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Topic: Solemnity

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  PORCELAINia/Styles/Cuboctahedral/Solemnity   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Solemnity is one of the most recent finished piece in the Cuboctahedral Style.
Solemnity's bold white triangles and clean lines dominate the rich and chaotic interiors of its cuboctahedral design elements.
Solemnity's diameter of three inches allows it to fit perfectly in the palm of the hand.
www.porcelainia.com /sol.html   (75 words)

 Solemnity   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
A Solemnity of the Roman Catholic Church observes an event in the life Jesus Mary and the saints beginning on the prior to actual date.
Solemnity is made of Latin words solet and annus meaning a yearly (annual) celebration.
Lectionary for Mass: Sundays, Solemnities, Feasts of the Lord and the Saints, Cycle C (Lectionary for Mass (Hardcover))
www.freeglossary.com /Solemnity   (316 words)

The word solemnity is here used to denote the amount of intrinsic or extrinsic pomp with which a feast is celebrated.
Intrinsic solemnity arises from the fact that the feast is primarium for the entire Church, or for a special place, because in it a saint was born, lived or died; or because his relics are honoured there.
The term solemnity is also used in contracts, especially matrimony, in votive Masses, in vows, and in ecclesiastical trials.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/14133a.htm   (122 words)

 SOLEMNITY - Definition
A rite or ceremony performed with religious reverence; religious or ritual ceremony; as, the solemnity of a funeral, a sacrament.
Great was the cause; our old solemnities From no blind zeal or fond tradition rise, But saved from death, our Argives yearly pay These grateful honors to the god of day.
Solemn state or feeling; awe or reverence; also, that which produces such a feeling; as, the solemnity of an audience; the solemnity of Westminster Abbey.
www.hyperdictionary.com /dictionary/solemnity   (150 words)

 Solemnity - Encyclopedia.WorldSearch   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Lectionary for Mass: Sundays, Solemnities, Feasts of the Lord and Saints : Study Edition (Lectionary for Mass (Paperback))
A companion for the festivals and fasts of the Church of England, with collects and prayer for each solemnity
Lectionary for Mass for Sundays: Cycle C Sundays and Solemnities
encyclopedia.worldsearch.com /solemnity.htm   (235 words)

 Solemnity - Reign In Hell
Reign In Hell is a self produced debut, packed with 8 songs which suppose to mesmerize me the first second I hear them, as said by their bio.
Solemnity sound likes Manowar, a bit of Helloween crossed with Blind Guardian.
I mean, I hear noise, speed and distortion, but it's empty, raw and way to simple, there's only a couple of nice songs, with the rest being fillers, which bore me after couple of spins.
www.rocknet.nl /newreleases/solemnity_reign_in_hell   (407 words)

 Roman Catholic Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston | Questions-Holy Day   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The Solemnity of Mary, Mother God is celebrated as one of six Holy Days of Obligation in the Dioceses of the United States (they are, Mary, Mother of God [January 1], Ascension Thursday, the Assumption [August 15], All Saints Day [November 1], the Immaculate Conception [December 8], and Christmas [December 25]).
Although this Solemnity is designated as a holy day of obligation, the faithful are dispensed from the obligation this year because the Solemnity falls on a Monday.
The decision of the Ecclesiastical Province should be communicated to the Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments and to the President of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops.
www.dwc.org /questions/holy_day.shtml   (1131 words)

 Encyclopedia: Solemnity
SOLEMNITY is the name one of the most extreme metal-bands in thw orld.
Jump to: navigation, search Christmas (literally, the Mass of Christ) is a holiday in the Christian calendar, usually observed on December 25, which celebrates the birth of Jesus.
Categories: Liturgical Calendar Jump to: navigation, search The liturgical year, also known as the Christian year, consists of the cycle of liturgical seasons in some Christian churches which determines when Feasts, Memorials, Commemorations, and Solemnities are to be observed and which portions of Scripture are to be read.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Solemnity   (1447 words)

 BLABBERMOUTH.NET - SOLEMNITY Finish Recording New Album
Germany's SOLEMNITY have finished recording their third album, "Shockwave of Steel", tentatively due in the spring of 2005.
As previously reported, SOLEMNITY wrote around 20 new songs for the follow-up to last year's "King of Dreams" (Remedy Records) and have recorded "the best of them." Two cover songs were reportedly tracked as well (one of them is sung in Russian!).
The accuracy of the information contained herein is neither confirmed nor guaranteed by Roadrunner Records, and the views and opinions of authors expressed on these pages do not necessarily state or reflect those of Roadrunner Records or its employees.
www.roadrunnerrecords.com /blabbermouth.net/news.aspx?mode=Article&newsitemID=29858   (238 words)

 Solemn, Solemnity (International Standard Bible Encyclopedia) :: Bible Tools
Nor is there any certain case of (1), for the word is always a gloss in English Versions of the Bible and, although frequently introduced in references to annual events (Leviticus 23:36, etc.), it is even more often used where "annual" is foreign to the passage (2 Kings 10:20; Psalms 92:3, etc.).
"Solemnity" is kept in Isaiah 33:20; Ezekiel 46:11, and "solemn" in Lamentations (4 times); Hosea (3 times); Zephaniah 3:18.
Otherwise the King James Version's use of "solemn" is dropped by the Revised Version (British and American).
bibletools.org /index.cfm/fuseaction/Def.show/RTD/ISBE/ID/8272   (324 words)

 L'OSSERVATORE ROMANO - calendario 2000
In this way, it is to be hoped that the Great Jubilee of Christ, spontaneously, by reason of the indissoluble union of the divine Word and the Virgin in the mystery of the Natalis Domini, will become also the Jubilee of his Mother.
From the Vatican, 21 May 1998, Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord.
Materials will also be prepared for the local Churches for the season of Advent, for the ceremony of opening of the Holy Door and for the prayer vigil for the passage to the Year 2000.
www.vatican.va /news_services/or/or_eng/static/caleng.html   (2513 words)

 SOLEMNITY OF THE ANNUNCIATION OF OUR LORD — March 25 (545)’   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
This passage is also used in celebrating the Solemnity of Immaculate Conception, but since the Annunciation is considered a feast of the Lord rather than of Mary, we will concentrate on what this Gospel event says about Jesus.
The overshadowing of the Holy Spirit recalls both the Spirit of God (= the mighty wind) hovering over the waters to bring forth life in Genesis (1:1-2) and the cloud as the manifestation of God’s presence in Exodus (40:34-35).
King Ahaz, a descendant of David, found his throne threatened because of his infidelity to the Lord (see 2 Kgs 16), and capped this infidelity with unbelief in refusing to ask for a sign from God.
www.olaclaremont.org /education/adult/bow/bowannun.htm   (502 words)

 The Solemnity of Mary Mother of God
As you know, one of the three Holydays of Obligation for the territory of the Southern Africa Catholic Bishops' Conference is the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God which is celebrated on January 1.
I wish to inform you that in virtue of the provisions of canon 87,§1, I have granted a dispensation to the effect that for this Archdiocese assistance at Mass on this Solemnity on Monday, January 1, 2001 is not an obligation for the faithful.
May I also remind you that I shall be celebrating the Mass of the Solemnity in St Mary's Cathedral at midnight, commencing at 11.55pm on Sunday, December 31, 2000.
www.catholic-ct.co.za /news/20001201.htm   (254 words)

 Solemnity of Corpus Christi - Homily of John Paul II
Solemnity of Corpus Christi - Homily of John Paul II Basilica of St John Lateran
Dear brothers and sisters, we are reliving this wonderful reality in today's Solemnity of Corpus Christi, during which the Church does not only celebrate the Eucharist but solemnly bears it in procession, publicly proclaiming that the Sacrifice of Christ is for the salvation of the whole world.
Grateful for this immense gift, her members gather round the Blessed Sacrament, for that is the source and summit of her being and action.
www.vatican.va /holy_father/john_paul_ii/homilies/2004/documents/hf_jp-ii_hom_20040610_corpus-domini_en.html   (572 words)

 Solemnity quotes & quotations
"Because of its tremendous solemnity death is the light in which great passions, both good and bad, become transparent, no longer limited by outward appearances.
"Solemnity is a device of the body to hide the faults of the mind"
"Disposition to derision and insult is awakened by the softness to foppery, the swell of insolence, the liveliness of levity, or the solemnity of grandeur; by the sprightly trip, the stately stalk, the formal strut, and the lofty mein; by gestures int"
en.thinkexist.com /quotes/with/keyword/solemnity   (386 words)

 Solemnity of St. Thomas Aquinas :: Roman Catholic Church in Belarus
The solemnity began with the Holy Mass in the chapel of the seminary.
Festal music program became the second part of the celebration, during which the seminarians thanked the Cardinal for the presence and common prayer as well as congratulated His Excellence Antony Dziemianka on his nomination as Auxiliary Bishop of the archdiocese of Minsk-Mohilev.
At the end of the solemnity Kazimir Cardinal Sviontek imparted his pastoral blessing.
www.catholic.by /port/en/news/2005-01-28.htm   (242 words)

 Homilies   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord, - May 5, 2005
The Solemnity of the Resurrection of the Lord - EASTER Sunday, March 27, 2005
Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary - December 8, 2004
members.aol.com /tomwas/homilies.htm   (488 words)

 Solemnity in Parish of St. Anthony :: Roman Catholic Church in Belarus
Solemnity in Parish of St. Anthony :: Roman Catholic Church in Belarus
Great solemnity took place on May 9 for the first time in the young parish of St. Anthony in Minsk.
Unfortunately, the parish, which has been existing for a little more then a year, doesn’t have its own place for prayer, that’s why this solemnity took place in the archcathedral of the Name of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Minsk.
www.catholic.by /port/en/news/2004-05-09m.htm   (225 words)

 Solemnity of St Joseph - Episcopal ordinations
This year I have chosen the Solemnity of St Joseph for the episcopal ordination of three priests to whom I am particularly close because of their exceptional service to the Holy See and to me personally.
Now in the prayerful and solemn atmosphere of this basilica, they are waiting for the imposition of hands, after the singing of the Veni Creator in which we together invoked an abundance of the Paraclete’s gifts upon them.
They are waiting, drawing from today’s Solemnity of St Joseph sentiments and thoughts to reflect upon which will help deepen their understanding of the profound meaning of what the Church is about to transmit to them through these sacramental signs.
www.vatican.va /holy_father/john_paul_ii/homilies/1998/documents/hf_jp-ii_hom_19980319_san-giuseppe_en.html   (1047 words)

 USCCB - (Liturgy) - Holy Days of Obligation
At their plenary assembly in November 1991, with follow-up mail balloting by absentees, the members of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops approved two motions which affect the observance of holy days of obligation in the dioceses of the United States.
They decided that whenever January 1, the solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, or August 15, the solemnity of the Assumption, or November 1, the solemnity of All Saints, falls on a Saturday or on a Monday, the precept to attend Mass is abrogated.
Whenever January 1, the solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, or August 15, the solemnity of the Assumption, or November 1, the solemnity of All Saints, falls on a Saturday or on a Monday, the precept to attend Mass is abrogated.
www.nccbuscc.org /liturgy/q&a/general/obligation.shtml   (499 words)

 Emmanuel Article, June 1997   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
She envisoned a solemn solemnity: the community would receive communion, both the body and blood of Christ, on one day during the year.
While the initial focus and interest of the solemnity was for intense concentration on the eucharist, its true, meaningful, and active celebration, the middle ages were ripe for another type of eucharistic pericope.
With the liturgical renewal of this century, and the revising (and continuing revision) of the sacramentary, the solemnity has shifted from a feast of devotion, to a solemnity heightening the eucharist and its celebration.
www.blessedsacrament.com /theology/lane1.html   (4756 words)

 Holy Days of Obligation
Throughout the universal Church, when December 8, the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, falls on the Second Sunday of Advent, the observance of the feast is transferred to Monday, December 9, but the obligation to attend Mass is dispensed.
In the dioceses of the USA, whenever January 1, the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, or August 15, the Solemnity of the Assumption, or November 1, the Solemnity of All Saints, falls on a Saturday or on a Monday, the obligation to attend Mass is dispensed.
In the Metropolitan Province of New Orleans, which includes the Diocese of Baton Rouge, the Solemnity of the Ascension of Our Lord, which in some other places in the USA is celebrated on the Thursday of the Sixth Week of Easter, is celebrated on the Seventh Sunday of Easter.
www.diobr.org /news/holy_days.htm   (273 words)

 Liturgical Calendar
Ritual Masses (such as weddings) and Mass for Various Needs and Occasions (such as Masses for Peace and Justice) are not permitted on Ash Wednesday, the days of Holy Week, the days of the octave of Easter, November 2 (All Souls), solemnities, or Sundays in the seasons of Advent, Lent, and Easter.
Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord - Transferred from May 25, 2006
Solemnity of the Nativity of John the Baptist
www.stclouddiocese.org /worship/litcalendar.htm   (320 words)

 Solemnity of Sts Peter and Paul
On Wednesday morning, 29 June, the Solemnity of Sts Peter and Paul, Patrons of Rome, the Holy Father presided at the Eucharistic Concelebration in St Peter's Basilica, with the participation of a Delegation of the Ecumenical Patriarch, Bartholomew I of Constantinople.
During Holy Mass, the Pope conferred the Pallium on Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Secretary of State, of the title of the Suburbicarian Church of Ostia and new Dean of the College of Cardinals, and on 32 Metropolitan Archbishops from 21 countries.
The Feast of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul is at the same time a grateful memorial of the great witnesses of Jesus Christ and a solemn confession for the Church: one, holy, catholic and apostolic.
www.ewtn.com /library/PAPALDOC/b16peterpaul.HTM   (1995 words)

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