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Topic: Sorious Samura

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In the News (Sat 20 Apr 19)

  Online NewsHour: Cry Freetown -- January 25, 2001
SORIOUS SAMURA [narrating documentary]: I knew it was dangerous, so I had to be careful, because if they realized that I was filming them or [saw] the slightest movement on the curtain, they would have attacked this house, killed me...
SORIOUS SAMURA: These are children who have killed and raped, but often under the influence of cocaine and other drugs that they were forcibly given.
SORIOUS SAMURA: I had to, yeah, give them the impression I was supporting their cause, I was supporting the cause of the rebels, the rebellion, and so on.
www.pbs.org /newshour/bb/media/jan-june01/sierra_1-25.html   (1842 words)

  africa   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Samura often speaks, even today, of the necessity for the viewer to be 'given the freedom to turn the television off if the footage is too difficult to see', this freedom being one denied to all the victims of war.
Samura wants to show the faces and understand the stories of the people who are suffering, because only when people can see themselves in the story, when they can really imagine themselves with similar hardships, only then can they truly respond.
Samura is able to tell the stories of the unheard because he has felt the hopeless frustration of not being heard as his country was ravaged by war.
www.beforetheflood.co.uk /may05/africa.html   (2953 words)

 SWPictures |
Samura also meets heroines such as Bitonda, who at sixteen is in sole charge of her dying 14 year old brother, an AIDS orphaned cousin as well as her own child.
After one month, Samura is left with the realisation that for the war against HIV in Africa to be won, poverty, ignorance and African sexual attitudes have to be tackled head on.
Sorious Samura shot the film at great risk for his own life, keenly aware of the fact that the strong images he recorded were the only thing that could shake the world from its indifference to the plight of his countrymen, women and children.
www.swpictures.co.uk /archive/0509.html   (2156 words)

 notes | transcultural media studies project
She contends that Samura's pandering on to Wesrtern stereotyping is redundant journalism, and that his film--which, she says is a tasteless effort at highlighting the effects of Aids in Africa--is beneath contempt.
Samura boasted to The Observer that he felt qualified to report on the issue because he grew up "in the same environment where it was normal to be promiscuous".
Samura's hopelessly misguided attempt to invent himself as a serious journalist further explodes right in his face, when his main source on whom the whole documentary is hinged, turn out to be two drunken youths he "interviews" in a noisy bar in this small town.
tmsp.org /notes   (1640 words)

 CALLING: Who Stole Reality?: Sorious Samura Biography
Sierra Leonean Sorious Samura is a filmmaker of international renown whose documentaries have been recognised worldwide, both for the courage of their photographic journalism and the impact of their message.
Samura's debut documentary "Cry Freetown" was first broadcast in January 2000.
The film saw Samura meet some of those trying to make the journey and follows their progress, whilst hearing of the hardships compelling them to leave their native lands.
www.calling.org.uk /pages/commentary/samura/Samura_bio.php   (487 words)

 CNN.com - Transcripts
SORIOUS SAMURA, NARRATOR (voice-over): In the year 2000 my film, "Cry Freetown," at last brought the war's attention to the suffering of thousands of people in a brutal civil war in my country, Sierra Leone.
SAMURA (voice-over): At the age of eight, Tamba Fengai was abducted from his village in the east of Sierra Leone.
SAMURA (voice-over): Tamba remembers he was abducted from a village in the east of Sierra Leone, so we are on a journey back into rebel country to Koidu, where the diamond mines are, and where the rebels quickly took over when the war began 10 years ago.
premium.europe.cnn.com /TRANSCRIPTS/0203/16/cp.00.html   (5307 words)

 BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Filmmaker 'transformed' by hunger shoot
Samura, who has previously made films such as Cry Freetown about his home country Sierra Leone and Walking on Ashes, spent five weeks living in a village in Ethiopia which has virtually nothing to eat.
Samura said that on bad days, the villagers relied on a weed known as wild cabbage, which had to be boiled for nine hours just to remove the poison in it.
Samura stressed, however, that the villagers were living in conditions of abject poverty.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/entertainment/3476035.stm   (716 words)

 Re-presenting Africa: an interview with Sorious Samura | openDemocracy
Sorious Samura: When I saw documentaries about Africa made by, say, the BBC in the poorest and most filthy-looking countries I thought: yes, it’s true, these things need to be exposed.
Sorious Samura: Don’t forget I was in prison in Liberia for attempting to understand the suffering of people there.
Sorious Samura: We quite carefully planned to focus on one village which is representative of hundreds of villages in Ethiopia.
www.opendemocracy.net /media-journalismwar/article_1721.jsp   (2829 words)

 James Herron.com - An African voice
Sorious Samura was born in 1964 to a poor native family living in Sierra Leone’s capital, Freetown.
Sorious had little idea of how to make a documentary, but with this experience, and the help of a few books about film-making, got a job scripting and filming documentaries for Unicef.
Sorious was dismayed at what was happening in his home and decided that when he finished his course he would go back to film the war, to force the world to take notice.
www.jabiruphoto.com /portfolio/world/african_voice.htm   (1803 words)

 Insight News Shooting Script - Sierra Leone Web
Sorious is greeted by "Chuckie" Taylor, the president's son and commander of the 1st Battalion Presidential Guard.
Sorious has taken Sawyer a series of photographs of individuals who were party to the Abidjan peace accord of the late 1990s and members of the NPFL, AFL and other warring factions who at one time or other have played a role in the Liberian civil war.
Sorious has been invited to the Executive Mansion to hear about Taylor's peace for the region and strategy for reconstruction of the county.
www.sierra-leone.org /insightscript.html   (2813 words)

 BBC News | AFRICA | Sorious Samura: Africa to Europe
Samura believes that in addition to the obvious problem of ethnic rivalry, "we have a serious problem that's boiling between anglophone and francophone countries so it's difficult even to migrate from an English-speaking country to a French-speaking country".
While Sorious Samura made his mark as a film maker with Cry Freetown - an uncompromising look at the civil war in Sierra Leone - he recently made international headlines when he was detained with other members of a Channel 4 crew.
Samura believes that while it was "a big mistake" that the document fell into the wrong hands, the real reason for their arrest lay elsewhere.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/africa/1022122.stm   (817 words)

 [No title]
Sorious Samura : I think there is a new generation of Africans coming up, and that they believe that the best way forward for Africa is partnership, if we are to make a break.
Sorious Samura : I think what we are all hoping for is to try and bring some of these situations to the attention of the outside world, and to remind Ugandans as well of their responsibility.
Sorious Samura : First of all, if we are going to eliminate the poverty trap, the only way is to build a democratic society where the wealth of the nation trickles down to the last village.
www.channel4.com /community/showcards/S/Sorious_Samuras_Africa.html   (1967 words)

 There is no Place in Islamic Society for such Ignorance - Kavkazcenter.com
Samura had moved to Zambia to live with a family suffering from HIV and Aids and spend a month working in a hospital where more than half the patients had the disease.
Samura made the programme to try and find out why Aids was destroying his continent and after speaking to a number of such men as Joshua came to realise that sexual attitudes played a huge role.
Samura said he and others often challenged 'lifestyles and attitudes' in Britain so they should be able to do the same in Africa.
kavkazcenter.com /eng/content/2006/10/29/6172.shtml   (1451 words)

 DiCaprio and Filmmaker Sorious Samura Revisit Horrors of Conflict Diamonds - Press Releases - Turner Asia
One of the people Samura speaks to is a former child soldier who is taken back to the diamond mine where he used to work during the civil war.
Samura takes a close-up look at the Kimberley Process, the diamond industry's self-regulating system developed to prevent the trade of conflict diamonds, but he also see how easily it can be circumvented.
Following Samura's compelling documentary is ‘The Diamond Trail', a half-hour special hosted by Jonathan Mann featuring Hounsou, Zwick and Samura in a discussion about the horrific circumstances in Sierra Leone during its diamond-fueled civil war in the 1990s and how Blood Diamond strives to put a human face on the issue of conflict diamonds.
www.cnnasiapacific.com /press/en/content/205   (573 words)

 The Rory Peck Trust: Award 99
On the second day of their arrival, Sorious Samura, the only person in Sierra Leone with a DV camera, ventured out onto the streets.
He was captured, punished, and let off with the warning that should he ever film the rebels again, he was surely a dead man. Sorious was certainly a lucky man. Few survive capture by the rebels, let alone with all limbs intact.
This is a savage war: brother shoots brother, mothers are raped by their sons, those appointed as peacekeepers are as capable of brutality as those they are trying to control.
www.rorypecktrust.org /award99/samura.htm   (411 words)

 News Views - NWI Insight
Samura urges, the danger is that once these conflicts begin no matter how small, they often become very hard to stop.
Samura asks the teenagers what they were doing before they formed the militia group.
Samura is shown the mass graves holding the remains of villagers who were savagely brutalized; women and children mutilated, heads found without bodies and pregnant women with their bellies cut open and the babies removed.
newsviews.info /nwi3.html   (673 words)

 Documentary exposes US aggression in Somalia, Sudan and Afghanistan 21st Century Wars: Unseen wars by Sorius Samura for ...
Whilst Samura fails to inquire as to true motives of the US, or what really lies behind their attacks, the facts he reveals run contrary to the attempt by the Americans and their British allies to present a plausible casus belli for a war against Iraq today.
Samura went on to Sudan to film the Al-Shifa pharmaceutical factory, which was destroyed by American bombing after President Clinton claimed that it was associated with the bin Laden Al Qaeda network in 1998 and was producing chemical weapons.
Samura explains, “The factory was also the biggest producer of cheap generic medicines for humans, from painkillers to drugs to treat malaria and TB.
www.wsws.org /articles/2003/feb2003/samu-f24.shtml   (1347 words)

 RealScreen - Terror in Liberia for Insight News
When journalist Sorious Samura set out to film a half-hour documentary on Liberia (part of a 3 x 30-minute series for the U.K.'s Channel 4 and CNN), he never expected to see the inside of a jail, much less temporarily reside in one.
Samura describes the 'prison government' as a micro version of the Liberian national leadership.
Samura says he'd like to complete the film, although all the footage is currently in the hands of the Liberian government.
www.realscreen.com /articles/magazine/20001001/30126.html   (498 words)

 CNN.com - Transcripts
Sorious Samura, who has made prize-winning films about war and dislocation, this time went to a remote village in Ethiopia, where there has been no dramatic upheaval, just day in, day out, not enough food.
SAMURA (voice-over): This is Kirkos in northern Ethiopia, one of the poorest countries in East Africa.
SAMURA: What we tried to do with this film was to move away from, you know, the areas that are heavily covered by the government, by the aide workers, by NGOs, and try to present the real pictures that you never quite see.
cnnstudentnews.cnn.com /TRANSCRIPTS/0312/17/i_ins.00.html   (3144 words)

 CNN.com - CNN Presents: Living with AIDS - Dec 2, 2005
Sorious Samura carries a dead child at Lewanika General Hospital in Zambia.
Living with a family beset by AIDS, and working in the region's largest hospital for four weeks, Samura discovers that the complex African culture is exacerbating the spread of the disease and its social toll.
Samura speaks frankly about living conditions and their impact on children's understanding of intimate relations.
cnnstudentnews.cnn.com /2005/HEALTH/conditions/11/29/aids.samura/index.html   (607 words)

 The roots of 'bling': 'Blood Diamond' and 'Blood on a Stone' | The-Tidings.com
Samura and McCullah's most recent project, "Blood on a Stone," was shown at a gathering sponsored by Artists for Amnesty and Global Witness last week in Santa Monica.
Both Samura and McCullagh emphasized that the goal of their film is to show that the Kimberly Process is a start but has serious shortcomings that need to be remedied.
When I asked Sorious Samura why the faith community should care about the consequences of conflict diamonds he said, "I'd want to say that diamonds are not forever; what we need to do is to help people understand and ask questions about where diamonds come from.
www.the-tidings.com /2006/1215/blood.htm   (1243 words)

 Film and Fiction Fusion
In 1989 Ron McCullagh was nominated by the BBC for the Sony 'Radio Journalist of the Year' awards, in 1998 at the One World Broadcasting Trust Media Awards he won the UNICEF UK Award for the Advancement of Children's Rights for the report on child workers in Bangladesh which he reported, filmed, produced and edited.
As soon as Samura's gruesome footage of what happened in Freetown, Sierra Leone the previous January was shown, we knew there was no contest.
In an industry of giants, Insight News is a dwarf so when I met Sorious later that evening I told him what we thought and said that we would love to meet and talk, but only after he'd seen everyone else and was still looking for something different.
webdelsol.com /SolPix/sp-ronnterview.htm   (2533 words)

 Film and Fiction Fusion
In 1989 Ron McCullagh was nominated by the BBC for the Sony 'Radio Journalist of the Year' awards, in 1998 at the One World Broadcasting Trust Media Awards he won the UNICEF UK Award for the Advancement of Children's Rights for the report on child workers in Bangladesh which he reported, filmed, produced and edited.
As soon as Samura's gruesome footage of what happened in Freetown, Sierra Leone the previous January was shown, we knew there was no contest.
In an industry of giants, Insight News is a dwarf so when I met Sorious later that evening I told him what we thought and said that we would love to meet and talk, but only after he'd seen everyone else and was still looking for something different.
www.webdelsol.com /SolPix/sp-ronnterview.htm   (2533 words)

 CNN - Cry Freetown
As the world's media fled, local freelance journalist Sorious Samura captured on film the awful truth of what much of the world was ignoring.
Captured and threatened by the rebels, Samura, escaped and during the next few days, while battle raged between rebel and Nigerian 'peacekeeping' forces in his country's civil war, Samura took his handheld camera and captured on video some of the atrocities committed by both sides as almost every-day acts of war.
Sorious Samura revisits the site of the house set alight by rebels with local people still inside.
edition.cnn.com /CNNPromos/cnn/cry.freetown   (556 words)

 CBC.CA - The National
Award-winning documentary-maker Sorious Samura lived for a month in a village 400 kilometres north of Addis Ababa, in the remote north of Ethiopia.
Samura decides to state his case in front of the whole village, and reveals he is there to tell the story of their struggle to the world.
Samura also discovers the awful truth behind the Ethiopian government's claim to be distributing sufficient food aid for everyone in the country.
www.cbc.ca /national/news/ethiopia/sorious.html   (797 words)

 Blood Diamond (2006) : HollywoodJesus.com : Movie Reviews, Trailers and Spiritual Commentary
Sorious Samura’s documentary about Sierra Leone is the single most authoritative record of what happened there during the civil war.
Samura reveals that his decision to film the atrocities unfolding around him in 1999 was less an artistic decision than “a desperate cry in the dark for us to be saved.
The result was “Cry Freetown,” which brought Samura worldwide recognition and several prestigious awards, but he could not imagine that, years later, it would bring him to the set of a major motion picture.
www.hollywoodjesus.com /movieDetail.cfm/i/4EFCEB16-A482-0066-EE2B492BAB4E6E88/ia/4F076B90-F279-BD86-F34584DECF388760   (621 words)

 Media Ignore People in Crisis, Say NGOs- Global Policy Forum - NGOs   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Humanitarian organisations, often critical of the mainstream news agenda for ignoring crises, discussed the issue at a conference in the Danish capital on the theme "Forgotten Humanitarian Crises" in late October, organised by the Danish Refugee Council.
Samura, who now lives in London, contrasted coverage of African disasters with coverage of events in Europe, such as Kosovo.
Samura said: "The big question for me is how do we make the important interesting.
www.globalpolicy.org /ngos/aid/2002/1108media.htm   (769 words)

 Insight News TV | Online Documentary Films
Sorious Samura's 'Living with' series, Living with Hunger, Living with Refugees and Living with AIDS is now available on a special edition DVD.
Sorious Samura works as an orderly in hospital in Zambia, where the majority of the patients are HIV positive.
Sorious Samura returns to Africa once again to uncover the realities of being one of Darfur’s countless refugees on the Sudan-Chad border.
www.insightnewstv.com   (240 words)

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