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Topic: Sovereign Grace Ministries

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  Sovereign Grace Ministries Family News: October is Mission Month at Sovereign Grace churches
Meanwhile, the newly planted Sovereign Grace Church in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, became the third Sovereign Grace church in the U.K.—joining Christchurch in Newport, South Wales, and Grace Church in Bristol, England.
Sovereign Grace Church in Merthyr Tydfil, on the other hand, sits amidst a nation in which only a tiny fraction of the population knows Christ as Lord.
But it was God who by his grace placed both of these churches where they are, and our passion is to see both of these local churches strengthened and equipped to carry the gospel into the physical and spiritual poverty that surrounds them.
www.sovereigngracefamilynews.org /extra/2006/10/october_is_mission_month_at_so_1.php   (495 words)

  Encyclopedia :: encyclopedia : Sovereign Grace Ministries   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Sovereign Grace Ministries is a non-denominational, "Reformed Charismatic" group of Christian churches primarily located in the United States.
Sovereign Grace comprises between 50 and 60 churches and professes "sound doctrine" from the Bible, as well as the active working of the Holy Spirit.
Sovereign Grace is led by author and former pastor C.J. Mahaney.
www.hallencyclopedia.com /Sovereign_Grace_Ministries   (75 words)

 History of Sovereign Grace Church   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Sovereign Grace Church (formerly Halifax Covenant Church) was officially established in 1985.
Dan began pursuing a relationship with Brent Detwiler on the PDI apostolic team (the ministry now known as Sovereign Grace Ministries), who at the time was in Fairfax, Virginia helping another Sovereign Grace church get established.
In January of 1985, Brent announced Sovereign Grace Ministries would be interested in adopting our little work and helping us become established as a church.
www.halifaxcovenant.org /history.htm   (211 words)

 Palm Vista Community Church   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The churches within Sovereign Grace are legally independent, yet are joined by a shared mission to proclaim the gospel through the planting and strengthening of local churches, an emphasis on sound doctrine, and personal relationships.
We call this plurality "team ministry." It is the strength and unity of team ministry that provide the foundation from which elders serve the church and stand accountable for their lives and doctrine.
With regard to the principle of apostolic ministry, we want to be clear that the men identified as apostles within Sovereign Grace Ministries are understood by all to hold a position decidedly and radically inferior to that of the original twelve Apostles.
www.palmvista.org /faq.html   (3354 words)

 Sovereign Grace Church - Corning- Sovereign Grace Ministries
Sovereign Grace Church is a part of Sovereign Grace Ministries.
Sovereign Grace exists to start, establish, and strengthen local churches with the gospel, for God's glory.
Sovereign Grace also provides ongoing teaching and training to other church-planting ministries on several continents.
www.sovgraceny.org /pages/index.php?pID=204&PHPSESSID=d39eec04dfc9e68eb95ec3574928867b   (206 words)

 Christchurch, Newport, Wales.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Grace Church is a Sovereign Grace church originally planted out from Christchurch in 2002.
Sovereign Grace Ministries is a growing family of more than 55 local Christian churches in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Bolivia, Ethiopia, and the U.K. Our primary purpose is to establish and nurture local churches to God's glory.
The mission of Peacemaker Ministries is to equip and assist Christians and their churches to respond to conflict biblically.
www.christchurchnet.org /html/aboutUs_Links.htm   (184 words)

 Desiring God - Sex and the Supremacy of Christ   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Sovereign Grace Ministries in its mission to establish and support local churches.
She leads the Titus 2 Ministry at Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburg, Maryland, where her husband, C.J., is the leader of Sovereign Grace Ministries.
Covenant Life Church, where she is active in the singles ministry and other ministry teams of the church.
www.desiringgod.org /news_events/dgm_national/2004/speakers.html   (943 words)

 Adrian's Blog: Hurricane Katrina relief: Sovereign Grace interview
My role at Sovereign Grace is to oversee administration for all of the ministries we have in place to fulfill our mission.
It means Sovereign Grace related churches pooling resources in support of Sovereign Grace Ministries, who through Conferences, Books, Worship Music, and the Pastors College serve in further strengthening the churches and planting additional churches.
Other Sovereign Grace churches took offerings at their Sunday meetings to make contributions to our Relief Fund, and many members of these churches have expressed desire to also assist with the more practical needs mentioned before.
www.adrian.warnock.info /2005/09/hurricane-katrina-relief-sovereign.htm   (1956 words)

 Our Leaders
He was ordained as Sovereign Grace Church's first pastor by Brent Detwiler, a member of the Sovereign Grace Ministries Leadership team, in November of 1985.
Dan will be training him and increasing his responsibilities in the church as we prepare to send he and his wife Tiffany to the Sovereign Grace Pastor's College, hopefully in August of 2004.
In addition to his duties at Metro, Danny serves on the extended leadership team of Sovereign Grace Ministries, giving care and oversight to the team-related churches throughout the state of Florida.
www.sovereigngracedb.org /leaders.htm   (460 words)

 Welcome to Lord of Life Church   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Rather, we are related to some sixty other churches across the United States and abroad, under the leadership and oversight of Sovereign Grace Ministries.
Sovereign Grace Ministries is headed by a team of men committed to planting and equipping local churches.
Sovereign Grace supports each church through friendship, personal care, and ongoing training for the leaders; annual Celebration conferences for all members; worship music; and a bimonthly magazine, Sovereign Grace.
www.lolc.org /welcome.html   (457 words)

 Covenant Life Church : Who We Are : Our Pastors : Sovereign Grace Ministries
Sovereign Grace is housed in its own space in the same building as the church.
C.J. serves on the board of the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation (CCEF) and the advisory council of the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW).
In 1974, Gary became a staff member at TAG, a ministry in Washington, D.C., led by C. Gary was ordained as a pastor in Covenant Life Church (then called Gathering of Believers) in 1977, which was also the year that he married the former Betsy Mahaney.
www.covlife.org /whoweare/pastors/pastorssgm.php   (693 words)

 Welcome to Grace Community Church
Grace Community Church is part of growing family of 60 churches in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Bolivia, Ethiopia, and the United Kingdom which are joined together under the banner of Sovereign Grace Ministries.
This gospel of grace is to be sincerely preached to all men in all nations.
Through the gift ministries all members of the Church are to be nurtured and equipped for the work of ministry.
www.gracecommunity.ws /about.php   (3347 words)

 Sovereign Grace Fellowship- Pastors/Staff   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Before coming to Sovereign Grace Fellowship, he served as the Director for Theological Support at Desiring God.
Along with overseeing the vision, direction, and ministries of the church and leading the staff, his current duties include preaching and teaching, leader training, counseling, and he directly oversees the small group and evangelism/outreach ministries.
Mark Alderton is a 2003 graduate of the Sovereign Grace Ministries' Pastors College in Gaithersburg, MD. His current duties include preaching and teaching, leader training, counseling, and he directly oversees the youth/parent, children's, mission, and mercy/benevolence ministries.
www.sovgracemn.org /pages/index.php?pID=528   (233 words)

 About Us
The Mission of Sovereign Grace Church is to glorify God through the proclamation and demonstration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
These churches are cared for by a ministry known as Sovereign Grace Ministries, led by CJ Mahaney.
Perhaps the easiest way to describe our relationship with the Sovereign Grace leadership team would be to imagine the kind of relationships that existed in New Testament times between the apostle Paul, Titus, and Timothy and the local churches they established and cared for.
www.sovereigngracedb.org /about.htm   (422 words)

 Sovereign Grace Church
At the heart of Sovereign Grace Ministries is not structure, but broad doctrinal agreement growing out of a shared passion – especially among our pastors and other leaders – for the centrality of the gospel.
There is an annotation to Sovereign Grace Ministry's Statement of Faith regarding the empowering of the Holy Spirit which answers some more specific questions.
The goal of this process is to arm the interested church with an accurate portrayal of Sovereign Grace – strengths, weaknesses, warts and all.
www.sovgracenj.org /html/faq.html   (3763 words)

 Online Resources page 1
"Founders Ministries is a ministry of teaching and encouragement that seeks to promote both doctrine and devotion expressed in the Doctrines of Grace and their experiential application to the local church, particularly in the areas of worship and witness.
The ministry of Roy Gee and Desmond Ford.
This is the ministry of Robert and Tracy Liichow, both formerly involved with the "charismatic chaos" of the word of faith movement (Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, etc.).
home.flash.net /~thinkman/links/linkspg1.htm   (7657 words)

We are a family of churches in six countries, and provide ongoing teaching and training to other church-planting ministries on several continents.
Since our inception in 1982, Sovereign Grace has been dedicated to starting, pastoring, and serving local churches.
We are immensely grateful that he has allowed us to make some small contribution to this ultimate purpose in the earth: the establishment of local churches that testify to the truth of the gospel.
www.metrolife.org /html/sovereigngraceministries.html   (219 words)

 Sovereign Grace Ministries « WordPress.com
Breakout 1 > 2007 Sovereign Grace Leaders Conference — 7 comments
: It was a wonderful week with friends at the 2007 Sovereign Grace Leadership Conference in Gaithersburg, Maryland (close to DC).
An open letter of our future and Sovereign Grace Ministries
wordpress.com /tag/sovereign-grace-ministries   (473 words)

 Grace Covenant Church- Affiliation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Our ministry objective is clear-cut: building local churches for the glory of God.
Under the direction of a leadership team of men, Sovereign Grace plants new churches and serves existing churches via leadership training and support, conferences, and resources for worship and study.
Sovereign Grace Music - a natural outgrowth of our worship as churches - has received worldwide recognition, due first to our recordings in Word's Heart Cry series of worship albums, and now, through our own Come & Worship line of recordings.
www.gccjax.org /pages/index.php?pID=8   (215 words)

It is not a conference about John Bunyan himself but an attempt to learn how to preach and teach the gospel of sovereign grace as freely and powerfully as the "Tinker from Bedford." Some of us are especially grateful that we learned the truth of biblical new covenant theology from the writings of John Bunyan.
One of the main purposes of the regional Bunyan Conferences sponsored by Sound of Grace has been to promote sound gospel teaching and preaching that results in godly Christian living to the glory of Christ (2 Timothy 2:15; 4:2, 3).
To this end Sound of Grace and Sovereign Grace Ministries are jointly sponsoring the first Bunyan Conference in the Rocky Mountain area.
soundofgrace.com /jul98/page8.htm   (505 words)

 Everything about Pentecostal   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Parham left Topeka and began a revival meeting ministry which led to a link to the Azusa Street Revival through William J. Seymour whom he taught in his school in Houston, although because Seymour was African American, he was only allowed to sit outside the room to listen.
In its early years, what was to become known as evangelicalism was largely a hybrid of the Reformed emphasis on doctrinal orthodoxy, and the pietist emphasis on the heart and a "personal relationship" with God.
This experience is said to received by "faith alone" and to be given by God as the result of "grace alone." #The Protestant canon of the Bible as the primary, or only, source of religious authority, as God's revelation to humanity.
wikimiki.org /en/Pentecostal   (11177 words)

 Sovereign Grace Church
Our passion is to build a local church committed to exalting God in all things, training believers in sound doctrine and proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all people.
We are a part of Sovereign Grace Ministries, a growing family of more than 60 local churches in the US, Mexico, Canada, Bolivia and the UK.
Sovereign Grace Ministries' primary purpose is to establish and nurture local churches, enabling members of these churches—both corporately and as individuals—to bring glory and honor to God.
www.sovgracenj.org /html/who.html   (101 words)

 Providence Church   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Established on an ever-deepening relationship with our Sovereign Lord Jesus Christ, Providence Church desires to build an authentic New Testament local church to the glory of God, and to evangelize the Pittsburgh area with the gospel of Jesus Christ as we anticipate His return.
We are privileged to be a part of Sovereign Grace Ministries (formerly PDI), an association of churches committed to proclaiming God's grace, developing local churches for His glory and influencing the world with the Gospel.
Here is a list of churches who are part of the Sovereign Grace family.
www.pcop.org /AboutUs.html   (290 words)

 aznrednek's Xanga Site
I was first introduced to "Sovereign Grace Ministries" during my college days back in the nineties.
Sovereign Grace's emphasis on excellence in both composition and lyrics yields songs that are rich in meaning and musical texture.
Sovereign Grace makes this easy by providing free Adobe PDF lead sheets and chord charts on their website.
www.xanga.com /aznrednek   (2592 words)

 SOVEREIGN GRACE COMMUNITY CHURCH - ROANOKE VA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
At Sovereign Grace we are committed to serve and care for each other.
Our approach to youth ministry is threefold: challenging young people to live for God and not for themselves; helping parents and children to build strong relationships; and equipping parents to effectively disciple their children.
This ministry is directed at the hearts, minds and wills of the youth; teaching them to honor God with their passions, thoughts and choices.
www.sovereigngrace.cc /info.html   (720 words)

 Metro Life Church : Leadership
The local leadership of Metro Life Church is composed of spiritually gifted men who, by the grace of God, have been trained and mentored through years of experience to oversee the life and mission of this fellowship.
He leads our pastoral team here locally and also travels to our related Sovereign Grace Ministries churches in Florida and the Caribbean, caring for their pastoral teams and serving in any way he can.
Todd graduated from Sovereign Grace Ministries Pastors’ College in Gaithersburg, Maryland before joining the Metro staff in June of 2002.
www.metrolife.org /html/leadership.html   (597 words)

 Palm Vista Community Church   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Al Pino was sent to Miami by Sovereign Grace Ministries to plant Palm Vista Community Church in November of 1996.
Al has pastored in Atlanta, served on the staff of Christ for the Nations in Dallas, TX and he is a graduate of Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando.
Corey graduated from Sovereign Grace Ministries' Pastor's College in Gaithersburg, MD in 2002 and arrived at Palm Vista in June of that year.
www.palmvista.org /pastors.html   (156 words)

 Sovereign Grace Sister Churches
Sovereign Grace Sister Churches Our church is a part of Sovereign Grace Ministries, an association committed to starting and nurturing churches across the United States and in other nations.
Sovereign Grace Church of Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Sovereign Grace City Church of Brooklyn, New York
www.sovgracenc.org /page343.html?tp=VE1HUj0xLHRpZD0zNDQs   (113 words)

 Worship God Live
Worship God Live is the latest live recording from Sovereign Grace Music, capturing two evenings in February 2005 at Covenant Life Church.
Then track eleven, “Grace Unmeasured” hits and I am forced to stop everything I am doing and sing and cry unashamedly with all my might and out-of-tune voice, “Grace amazing, pure and deep that saw me in my misery that took my curse and owned my blame so I could bear Your righteous name…Grace!
My understanding of this album is that it is the best-of the song-writing efforts of some of Sovereign Grace’s most talented songwriters, so there is absolutely no filler among the 14 songs.
www.sovereigngracestore.com /ProductInfo.aspx?productid=M4130-00-21   (585 words)

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