties of groups and, on the other hand, religion.
varenne.tc.columbia.edu /bib/info/tax00sol53appranth.html   (5058 words)

 Social Interaction and Social Structure
Social order, needless to add, is also not given in man's natural environment, though particular features of this may be factors in determining certain features of a social order (for example, its economic or technological arrangements).
Social order is not part of the "nature of things," and it cannot be derived from the "laws of nature." Social order exists only as a product of human activity.
Structure arises out of the face-to-face interactions of people who are operating from both a shared sense of reality (culture and socialization) as well as a individual and group oriented biography which produces particular definitions and interpretations.
www.umsl.edu /~rkeel/010/structur.html   (840 words)

 The Structure of Social Action   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
With many other social thinkers he believed that man stood near the culminating point of a long linear process extending back unbroken, without essential changes of direction, to the dawn of primitive man. Spencer, moreover, believed that this culminating point was being approached in the industrial society of modern Western Europe.
Their soundness is to be judged not in terms of the arguments brought forward in their defence in the present introductory discussion but in terms of the way they fit into the structure of the study as a whole and its outcome.
The inclusion of Marshall is justified by the fact that economic theory and the question of its status involve a crucial set of problems in relation to the theory of action in general and to the positivistic system, especially its utilitarian variant.
www.marxists.org /reference/subject/philosophy/works/us/parsons.htm   (6529 words)

 SOCIAL STRUCTURE, Russ Long's Lecture Notes
Social structure refers to patterns around which society is organized.
Henslin (1999:96) defines social structure as "the framework of society that was already laid out before you were born." Social mobility is often achieved by routes provided by the social structure.
Structural contradictions refer to those aspects of a social structure that are mutually incompatible with one another and therefore results in structural instability.
www.delmar.edu /socsci/rlong/intro/roles.htm   (1945 words)

 Social structure of the United States at opensource encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
The social structure of the United States of America, in the technical language of social science, is characterized by moderate social mobility.
They tend to be socially isolated, are less often members of social and cultural groups and have a low rate of political participation.
They are leaders in their communities and are socially, culturally and politically active.
www.wiki.tatet.com /Social_structure_of_the_United_States.html   (1136 words)

 Researching Organizational Systems using Social Network Analysis
Social structure is not only influenced by the communication demands of the organization and its work environment, but by social context and institutions [1], [30].
Social structure is not necessarily bounded by the formal organization, and may apply to cross-organizational (interorganizational) relationships or collectivities of firms that form so-called network or "virtual" organizations." [1]
Where the social structure reflected conflicted relationships and a strict, centralized hierarchy, CMC was appropriated in a way that reinforced the hierarchy.
web.cba.neu.edu /~mzack/articles/socnet/socnet.htm   (3867 words)

 Primate Behavior: Social Structure
A fission-fusion society is one in which the social group size and composition changes throughout the year with different activities and situations.
The strongest social unit is a mother and her young children.
Young female monkeys and apes are more often socialized in the safer areas of the community territory by their mothers and other older female relatives.
anthro.palomar.edu /behavior/behave_2.htm   (1951 words)

 Frankfurt School: Character and Social Process. Erich Fromm 1942
The social function of education is to qualify the individual to function in the role he is to play later on in society; that is, to mould his character in such a way that it approximates the social character, that his desires coincide with the necessities of his social role.
The educational system of any society is determined by this function; therefore we cannot explain the structure of society or the personality of its members by the educational process; but we have to explain the educational system by the necessities resulting from the social and economic structure of a given society.
In this sense, we believe that individual psychology is fundamentally social psychology or, in Sullivan’s terms, the psychology of interpersonal relationships; the key problem of psychology is that of the particular kind of relatedness of the individual towards the world, not that of satisfaction or frustration of single instinctual desires.
www.marxists.org /archive/fromm/works/1942/character.htm   (5042 words)

 Social Structure
This may be one reason why serious social conflicts hardly ever occur in Switzerland, and their traditional means of expression (such as strikes) are rarely used.
But the marked economic growth of the post-war period also brought problems, for example the threat to the environment and the quality of life, the marginalization of certain groups of people who for various reasons are not integrated into economic life, and intolerance towards foreigners.
Until the beginning of the twentieth century most Swiss considered social conditions in their country to be more or less unchangeable, and they either adapted to them or, if they considered them intolerable, emigrated.
www.eda.admin.ch /hongkong_cg/e/home/chhk/social.html   (516 words)

 JoSS: Journal of Social Structure
For this study, we consider motion between two social network graphs in which each node moves in a direct line from their spatial position in the first graph to their spatial position in the second graph.
Many explorations of social network representations consider the way viewers perceive particular aspect of the multifaceted information that is present in a social network representation.
Social network analysis has been used to understand the influence of formal and informal networks of relationships within organizations (Krackhardt, 1993).
www.cmu.edu /joss/content/articles/volume5/McGrathBlythe   (5334 words)

 Social Networking in Academia -- The Collaboration Network of Paul Erdos
He practiced what he preached -- he was also a weaver of social networks and thus a builder of social capital.
Erdõs's partnerships exposed the social structure of scientific discovery.
Some say that a dense, cohesive network brings more social capital, while others argue that a sparse, radial network, one that provides opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurial activity, equates to greater social capital.
www.orgnet.com /Erdos.html   (344 words)

 South Korea - Traditional Social Structure
In Choson Dynasty Korea, four rather distinct social strata developed: the scholar-officials, collectively referred to as the yangban; the chungin (literally "middle people"), technicians and administrators subordinate to the yangban; the commoners or sangmin, a large group composed of farmers, craftsmen, and merchants; and the ch'ommin (literally despised people)," at the bottom of society.
An interesting development in the social history of the Choson Dynasty occurred after the government began to sell honorary patents of office to people who were not yangban to raise revenue following the dislocations of the Hideyoshi invasions.
Other late Choson Dynasty social changes included the gradual shift of agricultural labor from slave status to contractual arrangements, and the emergence of "entrepreneurial farmers"--commoners who earned small surpluses through innovative agricultural techniques.
countrystudies.us /south-korea/35.htm   (1126 words)

 Korean History:: A Bibliography :::::: [CHOSON - Social Structure]
The Civil Examinations and the Social Structure in Early Yi Dynasty Korea, 1392-1600.
Wagner, Edward W. "The Civil Examination Process as Social Leaven: The Case of the Northern Provinces in the Yi Dynasty." In Proceedings International Symposium Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of Korean Liberation.
Wagner, Edward W. "The Civil Examination Process as Social Leaven: The Case of the Northern Provinces in the Yi Dynasty." Korea Journal 17:1 (January 1977): 22-27.
www.hawaii.edu /korea/bibliography/choson-socialstructure.htm   (2274 words)

 Social Structure
The second issue is that capitalism being the only form of economy we are familiar with pushes for the working of every family member to create a strong economy.
The reproduction of labour power is, however, private; it generally takes place outside the jurisdiction of capital, in families and households, and is separated from the circuit of capital.
The same person (usually the housewife) does a range of activities which, in the social spheres are carried out by specialists.
www.onlineessays.com /essays/issues/iss147.php   (2194 words)

 NewsForge | The social structure of open source development
The organisational structure of KDE resembles other projects, for example with its release coordinator positions, but only to a certain extent; the way decisions are made is different in every project.
KDE has no formal decision structure, but a special mailing list (kde-core-devel) for development decisions, and the rule that the predecessor should appoint a successor.
A new coordination structure is also needed because the larger a project, the more communication, conflicts, and stress it will have to deal with.
programming.newsforge.com /programming/05/01/25/1859253.shtml?tid=25&tid=89&tid=91   (2294 words)

 Social Structure:
Socialization and social ties as the means for controlling individual impulses.
Poverty fosters crime because it causes social disorganization and weakens traditional means of social control.
Social and economic changes especially within the inner city has led to an increase in deprivation.
www.csus.edu /soc/bwu/soc155/c6.htm   (398 words)

 Amazon.ca: Social Structure:: Books   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
They show that competing conceptions of social structure can be seen as capturing significant and different aspects of the reality of social organization.
Social Structure is organized around a discussion of 'institutional structure', 'relational structure' and 'embodied structure'.
It argues that these conceptions of social structure can be fruitfully combined in order to provide a richer and more powerful overview, incorporating the work of principal contributors from Marx and Durkheim, through Parsons and Simmel, to Giddens, Foucault and Bourdieu.
www.amazon.ca /exec/obidos/ASIN/0335204953   (335 words)

 Extracts from Robert King Merton
But whatever the differential rates of deviant behaviour in the several social strata, and we know from many sources that the official crime statistics uniformly showing higher rates in the lower strata are far from complete and reliable, it appears from our analysis that the greatest pressures toward deviation are exerted upon the lower strata.
This is not to say that in some cases the source the source of their mode of adaptation is not the very social structure which they have in effect repudiated nor that their very existence within an area does not constitute a problem for members of society...
This adaptation leads men outside the environing social structure to envisage and work to bring into being a new, that is to say, a greatly modified social structure.
www.mdx.ac.uk /www/study/xmer.htm   (2102 words)

 Preliminary course outline - 11.531 Social Networks   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Social networks is the description of a diverse body of research and theory based upon the premise that relationships, in contrast to individual characteristics, are useful for understanding social structure and social behavior.
Network analysts study the structure of these relations, how the pattern of social interactions allocate resources, constrain behavior, and channel social change.
Social Networks, Host Resistance, and Mortality: a Nine-year Follow-up Study of Alameda County Residents.
web.mit.edu /knh/www/11531.html   (1239 words)

 VOTF Social Structure
Choices made about the social structure of the VOTF may be the key to its success.
Voice of the Faithful as a social entity should blend the best of our American tradition of societal renewal through the founding of new voluntary associations with the best of the Catholic tradition of church renewal by means of founding new religious orders.
A social network creates efficiency through norms of cooperation and trust, “do unto others as you would have them do onto you.” Sometimes these norms even extent to outsiders, “Love your enemies.” The capital analogy betokens that value is not absolute even when it has an objective basis.
www.votfcleveland.org /sstructure.htm   (3893 words)

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