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Topic: Socialist Party (Sweden)

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  Socialism - MSN Encarta
The socialist doctrine demands state ownership and control of the fundamental means of production and distribution of wealth, to be achieved by reconstruction of the existing capitalist or other political system of a country through peaceful, democratic, and parliamentary means.
These are the tenets of the Socialist party of the U.S., the Labour party of Britain, and labor or social democratic parties of various other countries.
In 1901 a moderate faction of the party under Morris Hillquit joined with the Social Democratic party of Eugene V. Debs and the Christian Socialists of George D. Herron to form the Socialist party.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761577990/Socialism.html   (975 words)

 A New Socialist Economics
While most socialists have for many years opposed a crude blanket nationalization of the economy, two arguments remain over the method and extent of which socialization should be implemented under a democratic socialist government.
Socialists have rather happily come to the conclusion (some more quickly than others) that any publicly owned entity must be as decentralized as possible to assure accountability and community control, while remaining centralized enough to ensure efficient delivery systems.
The goal of a socialist society in this regard is then to ensure that enterprise and trade is fair and unexploitative of the people and their interests, and that the welfare of society is not endangered by the abuse of such enterprise by capital.
socialist.org /NSE.html   (1909 words)

 Pretenders To Socialism
Under a genuine socialist society, there would be NO politcal state, no money or currency of any kind, no seperate social classes and no people forced to work at unsatisfying jobs for a wage which limited their access to society's produce.
Political parties in the U.S. that advocate Leninism, while referring to it as "socialism", include the Communist Party USA, the Workers World Party and the now defunct Socialist Party (not to be confused with the Socialist Labor Party, which does advocate genuine socialism).
Socialists believe that a central administrative body, albeit one of an entirely differnt sort then we have under class-ruled societies like capitalism, is necessary for us to continue to enjoy the benefits of industrial production.
www.angelfire.com /co2/socialism/socialistpretenders.html   (2559 words)

 socialism. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
But the failure of the revolutions of 1848 caused a decline in socialist action in the following two decades, and it was not until the late 1860s that socialism once more emerged as a powerful social force.
Ferdinand Lassalle, founder of the first workers’ party in Germany (1863), promoted the idea of achieving socialism through state action in individual nations, as opposed to the Marxian emphasis on international revolution.
In the United States, the ideological issue led to a split in the Socialist Labor party, founded in 1876 under strong German influence, and the formation (1901) of the revisionist Socialist party, which soon became the largest socialist group.
www.bartleby.com /65/so/socialis.html   (1500 words)

 Britain: Open Letter to SSP Comrades
The Annual Conference of the SSP (Scottish Socialist Party) meets this weekend to discuss a draft manifesto for the European elections and debate other issues against the background of the recent events in Spain.
The Annual Conference of the Scottish Socialist Party meets this weekend to discuss a draft manifesto for the European elections and debate other issues against the background of the recent events in Spain.
Even a socialist state in the United States, on the basis of the most advanced capitalism, could not immediately provide everyone with all their needs, and would therefore be compelled to spur everyone to produce as much as possible.
www.socialist.net /content/view/247/29   (4015 words)

The Social Democrats, the largest party in Sweden, started their climb back after losing in 1991 to a coalition of non-socialist, bourgeoisie parties led by the Moderates (read conservatives).
Yes, it might mean some policy modification for the party, but more than anything this style of political communications and electioneering was needed to show the Swedish electorate that this old and established party was in fact dynamic, relevant and a real part of their lives.
Sweden boasts a good infrastructure for telephone interviewing and focus groups; indeed, the Swedes are premier in the world at counting and measuring themselves, as you'd expect in an affluent, socialist society.
www.hbstaff.com /articles/sweden.htm   (1390 words)

 Sweden votes left, as Left Party moves right, Issue 33
Sweden's general election set new records: the Christian Democrats and the Left Party (ex-communists) doubled their vote; the Liberals, Centre Party (ex-farmers' party) and Social Democrats (SPD) had their worst results since the 1920s.
The Left Party had two different election campaigns: one directed to the SPD with the message, 'we are not populist', and one aimed at the market.
This is due to a combination of factors: the deep crisis and a feeling of helplessness mixed with propaganda that the austerity programmes were temporary; the lack of credible national initiatives and the direct blocking role of the unions; and a growing understanding that successful struggle is harder today than in previous periods.
www.socialismtoday.org /33/sweden33.html   (2020 words)

 Socialist Party (Sweden, 1929) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A split in the Sveriges Kommunistiska Parti (The Communist Party of Sweden) in 1929 resulted in the formation of a parallel communist party, led by Karl Kilbom and Nils Flyg.
The Kilbom party merged in 1934 with a break-away group of the Social Democrats based in Göteborg, led by Albin Ström.
As per the international contacts of the party, it was initially associated with the International Communist Opposition and later with the London Bureau.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Socialist_Party_(Sweden,_1929)   (456 words)

 Scotland: SSP at the Crossroads
The SSP is the only left-wing political party that has had some electoral success in recent times.
This followed their perspective that New Labour had destroyed the links between the Labour Party and the working class, and therefore the SSP was going to become the new mass party, with the unions affiliating one after the other.
This is the old reformist argument of the 1960s, although then it was Sweden and Germany that were used as models.
www.socialist.net /content/view/2386/31   (861 words)

 News (08/07/05) - London Bombings: No to terrorism, no to war
The Socialist Party totally condemns these attacks as we did those of 9/11, the Madrid bombings and all acts of terror which result in the indiscriminate slaughter of ordinary working people.
That is why the Socialist Party and the Committee for a Workers' International is campaigning in England and Wales and in 40 countries around the world to replace capitalism with a democratic socialist society based on production for need not profit.
Socialists have always opposed the methods of individual terrorism which subjugates the mass mobilisation of working people for the actions of a small group.
www.socialistparty.net /pub/news/londonbombings08-07-05.htm   (3092 words)

 Scottish Socialist Party Conference 2004
Commercial sexual exploitation is caused by structural inequality and as socialists we are committed to its eradication and believe this can be achieved through, amongst others, adequate services for women and children, the punishment of exploitative and abusive persons and a fairer distribution of options and wealth throughout society.
A serious socialist party has to be the best fighter for reforms while at the same time explaining that what the capitalists concede with the right hand they will attempt to take away with the left.
A socialist programme for the economy must call for the ownership of the means to produce wealth to be in the hands of the working class, as well as for increased taxes on the profits of the big corporations and the personal wealth of the fat cats and the millionaires.
www.scottishsocialistparty.org /conference/conf04/sun_motions01.html   (5746 words)

 Sweden and the Myth of Benevolent Socialism
Sweden is the poster state for those who believe in the power of the government to solve all problems.
Frequently referred to as a "benevolent" socialist or social democratic state, to distinguish it from the run-of-the-mill socialist butcher shop, such as Cuba, China, North Korea, the USSR, and most of Africa, Latin and Central America, and Asia, Sweden is the Promised Land of the Left.
According to a Swiss federal government statistical comparison of Switzerland and Sweden, the percentage of Swedish unmarried pregnancies in 1996 was 54% percent – roughly equal to the fl community in the United States.
www.lewrockwell.com /dieteman/dieteman33.html   (1561 words)

 Socialist Appeal - Trotsky and the Struggle Against Fascism
Though extreme right wing parties as the FPO in Austria are not able at all to organise those sections of society actively, they have been able to attract some electoral support from parts of the working class.
In the past twenty years we have seen the mass parties of the working class forming governments on their own (as in the case of the British Labour Party) or in a coalition (as in the case of the Italian PDS).
The offices of the Trade Unions, of the Communist and Socialist parties, the headquarters of the co-operative movement, the journals of the left, were all attacked, burnt down and destroyed by squads organised by the fascists.
www.socialistappeal.org /content/view/147/57   (4759 words)

 2004 November - Socialist Party Australia
All Socialist Party members and supporters and voters are invited to Richmond Town Hall, Bridge Rd, Richmond this Thursday, 2nd December, at 7pm for the formal swearing in of the first socialist councillor for many years.
The Socialist Party is proud to announce that Stephen Jolly won a seat in Langridge Ward in the Yarra City Council elections on Saturday.
Scottish socialist Party (SSP) members were stunned to learn of the resignation of Tommy Sheridan as national convenor of the party on Wednesday 10 November.
www.socialistpartyaustralia.org /archives/2004/11   (524 words)

 Socialist Voice (May 03): World News in Brief - Nigeria & Sweden   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The only party that could be seen as offering an alternative to the looters, the radical National Conscience Party (NCP), did not yet have the strength to be seen by the masses as a viable alternative.
Within the NCP, members of the Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI in Nigeria) are explaining that this disputed election will open up a period of turbulence in Nigeria that will give an opportunity to build a mass movement to challenge the existing elite.
Rattvisepartiet Socialisterna, the Socialist Party’s sister party in Sweden, actively supports the strike and its councillors in Umea and Lulea have demanded that the councils accept the union demand.
www.socialistparty.net /pub/pages/voicemay03/14.htm   (323 words)

 The Young Socialist   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
A truly socialist government must be democratic to survive, because it is the people who ensure the government and economy is socialist.
First, the notion that Sweden represents a socialist system is itself a bit of a canard.
Where a socialist system would force the wealthy to give to the poor, our current system uses force to prevent the wealthy and powerful from taking from the weak and poor.
youngsocialist.blogspot.com /2002_06_30_youngsocialist_archive.html   (1812 words)

 The Fourth International
The Fourth International, also known as the World Party of Socialist Revolution, was founded in 1938 by Leon Trotsky.
While reactionary U.S. legislation bars Socialist Action from formal membership in the Fourth International, we stand in political solidarity with the FI, and consider its sections to be our sister organizations.
Socialist Democracy Fuses With the I.S. in Ireland
www.socialistaction.org /fi.htm   (410 words)

 WheretodoResearch.com - Major Democratic Leftist of Center Parties in Democracies
The CDI consists of leftist, centrist, and conservative parties in democracies, non-democracies and semi-democracies.
The ELDR consists of mostly centrist parties in democracies and semi-democracies in Europe.
Mostly the ELDR is a caucus of like-minded parties in the European Parliament.
www.wheretodoresearch.com /International/Socialist_Parties.htm   (327 words)

 Melvin Little on PSOE Takeover in Spain
For example, the German Social Democratic Party, the French Socialist Party, and the New Democratic Party of Canada were some of the major "socialist-parties" that strongly opposed to the Bush-Blair led police action against Iraq last year.
The Spanish Socialist Worker's Party, nevertheless, is a traditional "socialist-party" that headed the once leftist Popular Front Government in the 1930s before the Spanish Civil War which lasted from 1936-1939.
The Socialists' been in and out of power in the last 28 years, and they were responsible (as both a governing party in power or as part of coalition governments) for labor unions gaining back their political power, the creation of a socialized medical system, abolishing the death penalty, and other social-democratic reforms.
www.thesocialistparty.org /Melvin/spain.html   (1746 words)

 Socialist Party Campaigns
Initiated by the Socialist Party, ISR is a democratic, broad organisation fighting for a socialist alternative to capitalism.
Socialist Students campaigns against tuition and top-up fees, for the restoration of a living grant and against the war and occupation of Iraq to name but a few.
Building the left inside the trade unions: Socialist Party members are amongst the most determined fighters in workplaces and trade unions for decent wages and conditions.
www.socialistparty.org.uk /CampaignsOurRecord.htm   (1140 words)

 Socialism Today - Sweden's neo-Nazi menace
The response to this vicious murder was the largest anti-Nazi demonstrations in Sweden since the 1930s, held on Saturday 23 October.
Sweden's first big austerity budget in 1992 also hit sick-pay and pensions, and cut grants for refugees to £4.50 a day.
The be-suited neo-Nazis of the Sweden Democrats have tried to mobilise public opinion against refugee camps, as if these were responsible for unemployment and the health service crisis.
www.socialismtoday.org /46/sweden.html   (2868 words)

 Multnomah County Socialist Party
Socialists say we are where we are because we haven't had economic democracy.
Americans have always accepted that the big decisions should be made in the boardrooms and on the golf courses by the white men who have always been entrusted with this invisible power.
The MCL is a local of the Socialist Party USA, and this list's purpose is to keep MCL members updated on activities and actions.
www.thesocialistparty.org /spo/pdx/index.html   (414 words)

 Lenin: 1917/7thconf: Resolution On Borgbjerg's Proposal
In connection with the arrival of the Danish “socialist” Borgbjerg and his invitation to attend a congress of socialists in support of peace, which the German socialists of the Scheidemann and Plekhanov orientation propose on the basis of Germany renouncing most of her annexed territories, the Conference resolves:
Neither do we consider the Danish party, from which Borgbjerg has his mandate, a socialist party, because it is headed by Stauning, a member of the bourgeois cabinet.
The party of the proletariat in Russia will attend a conference and enter into a fraternal union with only such workers’ parties of other countries as are waging a revolutionary struggle in their own countries for all state power passing to the proletariat.
www.marxists.org /archive/lenin/works/1917/7thconf/25b.htm   (711 words)

The outward flow of capital from Sweden between 1980 and 1990 increased by a factor of 20, a factor exacerbated by the elimination of exchange controls (Iversen 1996).
The Green Party, the Christian Democrats, and for a short time New Democracy, are the relative newcomers to the Swedish political landscape during the nineties.
The Green Party is the environmentally conscious party standing for the preservation of Sweden’s ‘green areas’, shutdown of nuclear power plants, and anti-EU membership (Madeley 1994).
lilt.ilstu.edu /critique/spring2002docs/jcoronel.htm   (6798 words)

 Sweden - Narrow victory for the Swedish right
The second biggest party outside the parliament is the new party, Feminist Initiative, a feminist party led by an old chairman of the left-party, Gudrun Schyman.
Socialist Party (Socialistiska Partiet), the Fourth International section probably gained 3 seats and now has 4 local council seats in 4 different cities.
Anders Svensson is a member of the EC of the Socialist Party in Sweden and also a member of the Fourth International’s International Committee.
www.internationalviewpoint.org /spip.php?article1128   (1312 words)

 Introducing the Socialist Party, Netherlands
The Socialist Party of the Netherlands is one of Spectre’s sponsors.
The Whole of Humanity is the SP’s political programme, the party’s key vision of concerning society and the alternatives we advocate.
As an active political party we have a great deal of admiration for other people and organisations who dare to stick their neck out for justice and solidarity.
www.spectrezine.org /resist/socpar.html   (1653 words)

 Flags of political parties (Sweden)
The Centre Party (agrarian party) is often displaying all-green flags together with the Swedish flag.
There is no official party flag as far as I know, but the flags distributed by the party, is rather pale red with the party's symbol in the middle on a grey field.
Fria Moderata Studentförbundet (Free Conservative Students), a student organisation ideologically though not formally connected to the Moderate Party, has an official flag with is green (a slightly blueish green shade), on which is a white circle ("cannon ball") within a white laurel wreath.
www.crwflags.com /fotw/flags/se-pol.html   (671 words)

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