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Topic: Space opera

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  Article: Interstellar Conflict Across Time, by Derryl Murphy
Space opera is still about confronting the "mysterious vastness" (3) that Joe Sanders refers to, although even the idea of what constitutes something vast or immense enough to astonish the star-spanning denizens of the far future has changed over the years.
Sanders narrows the definition of space opera somewhat, allowing that it "may be defined as the subgenre [sic] of sf stories whose action is centered on characters who find a way to express their effective relationship with immensity" (3).
Space opera can also present itself as this sort of observation, in the cases of the three books examined here their relation to how those in control of our society create the proper justification for either war or a war-like stance.
www.strangehorizons.com /2003/20030707/space_opera.shtml   (7141 words)

 Jim Mann's Reviews and Comments: The Space Opera Renaissance edited by David G. Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer
It was originally used as an insult, to describe the bad space pot boilers published in the lesser magazines, not the space stories that were liked by many people, such as those by E.E. Smith or Jack Williamson (works that most of us today would point two as the early classics of space opera).
Space adventure – and really, space opera is a type of space adventure – remained popular, and in fact is often the core of the genre.
Most of the major writers of space opera are included; those that aren’t are because their space opera efforts have been novels, not shorter works (Vernor Vinge is a good example here).
www.dpsinfo.com /jblog/2006/07/space-opera-renaissance-edited-by.html   (2403 words)

 space opera
Space opera is a subgenre of speculative fiction or science fiction that emphasizes romantic adventure, interstellar travel, and space battles where the main storyline is centered around interstellar conflict and character drama.
"Space opera" was originally a derogatory term, a variant of "horse opera" and "soap opera".
In recent years, a resurgence in space opera has resulted in what some consider to be a sub-subgenre often called "new space opera." Typically, new space opera combines the interstellar scale and grandeur of traditional space opera with elements of hard science fiction.
www.sfcrowsnest.com /scifinder/a/Space_opera.php   (1004 words)

 Science Fiction Themes: Space Opera
Space Opera has long since established itself as a subgenre of science fiction, an outlandish offspring full of precocious energy.
No, music is not an essential element and most space opera stories do not require a fat lady to break into song for the successful conclusion of their tale.
A space opera book is the sort of thing you curl up with on a rainy afternoon when your goal is to escape from the trials and tribulation that make up our everyday lives.
www.suite101.com /article.cfm/writing_science_fiction/81578   (390 words)

 RPGnet: The Inside Scoop on Gaming
In a lot of space opera, creatures are surprisingly interfertile, flying in the face of the most basic common sense that if a human can't mate with a strawberry, they're going to have even less luck with something from another planet.
Space opera is itself a broad category, often combining various aspects of swashbuckling, military science fiction, exploration sci-fi, planetary romance, science fantasy, and epic adventure.
Space opera lends itself well to many traditional RPG tropes, such as "kill the bad guys and take their stuff," "rescue the princess," and "uncover who is behind this and bring them to justice." Many plots can be taken from other adventure genres and then adapted.
www.rpg.net /news+reviews/columns/ingenre27may03.html   (3403 words)

 The Spectrum of Space Opera The Agony Column for October 3, 2002 Commentary by Rick Kleffel
There are an infinite number of universes in which to set space operas, and an infinite number of styles in which to write them.
Space opera was some of the first science fiction I ever read.
Macleod's universe is a herky-jerky jump-cut assemblage of all types of fiction, but he stops for the soap opera aspect of space opera as well as the aliens.
trashotron.com /agony/columns/10-03-02.htm   (2868 words)

 [No title]
The first space TV series was "Captain Video," which began in 1949; then in the 1950s the television screen was virtually invaded by adventurous space heroes like Tom Corbett Space Cadet, Buzz Corry of the Space Patrol, and Rocky Jones Space Ranger.
Like the western "horse operas" that were also popular at this time, "space opera" offered visual models for children's action play as well as popularizing the props used by television adventurers.
Including space suits, helmets, communicators, flashlights, trading cards, comic books, and, of course, ray guns, these items were either offered as toys sold in retail stores or as premiums found in the cereal boxes of Ralston Purina Co., Space Patrol's primary sponsor.
www.toyraygun.com /spaceoperarayguns.html   (1670 words)

 Allen Varney: History of Space Opera
Space opera is the realm of giant spaceships, colossal space wars, and galaxy-spanning adventure -- of Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers -- of the Enterprise and the Battlestar Galactica.
In 1941 SF writer and big-name fan Wilson Tucker wrote of the "hacky, grinding, stinking, outworn, spaceship yarn." Generalizing from radio soap operas, and from Westerns that were by analogy nicknamed "horse operas," Tucker coined "space opera" -- a term of insult.
Space opera as we know it began in 1928, when E. "Doc" Smith blew the gates to the universe wide open.
www.allenvarney.com /av_space2.html   (2677 words)

 Catherine Asaro: Space Opera = Physics + Romance
The physicist and science fiction writer has based the "inversion engine" of her Skolian Empire space opera series on her own thought experiments about new forms of space travel.
Mathematically valid FTL drives aren't the only unusual element Asaro brings to her space opera.
Her husband, John Kendall Canizzo, is a NASA astrophysicist, and Asaro herself applied several times to be a NASA astronaut.
www.space.com /sciencefiction/books/asaro_000204.html   (858 words)

 The world's top space opera 1 websites
Space opera is subgenre of science fiction that emphasizes romantic adventure, faster-than-light travel and space battles where the main storyline is interstellar conflict and character drama.
It meant action-oriented tale of space adventure instead of "respectable" science fiction story that concentrated on effects of technological progress and inventions.
However there is no sharp dividing line and many authors manage to combine the space adventure and the respectable elements, ensuring that the best written space opera is represented among the best of science fiction generally.
www.websbiggest.com /wiki-article-tab.cfm/space_opera_1   (547 words)

 DriveThruRPG.com - Space Opera
SPACE OPERA includes complete rules for character and planet generation, human and alien races, skills and professions, starships, individual and ship combat, etc. Also included are summary charts, tables, ship and planetary record sheets and character reference sheet.
SPACE OPERA adventures may be interwoven over several game sessions to play out the lives of the characters involved in this fascinating game of action and interaction.
SPACE OPERA gives you a framework within which to set and develop the adventures that you conceive for the characters.
rpg.drivethrustuff.com /catalog/product_info.php?cPath=70_100&products_id=583   (557 words)

Because his music was well-known in the Soviet Union, Didier and his band SPACE gave a series of 21 concerts in Kiev and Leningrad and in Moscow's Olympic Hall where more than 600.000 spectators attended the performance.
Didier and SPACE were invited to an exceptional concert in Sebastopol, Crimea, thus becoming the first non Russian Artist to perform in that city in front of 60.000 spectators.
The album "SPACE MAGIC CONCERTS" was released in France, the former Soviet Union, and in South East Asia (Taiwan, Thailand).
www.space.tm.fr /bio-en.php   (1248 words)

 Untitled Document   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Space Opera was forged in the Texas summer heat of 1969 by David Bullock, Scott Fraser, Philip White, and Brett Wilson.
"Space Opera," an album produced by the band at Manta Sound in Toronto, was released in 1973 by Epic Records.
Today, Space Opera continues to labor in the vineyard of obscurity, creating music that is uniquely its own for the entertainment of a small but devoted audience.
www.spaceopera.net /bandbio_new.htm   (399 words)

 Soap Opera 'Babylon' - B5 and the Soaps
Soap operas brought the continuing story format to television and have had the arena largely to themselves throughout most of its history.
Soap operas are ultimately about the daily lives of people and the troubles they face.
Virtually every soap opera features stories of unrequited love, romantic triangles, people returning from the dead, and as much anguish and suffering the writers can possibly inflict on their characters.
www.space.com /sciencefiction/tv/soap_opera_babylon_000317.html   (885 words)

 A New Breed of Space Opera
Space opera, that wonderful genre of rip-roaring adventuring among the stars, was established in the 1920s by E. "Doc" Smith, one of the founders of modern science fiction, and this continued during the Golden Age of Science Fiction (the late 1930s and early 40s).
by suggesting that singularity events can only occur in regions of space distant from the main disc of the galaxy, and he freely admits this was done as a way of avoiding the implications of the technological Singularity (a concept he himself presented to the world).
Transhumanist SF is the exact anti-thesis of Classical Space Opera; it is set in the almost modern world (between 20 and a 100 years time, rather than the distant future.
www.orionsarm.com /intro/space_opera.html   (1782 words)

 Night Shade Books Discussion Area: The New Space Opera
Nonetheless, what British "space opera" may ultimately effect is to cause publishers in the States to push the envelope and allow US writers to make a living wage by writing what they're moved to write.
What I would say though is that what seems to have happened is that the space opera written in the UK during that time started as a divergent strand in the evolution of the form, and seems to have become/be becoming the dominant creative expression of it.
world), i never thought of space opera as going away, but rather that it just got embraced by the media tie world, which, from my somewhat limited understand, is a good chunk of the midlist in most countries and which is also fairly firmly ignored by a critical voice.
www.nightshadebooks.com /discus/messages/270/1171.html?1062589832   (6772 words)

 Space Opera - AOL Music
Space opera can also be contrasted with "hard science fiction",...
In Scientology doctrine, space opera was the term used by Scientology...
Space opera is defined in the Official Scientology and Dianetics Glossary as:...
music.aol.com /artist/space-opera/542554/main   (146 words)

 Space Opera
Mike Weller's Space Opera is a strange mixture of comics, illustrations and prose about some militant Christian superheroes.
I found the prose pieces dull and, in the case of those supposedly written during earlier decades of the 20th Century, marred by anachronistic turns of phrase.
These volumes were produced in the 1990's and some of the references date them, which just goes to show how difficult it is to create stories out of their time.
www.zumcomics.info /s/spaceopera.html   (561 words)

 SPACE OPERA AT THE AARDVARK   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
It is well known that the Byrds drew inspiration from Space Opera, and that they play some of the same songs.
Space Opera does not have the advantage of having so much music to listen to that one can never be bored with it.
Having been divorced once, my own attitude is mixed.) The Space Opera version was better by far than the Beatles version, just as most of the songs they sing that were also done by the Byrds are better than the Byrds ever dreamed.
www.philosophyforum.net /Essays/SPACE%20OPERA%20AT%20THE%20AARDVARK.htm   (2599 words)

 What is this thing called "Space Opera?"
Westerns were sometimes called "horse operas" by false analogy, and the pattern was extended into sf terminology by Wilson TUCKER in 1941, who proposed "space opera" as the appropriate term for the "hacky, grinding, stinking, outworn, spaceship yarn".
During the 1940s some of the naive charm of space opera was lost as standards of writing rose and plots became somewhat more complicated, and the trend was towards a more vivid and lush romanticism.
Once this happened, the impression of vast scale so important to space opera was no longer the sole prerogative of straightforward adventure stories, and the day of the "classical" space opera was done.
www.northcoast.com /~aboomer/spaceopera.html   (1067 words)

 Space Opera - Other Suns - Wayne's World of Books - Info & Sources   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
When SPACE OPERA was completed, it was decided that the heavy military equipment was only of interest to those players with characters in military or mercenary service.
SPACE OPERA is designed to be a versatile game and the tone of this atlas differs from that of Atlas 1.
Rules for the building of starships, space travel, space combat, creation of worlds and star-systems, populating worlds, combat, skills, technology, and even careers are included, A full choice of career types with over 100 skills and additional rules for psionic talents allow for freedom in character design and character goals.
www.waynesbooks.com /SpaceOperaOtherSuns.html   (4089 words)

 Space Opera in Scientology - Uncyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Scientology doctrine holds that the human spirit is manifested in the form of a heart crystal, a spiritual element roughly equivalent to a celestial diamond, which is immortal and theoretically immensely powerful but is currently imprisoned in nine human bodies and unable to reach its full potential.
The Sailor Senshi are credited with having created the universe trillions of years ago and with having "knowing and willing cause over life, thought, matter, energy, space and time" – in other words, the ability to operate free of the encumbrances of the material universe.
The result was a major clash between the two Invader Fleets some 8,200 years ago in the Himalayas when the Third Battalion of the Irken Invader Fleet landed about 72 miles northwest of the Khyber Pass and attempted to set up an implant station.
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/Space_Opera_in_Scientology   (3837 words)

 SF Signal: What is Space Opera?
SFRevu takes a shot at defining "space opera" as a genre, in Space Opera Redefined.
Looking at the list of the contemporary space opera books, I'd have to say that, IMO, those books are the ones I consider SF first, and space opera second, if at all.
To me, space opera takes place in, well, space, and has characters flying around in space ships blasting the hell out of each other.
www.sfsignal.com /archives/000098.html   (262 words)

 CGNetworks - Grand Space Opera Challenge
Arthur C Clarke's 2001 : A Space Odyssey is perhaps the most famous of all Space Opera stories.
Folding space the navigators and the spacer guild are a powerful force.
EE Doc Smith is one of the grand masters of true Space Opera.
features.cgsociety.org /challenge/grandspaceopera/inspiration.php   (610 words)

 Space Opera | Boston Central
The 2-act opera draws on a variety of popular and classical styles of music and will appeal to audiences of all ages.
The SPACE OPERA cast and crew consist of one hundred and forty soloists and chorus members drawn from eleven local Massachusetts communities.
SPACE OPERA will be performed at the King Open School, 850 Cambridge Street, Cambridge MA 02141 (East Cambridge near Inman Square) the weekends of March 12/13 and March 19/20.
www.bostoncentral.com /events/space_opera/p1512.php   (381 words)

 Space Opera
"Space Opera" is an online role playing and storytelling game that I am developing in my spare time.
Ah yes, and "Space Opera" will be free.
Here is a splash animation that demonstrates the general style of the piece.
www.notebookmargins.com /lillab/spaceopera/on_space_opera.htm   (310 words)

 Fudge Space Opera
Included are chapters on character creation; comabt (personal and vehicular), including how to deal with fragile humans in combat with high energy weaopns; sensors and detection; starship creation and combat; and gadgets.
One thing you won't find much of is how to create a space opera background or campaign.
Fudge Space Opera is available for download as a PDF file.
www.sonic.net /~rknop/Omar/fudge/spop   (246 words)

 Space Opera Links Page
Space Day has come and gone, but the site is still very much alive.
John Sisson's salute to the Early Space Program through the books published during the 1950's and early 1960's is a must see for those who want to relive the promise of the Space Program.
His research will be appearing on the Space Opera Site in the near future.
www.solarguard.com /sollinks.htm   (1238 words)

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