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Topic: Somaliland

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  Somaliland News
Wefdigaasi oo booqasho gaaban ku soo gaadhay Jamhuuriyada Somaliland waxa ay ka socdaan Shirkaddo ganacsiya oo ka tirsan Wadanka Norway oo ka mid ah shirkadaha daneeya Maal gashiga wadamada dibada.
Madaxweynaha Jamhuuriyada Somaliland Mudane Daahir Rayaale Kaahin, waxa uu Maanta Qasriga Madaxtooyada ku qaabilay wefdi ka socda Dawlada Faransiiska oo booqasho gaaban ku yimid Somaliland.
Hargeysa (Somaliland.org) — Kalfadhigii 5aaad ee Golaha Wakiillada Somaliland ayaa maanta ka furmay xarunta Golaha Wakiillada Somaliland.
www.radiosomaliland.com   (1077 words)

 Hargeysa (Somaliland.org) - Golaha Wakiillada Somaliland ayaa fadhigiisii maanta ansixiyey Shan xubnood ka tirsan Golaha Wasiirrada - Laba Wasiir iyo Saddex Wasiirkuxigeen - oo uu ka mid yahay Wasiirkuxigeenka Caddaaladda Yuusuf Ciise Ducaale oo aanu goluhu ansixin, isaga oo muddo sannad ka badan xilka hayey.
Hargeysa(Geeska) Shanta Wargeyska ee madaxabanaan ee ka soo baxa magaalada Hargeysa ayaa war-murtiyeed wada jir ah ka soo saaray xeer saxaafadeed xukuumadda Madaxweyne Rayaale dhawaan ansixisay, kaas oo ah dabar loogu tallo galay in xukuumadda Somaliland kula wareegto mulkiyadda iyo maamulka wargeysyada ka soo baxa Somaliland ee xorta ah.
Hargeysa (Somaliland.org) - Madaxweynekuxigeenka Somaliland, mudane Axmed Yuusuf Yaasin ayaa xalay shaaciyey magacyada Guddi ka kooban labada Gole ee Baarlamaanka Somaliland, Saddexda Xisbi Qaran iyo Xukuumadda oo loo saaray hawlgalka Gobolka Sool, kaas oo jaangoyn doona hawlaha gurmadka iyo maamul-fidinta gobolka Sool iyo deegaamada Sanaag-bari iyo Buuhoodle.
www.somaliland.org   (1710 words)

 Togdheer Online - Somaliland Flag
British Somaliland or Somaliland protectorate was a British protectorate on the South shore of the Gulf of Aden with (1952) 176.113 km2 and 500.000 inhabitants, capital: Hargeisa.
Somaliland attained her independence on June 26th, 1960 and united with former Italian Somalia in July 1st of the same year to form independent Republic of Somalia.
This is the flag of former Republic of Somalia (Somaliland and Somalia) from 1960 to 1991.
www.togdheer.com /somaliland/flag.shtml   (388 words)

 Somaliland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Somaliland boasts a constitution, a functional parliament and government ministries, an army, a police force, judiciary, and many of the signs of statehood, including a flag, currency, and passports.
Moreover, the large part of Somalilanders still harbour vivid memories of a predatory and extractive central state and are therefore wary of the construction of any strong central authority; this is evident in the importance placed on the role of the regional councils in dealing with local problems.
Somaliland is situated on the eastern horn of Africa and lies between the 08°00' - 11°30' parallel north of the equator and between 42°30' - 49°00' meridian east of Greenwich.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Somaliland   (3822 words)

 The Head Heeb: Somaliland Archives
Somaliland has reacted angrily to the TFG's calls for the UN arms embargo on Somalia to be lifted so it could arm itself and has threatened to increase its own military strength if this happens.
Somaliland has apparently passed a test that many recognized nations still have not, and even opposition leaders are arguing that the smooth election makes the case for international recognition.
Somaliland, which occupies the territory that was known as British Somaliland during the colonial era, is under increasing international pressure to join the Nairobi peace talks.
headheeb.blogmosis.com /archives/cat_somaliland.html   (9225 words)

 Hydro Somaliland
Somaliland (Northern Somalia) is situated on the northern side of the Horn of Africa with the Gulf of Aden to the north, Somalia to the east, Ethiopia to the south and west, and Djibouti to the north-west (Fig.1).
Somaliland is a region of relatively abrupt lateral changes of stratigraphy that is related to the rifting and differential vertical movement during Mesozoic and Tertiary times (Ali, 2005).
As in the case of the Jurassic basins in Somaliland, drilling within the Balhaf and Masila grabens have indicated the majority of basin infills are Jurassic and Cretaceous in age.
www.somalilandtimes.net /hydrocarbon_somaliland/somaliland_hydrocarbon_potential.htm   (2944 words)

 Togdheer Online - Somaliland Profile
Somaliland is situated on the eastern horn of Africa and lies between the 08°00' - 11°30' parallel north of the equator and between 42°30' - 49°00' meridian east of the Greenwich.
Somaliland has a coastal line to the north of the country which extends 460 miles along the Red Sea.
After the collapse of the Somali Republic, the people of Somaliland held a congress in which it was decided to withdraw from the Union with Somalia and to reinstate Somaliland's sovereignty.
www.togdheer.com /somaliland/sprofile.shtml   (905 words)

 [No title]
The president congratulated the 82 members on being chosen by the people of Somaliland to be the new MP's and reminded the new legislatures the tasks awaiting the new parliament including completing the constitution, the courts, the economy and strengthening the democratic process that Somaliland has embarked on.
Somaliland police and government officials with the help of people from the communities were quite swift in chasing the attackers.
Qat is prevalent in Kenya, Ethiopia, Yemen, Djibouti, Somalia, and Somaliland.
www.lycos.com /info/somaliland--people.html   (559 words)

 Somaliland Center - Somaliland Map   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Somaliland is located on the eastern Horn of Africa.
Somaliland, whose 1988 rebellion sparked the process of national disintegration, resolved to go it alone.
Meanwhile, Somaliland does receive assistance from international, bilateral and NGO donors: UN organizations refer to Somalia’s ‘Northwest Zone’, preserving the fiction that it is a part of a larger country, but deal directly with its authorities.
www.somalilandcenter.com /content/view/32/56   (1610 words)

 WJLA - Voters Cast Ballots in Somaliland Election   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Somaliland has had a parliament since 1991, but until now lawmakers have been chosen by their clans through a process of consultation rather than voting.
Somaliland is a former British colony, which in 1960 merged with the Italian colony of Somalia to form the independent republic of Somalia.
Somaliland remained relatively peaceful, aided by the overwhelming dominance of a ruling clan and economic infrastructure left behind by British, Russian and American military aid programs.
www.wjla.com /headlines/0905/264286.html   (433 words)

 [No title]
Somaliland was the first Somali territory to become independent on 26 June 1960, joining ex-Italian Somalia in a shot-gun marriage when the UN trusteeship ended on 1 July of the same year.
Somaliland has now been effectively independent for over ten years and there is no immediate prospect of it re-entering a marriage that has died through neglect and ill treatment.
The first time was on 18 May 1991, when the people made the historic decision of withdrawing from the union and restoring the separate existence their country had before the union with the Italian South at the time of independence in 1960.
www.lycos.com /info/somaliland--italian-somaliland.html   (448 words)

 Somaliland: Ten Years On | BBC World Service
Somaliland is believed to have rich oil deposits in the coastal region but companies interested in exploring them are hindered by the lack of proper insurance for their equipment and personnel.
The territory of the Republic of Somaliland covers the same area as that of the former Somaliland Protectorate and is located between Latitude 8' to 11' 30' north of the equator and Longitude 42' 45 to 49' East…
The Republic of Somaliland is bordered by the Gulf of Aden to the north; Somalia to the east; the Federal Republic of Ethiopia to the south and the west; and the Republic of Djibouti to the north west.
www.bbc.co.uk /worldservice/people/highlights/010430_somaliland.shtml   (1003 words)

 Somaliland: Ten Years of Freedom
Somalia—When the people of Somaliland returned to their homes in 1991, mostly from neighbouring Ethiopia, where they had fled en masse in 1988 from Barre of Somalia’s genocidal pogroms, they came back to a devastated land: their cities were in rubble and the country a wasteland riddled with more than 2,000,000 deliberately planted mines.
Somaliland has also forged unique democratic institutions that African countries should well heed to copy; its bicameral parliament is a combination of both tradition and modernism; the senate consists of traditional elders, whereas the house of representatives consists of modern day representatives.
While Somaliland has so far coped well with being outside of the major international organizations, it needs to be part of international institutions such as the international monetary systems, the International Postal Union, and other world organizations to continue the economic growth and attract international investors.
www.hartford-hwp.com /archives/33/109.html   (1369 words)

 Somaliland Net
- Madaxweynaha Jamhuuriyada Somaliland mudane Daahir rayaale kaahin waxa uu maanta kula kulmay xafiiskiisa madaxtooyada Gudoomiyeyaasha labada xusbi ee mucaaridka ah ee kulmiye Axme..
Jaaliyadaha Somaliland ee Wadankaasi Sweden oo lacag ugu deeqay Horumarinta Gobolkaasi Sool Nov 05 2007
- Shir muhiim ah oo ku qabsoomay aalada internetka iyo telifonada oo ka dhacay Sweden oo ay ka wada qayb galeen Jaaliyada Somaliland ee Örebro, Ururka Somaliland Nordic Releif, Ururk..
www.somalilandnet.com   (683 words)

 Somaliland, Landmine Monitor Report 2004
Because Somaliland considers itself to be a state, authorities have been reluctant to sign the Geneva Call “Deed of Commitment” for non-state actors, pledging commitment to a total prohibition on antipersonnel landmines.
In July 2004, Somaliland officials wrote that “our government is ready to sign the document in the presence of the Geneva Call and indeed the world,” and indicated a delegation would travel to Geneva for that purpose in August.
Somaliland officials told Landmine Monitor in early 2003 that there were plans for the destruction of all existing stockpiles.
www.icbl.org /lm/2004/somaliland   (5035 words)

Speaking to Reuters in Djibouti by radio, the residents said 50 of the dead in Burao town were fighters of the Garhajis clan alliance and 10 were loyal to Mohamed Ibrahim Egal, leader of the breakaway republic of Somaliland in the northwest.
The Somaliland National Army of the Western Zone yesterday [12th March] seized two fishing vessels found fishing illegally in Somaliland territorial waters.
The Somaliland National Army based in the Western Zone has intensified their patrolling of territorial waters to counter illegal fishing.
www.africa.upenn.edu /Newsletters/HAB395_SML.html   (1572 words)

 Somaliland travel guide - Wikitravel
Somaliland is an unrecognized state in the northwest of Somalia.
Hargeisa is the capital city of Somaliland, and is perhaps the safest city in all of Somaliland.
Since Somaliland is not officially recognized by the international community, the only place to get a visa is in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.
wikitravel.org /en/Somaliland   (825 words)

 [No title]
This is an unofficial English Language translation of the REVISED Constitution of the Republic of Somaliland.
This was followed by the first Somaliland Constitution which was adopted at the conference of the Somaliland Communities in Hargeisa in February 1997.
Although initially the Somaliland Government proposed fairly extensive amendments to the Constitution in 1999, the final revised Constitution is not very different from the last one and the reduction of the number of articles from 156 to 130 has been largely achieved by the amalgamation of some articles, rather than by extensive repeals.
somalilandforum.com /somaliland/constitution/revised_constitution.htm   (1984 words)

 BBC NEWS | Africa | Country profiles | Regions and territories: Somaliland
Somaliland is in dispute with the neighbouring autonomous Somali region of Puntland over the Sanaag and Sool areas, some of whose inhabitants owe their allegiance to Puntland.
Somaliland was independent for a few days in 1960, between the end of British colonial rule and its union with the former Italian colony of Somalia.
Somaliland's leaders saw the election as the culmination of a democratic process which, they hoped, would better the chances of international recognition.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/africa/country_profiles/3794847.stm   (529 words)

 Somaliland (Somalia)
The new flag of Somaliland, the former British part of Somalia which declared its independence some years ago, is three equal horizontal stripes of green-white-red.
The current Somaliland flag may have been introduced after the proclamation of independence on 1991-05-18, because I have seen some images of the independence proclamation (unclear images on a TV documentary) and the flag hoisted was horizontal red, white, green in proportions 1:2:1.
The National Flag of Somaliland is white in colour with a green circle in its centre, encircling the green circle and written in Arabic is the attestation to the one-ness of God, 'There is no God but ALLAH and MOHAMMED is his messenger'.
flagspot.net /flags/so-mlan.html   (1173 words)

 Somaliland.Org - Sawiro: Banaanbixii Lagu Taageerayay Gooni Isutaaga Somaliland, London 2004
Sawiradan ayaa ah, qaar kale oo ka turjumaya farxadii iyo rayn rantii ay muujiyeen shicibkii reer Somaliland, ee isugu soo baxay banaanbixii lagu taageerayay madaxbanaanida Somaliland.
* Waxa kale oo aad halkan ka milicsan kartaa, haweenkii reer Somaliland oo kaga qayb qaadanaya damaashaakda farxada leh, ciyaarihii hidaha iyo dhaqanka.
* Fariinta Sawirkani waa mid mar kale xusuusinaysa xubno ka mida dawlada oo ka mid yahay wasiirka Arimaha gudaha Mr Ismail Adan, cidii ka danbaysay xoriyadan uu maanta ku hadhsanayo Somaliland.
www.somaliland.org /ns.asp?ID=04032210   (237 words)

 Somaliland seeking US support to fight terrorism, brought to you by African News Dimension   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The question that many Somalilanders are asking is: why does the US continue to support Djibouti despite the fact that Djibouti is clearly in bed with terrorists, while at the same time ignores Somaliland which has done more for peace and anti-terrorism in the Horn of Africa, than the Djibouti government ever did.
Somaliland expects its true friends to assist it in re-building its roads, schools, agriculture, public health; to extend bilateral aid to it; to open the doors of international institutions such as the World Bank and the IMF for it.
Somaliland’s enemies know this and that is why they have increased their efforts to destabilize it.
www.andnetwork.com /index?service=direct/0/Home/older.fullStory&sp=l53543   (698 words)

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