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Topic: Sound film

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In the News (Sat 15 Dec 18)

  FilmSound.org: dedicated to the Art of Film Sound Design & Film Sound Theory
The annual Sound Wave Award 2004 went to Sven E Carlsson for his extraordinary work on his website FilmSound.org.
Sound designer and film editor Walter Murch may be one of the most and diverse below-the-line talents to be working in movies today.
Sound recording and the ability to photograph and reproduce motion pictures began intersecting at the very beginning, 1895!!!!.
www.filmsound.org   (760 words)

  Film Sound History: 40's
In 1940, Walt Disney's Fantasia was the first film to be released in a multichannel format called Fantasound.
As the film toured the country, some refinements were made in the Fantasound Process.
It was determined that a series of edge notches on the film could be used to control a series of relays.
www.mtsu.edu /~smpte/forties.html   (1498 words)

  Wessex Film and Sound Archive
Film and sound researchers are asked to sign a visitors book upon arrival.
Film Clips from the Wessex Film and Sound Archive
The Wessex Film and Sound Archive was set up in 1988, funded by Hampshire County Council through Hampshire Archives Trust, a registered charity.
www.hants.gov.uk /record-office/film   (213 words)

  Sound film Summary
Films were never truly silent; by 1900, major theaters provided some form of musical accompaniment to motion pictures, whether through scores written for films and played out on large organs, or through the improvised accompaniment of a pianist or other musicians.
Other studios, again fearing the cost that the conversion to sound would entail, as well as anticipating the loss of revenue from silent films that had already been produced, banded together to resist the move to sound films, or to create a competing sound system of their own.
Finally, in 1929, post-synchronized sound systems were developed that enabled sound to be recorded and synchronized with the film after the film was shot; this allowed for the editing and montage effects that had been impossible with early sound film.
www.bookrags.com /Sound_film   (2644 words)

 Sound for Film
Sound track rolls are designated according to the type of sound each contains, i.e., narration, sync sound, sound effects, music, or presence.
Photographic sound negatives (variable area) are processed to a particular gamma and density to provide minimum cross modulation distortion when printed to a certain positive aim density.
You must be sure, when ordering photographic sound negatives or positives, that you specify the correct type for the intended use, and that in 16mm, you specify the correct emulsion position, or "wind," to match the wind of the picture material it will be printed with.
www.wrslabs.com /filmsound.html   (767 words)

In Cinerama, a magnetic sound filmstrip which contained 7 soundtracks, as well as the three picture film strips were all on separate pieces of 35mm film and all had to be interlocked to each other.
Dolby Stereo: Although the advent of magnetic sound tracks improved the quality of film sound in the 1950's, it was often available only in the best-equipped theatres playing the most prestigious films, and the cost of magnetic-sound film prints was prohibitively high.
DTS Digital Sound was designed to create full-range digital sound reproduction using a theatre's existing sound system, DTS utilizes a digital soundtrack recorded not on the film itself, but on two separate CD-ROM discs capable of holding a combined total of three and a half hours of digital sound.
www.dvdaust.com /film_sound.htm   (2920 words)

However, because of the aperture masks in film, the angle of view for a given lens is generally described in terms of the height and width of a lens.
Film which is coated with an iron oxide compound on which sound is recorded and from which sound is reproduced.
A signal recorded on the edge of film in a camera to match a signal recorded on a magnetic recording which is used as a fast means of synchronizing film and sound workprints.
www.filmland.com /glossary/Dictionary.html   (10438 words)

As soon as films were invented, and long before there were such things as picture palaces, filmmakers and showmen began to employ devices to provide a sound accompaniment and complete the illusion.
Film people, by and large, have never been given to constructive analysis, which is one reason why no proper "critique" of the film has ever been written.
It is a sad story, but the sound film producers made the same mistake with music, when they got their hands on it, as the cinema owners made in the past, when the responsibility was theirs.
lavender.fortunecity.com /hawkslane/575/sound-in-films.htm   (5728 words)

 Soundrangers Film Sound - Sound Effects and Production Music for Film and Indy Films, Movies and iMovie
Film is unique in that it predates time code so the pilot tone and 2 pop still apply, but it also has the capability to interact with time code so that applies as well.
During a 3:2 pull down, film is slowed down.1% to video speed and the 24 picture frames per second of film are converted to video's 29.97 picture frames per second.
The general rule for multi-channel mixing is to have the dialogue and the main sound effects in the center and front speakers; ambiances and secondary sound effects in the surround speakers; and the music in all of the speakers, being the loudest in the front.
www.soundrangers.com /html/film-sound.html   (3873 words)

 Film Studies Vocabulary   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
In a narrative film, all the events that we see and hear, plus all those that we infer or assume to have occurred, arranged in their presumed causal relations, chronological order, duration, frequency, and spatial locations.
That portion of the sound film medium to which are recorded the dialogue, music, narration and sound effects.
At the beginning of a film, episode or scene within a film, a wide-angle or "full-shot" is photographed for the purpose of identifying the location or setting.
www.duke.edu /web/film/Filmterm.htm   (1764 words)

 Film School - One Year Filmmaking Program
Film directing classes are not theoretical explorations; they are practical workshops designed to put students in the director's chair as quickly as possible.
Film school students at the New York Film Academy will not be limited to learning only one film or video format.
They screen rough-cuts of their films for the directing instructor and their mentors and receive feedback before presenting their finished films to an invited audience at the end of the course.
nyfa.com /film_school/programs/filmmaking/1year.php   (3452 words)

 Film Sound Cliches
In a horror film when there is a full moon there is either an owl or a wolf howling in the distance.
Enviromental sound to a shoot with the window open, are always next to a schoolyard or a construction-site.
The recording was archived into the studio's sound effects library -- and it was used in many of their films since.
www.filmsound.org /cliche   (2053 words)

 Film and Sound Archiving: Underground Vaults & Storage, Inc.
Film and television studios recognized that our uniquely cool and dry atmosphere, the distance from natural disaster and metropolitan exposure, and our location 58 floors below ground, were ideal for long term archiving of movie films.
We have grown to secure more film and sound elements than any company in the Western Hemisphere, being we are the largest records center at any one address.
Film and sound recording vaults are fully customizable, with no limit to space available.
www.undergroundvaults.com /industryanswers/filmandsoundarchiving.html   (747 words)

 Super 8 Sound Striped Film
There were also commercial films released in the Super 8mm format that have optical soundtracks along the edge of the film next to the images.
The sound stripe is a liquid paste that is applied on a massive machine to ensure viscosity and thickness of application.
Also...if the film isn't completely cleaned and free of lubrication...the adhesive has trouble adhering the laminate tape to the film and it tends to flake off later when you are projecting/recording the sound.
us.geocities.com /meta8mm/soundstripe.html   (842 words)

 Internet Archive: Details: Dickson Experimental Sound Film
This short film was a test for Edison's "Kinetophone" project, the first attempt in history to record sound and moving image in synchronization.
This was an experiment by William Dickson to put sound and film together either in 1894 or 1895.
In 1998, Patrick Loughney, curator of Film and Television at the Library of Congress, retrieved the cylinder and had it repaired and re-recorded at the Rodgers and Hammerstein Archive of Recorded Sound, Lincoln Center, New York.
www.archive.org /details/dicksonfilmtwo   (351 words)

 [No title]
Film sound mics have a cleaner sound, and flatter response sounding better than the mics used to record video sound.
Film sound is "sweetened" by manipulating room tone, premixing audio levels, and carefully considering dialog, music, and effects for their proper audio EQ.
Sound is not his priority, and he´s not really listening to what´s coming through the mic and mixer and headphones.
www.filmmaking.com /moviesound.html   (2446 words)

 Sound & Film: Preserving the Nation's Heritage at the Library of Congress
Sound and Film: Preserving the Nation's Heritage at the Library of Congress
As nitrate film begins to deteriorate, the nitric acid that is released can cause the emulsion to liquefy, resulting in a defect known as "melt".
Since its initial showing in 1930, the film had been altered for presentation in foreign countries as well as re-release here, and in that time music tracks and other effects were added that both altered the otherwise grim tone of the film as well as muted the sound of bomb blasts and artillery shelling.
www.loc.gov /preserv/bachbase/bbcsound.html   (2040 words)

 Semester Term Paper: Film Sound
  “Reevaluating the role of sound in film history and according it its true importance is not purely a critical or historical enterprise.
Knowing that sound had become a more integral part of the movie experience, Star Wars creator George Lucas wanted to create a better use of sound in his film.
Creating the illusion that all sound evolves from and serves the image is a philosophy that has long since been abandoned.
www.unc.edu /~jimlee/tp141nawabi.html   (3278 words)

 Film & Sound Online Login
Latest additions to the Film and Sound Online collections
Due to an Edinburgh University network software upgrade, access to all EDINA services (including the EDINA website) should be considered 'at risk' between 7am and 9am on Tuesday 9 October 2007.
The content was cleared, digitised and metadata produced by the JISC Managing Agent and Advisory Service (MAAS).
www.filmandsound.ac.uk   (75 words)

 Film Sound Theory
I am convinced that sound carries meaning in more ways than simply by accompanying a visible object or person.
Sound recording and the ability to photograph and reproduce motion pictures began intersecting at the very beginning......
In 1891 a Dr. Georges Demeny makes claim to synchronous sound....Even earlier, in 1891, Edison was making inflated claims of achieving synchronous projected sound films..
hem.passagen.se /filmljud/filmsound.htm   (334 words)

 Super-8 & 16mm Filmmaking Sync Sound FAQ
In the early days of double-system sound recording, both the motion picture camera and the magnetic film recorder (see "What is a magnetic film recorder") were driven by "synchronous" AC motors.
Thus, early picture and sound synchronization was achieved by the ability of the synchronous motor to maintain an accurate speed.
If the film project is to be edited as a film (as opposed to being transferred to and edited on video), the field audio tapes will need to be resolved to magnetic film.
users.aol.com /fmgp/faq.htm   (3296 words)

 SoundStage! Network Home Theater & Sound -- Film Fanatic
A big part of a sound recordist’s job is to alert a film’s director before a glitch in the sound ruins a shot.
The primary task of a sound recordist is to record the dialogue in a film.
In the early days of sound films, it wasn’t uncommon for a mike to be placed in a prop, such as a bouquet of flowers, to capture the dialogue.
www.hometheatersound.com /features/filmfanatic/ff_20040202.htm   (1200 words)

 Signature Sound: Film Music Supervision FAQ
Just as filmmakers use film festivals as an opportunity to showcase their work and to network with other members of their profession, representatives of record labels and music publishers also attend film festivals to meet with filmmakers.
Record labels and music publishers (music rights holders) send representatives to film festivals to view the films using their music, as well as to try to place more of their music into the next year's films.
Yes, and no. Smaller music rights holders eager to have their music used in your film may be willing to cut you a broad rights deal before you have secured distribution for your film.
www.signature-sound.com /filmFAQ.html   (950 words)

 Edison:The Marriage of Sight and Sound: Early Edison Experiments with Film and Sound   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The Edison Company is known to have experimented with this as early as the fall of 1894 under the supervision of W. Dickson with a film known today as [Dickson Experimental Sound Film].
The picture and sound were made somewhat synchronous by connecting the two with a belt.
This time, the sound was made to synchronize with a motion picture projected onto a screen.
memory.loc.gov /ammem/edhtml/edmrrg.html   (387 words)

 Amazon.ca: Sound for Film and Television: Books: Tomlinson Holman   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Sound for Film and Television, Second Edition provides a thorough introduction to the fascinating field of recording, editing, mixing, and exhibiting film and television sound.
Basic principles are presented with illustrations demonstrating how they affect the day-to-day activities on a film or television set, in the editing room, and in the mix room.
The book covers everything from sound and how people perceive it, to equipment, to techniques, and it even has a CD that demonstrates principles discussed in the book.
www.amazon.ca /Sound-Film-Television-Tomlinson-Holman/dp/0240804538   (798 words)

 Sound Ideas Feature Film Sound Effects Combo
The Amadeus Sound Effects Library, produced by San Francisco's Saul Zaentz Film Center, is an outstanding collection of sound clips from the Academy Award-winning feature film that won the Oscar for Best Sound, plus a bonus CD containing some of the very best sound effects from the Saul Zaentz Film Center.
The Turner Entertainment Co. SFX Library is a superb collection of sound effects originating from their vast collection of MGM major motion pictures, like 2001, Dr. Zhivago, Ben Hur, The Dirty Dozen and the classic cartoons of Tom and Jerry.
The Universal Studios Sound Effects Library is an awesome collection of over 1,000 classic and action-packed sound effects, straight from the heart of some of Universal Studios' most famous and timeless feature film presentations.
www.sound-ideas.com /feature-film-combo.html   (297 words)

 sound for film and television - television rating
Sound for Film and Television, Second Edition provides a thorough introduction to the fascinating field of recording, editing, mixing, and exhibiting film and television sound.
Written by one of Hollywood`s leading sound experts, Sound for Film and Television, Second Edition provides a solid grounding in all aspects of the sound process.
Basic principles are presented with illustrations demonstrating how they affect the day-to-day activities on a film or television set, in the editing room, and in the mix room.
www.yourtelevisionratingspace.com /Sound_for_Film_and_Television/Page/3431741   (770 words)

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