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Topic: Souvlaki

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In the News (Tue 25 Sep 18)

  Souvlaki: The Hamburger of Greece
The souvlaki 'cook' slices off the meat as it becomes done and puts it on a round pita bread with lettuce, tomato, onions, and sadziki, a cucumber-yogurt-garlic sauce that in my opinion is what makes souvlakis great.
Souvlaki comes in wax paper which keeps it all together and you eat it like you are peeling a banana.
Besides the souvlaki in the pita you can find street vendors selling souvlaki kalamaki which is skewered meat with a regular piece of bread instead of pita and no onions, tomatoes or sadziki.
www.athensguide.com /souvlaki.html   (1015 words)

 Souvlaki Space Station ///
Full-time job is getting harder and harder but at least I am working on a cool project for a series/movie that will come out soon here in Brazil and probably will reach Europe beaches as well (I'll write more about it in the future).
Oh, Souvlaki is one year old, time for a little change.
I am (well, was) restrict about letters here because I wanted it to be a visual diary kinda thing but, as it became more and more public, I need to respect the fact that people want to know more about who and what process is behind this.
souvlaki.jp-ar.org   (1058 words)

 Amazon.com: Souvlaki: Music: Slowdive   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The lulling melodic undertow of the group's early EPs is present in subtle new variations on songs such as "Allison," "Machine Gun," and "Souvlaki Space Station," but Eno blurs the foreground and background, giving the album a pleasant, swirling mix that's never static or predictable.
While in the main, shoegaze music tended to be melodic as well as loud and textured, part of what set Slowdive apart is how much more both sweetly melodic and densely layered their music was compared with their contemporaries.
They hit their stride with Souvlaki, their second full-length LP, and made the most sonically ravishing and unforgettable album of their ilk.
www.amazon.com /Souvlaki-Slowdive/dp/B00000DR7P   (980 words)

 Greek souvlaki
The souvlaki is the best-known Greek food, a word that invokes Greece as much as the Acropolis, the Parthenon, retsina and ouzo.
Souvlaki is a fast food served in “souvladzidika” (souvlaki shops), small eateries that also serve gyros and other grilled meat dishes.
The souvlaki first appeared in ancient Greece, as proved by a recipe from that time.
www.explorecrete.com /cuisine/souvlaki.html   (682 words)

 montrealfood.com: Reviews >> Junk Food: Souvlaki   (Site not responding. Last check: )
I speak of the battle for Best Souvlaki of Montreal, and the warriors are not the restaurants, but their rabid fans and their best-of lists.
Knowing that souvlaki in Montreal is frequently eaten via delivery or takeout, I wanted to see what a souvlaki platter was like after being cooked, shoved into a container and beaten around the back seat of a delivery car for about 20 minutes, so I ordered from Arahova Souvlaki, a small but popular souvlaki chain.
The fries were crisp, hot and grease-free, the salad was perky in a savoury vinaigrette and the souvlaki, plump, juicy chicken in a garlic-cucumber extravaganza of tsaziki, equalled or even surpassed Marathon’s.
www.montrealfood.com /restos/junk.souvlaki.htm   (757 words)

 Souvlaki in Athens, Greece
The Souvlaki 'cook' slices off the meat as it becomes done and puts it on a round pita bread with lettuce, tomato, onions, and tsatziki, a cucumber-yogurt-garlic sauce that in my opinion is what makes Souvlakis great.
So you see the power of the Souvlaki is strong and unless you are the most militant vegetarian you should not leave Greece without trying one..
Besides the souvlaki in the pita you can find street vendors selling souvlaki kalamaki which is skewered meat with a regular piece of bread instead of pita and no onions, tomatoes or tsatziki.
www.magicaljourneys.com /Athens/athens-interest-food-souvlaki.html   (1252 words)

 Lamb Souvlaki With Stuffed Zucchini, Bulgur Wheat and Lentil Pilaf | ajc.com
Lamb Souvlaki With Stuffed Zucchini and Bulgur Wheat and Lentil Pilaf
Remove the souvlaki from the refrigerator, season with salt and pepper and lay the skewers on the grill directly over the heat.
Cook 5 to 8 minutes (depending on size of lamb pieces), rotating skewers to cook souvlaki evenly on all sides, until the lamb is medium-rare and the outside is lightly charred.
www.ajc.com /news/content/living/food/todaysrecipes/0704/072704.html   (813 words)

 Allrecipes | Recipe Reviews: Souvlaki
This souvlaki was so tender and flavourful, to say we loved it would be an understatement.
I marinated this souvlaki over night and then served it with a greek horiatiki salad with cucumbers, feta, tomatoes, olive oil, oregano and onions and pita bread.
I too was a little leery of a souvlaki recipe with soy sauce, but I guess it is just a way of adding salt.
allrecipes.com /Recipe/Souvlaki/Reviews.aspx?Page=5   (1101 words)

 Souvlaki shops in Heraklion
Souvlaki shops in Heraklion town centre never close, feeding locals and tourists 24/7, 365 days a year.
This is not a recent phenomenon; “xenihtadika” all-night tavernas have been around for years, catering to night owls wanting a soup to settle their stomachs after an evening’s hard drinking.
For a mere €2.50 (price in 2006) you can buy a pita gyros or pita souvlaki that you need both hands to hold and which is guaranteed to fill you up for several hours.
www.cretegazette.com /2006-12/souvlaki-shops.php   (609 words)

 Souvlaki: The Hamburger of Greece
The classic "souvlaki" known throughout the world is purchased by asking for "gyro pita" (YEE-roh PEE-tah) Note that the "pita" is essential to denote the wrap, asking for "gyro" will likely get you the full monty -a "merida" (portion) with the disappointing results Matt mentions above.
On the other hand, a "souvlaki (me) pita" would be a classic souvlaki with meat from the skewer in it instead of meat sliced off the big spit.
Any professional who calls it a "souvlaki sandwich" ought to be condemned to a year of flipping burgers at McDonalds.
www.greecefoods.com /souvlaki.html   (1093 words)

 Lamb Souvlaki   (Site not responding. Last check: )
On the deck of the chosen boat, there would be a spread of foods to accompany the “Souvlaki” (meat or fish): vegetables, olives, cheese, pickles, salad, bread, whatever.
Place “Souvlaki” on hot grill, total cooking time 6 to 10 minutes (depending on the heat of your grill) for medium to medium-rare.
The Lamb Souvlaki discussed by Morley this month has some tartness with the inclusion of the lemon.
www.amour-du-vin.com /retail/Resources/cookingwithwine/LambSouvlaki.htm   (724 words)

 Souvlaki Recipe— Greek Barbecued Skewers - Greek Food
This is a classic recipe and one that almost requires outdoor dining.
Whether you purchase a stick of souvlaki from a street vendor in Greece or enjoy it in your own backyard one thing is for sure - souvlaki is meant to be enjoyed al fresco or na dipnisoume eksoas as we say it in Greek.
I look forward to visiting Greek festivals every summer just as much for the souvlaki as for the dancing and the Greek wine.
www.bellaonline.com /articles/art29731.asp   (382 words)

 Home-made souvlaki - Epicure - www.theage.com.au
"I was bought up to believe that souvlaki was a seasonal dish made with pork between late autumn and Easter, then with lamb for the rest of the year," he says, recollecting his youth in Athens.
Once the first bread is warmed, a second is added to the bottom of the pan under the first pitte and so on until all the pittes are warmed through.
For Niki's perfect souvlaki, the warmed bread is spread with about a dessertspoon of tzatziki, and a meat skewer, a good sprinkling of chopped Italian parsley and a teaspoon or so of chopped onion added in that order.
www.theage.com.au /articles/2004/10/18/1097951615975.html?from=storyrhs   (607 words)

 Albury's 500kg souvlaki - National - www.theage.com.au
A Lebanese restaurant in the NSW/Victorian border city of Albury plans to smash the world record for the biggest souvlaki - with their version of the fast-food delight to weigh in at a hefty 500kg.
The final measurements for the record-breaking souvlaki will be a slab of pita bread 8.6 metres long and 70cm wide.
It will be used to wrap 200kg of chicken, 100kg of tomato, 50kg of tabouli salad, seven cases of lettuce and buckets of garlic paste.
www.theage.com.au /articles/2004/10/14/1097607331592.html   (316 words)

 Since 1969, Opa Tony Souvlaki has been an institution of authentic Greek souvlaki in Astoria. Now called simply Opa ...
Souvlaki and souvlaki platters that are out of this world.
Back at the restaurant, Opa Souvlaki prides itself on using only the freshest meats, fish and vegetables and extra virgin olive oil, imported from Greece, to prepare the dishes and impart a robust flavor that is both delicious and healthy.
Nearly all dinner entrees are under $10 and feature such choices as souvlaki platters, with your choice of tender lamb or pork, Greek salad laced with feta cheese and olives and either seasoned rice or French fries ($8.95).
www.qgazette.com /News/2001/1031/Dining_review.html   (734 words)

 Venue Information and User Reviews on Greek Souvlaki No. 1 from Evite
Souvlaki is traditionally made with pork, but chicken is offered here as well.
A gyro (pronounced yeero) is lamb, tomato, onions and red (tomato) or white (yogurt) sauce folded in a pita.
Souvlaki is either pork or chicken, skewered with zucchini and onions, and grilled.
www.evite.com /pages/venue/venueDetails.jsp?venueID=YLPIFGUPTWKMIJZFTQUH   (336 words)

 Souvlaki (vleesspiesjes) - Griekse recepten en gerechten
Bak de souvlaki's op een hete plaat of barbecue.
Keer ze geregeld en smeer regelmatig wat van het olie/azijn mengsel op de souvlaki's.
Als het vlees gaar is de souvlaki's van de plaat halen en een beetje citroensap over de souvlaki's sprenkelen.
www.grieksegids.nl /gerechten/souvlaki.htm   (191 words)

 Souvlaki (album)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Souvlaki was a 1994 (see 1994 in music) album by the band Slowdive.
The style of the album could be perhaps considered midway between electronic pop and shoegazer rock.
Brian's REO Album Review An analysis and rating of album catalog from 1971's debut album to 1999's Ballads album.
www.serebella.com /encyclopedia/article-Souvlaki_(album).html   (1145 words)

 Chicken Souvlaki   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Souvlaki is often rolled to eat in your hand as a snack, but this more substantial version is served on a plate with a knife and fork.
If you like, accompany the souvlaki with lemon wedges.
When using wooden skewers, soak them first in water for at least ten minutes, or they'll smoke during cooking.
gourmetdinnerclub.com /site/recipes/souvlaki.htm   (267 words)

 Souvlaki Bar - Restaurant Reviews - Good Living - Entertainment - smh.com.au
With obligatorily patriotic blue-and-white tiles outside (Brighton is Greek territory, after all), inside it's your basic beige-tiled souvlaki and yeeros shop.
You could go for the latter ($7) from one of the sizzling spindles of mixed meat rotating against a vertical grill, but you're here for a deliciously warm, custom-built souvlaki and salad sambo, rolled in toasted Greek pitta (from $5.50).
Cooked in a flash on a flat grill is a tender mix of marinated lamb and pork chunks, single or double serve, with your choice of lettuce, tomato, cheese and hold-the-onion.
www.smh.com.au /news/restaurant-reviews/souvlaki-bar/2006/08/23/1156012595704.html   (236 words)

 Gyro and Souvlaki:  The Changing Face of an Open-Faced Sandwich (DCGreeks.com)
Now the souvlaki is traditionally served with feta cheese, while the gyro is not.
Now the souvlaki can’t be mistaken for any other sandwich, except perhaps for a gyro.
If it’s souvlaki you want, and if they give you a choice, ask for the original “other white meat” and know that this is actually the healthiest way to get pork in a sandwich.
www.dcgreeks.com /gyro_and_souvlaki.asp   (1146 words)

 Simply Souvlaki - Restaurant Reviews - Good Living - Entertainment - smh.com.au
Basic souvlaki comes in lamb, pork or chicken at Simply Souvlaki
That's why this landmark souvlaki shop on an arcade at the main Homer Street traffic lights offers extra goodies such as grilled haloumi and sheftalies, a Cypriot specialty of minced pork and herbs, wrapped in a crepine (that's French for the fatty webbing known as pork caul) before grilling.
Your basic souvlaki ($6.50) comes in lamb, pork or chicken, hefty hunks barbecued over an open-flame grill (a plus), rolled in pita with the usual salad choices, oregano, a squirt of lemon juice and a fine dusting of paprika.
www.smh.com.au /news/restaurant-reviews/simply-souvlaki/2006/08/23/1156012595697.html   (318 words)

Marinate the meat overnight to absorb the wine and garlic." Souvlaki: Place the meat in a large bowl.
Serve on a bed of rice and pass the tzaziki to sppon on top.
While the meat is BBQing, drizzle the olive oil over the surface, and without stirring, sprinkle on the salt.
www.cs.cmu.edu /~mjw/recipes/ethnic/greek/souvlaki.html   (284 words)

 Montreal Plus.ca - Home - Arahova Souvlaki
Ethnic cuisine has become the rage in Montreal, and with this city's large Greek community, Montrealers are blessed with an abundance of delectable Greek restaurants.
Souvlaki is the house speciality and with good reason.
Arahova Souvlaki also offers a wide array of other Greek dishes like moussaka (eggplant casserole with minced beef or lamb), gyros, pikilia (plate of appetizers) and out-of-this-world honey-drenched baklava.
english.montrealplus.ca /profile/486348   (271 words)

 Stepho's Souvlaki Greek Taverna, Vancouver - Restaurants - VirtualTourist.com
For dinner, I ordered the Lamb Souvlaki Platter which came with a huge portion of rice, oven baked potatoes and a greek salad (there was so much food on my plate that I took it home and had leftovers the next day).
A went for the roast lamb which I think is one of the most popular items on the menu given that the chunk of meat takes around an hour to do justice, and then you have a mound of rice, salad, vegies, roast potatoes and pitta bread to contend with.
My wife & I shared a large dish of lamb souvlaki - 2 skewers crammed end-to-end with thick juicy lamb chunks, large amount of moist rice pilaf, quarters of roast potatoes, greek salad with lots of feta cheese, pita bread and tzatziki dip - all for $9.95CDN.
www.virtualtourist.com /travel/North_America/Canada/Province_of_British_Columbia/Vancouver-903183/Restaurants-Vancouver-Stephos_Souvlaki_Greek_Taverna-BR-1.html   (874 words)

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