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Topic: Solemn League and Covenant

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In the News (Tue 25 Jun 19)

  Solemn League and Covenant - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Solemn League and Covenant was an agreement between the Scottish Covenanters and the leaders of the English Parliamentarians.
The Scottish Covenants persuaded the exiled Charles II of England to agree to the terms of the Solemn League and Covenant in the Treaty of Breda (1650).
However the defeat of the Royalist and Scottish army at the Battle of Worcester in 1651 ended the relevance of the Solemn League and Covenant as the power of the Presbyterians was broken on both sides of the border.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Solemn_League_and_Covenant   (464 words)

 Covenanter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Covenanters are so named because in a series of bands or covenants they bound themselves to maintain the Presbyterian doctrine and polity as the sole religion of their country.
Additional matter intended to suit the document to the special circumstances of the time was added, and the covenant was adopted and signed by a large gathering in the churchyard of Greyfriars Kirk in Edinburgh, on 28 February 1638, after which copies were sent throughout the country for additional signatures.
The General Assembly of 1638 was composed of ardent Covenanters, and in 1640 the covenant was adopted by the Scottish Parliament, and its subscription was required from all citizens.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/The_Solemn_League_and_Covenant   (1598 words)

 What the Solemn League and Covenant means for today
After this, the Solemn League and Covenant was signed by the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland and the Scottish Parliament and later still it was subscribed by Charles II who was king of England, Scotland and Ireland.
Therefore the Solemn League and Covenant is right in pledging the Church to worship according to the Biblical pattern, rather than in "will-worship", the term used in Colossians 2:23 when speaking of worship that has its origin in what men want, rather than what the Word of God appoints.
The first division was over the Solemn League and Covenant and for many years, both the PCI and the RPC held to the Westminster Confession and Catechisms and sang only the psalms without instrumental accompaniment.
www.loughbrickland.org /Articles/slc.shtml   (4116 words)

 The Covenanted Reformation Defended (Greg Barrow) Misrepresentation #3: The Puritan Reformed Church ... Solemn League ...
The Covenanting Parties in the Solemn League and Covenant are God and the Churches of Scotland, England and Ireland, and the Nations of Scotland, England, Ireland, as well as all their posterity (in all the King's dominions).
Covenanting is the exercise of either entering, in an individual or a social capacity, solemnly and formally into the Covenant of Grace, or of renewing it.
If Israel's covenant with God did not bind them, by an intrinsic obligation, their iniquity could not be a breach of the covenant, but only a transgression of the law; nor could it be any way criminal from the relation it had to the covenant, but only from the reference it had to the law.
www.swrb.com /newslett/actualNLs/misrep3.htm   (17542 words)

 The History and Theology of the Solemn League and Covenant
When the Solemn League and Covenant had received the assent of the Scottish Convention of Estates and General Assembly, a copy of it was sent to the English Parliament and the Westminster Divines, for their consideration.
Since the Solemn League and Covenant had been adopted, the Scots did not delay to urge on the practical fulfillment of those engagements for the reformation and uniformity in religion which had been paced in the forefront of it and gave it its main value in their eyes.
The Scriptures utilized in the introduction by the Assembly in proving the necessity of the Solemn League and Covenant are Jeremiah 50:5, Proverbs 25:5, 2 Chronicles 15:15 and Galatians 3:15.
www.apuritansmind.com /WCF/McMahonHistoryTheologySL&C.htm   (6251 words)

 Solemn League and Covenant   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
The alliance between Parliament and the Scottish Covenanters was sealed with the signing of the Solemn League and Covenant by both Houses of Parliament and the Scottish Commissioners on 25 September 1643.
The League was a military and a religious alliance.
After the execution of Charles I, Kirk leaders pressed the Solemn League and Covenant on his son Charles II at the Treaty of Breda (1650).
www.british-civil-wars.co.uk /glossary/solemn-league-covenant.htm   (337 words)

 The Auchensaugh Renovation of the National Covenant and Solemn League and Covenant   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
This upright renewing of covenant with the Lord is a way and mean to procure many mercies, both spiritual and temporal, from the hand of the Lord; which should be a strong inducement and motive to engage us thereunto.
This consideration, that covenanting work is weighty in its own nature, was further illustrated and amplified from the difficulty both of the things to be engaged against, and of the things to be engaged unto.
But so it must not be with you who have renewed your covenant with the Lord: you must be the same in the closet as in the public assembly, and have a greater regard to the eye of Jehovah, and the answer of a good conscience, than the approbation of fellow creatures.
www.blackmask.com /thatway/books156c/oren.htm   (7893 words)

 Renewal of the Covenants, National & Solemn League; A Confession of Sins; An Engagement to Duties; and a Testimony. ...
The three kingdoms were voluntarily, yet sacredly, bound by the Solemn League and Covenant, and to the maintenance of the reformation in Church and State.
The Presbyterian Church did not regard the Solemn League and Covenant as of binding force, and refused to renew the Covenants.
First, Covenanting was spoken of: A Covenant is a Contract or Bargain between two Parties, by which each Party is bound and obliged to fulfill whatever the Conditions of the Covenant are, if lawful; and hence it is, that Covenant-breakers are ranked amongst the most vile Sinners, Rom.
www.truecovenanter.com /covenants/octorara_covenant_renewal.html   (10256 words)

There are many social covenants binding the people of the FPCS, including the Nehemiac covenant, and there is no Biblical necessity to cite every past covenant with a descending obligation expressly in the terms of communion.
This poster to the r-f-w list rightly pointed out how the Solemn League and Covenant is essentially a civil document rather than an ecclesiastical one, and therefore the Westminster Standards are the substantive ecclesiastical equivalent of the Solemn League and Covenant.
We do not have to separate from the FPCS simply because we agree with the principles of the Solemn League and Covenant, based upon the evidence presented by the RPNA.
www.puritans.net /news/slc061405.htm   (399 words)

 The Covenanters by Brian Orr Part One   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
The return of Charles II from exile in 1660 began a period of revenge on the Presbyterians in England, as he endorsed the restoration of episcopacy and the use of the Common Book of Prayer.
The summoning of a new Parliament in 1661 saw within days a resolution (17 May 1661) that the Covenant shoiuld be publicly burned and a Bill that declared the "Solemn League and Covenant" illegal (30 May 1661).
The strongest and most extreme forms of Covenanting were to be found in Ayrshire and the south west in Dumfries and Galloway where dissenting ministers had substantial congregations.
www.tartans.com /articles/cov1.html   (1798 words)

 A Defence Departed: Refutation of the Steelites
Examples of the latter in the Solemn League and Covenant are found in article III which promises to defend the person of Charles I and to preserve the rights of the kingdom of Scotland which no longer exists.
The purpose of the Solemn League and Covenant was not for the purpose of becoming the basis for a church constitution.
Based upon the history of the Reformed Presbytery, David Steele concluded that it is necessary to the true and proper constitution of a church that it swear the 1638 National Covenant of Scotland, the 1643 Solemn League and Covenant, and the 1712 Auchensaugh Renovation.
www.fpcr.org /fpcrprc/defence.htm   (12752 words)

 The Solemn League & Covenant
Auchensaugh Renovation of the National Covenant and Solemn League and Covenant; with the Acknowledgement of Sins and Engagement to Duties as they were Renewed at Auchensaugh in 1712...
He deals with the manner, duty and nature of covenanting (including personal and social covenanting), the obligation covenanting confers, how covenanting is provided for in the everlasting covenant, how it is adapted to the moral constitution of man and how it is according to the purposes of God.
The appendices touch on the relationship of covenanting to immoral and unscriptural civil governments, the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland, the British constitution and the apostasy of the Revolution settlement.
www.swrb.com /newslett/actualNLs/CRTSol.htm   (3590 words)

 Creeds of Christendom Volume I (ix.vii.iv)
National Covenants or politico-religious agreements for the maintenance and defense of certain principles and privileges are a peculiar and prominent feature in the history of the Kirk of Scotland.
They are solemn pledges to defend the doctrines and polity of the Reformed Kirk against all hostile attempts from within or from without, and to die rather than surrender.
The Solemn League and Covenant was weakened by the quarrel between the Presbyterians and Independents, and was virtually broken with the destruction of the monarchy and the execution of Charles I. The English army put down the Covenant which the Scotch army had set up.
www.ccel.org /ccel/schaff/creeds1.ix.vii.iv.html   (2648 words)

 The Solemn League & Covenant: Exhortation by the Westminster Assembly
The Solemn League and Covenant: Exhortation by the Westminster Assembly
If it be pleaded, That this covenant crosseth the oaths of supremacy and allegiance; there can be nothing further from truth; for, this covenant binds all and more strongly engageth them to "preserve and defend the king's majesty's person, and authority, in the preservation and defence of the true religion and liberties of the kingdoms."
9.) drew all the people into a covenant without any special commission from the Persian monarchs (then their sovereigns) so to do, albeit they were not free subjects, but vassals, and one of them the servant of Artaxerxes, then by conquest king of Judah also.
www.truecovenanter.com /covenants/candcexhortwestassembly.html   (369 words)

 The Scriptural Principles of the Solemn League and Covenant, in their Bearings on the Present State of the Episcopal ...
That Covenant has been so completely trampled under-foot, and has, by the vast majority of Scottish, as well as English Christians, been so long consigned to oblivion, that almost everywhere it is counted as a thing entirely obsolete and antiquated.
It is the object of this discourse to show, that the great principles of that solemn deed were in entire accordance with the Word of God; and, consequently, that their obligation is as binding at this day as when the Covenant was sworn.
The Covenant that bound that reform on the English nation, was by authority of a deeply perjured monarch ignominiously burned in the English metropolis.
www.covenanter.org /Covenanting/hisloponsolemnleague.htm   (9084 words)

 Ulster's Solemn League and Covenant   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
Ulster's Solemn League and Covenant, Saturday, 28 September 1912.
And in the event of such a parliament being forced upon us we further solemnly and mutually pledge ourselves to refuse to recognise its authority.
And further, we individually declare that we have not already signed this Covenant.
www.usm.maine.edu /~mcgrath/documents/league.htm   (61 words)

 Teachings on vows, &c.
On the Duty of Covenanting and the Permanent Obligations of Religious Covenants from the Reformed Presbyterian Catechism
The Solemn League was a public vow to taken by England, Scotland and Ireland to adhere to the Reformed Faith.
The Covenanted Reformation Defended (Greg Barrow) Misrepresentation #4: The Puritan Reformed Church of Edmonton (PRCE)...
members.aol.com /arete4vft/meditation/pastvows.htm   (2337 words)

 The Solemn League & Covenant.
anent the Ratification of the calling of the Convention, Ratification of the League and Covenant, Articles of Treaty betwixt the Kingdoms of Scotland and England, and remanent Acts of the Convention of Estates, and Committee thereof.
Robert Barclay, to repair to England, and endeavour the effectuating of these ends contained in the covenant of treaties, conform to their instructions.—
Of the which League and Covenant, the tenor follows:
www.covenanter.org /Westminster/solemnleague.htm   (746 words)

 South Belfast Friends of the Somme Association   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
So on 28 September - designated ‘Ulster Day’- a ‘Solemn League and Covenant’ was signed, pledging Ulster loyalists to defend their ‘cherished position of equal citizenship in the United Kingdom.
Carson was the first to put his name to the covenant, followed by Craig.
South Belfast Friends of the Somme Association and its website belfastsomme.com do not necessarily agree with all comments and statements made in the guest book, and cannot be held responsible for the content of external links placed on the guestbook.
www.belfastsomme.com /ulster_loyalty.htm   (439 words)

 Presbyterians in Ireland by Brian Orr Part 4   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
The Solemn League and Covenant of 1643 was the agreement by Presbyterians and the English Parliamentarians for extension of the Presbyterian faith into England, Ireland and Wales.
There were two agreements entitled "The Engagement", the first being in 1647 between Charles I and Scottish nobles in which the King agreed to the Solemn League and Covenant.
On the other hand the Covenant was not to be forced on anyone who did not want to subscribe and in the Royal Household Episcopal worship would remain.
www.irishclans.com /articles/plantation4d.html   (596 words)

 St. Paul's Church Defenders LOL 1960   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
Ulster's Solemn League And Covenant is signed at a rally in Raphoe.
Ulster's Solemn League And Covenant Signed By 471,414 men and women of Ulster birth.
The Ulster Unionists recognised the important role to be played by women and so a revised version of the covenant was issued for them to sign on Ulster Day.
www.lol.1960.50megs.com /photo.html   (538 words)

 The Solemn League & Covenant   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
Come, and let us join ourselves to the Lord in a perpetual Covenant that shall not be forgotten.
Take away the wicked from before the king, and his throne shall be established in righteousness.
Though it be but a man's covenant, yet if it be confirmed by an oath, no man disanulleth or addeth thereto.
www.reformedpresbytery.org /books/solemnen/solemnen.htm   (157 words)

 The Westminster Confession of Faith (The Westminster Standards) and Related Works: A Study Guide   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
No man who is able to understand its nature [The Solemn League and Covenant], and to feel and appreciate its spirit and its aim, will deny it to be the wisest, the sublimest, and the most sacred document ever framed by uninspired men.
and along with these letters were sent copies of the Solemn League and Covenant, a document which might itself form the basis of such a Protestant union.
A Solemn Acknowledgement of Publick Sins and Breaches of the Covenant; and a Solemn Engagement to all the Duties Contained Therein.
members.aol.com /lettermen2/suggest.html   (4327 words)

 The English Civil Wars - Solemn League and Covenant   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
After ten days of debate, the Solemn League and Covenant was signed in Margaret's Church, Westminster, on September 25th.
he text of the Solemn League and Covenant was divided into six points, which are summarised below.
The first dealt with the reform of the churches, and the keeping of the present Scottish church.
easyweb.easynet.co.uk /~crossby/ECW/history/slac.html   (422 words)

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