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Topic: Social War

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  Social War - Encyclopedia.com
Family in war and conflict: using social capital for survival in war torn Cyprus *.
Israel has fought six wars (the War of Independence, 1948; the Sinai Campaign, 1956; the Six-Day War, 1967; the War of Attrition, 1967-1968; the Yom Kippur War, 1973; and the War in Lebanon, 1982), and its citizens...
The culture of race, class, and poverty: the emergence of a cultural discourse in early cold war social work (1946-1963).
www.encyclopedia.com /doc/1E1-SocWar.html   (1245 words)

  Social War (91–88 BC) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Social War ("Social" from Socii, meaning ¨Allies¨; also called the Italian War or the Marsic War), was a war from 91 88 BC between the Roman Republic and the other cities in Italy, who were Roman allies before the war started.
The Social War was, in part, caused by the assassination of Marcus Livius Drusus.
One of the two separate theatres of war was assigned to each of the consuls of 90 B.C. In the north the consul Publius Rutilius Lupus was advised by Marius and Pompeius Strabo; in the south the consul Lucius Julius Caesar had Lucius Cornelius Sulla and Titus Didius.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Social_War   (986 words)

In every war, there are always those individuals who, sickened by the smell of blood and by the heinousness of their masters, refuse the ignoble role which would play into the hands of the state, disobeying it and fraternizing with those who have been pointed out to them as enemy.
Thus, social peace is simply an aspect of the ongoing social war of the rulers against those who they exploit, the war necessary to maintain capitalism and the state.
But when the war in Afghanistan ends, the social war through which the ruling class maintains its domination will continue, and so will the struggle of the exploited against their condition and the specific and conscious struggle of anarchists against the state, capital and all institutions of domination and exploitation.
anti-politics.net /vb/neither-their-war-peace.html   (8365 words)

 Social War
The Social War was a war from 90 - 88 BC between the Romans and the other cities in Italy.
In 90 BC almost all of the Italian allies of Rome rebelled in what the Romans called the Social War (allies in Latin being Socii, related to the English "associates").
Rome undercut the military rebellion by extending citizenship to all of Italia south of the Po River and then spent two years defeating the cities still in arms.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/so/Social_War.html   (137 words)

 War Child | Home
War Child Canada, in partnership with the local Acholi Education Initiative, has developed a community-based strategy in order to increase access to basic education in the Acholi region of northern Uganda...
The conflict began with social unrest and attempts by local authorities in the Abkhazia region to separate from the Republic...
War Child Canada is not responsible for the accuracy, reliability or currency of information provided by external sources.
www.warchild.ca   (1551 words)

 The social wars, by Ignacio Ramonet
Social injustice is more outrageous than ever, and partly as a result of this other kinds of violence are extreme.
Little by little, in one country after another, these moments of violence and revolt are taking on the characteristics of what we could call social war.
The present rise, in North and South, of illegality and criminality, often primitive and archaic manifestations of social agitation, is a clear sign that the world’s poorest have had enough of social injustice.
mondediplo.com /2002/11/01socialwars   (875 words)

 Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics - Can We Be Fair? Balancing the Personal with the Professional Response to ...
Social workers are human first, and are not immune to the recent and ongoing events and threats of terrorism.
In the case of the most recent ‘war’ social workers work to support individuals and or groups being discriminated against because they may be of Arab descent, from the Middle East, Muslim or may have characteristics perceived by the general population as similar.
Holody (2004) asserts that "…to maintain social work’s relevance in a world that includes mass violence and the conditions that give rise to such acts by individuals, groups and nations, social work must reassess its values, define their relevance to changing conditions, and actively work to better the conditions of human life" (p.
www.socialworker.com /jswve/content/view/31/44   (5503 words)

 war and social upheaval: the effect on boys' fashions
Wars and other priods of upheaval are often a catalyst for profound social change, which in turn is a catalyst for dramatic change in fashion.
A reader writes, "It is interesting to note that in period of war boys are wearing military uniforms like their father and in period of peace they are wearing more fancy "feminized" clothings." This is probably an over simplified formulation, but certainly the first part of this formulation is accurate.
Many Americans reached the conclusion that war was the ultimate evil after World War I. American isolationism was a major force in the 1930s and complicated President Rooselvelt's efforts to aid the Western democracies when confronted by Hitler.
histclo.com /essay/war.html   (2114 words)

 Catholic Insight : Social : War in Iraq
One particular difficulty this time around was the absence of any thought given to the pre-emptive strike in the war against international terrorism, something new since September 11, 2001; hence the worldwide demonstrations against "the coalition" on that account.
Because this war is also a defeat of some kind, then, there will be unforeseen consequences which may or may or not outweigh the benefit of overthrowing a tyranny.
One fear was or is that Muslims may mistake the war as one directed against their religion.
catholicinsight.com /online/social/article_294.shtml   (699 words)

 Social democracy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Social democracy is a political ideology that emerged in the late 19th century.
In recent years, a number of social democratic parties and governments have arguably moved away from some traditional elements of social democracy—supporting, for example, the privatisation of state-controlled industries and services and a reduction in the regulation of the market.
Most social democrats support gay marriage, abortion rights and a liberal drug policy, while others are either non-committed or openly opposed strongly to these policies, although feigned opposition may be employed for political expediency.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Social_democracy   (2484 words)

 Law of simulated war
War is utilized by those power structures embodied in the program and the cartel "to blind us to their own existence," an existence which remains precisely the same in periods of war and non-war.
The structural relationship between Roszavolgyi's concern with the effects of war and Pointsman's identification with the causes of war is paralleled by the dynamic between Blicero's preserving routine and Pudding's adherence to military memory.
Virilio argues that it is precisely this social formation which defines total peace in the postwar phase, where the military threat is everywhere and resistance is nowhere, where military assaults need not take the form of a physical attack since their threat is instantaneously omnipresent, overriding all reference to transmission and localization.
tarlton.law.utexas.edu /lpop/etext/okla/spencer24.htm   (7298 words)

The social distance between a beggar and rich woman meeting on the street could not be perceived by either without the matrix of meanings and values associated with their clothes, posture, looks, and manner.
For the social scientist, understanding the relationship between actor Ted and percipient Mary is part of the general problem of how to comprehend the social matrix involving people in their multifaceted, multidimensional behavior.
Social distance is a central field force reflecting the individual differences in interests in the sociocultural field.
www.hawaii.edu /powerkills/NOTE11.HTM   (6683 words)

 OPFOR: The Social Scientist's War
World War IV will cause a shift in classical centers of gravity from the will of governments and armies to the perceptions of populations.
Scales calls this new conflict the "Social Scientist's War," a strategic paradigmn that hyperempowers leadership at the platoon and company level, and shifts the primary battlesplace away from nodes and directly into the hearts and minds of the enemy populace.
War is cruelty, and you cannot refine it; and those who brought war into our country deserve all the curses and maledictions a people can pour out."
op-for.com /2006/08/the_social_scientists_war.html   (1187 words)

 war and social upheaval: Communism
The social and state systems of Russia, Yugoslavia, and other Eastern European countries need to be considered by HBC, both the impact of the Communists when they seized power and the aftermath of the fall of Communist regimes.
Russia's war effort undoubtedly prevented Germany from bringing the full weight of her army to bear against France and gaining victory in the first weeks of the War.
The Cold War was a period of intense East-West competition, tension, and conflict, but always short of full-scale war.
histclo.com /essay/war/war-com.html   (2937 words)

 Welcome to the Imperial War Museum
The wars of the twentieth century have affected each and every one of us in some way, and the Imperial War Museum is here to tell all our stories, covering all aspects of life in wartime.
The Churchill Museum is the first national museum dedicated to Sir Winston Churchill.  It is housed in the unique setting of the Cabinet War Rooms, the underground complex where Churchill and his government met as bombs rained down on London in 1940.
War memorials are a familiar sight in the landscape of the UK (United Kingdom).  They provide insight into not only the changing face of commemoration but also military history, social history and art history.
www.iwm.org.uk   (358 words)

 Social War — Infoplease.com
Social conflict, social structure and processes of culture change.(Warless Societies and the Origin of War & Deadly Landscapes: Case......
Treatment of the Gulf War by secondary social studies teachers.
Strange bedfellows: the contradictory goals of the coalition making war on social studies.
www.infoplease.com /ce6/history/A0845760.html   (364 words)

 the sigur rós message board
The subject of The Social War is a controversial issue.
Until recently considered taboo amongst polite society, The Social War is featuring more and more in the ideals of the young and upwardly mobile.
Since it was first compared to antidisestablishmentarianism much has been said concerning The Social War by the over 50, who are yet to grow accustomed to its disombobulating nature.
www.sigur-ros.co.uk /board/viewthread.php?tid=17094&page=1   (543 words)

 Funding For War, Social Security, Medicare: Pick Any Two of These Three by Bill Sardi
Cutbacks in Social Security or Medicare will likely be at the cost of putting more money in the Pentagon’s coffers.
If there were a cutback of let’s say 30% of the war budget, there would be squawking from hawkish veterans and former generals that the U.S. can’t afford to cut back on its military obligations.
Why, all that would be needed is a virulent form of the flu to sweep the globe to fix the budget problem, since adults are far more vulnerable to infectious diseases as they age.
www.lewrockwell.com /sardi/sardi62.html   (595 words)

 MyDD :: The War Against Social Security
This week, President Bush's plan to allow younger workers to divert Social Security taxes into personal investment accounts will be a centerpiece of his State of the Union address and a barnstorming tour of the country.
Compass was launched in 2002 to promote ideas for restructuring the Social Security system but has been mostly dormant for two years.
Bush's decision to move Social Security to the top of his action list has rejuvenated the group, said Derrick Max, who is coordinating the coalition's activities.
www.mydd.com /story/2005/1/30/113354/398   (1591 words)

 The Social War
Back in Rome itself, armies were organized to oppose this new breakaway Republic and by 90 BC, the war was on.
Within a few short months, the northern Italians were on the defensive and the focus of the war shifted to the south.
The Social War came to an end with the Italians essentially gaining everything they wanted, even though they had been defeated in the field.
www.unrv.com /empire/social-war.php   (976 words)

 Destroying Cultural Continuity--The Leftist War On Social Cohesion
It was the result of diffused direction, coupled with the demographic catastrophe that occurs when for whatever reason, the natural leadership of a people fail to reproduce their own numbers.
She was in fact part of a broadening attack on the social structure of America.
A member of a doctrinaire Socialist school of "cultural anthropology"--really only a subdivision of leftwing Sociology, sometimes referred to as the "Boas School" after a notorious intellectual charlatan, Franz Boas--she was but one small cog in a deliberate attempt to remake virtually the entire warp and weft of traditional America.
pages.prodigy.net /krtq73aa/continu.htm   (4783 words)

 Welcome to the Colosseum :: View topic - JSWC (Judicial Social War Criminals)
These are men and women in the legal profession that are in the business of wagging social war against Traditionalist in the United States the UK and other parts of the Western World.
Their targets usually include Traditional Men/Women/Families, Fundamentalist Christians, Religious Jews, Whites, Heterosexuals, Free Enterprise Capitalist, and others who are attempting to preserve a normal and functional lifestyle in which children both male and female can grow up to have a healthy and happy lifestyle.
As the Beetles song put it "no more religion no more war" They are ok with a dead and hellish society as long as they are the Devils in charge of Hell.
www.mensnewsdaily.com /forum/viewtopic.php?t=925&start=0&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=   (385 words)

 War as Social Work? - article by Daniel Pipes
The Afghan and Iraqi wars, in other words, are judged more by the welfare of the defeated than by the gains to the victors.
Almost unnoticed, war as social work has become the expectation.
Take the American case: When the population does not see the benefits to themselves of warfare, U.S. soldiers are pulled from the battlefield, as in Lebanon in 1984 and Somalia in 1993.
www.danielpipes.org /article/1091   (780 words)

 War on Autos
Instead, the next target of the social engineers and planners will be automobiles and those who drive them.
About the only legitimate social cost that can be tallied against the auto is air pollution and associated health costs.
You will be the target of social engineers who want to control where you live, where you work, where you shop, and how you get from one to another.
www.ti.org /autowar.html   (4401 words)

 History will judge Bush on terror war, Social Security
When historians look back on our present time, there's a good chance they will judge President Bush and the current generation of lawmakers by the adequacy of their response to the two overriding challenges facing America today.
Thoughtful liberals such as C. Eugene Steuerle of the Urban Institute fret that “without an overhaul of entitlement programs or tax-revenue reform, the ever-expanding Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid budgets will tighten the squeeze on other domestic spending.” Steuerle's main concern is the future viability of education, nutrition, welfare, community development, and housing programs.
Of course, because lawmakers must also address the unsustainable paths of Social Security and Medicaid, the scope of the economic Armageddon could be even worse.
www.heritage.org /Press/Commentary/ed021306b.cfm   (1404 words)

 General History Social War Event Thread Thingy - The Cult
Politics and Current Affairs Discuss here about the state of the world, the war in Iraq, our great president, and anything else you'd expect people like Dennis Miller to be stewing about.
So this is for thos things that happen (Holocaust, War, Assassinations, Etc.) that just hold your attention and fascinate you.
The kind of things where you have to watch everything on the subject and read all the books on it.
www.chuckpalahniuk.net /community/showthread.php?p=861738&mode=threaded   (213 words)

 Cold War Politics Social Attitudes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Politics and Social Attitudes of the Cold War
a cold war is a state of political tension and rivalry between nations, stopping short of actual full scale war.
What we wish to do is educate people about the politics and social attitudes of the cold war.We hope that you will enjoy and learn from our version of a huge chunk of history from our perspective.
library.thinkquest.org /3266   (117 words)

 Old War Dogs: Social Justice Ain't
I nominate the word "social" as in "social studies", or even worse, "social justice".
"Social justice" is not only an oxyumoron, but two lies contradicting each other.
Social and justice are two words which never go together unless you're describing Nino Scalia with a drink in his hand.
www.oldwardogs.us /2006/10/social_justice_.html   (394 words)

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www.addthis.com   (400 words)

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