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Topic: Space Race

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In the News (Sun 21 Apr 19)

  Space Race
For over a decade, the United States and the Soviet Union were engaged in a heated competition—the space race.
The space race began in 1957 when the Soviet Union launched the first artificial satellite, Sputnik.
NASA is the federal agency devoted to exploring space.
www.newseum.org /cybernewseum/exhibits/dateline_moon/space.htm   (0 words)

  Nu├ži's Space - Resource Center and Climate Controlled Practice Spaces for Musicians
The S.P.A.C.E Race and Health Fair is a fun event for the entire family, students, University faculty, local musicians/artists and all those interested in helping a great cause.
Although serious runners are encouraged to participate, the key to the success of the Space Race is the involvement of casual joggers and walkers, and people who do not ordinarily run in 5Ks.
This year's race will also include teams of survivors of suicide and their loved ones; people are encouraged to walk as a group in memory or in honor of someone.
www.nuci.org /spacerace   (317 words)

 Chronology of space exploration
Since the end of World War II in 1945 and until its collapse in 1991, the Soviet Union was engaged in fierce military, economic and political competition with the United States -- a historical process known as the Cold War.
One of the crucial battles of this conflict was the Space Race, which started in 1957 with the launch by the USSR of the Earth's first artificial satellite.
Since the beginning of the Space Age and until the dissolution of the USSR in 1991, Soviet and American scientists sent fleets of robots to explore deep space and to reach other planets.
www.russianspaceweb.com /chronology.html   (466 words)

  Space Race
Also around this time, the field of participants in space exploration was widened to include the emerging space powers of Japan, China, India, and the European space agency, which diluted the intensity of the previous head-to-head contest between two superpowers.
Along with the slowdown in the space race, the space programs of the United States and the Soviet Union took a divergent paths in the 1970s, each, despite the slower pace, accomplishing important goals.
Once the space station is operational, six astronauts at a time will be able to spend periods of three to five months each there while conducting scientific research.
library.thinkquest.org /C004701/spacer.htm   (716 words)

 SPACE.com -- Race the Red Planet: Production Begins on Mars Mission Mini-Series
China’s space ambitions apparently lead to a red planet race that prompts Canada, the U.S., Russia, France and Japan to mount the first manned Mars mission.
lofty space station and lunar plans—also provides a real life hook in a time where human spaceflight seems to lack the emphatic and unified public support that pushed NASA to the Moon during the Apollo era.
new space race with China, and already losing.
www.space.com /entertainment/060511_raceredplan_miniseries.html   (1131 words)

 The Space Race - Von Braun and Korolev (and the Apollo Project)
When it came to the race to put an artificial satellite into orbit the government decided that they did not want to use the Redstone because of its military history and so the Navy was asked to develop a new rocket to achieve the goal.
As the Marshall Space Flight Center started to operate at full potential Alan Sheppard became the first American in space on May 5 1961 (all be it a sub-orbital flight) and on Feb 20 1962 John Glenn, aboard Mercury 6, became the first American in orbit.
Immediately the Marshall Space Flight Center, under the direction of von Braun, began the development of the soon to be famous Saturn V rockets while elsewhere in NASA development of the Apollo Command Service Module and the Apollo Lunar Module began.
www.thespacesite.com /space_the_space_race.html   (1810 words)

 Space - Wikitravel
Space seemed very close; at one point tickets to the moon and to as-yet-non-existing space stations were being sold.
Space travel beyond Earth's orbit became the exclusive domain of mankind's robotic explorers, and high-profile tragedies both reaching and returning from orbit provided sobering reminders of the risks of space travel.
While not actual space travel, the weightlessness experienced in orbit can be duplicated (for durations of less than a minute at a time) with a calibrated parabolic aircraft flight, which alternates low g-forces at the heights of its arcs with high g-forces at the bottoms.
wikitravel.org /en/Space   (1175 words)

 Space Race - Introduction
The Military Origins of the Space Race are reflected in the rivalry to build rockets powerful enough to send nuclear warheads across the ocean, loft satellites into Earth orbit, or carry humans to the Moon.
The spectacular public feats by the men and machines of two countries Racing to the Moon and Exploring the Moon thrilled the entire world with the enduring "firsts" of space exploration.
A number of declassified paintings from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) are on display in the Space Race exhibition space.
www.nasm.si.edu /exhibitions/gal114/SpaceRace/sec100/sec100.htm   (0 words)

 Global Network - Dangerous race in space - 9/7/05
The second reason is that many nations and corporations view space as the “new world.” Gold on asteroids, water and helium-3 on the moon, magnesium, cobalt, and uranium are believed to be on Mars.
If citizens can be convinced that their nation must use space technologies to “protect them” from enemies, real or imagined, then this investment in space technology can also be used to create the infrastructure that will allow these same aerospace industries to lead the way in mining the heavens.
A new arms race in space is not in the interest of the Japanese or American people, or anyone else around the world.
www.space4peace.org /articles/dangerous_race_in_space.htm   (4845 words)

 The Outer Space and Moon Treaties and the Coming Moon Rush
The race would not be a sprint, like the cold war race to the moon, but rather a marathon.
The race would begin when other spacefaring nations decide not to let the instigating country take an uncontested lead in the technologies and capabilities associated with a massive space power capability.
Obviously many technical challenges remain to be overcome before that much of the system can be manufactured in space and it must be acknowledged that the cost estimates in these studies were carried out based strictly on mass consideration without regard to technology development and production costs.
www.spacedaily.com /news/oped-02c.html   (1712 words)

 USATODAY.com - The 'why' behind China's own private space race   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Despite Western theorizing about space challenges — a new moon race or even a military conquest of the heavens — the most plausible rationale for the Shenzhou program appears to be what Chinese leaders have always stated.
There is no new space race, but China clearly intends to wind up as a winner.
The document highlighted space activities as a key element "in the modernization drive of countries all over the world," and declared that China "has all along regarded the space industry as an integral part of the state's comprehensive development strategy." Specific unmanned applications such as satellites have been deployed to provide cost-effective services.
www.usatoday.com /news/opinion/editorials/2005-10-17-china-space-edit_x.htm   (684 words)

 BBC NEWS | Magazine | Brits in space
At last, Britain's space race seems to be hitting its stride.
The US and European space agencies have comparable monitoring programmes, but they use satellites typically as large as double-decker buses, whereas the DMC are the size of washing machines.
Due to be attached to the International Space Station in 2007 is the Columbus Orbital Facility, a two-decades-in-the-making lab crammed with scientific equipment, environmental control and life support systems.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/magazine/6268313.stm   (1919 words)

 Space Race 2 Beyond The Final Frontier
He had no idea a human space program of quite another feather was roosting in the neighborhood and it wasn't long before Searfoss became caught up in a new space race, this one fueled by private dollars.
X Prize Foundation officials hope the successful conclusion of its space race and the award of $10 million to the winner will inspire others to step forward to sponsor similar events, with the ultimate goal of creating a thriving space tourism business.
Space Race 2 is a weekly series exploring the people, passions and business of sub-orbital manned spaceflight, by Irene Klotz, who writes about space and aviation for UPI Science News.
www.space-travel.com /reports/Space_Race_2_Beyond_The_Final_Frontier.html   (1467 words)

 Race to Space (2001)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In this fictional version of the story of the first chimp sent into space, Billy is the new kid at school, the son of one of the scientists in charge of making sure we can join the Russians in the space race.
Billy's teacher wants him to do a paper on space flight, and he chooses the chimps as a topic, and he later gets to do important work in the program.
What a appears to be a documentary on the space race starts the film, and similar footage is shown at other times.
us.imdb.com /Title?0167360   (676 words)

 Space Race Summary
Although the race into space was driven in great measure by the Cold War (the prolonged conflict for world dominance from 1945 to 1991 between the United States and the Soviet Union), the thrill of adventure and thirst for scientific knowledge still play...
The Space Race was an informal competition between the United States and the Soviet Union that lasted roughly from 1957 to 1975.
Space Race: Titan II rockets launched 12 U.S. Gemini spacecraft in the 1960s.
www.bookrags.com /Space_Race   (289 words)

 The Cold War & Space Race
The first manned space rocket was the Soviet Vostok 1, which launched cosmonaut Yuri A. Gagarin.
The arms race and the space race continued in parallel.
The space programs of both nations recovered after these tragedies and resumed the race to the moon.
www.vibrationdata.com /SpaceRace.htm   (2410 words)

 Space Age Games   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Space Race is a boardgame where players redesign the board each time they play the game, by using interlocking hexagonal land and ocean plates to build Earth, Moon, Mars, or any solar system they care to design.
History Teachers: Use the progression of cities from the stone-age to the space age as a context against which you can discuss the evolution of society from the hunter-gatherer, through the agricultural and industrial, into the Hydrogen age.
Plate tectonics, Hohmann transfer to Mars or Venus orbit, moon bases, relative planetary masses and surface areas, the space program, nuclear propulsion, the NERVA and ROVER programs of the 1960s, and the fusion and warp drives in our future are all fair game.
www.thuntek.net /spacerace   (1420 words)

 Online NewsHour: Sputnik revisited -- October 2, 1997
Space exploration ceased to be a thing of dreams only, and with Sputnik came a new chapter in science and world politics.
It was also very pleasant not only to my father and to the political elite there, but the ordinary people, all the reaction of the West and especially the shock in United States that they really accepted this--it was first time in history that United States openly accepted that we're ahead of them.
PHIL PONCE: The race to conquer space was on.
www.pbs.org /newshour/bb/science/july-dec97/sputnik_10-2a.html   (893 words)

 Space Race 2: Hooking Up In Space
If the dreams and business plans for passenger space travel ever pan out, the real demand will not be for minute-long trips to the fringes of space aboard sub-orbital ships, but days- or weeks-long sojourns on orbital platforms.
The project, which was managed by Marshall Space Flight Center, began in 2001 and has included extensive ground tests, as well as flight tests of laser ranging systems during two space shuttle missions.
Space Race 2 is a weekly series by UPI exploring the people, passions and business of private human spaceflight written by long-time aerospace journalist Irene Klotz.
www.spacewar.com /news/robot-05y.html   (1070 words)

 Cold War Space Race: US vs USSR - Associated Content
In this paper, the meaning of the Space Race and its accomplishments will be explored and discussed within the context of the Cold War and beyond.
Identifying the purpose of the Space Race is not a simple as it may seem; rather, it is a multi-faceted issue that requires a fair amount of clarification.
As was alluded to as this paper began, the Space Race was something that took root in a time of international turmoil, mistrust and anxiety.
www.associatedcontent.com /article/55961/cold_war_space_race_us_vs_ussr.html   (348 words)

 CNN.com - Chinese launch could signal new space race - Oct. 14, 2003
Bob Walker, a space analyst and former congressman, said the Chinese program appears to be well-funded.
In a sense, the Chinese began the space race.
According to Chinese legend, the first person to attempt a trip into space was a 16th century man named Wan Hoo.
cnn.com /2003/TECH/space/10/14/space.race   (837 words)

 GateWorld - Stargate SG-1 Season Seven: "Space Race"
Major Carter joins an alien pilot for a space race, where the winner is awarded a lucrative contract with the planet's most powerful corporation.
Two species live in an integrated society on this world: the native humans, brought to the planet thousands of years ago by the Goa'uld; and the Serrakin, a humanoid race (of which Warrick is a member) that saved the humans from Goa'uld enslavement generations ago.
She claims that the reason she needs to tag along is because she needs to keep an eye on the naquadah generator, that she can't let it out of her sight.
www.gateworld.net /sg1/s7/708.shtml   (1364 words)

 Space Race 2: After The X Prize
Prospective space concerns will vie for cash prizes awarded in several categories, including the most number of flights within a two-week period, the highest altitude, the fastest climb to space, the maximum number of people flown during a single flight, as well as the maximum number of people flown throughout the two-week venue.
Parlaying the space race into an ongoing annual competition will add another layer of regulatory and licensing challenges to the technical and financial issues already facing the X Prize teams.
Space Race 2 is a series exploring the people, passions and business of sub-orbital manned spaceflight.
www.space-travel.com /reports/Space_Race_2_After_The_X_Prize.html   (1410 words)

 Space Race
The biggest disadvantage the United States had was that all three branches of their military were working on three separate rockets at the same time; in Russia, all of the armed forces came together and collaborated their manpower and knowledge to build one single type of rocket.
Monkeys were being trained to "operate" space vehicles, and one was eventually chosen to be the first.
President John F. Kennedy challenged the US space program with a new goal on May 25, 1961: "I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to earth.
www.studyworld.com /newsite/ReportEssay/Science/Earth\Space_Race-321149.htm   (3153 words)

 Space Race Realities
Hence a declaration that America is free to act in space to protect its interests.
To begin the exploration and utilization of space is a challenging task and one that involves heavy outlays.
An ordinary intercontinental telephone call and a steady picture on a display monitor are the result of efficiency in the use of space.
www.spacedaily.com /reports/Space_Race_Realities_999.html   (1174 words)

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