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Topic: Soho House

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  Reflections, SOHO San Diego
The agreement is that the three buildings on the property, the Verna House, and the two false front store buildings, become the properties of The County of San Diego, these structures were moved originally by the HSF to the property.
The parlor and study of the Whaley house is furnished mostly with Whaley family items, portraits of Thomas and Anna, Anna's parlor organ, their sofa, Thomas's desk and a few books, and Lillian's alligator satchel.
SOHO will act as caretakers of this site, and we see our stewardship of the house as many things, one of which is to accurately display the property in its historic period, both as an example and as a duty to the community.
www.sohosandiego.org /reflections/2001september/whaleyhouse.htm   (1351 words)

 Soho House - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Soho House, Matthew Boulton's home (from 1766 until he died in 1809) in Handsworth, Birmingham, England, is now a museum (opened in 1995), celebrating his life, his partnership with James Watt and his membership of the Lunar Society.
Boulton moved in to Soho House when the Manufactory was completed in 1766.
In the years between Boulton's leaving and the house becoming a museum, it had several uses, more recently as a residential hostel for police officers.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Soho_House   (266 words)

 Soho House, Birmingham UK
Soho House is an important and historic building.
The house is unique in that it was probably the first centrally heated English house since Roman times.
Matthew Boulton was born in Birmingham in 1728.
www.birminghamuk.com /sohohouse.htm   (291 words)

 Soho House Members' Club London (Soho)
I have been taken to Soho House New York and must say that it is by far the best hang out in the meatpacking district.
Soho house is getting on in age now and the interior whilst once fresh and clever, now looks moth eaten, dirty and far too like one of those 'theme pubs' trying to give an aged look.
If you live and work in Soho, or will often be close by, then it makes a good watering and relaxation hole, but otherwise, I now feel there are better clubs in town.
www.urbanpath.com /london/members-clubs/soho-house.htm   (677 words)

 Benjamin Franklin House - The Franklin Trail
Soho House is a museum located outside Birmingham, which was once home to the manufacturer and engineer Matthew Boulton.
Next to the house was the Soho Manufactory, an early factory where a wide range of goods were produced.
The house Franklin knew has now been demolished and replaced with a mid-Victorian mansion with a park and gardens that are open to the public.
www.benjaminfranklinhouse.org /site/sections/about_franklin/trail.htm   (1030 words)

 juli b | the soho house
beginning may 7, new yorkers can get ready for the soho house - a chic 45,000 square foot members-only international club in the meatpacking district.
the club is owned by a group of british investors including 39 year-old nick jones - creator of the original soho house in london.
the soho house is complete with a full-service spa, rooftop pool, screening room with leather club chairs, restaurant and three floors of bedrooms.
www.julib.com /sohohouse.html   (217 words)

 Sinvin : Press Release : Real Estate : Soho House Sets Opening
The Post has learned the founders of Soho House quietly speared its spot in the meatpacking district late last year, signing a long-term lease for 45,000 square feet at the gold-bricked 29 Ninth Ave.
Soho House New York will take over the lobby, the third through sixth floors and the roof of the six-story, 1898 loft building.
Soho House founder Nick Jones, Chris Sade and a group of their film-buff friends developed their initial London club in 1995.
www.sinvin.com /press/view_press.php?view=1   (1092 words)

 Soho, Birmingham - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Soho is an area in north west Birmingham, approximately 2 miles from the City Centre on the A41, which until 1911 formed part of Handsworth District.
Soho is also a ward within the formal district of Ladywood.
Soho had stations on the LNWR's Stour Valley Line between Smethwick Rolfe Street and the also closed Winson Green railway station, and on the GWR between Handsworth and Smethwick (now Handsworth Booth Street) and Hockley (replaced by Jewellery Quarter).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Soho,_Birmingham   (208 words)

 Workhouse Underground: Luxury
Soho House was founded in London in 1995 as a private members club catering to people in the film and media industries.
Sister clubs include The Electric House in London’s Notting Hill; Babington House, a 28 room hotel near Bath where the original Cowshed Spa was founded; and Soho House New York, which opened in 2002.
Soho House New York has 24 bedrooms as well as a screening room, spa, roof deck with swimming pool, restaurant and bar.
www.workhousepr.com /underground/luxury/sohohouse.php   (881 words)

 soho house 21 | venue | pink weddings
Soho House has three rooms that can be used for your wedding.
The food at Soho House is fantastic and service is helpful, friendly, and efficient.
Soho House is open until 3am every day except Sunday, when they close at midnight
www.pinkweddings.biz /venues/london/sohohouse21.htm   (299 words)

 Soho House New York - Vacation Idea.com Hotel Review
Soho House New York is a private members club and hotel located in Manhattan's Meatpacking district in New York City.
Soho House New York has 24 oversized bedrooms ranging in size from 350 to 950 square feet.
Soho House New York is at the intersection of 9th Avenue and West 13th Street in downtown Manhattan.
www.vacationidea.com /hotels/soho_house_nyc.html   (250 words)

 SoHo House - As featured in The Hot List 2004
In May 2003, Soho House, the British brand that began as a private members' club in London, opened in Manhattan on the top six floors of a former warehouse in the hip Meatpacking District.
The next floor houses a 43-seat cinema, and a dazzling room in white leather, mirrors and glass that can be hired for functions.
Soho House New York, 29-35 9th Avenue, New York, USA (00 1 212 627 9800; fax: 627 4766; www.sohohouse.com).
www.cntraveller.co.uk /Special_Features/The_Hot_List_2004/SoHo_House   (299 words)

 Oscar week's house of style - Los Angeles Times
While the L.A. Soho House has its fair share of celebrity-pampering sponsors — MAC Cosmetics and the Bumble and Bumble hair salon — its main purpose is to raise the club's elegant profile in the land of the beautiful people.
For Masters that means taking a house rented for three weeks — one week to redecorate, one to host Oscar events and parties, and one to put it all back like she found it — and turning it into a showplace.
Throughout the house, there is an easy mix of styles and periods, a design sensibility that almost begs to be called New Old Fogey, in which the antiques are actually midcentury pieces like Arne Jacobsen's Swan chair, and the new sofas and high-back easy chairs are reproductions of 19th century English furniture.
latimes.com /features/home/la-hm-soho24feb24,0,878395.story?...   (1236 words)

 Electric House | About us   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
The Electric House is open daily from 8am until 1am Monday to Thursday, 8am until 2am on Friday and Saturday and 10am until midnight on Sundays.
As a member of the Electric House, other benefits include members’ room rates at Babington House and members’ rates when booking functions at Soho House 21, the private rooms of Soho House.
Electric House members are also given access to the Soho House boat throughout the Cannes Film Festival.
www.electrichouse.com /aboutus.php   (365 words)

 Soho House New York Bar in New York
Soho House is the coolest place in New York City.
I was lucky enough to spend five nights in Soho House over the new year period and I have to say myself and all the group who were with me fell in love with the place.
The New York version is definitely a lot better than the Soho House in London and it's great to have a change from the pushy environment in many New York bars, being surrounded by attractive, relaxed and friendly people.
www.worldsbestbars.com /city/new-york/soho-house-new-york-new-york.htm   (754 words)

 Soho House
The elegant home of industrial pioneer Matthew Boulton, who lived at Soho House from 1766 to 1809.
Possibly the first centrally heated English house since Roman times, Soho House has been carefully restored to its 18th century appearance and contains some of Boulton's own furniture.
In the visitor centre next to Soho House is a community history gallery with a changing programme of exhibitions and activities.
www.birmingham.gov.uk /sohohouse   (180 words)

 Somerville Old House Organization   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
SOHO enjoys all old houses, so your home does not have to be a house of historical significance in order to benefit from this organization.
SOHO is where you’ll find a wealth of information and experience to help you make more informed decisions about restoring and renovating your old home.
Old Houses Matter: A city and its residents who think of its homes as "just old" risk losing the true intrinsic value and unique characteristics that they bring to Somerville.
www.somervilleoldhouse.com   (409 words)

 Miamist: Soho House To Build in Miami   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
New York City's Soho House (Meatpacking District) has 3500 members and is noted for the rooftop pool, although we are big fans of the foosball table off the main bar.
The 74- unit Soho Beach House is expected to open in 2008.
I guess it is true, as I saw the same thing on Haute Blog, www.hauteblog.com I love Soho House, and can't wait till it moves to Miami.
www.miamist.com /archives/2006/07/18/soho_house_to_build_in_miami.php   (352 words)

 Soho House
The elegant Soho House, 18th century home of industrial pioneer Matthew Boulton, is the prestigious and historic venue for The Planetary Society’s British Lecture Programme, where we will be using the Visitor Center’s excellent Lecture Room for our presentations.
Thanks to the generosity and assistance of the management of Soho House, the British Volunteer Team have been given the free use of this superb Lecture Room, seating 50 persons and with full audio-visual facilities.
There is a charge for admission to Soho House, with family concessions and discounts for groups of 10 or more booking in advance.
www.planetary.org.uk /html/soho_house.html   (369 words)

 Soho House Sets Sights on Miami with Condo Hotel, Soho Club South
NEW YORK -- Soho House, the exclusive club that even PR powerhouse Samantha Jones in Sex and the City couldn’t get into, is planning to open a 74-unit Miami property in 2008.
Soho Beach House, as it will be known, will be part hotel, part condominium development.
“You’re buying into a little piece of Soho House, the brand,” said North America general manager Mark Somen, who is overseeing the launch of the Miami property.
www.condohotelcenter.com /industry-news/in91.htm   (372 words)

 SoHo House for Kids (BYOE) -- Daddy Types   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Citibabes in in the works for a 10,000-sf loft in SoHo; there'll be a gym, some kind of playground, and a mom & baby boutique by editor/sister/mom/wife of my old posse member (hey, Euan!)-turned-designer Lucy Sykes.
The NY Post calls it SoHo House for kids, but the founders play down any similarity.
Celeb kids party at SoHo House includes X on the floor.
daddytypes.com /2004/09/22/soho_house_for_kids_byoe.php   (386 words)

 USATODAY.com - NYC's Soho House: Celebrity members only   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
In the fickle world of Manhattan nightlife, the newly opened Soho House is, at this point in time, the most au courant place to sleep, screen a movie, sup and sip.
The very private Soho House is part clubby hangout, part chichi crash pad.
The chosen ones use their membership cards to enter the converted warehouse, then wind through five floors' worth of luxury, including a rooftop deck with a heated pool and the Cowshed spa — where a 40-minute de-stressing massage will run you $60 and a therapeutic pedicure $45.
www.usatoday.com /life/2003-08-06-soho_x.htm   (539 words)

 BiZBash Event News: Soho House Opens in L.A.—Just for Oscar Week
Not to be excluded from the Academy Awards festivities, Soho House brought its brand from London and New York to the Hollywood Hills for a week.
Interior designer Amanda Masters transformed the formerly outmoded home into an ultra-modern, hip hangout—befitting the Soho House name—in a period of only a week, but she had a generous budget of $250,000 to do it.
New York’s Soho House club brought its brand to the Hollywood Hills, renting a private residence to transform into a maze of luxe suites during the week of the Academy Awards.
bizbash.com /content/editorial/e4465.asp   (425 words)

 Curbed: Neighborhood: Soho & Nolita Archives
The Soho for-sale-by-owner open house incident that left a homeowner bleeding from a broker's sharp nails hit the big-time last weekend.
A few weeks back, we ran a reader account of an open house in Soho gone very wrong ("When I arrived the man's face was bleeding with vicious cuts on either side of his face, looking shaken and on the phone to the police").
Brief background on a legendary Soho story, if you're new round these parts: at the southwest corner of Houston and Broadway, there's a broad expanse of vertical real estate that would be just perfect for, say, a giant Miss Sixty billboard.
www.curbed.com /archives/categories/neighborhood_soho_nolita.php   (1156 words)

 New York City hotel located in SoHo New York, perfect for a romantic getaway.
New York City hotel located in SoHo New York, the pet friendly Soho Grand Hotel offers the finest New York City hotel accommodations with all excitement of Manhattan, perfect for a romantic getaway.
Located in SoHo New York, the pet friendly Soho Grand Hotel offers the finest New York City hotel accommodations with all excitement of Manhattan.
Built in 1996 as the first New York hotel in SoHo, the Soho Grand Hotel was designed by William Sofield as a luxury hotel and boutique hotel that is perfect for a romantic getaway or weekend getaway in NYC.
www.sohogrand.com   (152 words)

 Gothamist: Sexy Girls at Soho House
The Daily News spends a day on set of Sex and the City - the day they happen to be filming at Soho House.
According to the call sheet, he Soho House episode is the one where "Carrie tells everybody about Jeremy." Gothamist guesses Jeremy is the character played David Duchovny, the post-Berger rebound relationship (next week is the rebound fling).
The DN article is just pretty boring otherwise, some good, if unnecessary PR for the show (hey, Patricia Field gives Cynthia Nixon a gift for her daughter!), but it definitely sates Jen's need for SATC news every other day.
www.gothamist.com /archives/2003/08/04/sexy_girls_at_soho_house.php   (453 words)

 Soho House New York Hotel - New York City - Soho House New York Hotel Reviews - TripAdvisor
I'm surprised by some of the comments posted for Soho House, we had no issue with noise or staff being rude.
I was a bit worried about booking Soho House given the reviews posted here about bad...
There seems to be some really varied reviews about the Soho House and I would like to share my total experience...I would have to agree with the previous review, the rooms are quite noisy.
tripadvisor.com /Hotel_Review-g60763-d313862-Reviews-Soho_House_New_...   (952 words)

 Soho Free House | Penang | WCities Destination Guide
Happy hours are from 5pm-9pm, when beer goes for a steal at MYR5.50.
well, one thing i like about SOHO is that this is one of the few clubs i went to that plays english...
Soho is nice place!the music at there is good,they keep on update....
www.wcities.com /en/record/,176401/364/record.html   (173 words)

 Cowshed Spa, a New York Spa at Soho House Hotel - Vacation Idea.com
Located on the 3rd floor of Soho House New York, the Cowshed Spa is a place where hotel guests can go to have the stress taken out of their tired bodies.
Treatment rates range from $60 for a quick 30 minute "stressed cow" massage to $325 for a "day at the Cowshed." Call 212-627-9800 to book your spa treatment.
Find out more about the Soho House New York if you need a place to stay overnight.
www.vacationidea.com /spas/soho_house_spa.html   (233 words)

 Soho House - an LA MILL COFFEE client
Soho House - an LA MILL COFFEE client
Premier members only club and newest swank hotel, the Soho House was founded in 1995 as private members only club for individuals in the film and media industries.
Soho House's exclusive Oscar party featured LA Mill Coffee products amongst it's fine dining.
www.lamillcoffee.com /Soho_House   (50 words)

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