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Topic: Sound design

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In the News (Sun 16 Dec 18)

  Sound design - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sound designers, on the other hand, are expected to be creative, and their role is a generalization of the other creative department heads.
Sound design is one of the youngest fields in technical theatre, second only to the use of projection and other multimedia displays.
Sound design has fast become an integral part of the design process for many theatres and sound designers often hold similar, if not superior positions in the creative team to the lighting designer and other designers.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Sound_design   (2091 words)

 Sound Design
Sound designers and composers begin their work by studying the script, gathering as much information as they can about any sound or music it calls for.
Sound and music cues are often dependent on the precise timing of the onstage action and can only be set after the play's blocking has been determined.
The sound designer will meet with the director and the design team (set, costume, lighting and sound designers), to discuss the details of the set and the director's interpretation of the play.
www.aact.org /people/sounddesigner.html   (633 words)

 Sound Design
Sound design is as important as art direction and cinematography when it comes to crafting a distinctive atmosphere for your film, and it can also be an effective tool in expressing the personalities of your characters.
The author, a musician, writer and director who lectures and consults in sound design for TV and film, and who is involved in interactive media sonification through Sonic Strategies, a company he co-founded, goes way beyond the nuts and bolts of sound design to also explore the perceptual and physiological effects of sound.
As any sound designer knows, budget, scheduling and political considerations can often mean that he or she is not called in until after the picture is edited.
www.mwp.com /books/sound/sound-design.php4   (663 words)

 Gamasutra - Tricks and Techniques for Sound Effect Design
Sound is produced by vibrations that disturb the air, causing pressure waves that travel out in all directions from the source of the sound.
The sound driver for Wolf 3D was designed for playback of 7k samples at 8 bit resolution, so I had to start with high quality material for the voices.
Ambient sounds can be divided into two categories: the sounds that are constant in an environment and the sounds that occur on a random basis.
www.gamasutra.com /features/sound_and_music/081997/sound_effect.htm   (4964 words)

 Sound Design of Star Wars
Ben Burtt was a film sound buff as a child (he recorded and replayed the sound tracks of his favorite movies) Burtt enrolled at the university of Southern California's film school with the intention of becoming a director.
Since we were going to design a visual world that had rust and dents and dirt, we wanted a sound which had Squeaks and motors that may not be the smooth-sounding or quite.
The sound of the Imperial Walkers were created by modifying the sound of a machinist's punch press.
www.filmsound.org /starwars   (1206 words)

 Designing for sound by Randy Thom
Sound, musical and otherwise, has value when it is part of a continuum, when it changes over time, has dynamics, and resonates with other sound and with other sensory experiences.
The degree to which sound is eventually able to participate in storytelling will be more determined by the use of time, space, and point of view in the story than by how often the script mentions actual sounds.
Sound may be the most powerful tool in the filmmaker’s arsenal in terms of its ability to seduce.
www.filmsound.org /articles/designing_for_sound.htm   (5059 words)

 Why Is That Thing Beeping? A Sound Design Primer - Boxes and Arrows
Historically, sound has been used in everything from animal communication to computer-human interfaces to warn us that something bad is about to happen: a loud sound warns you that you’re about to be squashed by a garbage truck, for example.
Sounds that are not intended to be warnings most often resemble what we consider culturally to be musically pleasant.
Sound effects of this nature are often assigned to the relatively benign role of affirmative feedback.
www.boxesandarrows.com /view/why_is_that_thing_beeping_a_sound_design_primer   (3572 words)

 Science Project
Sound comes from the vibrations in molecules, and is always traveling through a substance, whether it is a solid, liquid, or gas.
For example, the intensity of a sound 100 meters away from the source is one-fourth as intense as it is 50 meters away from the source.
Sound decreases 3 to 4.5 dBA as the distance from the source is doubled because of objects that deflect the sound, and because sound also gets weaker as the distance from the source becomes greater.
www.selah.k12.wa.us /SOAR/SciProj2000/StevenP.html   (3867 words)

 Sound Design
Sound design consists in looking for the least annoying sound, or even the most pleasant one for the users.
Moreover, GENESIS develops sound signal analysis models based on psychoacoustic datas in order to extract the sound components that are relevant to the human perception, and get a representation that makes the transformation of sounds much more intuitive.
We get a sound material that is much more flexible than a sound recorded with a classical sampling method.
www.genesis.fr /english/act1.htm   (552 words)

 Sound By Design - Sound design for the live audio industry
Sound By Design is a specialist live sound designer and supplier in the classical music, entertainment and corporate markets and has built up a significant reputation supplying to the UK and mainland Europe.
Sound By Design recently supplied the sound reinforcement for The Brit Awards Launch 2006 held this year on the 10th January at Riverside Studios, Hammersmith.
Sound By Design has an extensive dry hire department and anything we own is available for hire, whether you need only a single microphone or a whole PA system.
www.soundbydesign.net   (708 words)

 Nature Sound Design   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
sound design - for public spaces, including zoos, museums, and aquaria, retail venues, worldwide.
audio archive - the world's largest privately held sound library of habitat ambient and species specific recordings - unparalleled digital stereo surround resources for scientific and academic applications; CD's, motion pictures, television, radio, and web sites.
speaking engagements - advocacy and education regarding wild soundscapes and their relevance to the natural sciences; use in media, data collection, public and habitat health, and exhibit design.
www.wildsanctuary.com   (101 words)

 Sound Design for Visual Media: Training in Foley, Location, Music, and Game Audio using Pro Tools
Working behind the scenes, and rarely seen, sound designers make stories come alive by evoking the inner texture of a feeling, a glance, a pang of regret, or a surge of joy.
More than ever before, sound is an integral part of the movie viewing experience, while the boom in the games industry is opening unprecedented creative frontiers.
Sound designers collaborate with directors and composers to enhance entertainment experiences, learning to respond to action and drama with the music of sound.
www.vfs.com /fulltime.php?id=11   (343 words)

 Radio Sound Effects
Usually in a recording studio the object is to reproduce the sound as accurately or as cleanly as possible.
You are changing the sound to establish and maintain the picture you want to create in the mind of the listener.
An effect that doesn't sound like it's in the same place as the actors can destroy the image you were trying to build for the listener.
www.greatnorthernaudio.com /audio_theater/Sound_Effects.html   (2007 words)

 HammerSound - Sound Design
The Sound Design section is a place where you can find information about designing and using your own sounds for musical purposes.
To be able to design good sounds, you have to have the knowledge and skill to create sound at both levels.
There is a lot more to sound design than sampling a preset sound from some synthesizer or sampler and creating an 'instrument' that just plays that sample when you press a key on your MIDI keyboard.
www.hammersound.net /hs_sound_design.html   (940 words)

 Course "Sound Design", Dik J. Hermes, 2005-2006   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
In the desk-top metaphor of windows-based systems, e.g., the kind of sounds which fit into this metaphor, such as the sounds which we hear when we pick up the telephone, type on the keyboard, move on our chair, pick up or drop a pen, are complete absent.
At most, the sound is spatialized and given the coloration of the room in which it is supposed to be generated.
The synthesis of musical sounds and speech sounds is widely dealt with elsewhere, and the state of the art in these research fields can be found in many good textbooks.
www.ipo.tue.nl /homepages/dhermes/lectures/SD   (751 words)

 Film Sound Design - Film Sound Theory   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Sound designer and film editor Walter Murch may be one of the most and diverse below-the-line talents to be working in movies today.
Sound Design of The Hunt for Red October
Sound recording and the ability to photograph and reproduce motion pictures began intersecting at the very beginning, 1895!!!!.
filmsound.studienet.org   (445 words)

 Marsh Sound Design ~ Experience the Sound with Marsh Sound Design Products !!!
Beautiful Sound: At Marsh Sound Design, the focus is always on the music, because music is an important part of life.
Simplicity: Marsh Sound Design products have simple controls on the outside-sophisticated, elegant circuitry on the inside Marsh Sound Design creates an intuitive design with clearly marked controls.
Ease of setup comes naturally with our products, "Plug it in; Turn it on!" Even to the well designed wireless remote (Model P2000) that mirrors the front panel controls, Marsh Sound Design has kept the interactivity of our products practical.
www.marshsounddesign.com   (144 words)

 [ L S D - Our Releases ]
Liquid Sound Design have raised the bar even higher with the release of Abakus’s (aka Russell Davies) exquisite debut album ‘That Much Closer To The Sun’…..
Liquid Sound Design proudly presents Orchestra Mystique, the new release of material from seminal producer and musician Youth who has garnered a reputation as one of the most eclectic diverse and brilliant producers to emerge in recent years.
This Double CD compiled in association with 'Parallel Youniversity', is a celebration of the sounds that have accompanied the fortnightly madness that has occurred at the Warp Experience.
www.liquidsounddesign.com /releases/releases.htm   (1088 words)

 Celestial Sound Design
Building on proven technology and years of experience, we strive to meet every customers' goals and expectations, in a timely manner and at a fair price.
Using only the best in quality manufactures, we provide equipment designed to meet the requirements of the situation.
From 200 to 20,000 watts, the same design effort and principles are applied to each sound system.
webpages.charter.net /celestialsd   (73 words)

 The Aural Imagination:Sound Design Index
A STEP BY STEP GUIDE TO....This guide describes the course of the sound design process from receiving a copy of the play through to performance................
....On first reading a script try not to be to concerned with the specifics of the sound design..........
Many aspects of your design will need negotiation with other departments if they are to be properly fulfilled....
homepages.enterprise.net /micpool/SoundDesignIndex.html   (388 words)

 Independent Film & Theatre Sound Design - Crazy Dream Sound Productions
I am an award winning sound designer for theater and film with over 30 years of experience in music and recording as well as sound engineering, 15 years as a live theater sound designer, and 10 years in sound design for film.
Currently, all of the independent feature films I designed are in distributions.
Also, my sound design is featured in the recent released computer game SimCity.
www.crazydreamsound.com   (226 words)

 William Coakley Sound Design
No matter where you are in the world, I will call you for consultation and follow up after the sale to make sure my pianos sound as good in your studio as they do in mine.
So, if you’re tired of working with pianos that don’t measure up to the best of what you’re hearing out there...
A gorgeous piano brings out the best of what's inside the artist in every note has to be like a mastered CD.
www.williamcoakley.com   (589 words)

 Film Sound Design - Film Sound Theory
Sound carries meaning in more ways than simply by accompanying a visible object or person
"Sound of Horror" is a 4-hour study on sound design in modern psychological horror films with clips, interviews, and examples of director / sound designer collaborations.
If anyone who holds the copyright to any of the images, texts and sounds on this site, object to their presence here, please e-mail me and said material will be removed.
www.filmsound.org   (810 words)

 The Recordist Sound Effects
Welcome to The Recordist "The place for incredible sound effects." This is also the home of Creative Sound Design, a state-of-the-art sound design facility.
If you're looking for specific sound elements for your project and are not interested in using CD libraries, The Recordist can record and design a custom library that meets your needs.
Our parent company, Creative Sound Design, offers state-of-the-art sound design and audio services for the PC and console game industry.
www.therecordist.com   (395 words)

 Olson Sound Design
The consulting staff, led by principal consultant Bruce C. Olson, provides consultation in sound system design, combined audio and video production/presentation system design and technical systems design to support them.
Guthrie Theatre to the design of a recording system for the Managed Care School at UHC — from the sound design in highly reverberant cathedrals such as at Saint John's University in Collegeville, MN., to the design of audio and video production facilities for 3M.
For all our projects our broad background and first-hand experience in the performing arts has allowed us to make flexible and creative contributions to the design team that are free of academic orthodoxy and wholly sympathetic to the practicalities of building design and the ongoing needs of performers and other users.
www.olsonsound.com   (289 words)

The first and still the best sound collection specifically designed for multimedia applications like Shockwave Flash, Director and Live Motion.
There are a few ways to preview our music and effects.You can download our free sound files and use them in your projects.
All of our sound effects and Loops are copyrighted.You are free to download and use featured free sound effects and loops as you please,[ other than claiming they are yours, selling and/or posting them on your web site for others to download ] The rest are featured for demonstration purposes
www.deusx.com /studio.html   (485 words)

 harvest music and sound design
… May 18, 2004 - Harvest Music and Sound Design in Lansing Dinner @ 6:30, Meeting @ 7:00 PM … Presenter: Steve Curran, owner of Harvest Music and Sound Design.
… Then they used the Sonic Solutions workstation at Harvest Music and Sound Design in Lansing, Michigan to select and edit takes and lock to picture.
Sound Technology and the American Cinema: Perception, Representation, Modernity.
www.fpws.org /harvest-music-and-sound.html   (356 words)

 Sound Design of Star Wars
Edited excerpts from various sources mostly Larry Blake: Film Sound Today, Marc Mancini: "Sound Designer" in Film Sound - theory and practice and Sky Walker Sounds homepage
Saber and star wars sounds with "How to to retrieve sounds from Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight, and The Phantom Menace" From theForce.net
- -Describes technical processes of how sound is designed and produced for a major Hollywood feature from location recording during production to post production editing and dialog.
filmsound.studienet.org /starwars   (2380 words)

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