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  Sovereign - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sovereign can apply to the head of a state, whether that head be one person (monarch) or a group (aristocracy or democracy).
Sovereign is an informal name for butterflies of the genus Basilarchia, or more broadly of any in the family Nymphalidae.
Sovereign individuals are typically advocates of peace, individualist anarchism and tax resistance.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Sovereign   (280 words)

 Sovereignty - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Since ambassadors are only exchanged between sovereign high parties, the countries recognizing the People's Republic often entertain de facto but not de jure diplomatic relationships with Taiwan by maintaining 'offices of representation', such as the American Institute in Taiwan, rather than embassies there.
Partisans of the divine right of kings argue that the monarch is sovereign by divine right, and not by the agreement of the people.
According to the theory expounded in the Federalist Party, the individual states did not, after the formation of the constitution, remain completely sovereign: they retained possession of certain attributes of sovereignty, while others were ceded to the Federal government; while many states existed, only one sovereign survived.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Sovereignty   (1069 words)

 Info and facts on 'Sovereign'   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The adjective sovereign is used to refer to a state of sovereignty (Government free from external control).
Sovereign is another term for monarch (Large migratory American butterfly having deep orange wings with fl and white markings; the larvae feed on milkweed).
Sovereign (A nation's ruler or head of state usually by hereditary right) is a Star Trek (additional info and facts about Star Trek) starship class.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/s/so/sovereign.htm   (215 words)

 SOVEREIGN - LoveToKnow Article on SOVEREIGN   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The sovereign was coined in successive reigns until that of James I., when the name unite was given to the coin to mark the union of the two kingdoms.
The weight of 9341/2 sovereigns is exactly equivalent to twenty Troy pounds, and the weight of each individual sovereign is calculated on this basis.
The light color of early Australian sovereigns was due to the use of silver instead of copper.
37.1911encyclopedia.org /S/SO/SOVEREIGN.htm   (416 words)

 Sovereign Citizen Movement -- Extremism in America
The "sovereign citizen" movement is a loosely organized collection of groups and individuals who have adopted a right-wing anarchist ideology originating in the theories of a group called the Posse Comitatus in the 1970s.
The ideology of the sovereign citizen movement had matured and crystallized by the 1980s as an unusual form of right-wing anarchism that focuses, on the one hand on the importance of local control and, on the other hand, on the avoidance of virtually all forms of authority and obligation.
Sovereign citizen ideology justifies these goals by claiming that at one time there was an American utopia governed by English "common law," a utopia in which every citizen was a "sovereign," and there were no oppressive laws, taxes, regulations or court orders.
www.adl.org /learn/Ext_US/SCM.asp?xpicked=4&item=20   (3357 words)

 Sovereign Review by Sean Parnell
Not to be confused with nearby Sovereign Apartments on Granville or the Sovereign Home nursing facility on Kenmore, the bar known as Sovereign Liquors can be found near the corner of Granville and Broadway, next door to Granville Pictures (picture framing).
Sovereign is also located just up the street from Ole St. Andrew's Inn and such brothers-in-arms as Sixpence and The Bubble.
Sovereign's interior décor consists of green carpeting, off-white stucco walls (ala Farragut's in nearby Andersonville), green painted walls chock-a-block with brewery mirrors, and a few bare lightbulbs surrounded by metal break retardant hanging from a white ceiling.
www.chicagobarproject.com /Reviews/Sovereign/Sovereign.htm   (930 words)

 SOVEREIGN - Encyclopedia Britannica - SOVEREIGN - JCSM's Study Center
The sovereign was coined in successive reigns until that of James I., when the name " unite " was given to the coin to mark the union of the two kingdoms.
The sovereign was chosen the new unit of the currency, and the first issue took place in 1817.
The light colour of early Australian sovereigns was due to the use of silver instead of copper.
jcsm.org /StudyCenter/Encyclopedia_Britannica/SOU_STE/SOVEREIGN.html   (604 words)

 Playground Equipment from Sovereign
The Sovereign range of play equipment is designed specifically with children in mind.
At Sovereign we continually research, develop and test our range, to ensure the highest level of safety with maximum play value.
Sovereign recognise this and offer a personalised back up via our team of Area Managers.
www.sovereignplayequipment.co.uk   (402 words)

 Microcrystalline Wax Manufacturers,Emulsifying Wax Manufacturers,Microcrystalline Wax Suppliers,Emulsifying Wax ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Sovereign, is one of the leading groups in the field of petroleum products, chemicals and cosmetics.
Sovereign, is a diversified group engaged in the manufacturing as well as export in the following sectors:
Sovereign works together with its customers in customizing qualities of its products as per their requirements.
www.sovereigngrp.com   (459 words)

 Sovereign Security - The Most Trusted Name in Security
Sovereign Security LLC is poised to become a leading provider of security services for business, federal, state and municipal complexes.
Sovereign Security is a company committed to insuring the safety and security of our customers and their property through highly trained, professional personnel.
Sovereign is committed to providing opportunities for its employees to learn jobs skills that will prepare them for a career in the Security Services industry.
sovereign-security.com   (316 words)

 Legal Definition of Sovereign Immunity
Federal sovereign immunity is readily distinguishable from the states' immunity under the Eleventh Amendment and foreign governments' immunity under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act.
Federal sovereign immunity is a defense to liability rather than a right to be free from trial.
The Supreme Court has ruled that in a case involving the government's sovereign immunity the statute in question must be strictly construed in favor of the sovereign and may not be enlarged beyond the waiver its language expressly requires.
www.lectlaw.com /def2/s103.htm   (330 words)

 Sovereign   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
This Sovereign weighed half of one troy ounce (15.55 grams) and was worth 20 shillings, or £1.
It was not until 1817 that the Sovereign came back, to replace the Guinea, when cash payments, that is to say, the redemption of notes with gold coin, were resumed after the Napoleonic Wars.
This Sovereign was worth £1 and contained one-quarter ounce (7.77 grams) of 916 gold (standard gold as it was then known).
www.pamp.com /gold_c/Info_site/in_glos/in_glos_sovereign.html   (326 words)

 //sovereign - evilzerofive   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Sovereign frame is designed for riders who give it their all on the street, in the park, or on the forest trails.
The Sovereign's geometry and features set it far ahead of the crowd of cookie-cutter bikes that seem to flood the market today.
The Sovereign frame is proudly made in the USA, and will be available in two sizes, Regular (23.14 tt), and Long (24.14 tt)
www.evilbikes.com /structures_sovereign.htm   (253 words)

 Sovereign Stone - Guide   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Sovereign Press, owned by authors Margaret Weis and her husband, Don Perrin, is pleased to announce that it has acquired the rights to publish the Dragonlance campaign setting using the d20 rules published by Wizards of the Coast, Inc.
Well-known in the industry as the publisher of the critically acclaimed Sovereign Stone d20 campaign world and the publisher of miniature historical wargaming rules, Sovereign Press plans to take Dragonlance into the future, the basis of which has been laid in the best-selling War of Souls novels by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.
Sovereign Press is best known as the publisher of the Sovereign Stone campaign setting utilizing the d20 System, a product line closely tied to the best-selling Sovereign Stone novels by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.
www.sovstone.com /dragonlance.htm   (557 words)

 Sovereign Bank - Investor Relations - Corporate Information
Sovereign is the 19th largest banking institution in the United States.
No Sovereign Board Member or Team Member is permitted to attempt to discover or disclose the identity of such a complainant unless advised by outside counsel or required by law.
Sovereign is a World Class financial services provider, committed to helping our customers succeed by understanding and anticipating their individual financial needs and providing customized solutions, resulting in an average customer having six or more services with the Bank.
phx.corporate-ir.net /phoenix.zhtml?c=67999&p=irol-homeprofile   (527 words)

 Sovereign Computing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Being sovereign, you are free to use whatever subjects you wish, or none.
Being sovereign, you may decide that you want to be interrupted by urgent messages from whoever has more than 60% reliability, but all messages from senders with less than 1% reliability go straight to the trash.
Sovereign Computing, to my interpretation is basically an area where one can exercise his or her freedom.
www.advogato.org /article/808.html   (5573 words)

 The SSSD Sovereign
The Sovereign, the flagship of the new Sovereign-Class of new Super Star Destroyers, is a fitting flagship for the largest Imperial faction remaining after the Battle of Endor.
The main weapon aboard the SSSD Sovereign is the axial superlaser...a spine-mounted superlaser modeled on the main weapon of the Death Star itself.
However, it should be noted that the SSSD Sovereign has its own internal repair and supply capabilities which can keep it combat operational for 2-3 years and a maximum of 5 years.
www.emperorshammer.org /sssd.htm   (1082 words)

 Sovereign Hill
Sovereign Hill's commitment to authenticity and value-for-money make it one of the best family tourist attractions in the world.
Sovereign Hill is a fantastic day experience for visitors.
Sovereign Hill would have to be the coolest place in town for a child's birthday party!
www.sovereignhill.com.au   (311 words)

 Sovereign - Games   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Sovereign's strong roleplaying element will let players develop characters that will accrue experience and gain new skills that carry over from game to game.
A DTC might raise the morale of your cities, or be a "flout" card that blanks a region of the map from spy satellites.
Finally, players can let another player run all or part of their empire." Sovereign will even email or send a message to your pager when your cities are attacked if you're not currently playing.
maxpages.com /strategyforum/Sovereign - !http://www.maxpages.com/strategyforum/Sovereign   (638 words)

 Sovereign Automotive Inc.
The Sovereign technical team is led by a certified ASE Master Technician with more than 19 years experience.
Sovereign maintains more than $70,000 of spare parts on-site, to minimize any need to "wait for parts." We back this up with a network of suppliers that have warehouses in Atlanta that deliver to Sovereign twice a day.
Sovereign customers that choose to wait for service will find a spacious room furnished for their comfort.
www.asashop.org /member/SovAuto.htm   (399 words)

 Sinclair Sovereign
The Sovereign was one of the last Sinclair models, from 1976, and was an attempt to move up market.
The Sovereign is unusual in that the casing is made from pressed steel.
The front and rear of the casing are made of pressed steel pushed onto a central plastic frame.
www.vintagecalculators.com /html/sovereign.html   (352 words)

 Airliners.net: Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign
Cessna is developing the new Citation Sovereign mid size corporate jet to meet what it sees as a large replacement market for ageing business aircraft such as the Falcon 10, Westwind and Sabreliner.
The Sovereign is based on the Excel's fuselage and shares some common systems but features an all new wing and numerous other differences.
The Sovereign will be equipped with a Honeywell Epic CDS avionics suite, with four 20 x 25cm (8 x 10in) colour flat panel liquid crystal displays, a digital dual channel autopilot and flight director, dual long range navigation systems and dual attitude/heading reference systems.
www.airliners.net /info/stats.main?id=164   (562 words)

 Cessna Airplane - Citation Sovereign
The Cessna Citation Sovereign airplane may be the ultimate midsize jet, specifically designed to meet needs that are unmet by many of today's midsize aircraft.
The Cessna Citation Sovereign airplane is designed to provide superior performance while surrounding its passengers in comfort, the Cessna Citation Sovereign airplane is ideal for trips such as Chicago to L.A., San Francisco to New York or Miami to Phoenix - which would necessitate a fuel stop or slower speeds for a lesser airplane.
Designed to provide superior overall performance while surrounding its passengers in comfort, the Sovereign is ideal for longer-distance trips and for missions from airports with high elevations or short runways.
www.netjets.com /Fleet/Cessna_Citation_Sovereign.asp   (326 words)

 The Sovereign Semi-Auto
On February 8th, 2000, Arrow Precision released the new Sovereign II and announced that they were discontinuing production of Sovereign parts which are only used in the Sovereign (and not the Sovereign II).
For the duration of 2000, Arrow Precision offered to upgrade your Sovereign to a new Sovereign II for £199.75 plus shipping through Powerball U.K. Since Arrow Precision hasn't updated the upgrade offer on their web site, it may still be available.
The Sovereign is quite small and light (second only to the compact, elegant design of the PPS Blazer).
www.geocities.com /lea_wu/sterling/sovreign.htm   (920 words)

 Life Insurance
Sovereign has paid more than 1600 claims for disability.
Sovereign has paid more than 1245 life claims.
On average, Sovereign pays $6.5 million of claims for illness, accident or injury claims every month.
www.sovereign.co.nz /section2.asp   (417 words)

 Sovereign Brass Home Page
Established in 1994, Sovereign Brass is an ensemble of six of the finest musicians in
he goal of the Sovereign Brass is to bring the highest quality music to the broadest possible audience presenting their concerts in a unique way that is both enlightening and entertaining.
The instrumentation of five brasses and one percussionist makes Sovereign Brass one of the most versatile ensembles performing today.
www.sovereignbrass.com   (137 words)

 Featuring Sovereign Preview at ActionTrip
The developers point out that Sovereign won't be a pure RTS, it would rather be a mixture of Civilization 2, Diplomacy and Command & Conquer games.
The cities being centers (in stead of bases in common RTSs) of research and production would function most similar to cities in Sid Meier masterpiece, The necessity for negotiation and diplomacy will be the same as it is in the famous pen & paper game and the combat itself will resemble a standard RTS.
In order to be able to play Sovereign without having to read thick manuals with characteristics of futuristic vehicles and robots, the game mostly uses already existent units, and some which are likely to exist in near future.
www.actiontrip.com /previews/sovereign.phtml   (1079 words)

 Sovereign Man under Yhwh, in spite of an enslaving world!
Governments descend to the level of a mere private corporation and take on the characteristics of a mere private citizen, where private corporate commercial paper and securities is concerned.
United States, 318 U.S. The federal government is not the sovereign for ones who are not United States citizens.
One who is in a position of being the servant cannot question the demands of the master.
www.members.tripod.com /~Autarchic   (2347 words)

 Sovereign Brittanys for Field, Show, Companion, Hunting - Puppies, Stud Service - Minnesota
He finished his JH at 6 months of age in 4 straight tests, and his show championship with 3 majors and multiple Best of Breed wins to his credit.
She could very well be the best structured dog to come out of Sovereign Brittanys.
As this girl grows up and is presented she will be one to talk about.
www.sovereignbrits.com /dogs.html   (518 words)

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