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Topic: Solar core

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 Earth - Encyclopedia.WorldSearch
Earth or the Earth (Terra) is the planet on which humans live, the third outward from the Sun, the largest of the solar system 's terrestrial planet s, and the only planetary body in the solar system that has conditions suitable for life, at least as known to modern science.
Earth's solar orbit, vulcanism, gravity, greenhouse effect, magnetic field and oxygen-rich atmosphere seem to combine to make Earth a water planet.
The interior of Earth, like that of the other terrestrial planets, is chemically divided into an outer siliceous solid crust, a highly viscous mantle, an outer core that is less viscous than the mantle, and an inner core. /earth.htm

 The Magnetosphere
The magnetosphere effectively shields the Earth from most of the direct solar wind because charged particles do not readily travel across a magnetic field but are deflected at angles to the magnetic field.
We are also looking for the magnetic link between the Earth's atmosphere and magnetosphere, and we hope to learn more about their responses to cyclic and transient changes in solar activity as well as to the steady stream of solar wind.
The iron-nickel core of the Earth acts as a giant magnet, comparable to a dipole bar magnet. /education/lectures/magnetosphere.html

 AGU Web Site: A Beginner's Guide to the Earth's Magnetosphere
This is a rather weak field, about one ten thousandth of the field at the Earth's surface, but nevertheless, it plays a crucial role in the Earth's interaction with the solar wind.
Applying the first of these ideas to the interaction between the solar wind and the Earth, we recognize that the solar wind plasma is frozen to the interplanetary magnetic field, and the Earth's plasma (for example, from the ionosphere) to the Earth's field.
Most of the "geography" of the complex system that is the Earth's magnetosphere has been mapped out in the past 40 years of experimental study, but much remains to be learned about the underlying physical processes that are at work. /sci_soc/cowley.html

 The Official Time-Waster's Guide v3.0
Exalted draws much of its influence from anime, and the core rulebook gave the tools to create one of the classic anime archetypes: the powerful but mysterious shunned outsider, the ubercool underdog, the outlaw hero.
They lack the upward struggle of the Solar Exalted; they are born into families that have ruled Creation for centuries, and they are groomed as heroes of great power from birth.
Exalted: The Dragon-Blooded, at 300 pages, is nearly as hefty as the core rulebook, but very little of the space is devoted to rules. /view.php?id=118   (1146 words)

 Ice Core Dating
It should be noted that the 10Be/9Be ratios for some ice cores have been compared with the known solar cycle and are in excellent agreement with what is known (accurately showing the time of the European Little Ice Age, which corresponded with a remarkably low amount of solar activity).
Examples of such inclusions are a decrease (or increase) in temperature over a period of years that can be determined from flora and fauna found in the oceanic core and a decrease (increase) in the 18O enrichment over this same period of years.
Of the four distinct methods for determining the ages of ice cores, the first three are direct experimental tests and the fourth rests on somewhat uncertain theories. /faqs/icecores.html   (1146 words)

 WIP - Unnamed Sleeper Ship -
If they already have a hyperspace core, their solar panel technology already is quite developned and extremely reliable.
I agree that the hyperspace core part is a bit pointless since it is a sleeper ship.
I mean you could use a star trek warp core or simialar technology as it provides a nice amount of power to all ship systems. /forums/showthread.php?t=21371   (1015 words)

 Ice Core Dating
It should be noted that the 10Be/9Be ratios for some ice cores have been compared with the known solar cycle and are in excellent agreement with what is known (accurately showing the time of the European Little Ice Age, which corresponded with a remarkably low amount of solar activity).
Of the four distinct methods for determining the ages of ice cores, the first three are direct experimental tests and the fourth rests on somewhat uncertain theories.
From the data gathered from the Vostok ice-core indicates that the minimum age of the earth is 160,000 +- 15,000 years. /faqs/icecores.html   (2011 words)

 Reasons To Believe: Facts For Faith Issue 10, 2002
The ignition of nuclear fusion gradually increased the ratio of helium to hydrogen in the solar core.
General revelation explains the powerful phenomenon of spirituality and illuminates why many of the world’s religions agree in some specific areas, particularly concerning core ethical issues.
In other words, fine-tuning removal of greenhouse gases to compensate for the increase in solar luminosity requires fine-tuning all the factors that govern silicate erosion, plus all the factors that govern the quantity, growth, diversity, decay, and burial of organisms. /resources/fff/2002issue10/index.shtml   (17268 words)

 Earth Introduction
Earth is the only planet in the solar system known to harbor life.
Besides affecting Earth's weather, solar activity gives rise to a dramatic visual phenomenon in our atmosphere.
Earth is the 3rd planet from the Sun at a distance of about 150 million kilometers (93.2 million miles). /eng/earth.htm   (17268 words)

Hanslmeier, A., Kucera, A., Rybák, J., Wöhl, H. in: Proceedings of the 10th European Solar Physics Meeting 'Solar Variability: from Core to Outer Frontiers', ed.
Koza, J., Bellot Rubio, L.R., Kucera, A., Hanslmeier, A., Rybák, J., Wöhl, H. in: Proceedings of the 10th European Solar Physics Meeting 'Solar Variability: from Core to Outer Frontiers', ed.
Hanslmeier, A., Kucera, A., Rybák, J., Wöhl, H. in : Proceedings of the 1st Solar & Space Weather Euroconference 'The Solar Cycle and Terrestrial Climate', ed. /~choc/publlist/contributions_e.html   (2477 words)

 Religioscope > Archives > "Our terrestrial journey is coming to an end": the last voyage of the Solar Temple
Scholarly observers have advanced varied interpretations of the Solar Temple's saga.<59> Whatever the primary cause of the "transit," it was not a hasty decision, and the core group took time and care to legitimate ideologically the suicides and murders.
Creators of their own legend, the core members of the Solar Temple considered themselves as an elect circle, heirs to an uncommon destiny who were invested with a cosmic task to fulfill.
The leaders of the Solar Temple explained their actions in the texts sent to the media from a Geneva post office on 5 October 1994, and in three videocassettes which were shipped to a French OTS member by another trusted member at the same time. /article_172.shtml   (2477 words)

Cohen, R. Stixrude, and D. Papaconstantopoulos, An accurate tight-binding model for iron at high pressures: towards high temperature simulations of the Earth's core, in High-Pressure Science and Technology--1993, S.
Badding, J. Mao, and R. Hemley, High-pressure crystal structure and equation of state of iron hydride: implications for the Earth's core, in High-Pressure Research: Application to Earth and Planetary Sciences, Y.
Duffy, T. Hemley, and H. Mao, Structure and bonding in hydrous minerals at high pressures: Raman spectroscopy of alkaline earth hydroxides, in Volatiles in the Earth and Solar System, K. /library/chipr-pub.html   (2477 words)

 Solar Exalted - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Most of the core book is given over to game mechanics and setting overview rather than an in-depth analysis of the Solar Exalted, despite their starring role in the series.
Solar Exalted channel their Charms through their abilities, unlike Lunar Exalted who channel them through their innate attributes, and in general increase the effectiveness of their abilities, as opposed to Abyssal Exalted whose Charms hinder others.
Those mortals unlucky enough to be exalted as Solars during this period of history were instantly pinpointed by the magic of the Empress and the Sidereals, and before they could master their abilities, were ambushed and slaughtered by the Wyld Hunt. /wiki/Solar_Exalted   (824 words)

 Sun - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The core extends from the center of the Sun to about 0.2 solar radii, and is the only part of the Sun where an appreciable amount of heat is produced by fusion: the rest of the star is heated by energy that is transferred outward.
The solar constant is the amount of power that the Sun deposits per unit area that is directly exposed to sunlight.
This is suggested by a high abundance of heavy elements such as iron, gold and uranium in the solar system: the most plausible ways that these elements could be produced are by endothermic nuclear reactions during a supernova or by transmutation via neutron absorption inside a massive first generation star. /wiki/Sun   (3614 words)

 Star - Open Encyclopedia
The core that remains will be a tiny ball of degenerate matter not massive enough for further fusion to take place, supported only by degeneracy pressure, called a white dwarf.
K core, hydrogen fuses to form helium in the proton-proton chain:
K and masses between 0.5 and 10 solar masses, helium can be transformed into carbon in the triple-alpha process: /Star   (3614 words)

 Ice Core Research Drilling Ice Cores
Climatic parameters such as air temperature, precipitation rate, and solar radiation can be interpreted from ice cores.
Ice cores drilled from the ice sheet provide a sample of all the layers of snow accumulated over thousands of years, the oldest at the bottom.
More sophisticated techniques for dating ice cores are done later back in the labora tory by analyzing the concentration of oxygen atoms in the ice. /icecore/cores.html   (342 words)

 Supermassive Black Holes
The observations indicate that approximately 3 billion solar masses are concentrated in a region at the galactic core that is only about the size of the Solar System.
It is thought that the jets are powered by a gargantuan black hole of perhaps a billion solar masses, and that the ring in the Hubble image is an accretion disk feeding the black hole.
The most plausible candidate is a rotating, supermassive black hole of order a billion solar masses at their center. /astr162/lect/active/smblack.html   (995 words)

 Universe Today - Stars Have More Neon Than Previously Believed
Neon atoms, along with carbon, oxygen and nitrogen, play an important role in how quickly energy flows from nuclear reactions in the sun's core to its edge, where it then radiates into space.
Solar oscillations is a technique astronomers previously relied on to probe the sun's interior.
The predicted location and size of the solar convection zone disagree with those deduced from solar oscillations. /am/publish/chandra_discovery_solar_paradox.html   (995 words)

 6(g). The Solar Source of the Earth's Energy
Solar energy is created at the core of the sun when hydrogen atoms are fused into helium by nuclear fusion.
The intensity of solar radiation striking these objects is determined by a physical law known as the Inverse Square Law (see topic 6f).
Some researchers have also suggested that the increase in the average global temperature over the last century may have been solar in origin. /fundamentals/6g.html   (394 words)

 The Interior of the Sun
The core is the hot, dense central region in which the nuclear reactions that power the Sun take place.
One way to study the solar interior is through helioseismology.
Thus, for example, the radius of the Sun is about 109 times that of the Earth, which implies that the volume of the Sun would hold approximately 1.3 million Earths (since the volume goes as the cube of the radius). /astr162/lect/sun/interior.html   (468 words)

 Our Solar System
As the dense matter in the center of the solar system further condensed the extreme heat that was generated in the center began to burn the abundant hydrogen atoms in its core, becoming a self-sustaining
Scientists have learned a lot about how our solar system was formed by studying other astronomical phenomena, like nebulas, that are in different stages of their life cycles.
Here are the nine planets in our solar system, listed in order of their appearance from the sun. /solarsys.htm   (538 words)

 Solar System Trading Cards -- Science Background
Originally the gas and dust which would become the Sun was the core of a cloud much larger than the Solar System, probably several light years across; where 1 light year is equal to approximately 10,000,000,000,000 kilometers (or 6 trillion miles).
Comets are solar system leftovers; they are often described as "dirty snowballs", lumps of frozen gas and dust.
A scale model of the solar system with the Sun a ball about 10 cm in diameter would have the Earth the size of a b.b., about 2 mm in diameter. /resources/explorations/trading/trading-inter-scientist.html   (1949 words)

Solar power is renewable as long as the sun keeps burning the massive amount of hydrogen it has in its core.
Siemens Solar Industries of Camarillo, California: Siemens Solar is affiliated with Siemens AG of Germany and Siemens Corporation of the U.S.; the Siemens Solar Group as a whole enjoys annual revenue of $78 million (1997), employs 475 people worldwide, and has American facilities in California and Vancouver, Washington.
With solar power, along with some batteries for backup, one is also paying for the extra reliability with their increased resistance to the simple line failures of standard utility electricity. /articles/static/1/995469913_2.html   (5396 words)

 Ultraviolet Irradiance at Solar Minimum
We describe the behavior near solar minimum of both the irradiance in selected UV wavelength intervals, the the Mg II core-to-wing ratio, and the integrated Ly-\alpha line irradiance.
We describe the behavior of the solar UV spectral irradiance during the decline of solar cycle 22 with special emphasis on the recent solar minimum period.
These results are compared with solar minimum behavior of other solar indices to better understand the relationship among the regions of the solar atmosphere where each emission originates. /publications/baas/v29n5/aas191/abs/S074009.html   (5396 words)

 PSR Discoveries:Feature: The Moon's very small core.
The Moon's core is, in fact, proportionately smaller than the cores of any of the inner planets in the Solar System.
The lunar core is, by latest accounts, 1 to 3% of the total mass, but Earth's core is 33% of the total mass.
For an iron-rich composition, a core of this size represents merely 1 to 3% of the Moon's total mass. /Sept99/MoonCore.html   (1363 words)

 Origins: Antarctica: Tools: Ice Cores
These "ice cores" contain compounds that were in the air when the snow that formed them originally fell, as well as everything from dust to radioactive particles.
Ice cores from Antarctica have also recorded ecological events that took place thousands of miles away.
Alternating bands of light and dark ice, for instance, correspond to changes in the seasons, and help scientists construct a year-by-year record of changes in local climate, sea level, solar radiation, and chemistry dating back hundreds of thousands of years. /origins/antarctica/tools/icecores.html   (205 words)

 Ice Core Research Global Warming and Cooling Studying the Ice Sheet
The ice core was sampled for 42 different measurements that tell us something about the earth's temperature, solar radiation, sea level, and the chemicals in the atmosphere over time.
The dust found in ice cores was blown by the wind from areas with little or no vegetation, falling to earth with rain or snow.
This ice core records the past 110,000 years of earth's climate history and provides one of the most detailed records for the northern hemisphere. /icecore/studies.html   (455 words)

First are the Solars, the most powerful ones, those touched by the Unconquered Sun, these are the ones that are dealt with in the core-book.
Then, are the Terrestrial Exalted, or Dragon-Blooded, who betrayed the Solars and rule the world while hunting down the last ones of the true Chosen.
Solar Exalted, as you will expect from any White Wolf game, are subdivided into factions. /RPG/ExaltedRulebook.htm   (1037 words)

 Solar Array Durability Abstracts
A solar array segment was recently removed from the Mir core module and returned for ground-based analysis.
Exposure to atomic oxygen and intermittent tensioning of the solar array were conducted to verify the solar array's durability to low Earth orbital atomic oxygen and to the docking threat of plume loading both of which are anticipated over its expected mission life of fifteen years.
Flash testing to verify electrical performance of the solar array was performed with a solar simulator before and after the exposure to atomic oxygen and tensile loading. /WWW/epbranch/other/solarar.htm   (1080 words)

 Neon Abundance in Nearby Stars
Neon, along with atoms of carbon, nitrogen and oxygen, plays an important role in regulating the rate at which energy flows from nuclear reactions in the Sun's core to its surface.
The relative amount of neon in these stars was, on average, almost three times more neon than is measured for the Sun, just the amount needed to bring the solar oscillation observations and the theoretical model into agreement.
Unfortunately, the solar X-rays come from numerous localized loops of hot gas that vary from location to location and time to time, complicating the interpretation of the data on neon. /sciencearticle.cfm?id=3346   (1080 words)

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