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Topic: Spam

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In the News (Thu 20 Jun 19)

  FTC - SPAM - Home Page
Some consumers find unsolicited commercial email - also known as "spam" - annoying and time consuming; others have lost money to bogus offers that arrived in their email in-box.
If you get spam email that you think is deceptive, forward it to spam@uce.gov.
The FTC uses the spam stored in this database to pursue law enforcement actions against people who send deceptive email.
www.ftc.gov /spam   (151 words)

  spam - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about spam
At the end of 2003, spam accounted for 70% of all e-mail received in the USA and 50% in Europe, with many of the spam messages relating to sexual enhancements or pornography.
As over 75% of spam received in the UK originated in the USA, however, it was feared that the new law might not be effective.
Spamming, the act of sending spam, is contrary to netiquette, the Internet's code of conduct, and is likely to result in the advertiser being bombarded by flames, angry messages, and ‘dumping’, the downloading of large, useless files.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /spam   (382 words)

 Spam (electronic) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Spamming an internet forum in general, is when a user posts something which is off-topic or doesn’t have anything to do with the current subject.
Spam is frequently used to advertise scams, such as diploma mills, advance fee fraud, pyramid schemes, stock pump-and-dump schemes, and phishing.
SPAM was one of the few foods that was not restricted and was therefore widely available.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Spam_(electronic)   (5705 words)

 Spam in blogs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Spam in blogs (also called simply blog spam or comment spam) is a form of spamdexing.
This type of spam originally appeared in internet guestbooks, where spammers repeatedly fill a guestbook with links to their own site and no relevant comment to increase search engine rankings.
Spam Huntress The Norwegian Spam Huntress - Ann Elisabeth
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Blog_spam   (1448 words)

 Why Am I Getting All This Spam?
Some spam is generated through attacks on mail servers, methods that don't rely on the collection of e-mail addresses at all.
For the vast majority of the spam we received due to USENET postings, messages were sent to addresses referenced in the message header, not to addresses referenced in the text of the message.
But such spam was on the order of 2 or 3 messages per day, compared to the thirty or more messages received by addresses still on the public Web.
www.cdt.org /speech/spam/030319spamreport.shtml   (4012 words)

 WDVL: Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam
Spam costs the sender very little to send -- most of the costs are borne by the recipient or the carriers.
Spam is an American phenomenon (born of deep-rooted cultural memes such as Free Speech; consumerism; dislike of intrusive government) that's going to become a global problem soon enough.
Spam Hater, written for Windows, works with most popular email applications to automatically analyze spam, find the true sender of the message, and prepare a letter of complaint, generates a traceroute query, which helps identify a spammer's upstream ISP.
www.wdvl.com /Internet/Protocols/Email/Spam.html   (1855 words)

 Spam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Spam (electronic), unsolicited or undesired bulk electronic messages, such as:
Spam (Monty Python), a comedy sketch involving this meat
Spam magazine, published in the mid-1990s in Houghton, Michigan
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Spam   (154 words)

 spam from FOLDOC
It is possible to spam a newsgroup with one well- (or ill-) planned message, e.g.
Spam in this sense is sort of like the electronic equivalent of junk mail sent to "Occupant".
In the 1990s, with the rise in commercial awareness of the net, there are actually scumbags who offer spamming as a "service" to companies wishing to advertise on the net.
www.foldoc.org /foldoc/foldoc.cgi?query=spam   (497 words)

 Dan Garcia's Spam Homepage
Waitress: Well, there's egg and bacon; egg sausage and bacon; egg and spam; egg bacon and spam; egg bacon sausage and spam; spam bacon sausage and spam; spam egg spam spam bacon and spam; spam sausage spam spam bacon spam tomato and spam; Vikings (starting to chant): Spam spam spam spam...
spam spam spam egg and spam; spam spam spam spam spam spam baked beans spam spam spam...
The average consumers of Spam are families with several children, especially in the southeastern U.S. In 1989, the U.S. armed forces bought 3.3 million pounds of SPAM.
www.cs.berkeley.edu /~ddgarcia/spam.html   (4109 words)

 RE: SPAM: SPAM and the Internet   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
You've probably seen, heard or even used the term "spamming" to refer to the act of sending unsolicited commercial email (UCE), or "spam" to refer to the UCE itself.
Use of the term "spam" was adopted as a result of the Monty Python skit in which our SPAM meat product was featured.
In this skit, a group of Vikings sang a chorus of "spam, spam, spam.
www.spam.com /ci/ci_in.htm   (624 words)

 Spam Filter for Outlook and Express, Windows Mail and Servers - SPAMfighter   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
If you need a spam filter for your home/office PC or you need to spam protect a server, you have come to the right place.
If a SPAMfighter receives a spam mail that is not detected by SPAMfighter, the user reports the spam mail with one click, and it's removed from the rest of the SPAMfighters in seconds.
If you receive a spam mail that is not detected, click on a single button, and the spam mail is removed from the rest of the 3.426.163 SPAMfighters in 217 countries/areas in seconds.
www.spamfighter.com   (738 words)

 Pew Internet: Spam: How it is hurting email and degrading life on the Internet
Spam, which by the middle of 2003 represented about half of all email messages, has made online life unpleasant or annoying to nearly three-quarters of email users.
They are bothered by spam’s deceptive and often unsavory content, by the time it takes to deal with spam, and they are frustrated by their lack of control over the influx of spam.
The volume of spam in personal email accounts far outscored the volume in work email accounts, due in part to costly measures that defend most workplaces against spam.
www.pewinternet.org /reports/toc.asp?Report=102   (193 words)

 Dave’s Blog » Spam Karma 2.3
Spam Karma 2 is the proud successor to Spam Karma, with whom it shares most of the development ideas, but absolutely none of the code
External plugins (including those bundled with Spam Karma 2) are the property of their respective developers and, by default, subject to the same distribution rules.
What this mean in practice: Spam Karma is “free software”, in that it is absolutely free to download, free to use and even free to tinker with (although I typically would require any modifications made to it to be clearly indicated to potential users).
unknowngenius.com /blog/wordpress/spam-karma   (1219 words)

 The Net Abuse FAQ
Overall, Chris Lewis is considered to be the expert on spam cancelling, and one of the experts on Usenet in general.
Once a slow spam is detected and posted to news.admin.net-abuse.announce, it makes it easier to keep tabs on a particular poster or series of messages in the future.
This is sometimes done when a spam (or spew) continues unabated even after the spam cancellers and other net-abuse activists have attempted to contact somebody and ask them to stop.
www.cybernothing.org /faqs/net-abuse-faq.html   (6961 words)

 Open Directory - Computers: Internet: Abuse: Spam
Spam Is Bad - Wisconsin online community against spam, featuring local and national legislation updates, spam news and forums.
Spam Laws - US and European - United States, European Union, and other countries' laws and pending legislation regarding unsolicited commercial email.
My Encounter With Search Spam On Blogger - Blogger makes it easy to create spam that clogs search results but does not make it easy to report the spam or even to be sure that Blogger cares that accounts are used that way.
dmoz.org /Computers/Internet/Abuse/Spam   (1086 words)

 SpamCop.net - Beware of cheap imitations
By reporting spam, you have a positive impact on the problem.
Professional-grade SpamCop email accounts feature spam reporting, customizable spam and virus filtering and simultaneous Webmail, POP and IMAP access.
Find out about SpamCop reports and spam blocking, email deliverability problems and what you can do to ensure that your mail will get through.
www.spamcop.net   (186 words)

 What is spam? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia Computer Dictionary
Real spam is generally e-mail advertising for some product sent to a mailing list or newsgroup.
There is some debate about the source of the term, but the generally accepted version is that it comes from the Monty Python song, "Spam spam spam spam, spam spam spam spam, lovely spam, wonderful spam…" Like the song, spam is an endless repetition of worthless text.
Bandwidth-sapping spam is more than an annoyance; it's increasingly becoming a drain on the bottom line.
webopedia.com /TERM/s/spam.html   (768 words)

 Learning Movable Type: Concerning Spam
Many people list "referrals" on their site publicly, so by spamming referral logs, not only does the spammer get a link on your referral log (which is picked up by Google) but may even get a link on your main page.
If you get a comment with spam that is not already listed, when you receive an email notification of the comment, you can click a link to invoke MT-fllist, remove the comment, and add the commenter's URL to your fllist.
New Comment Spam Technique - Adam Kalsey notes that spammers are creating comment spam with links to legitimate sites that have been spammed to get the page rank up for those links.
www.learningmovabletype.com /archives/000246concerning_spam.php   (1485 words)

 Howstuffworks "How Spam Works"
Some of us get a little, and some of us get a lot, but if you have an e-mail account it is always there.
Obviously this is spam, yet it made it through the spam filters and I opened it because the subject line made it unknowable whether it was spam or not.
Spam is incredibly annoying, especially in large quantities.
www.howstuffworks.com /spam.htm   (216 words)

 spam - Definitions from Dictionary.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
It is possible to spam a newsgroup with one well- (or ill-)
If you see an article which you think is a deliberate spam, DO NOT post a follow-up - doing so will only contribute to the
among lusers that "spamming" is what happens when you dump cans of
dictionary.reference.com /search?q=spam   (675 words)

The first commercial spam sent intentionally was that of a DEC representative to every Arpanet address on the west coast, or at least an attempt at that.
Within 3 weeks 45.000 spam mails were received that were allegedly originating from the spam gang.
And as you can see here the organization sending the spam formally does not reside in the USA but in Uruguay and thus can not be punished for spamming by the US law for sending spam to whoever is in his database.
www.thocp.net /reference/internet/spam.htm   (5395 words)

 Spam « Abuse « Internet « Computers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Fight Spam on the Internet - Includes information regarding laws, filtering, spam prevention, and responsible marketing, as well as information and advice about how to complain about spam.
Historical Spam Museum and Archive - Collects and preserves spam on the remote chance that it may be of value to future net.archaeologists.
Spam and the world will Spam with you - Argues that spam is not a problem and should be promoted.
www.localadsearch.com /Computers/Internet/Abuse/Spam   (1251 words)

 Technorati Tag: spam
Barracuda Spam Firewall System Barracuda Networks manufactures the Barracuda Spam Firewall family, trusted spam-blocking networkworking devices for small and large companies.
Spam: Stop E-Mail SPAM MSN Hotmail — Enhanced filters block unwanted spam.
Jeg har fått noen litt merkverdig spam den siste tida.
www.technorati.com /tag/spam   (506 words)

 Free-Credit-Repair.Biz - darkprofits.com credit card spam
Spam to a mailing list today, trapped by spamassassin...
I just got a spam message that I think is truly evil...
According to this, this spam was not sent out by Darkprofits.com at, all but by a...
www.free-credit-repair.biz /38/darkprofits.com-credit-card-spam.html   (406 words)

 SPAM F.A.Q.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
SPAM is a type of canned, processed pork luncheon meat made by Geo.
SPAM comes in two sizes, small (7 oz.) and large (12 oz.), and several varieties.
The SPAM Story), and it soon had many competitors.
www.cusd.claremont.edu /~mrosenbl/spamfaq.html   (422 words)

 Anti Spam - Antispam fights spam and is free a tool that's easy to use
It also makes their database worthless for reselling purposes because the company purchasing their spam database will have worthless email address.
Email collecting programs (spam bots) will be sent into an infinite loop by following the link at the bottom of the page and will get more and more fake email addresses stuck in their databases.
A fool proof method of filtering out spam does not yet exist, but we don't have to sit back and take it.
www.auditmypc.com /freescan/antispam.html   (275 words)

 spam filter / encyclopedia / windows hosting, unix hosting - Professional windows web hosting and unix web hosting ...
spam filter / encyclopedia / windows hosting, unix hosting - Professional windows web hosting and unix web hosting services
Our spam filter is a powerful e-mail checker programs with effective spam elimination.
You can turn spam filter on via your control panel or add suspicious e-mail to your fllist.
www.windows-and-unix-hosting.com /web-hosting-encyclopedia-64.html   (82 words)

 Brands from Hormel Foods - SPAM® Family of Products
The SPAM® Family of Products is all around us.
In fact, it may be the fastest-growing segment of the human imagination since the sweater-vest was invented in 1867.
But here are the facts: There is a SPAM® Museum, a fleet of SPAMMOBILE® vehicles, a world-wide fanbase, an amazing and storied history and some of the most fascinating advertising mankind has ever seen.
www.hormel.com /brands/brandview3.asp?id=2&hlite=true&querytext=spam   (160 words)

 Welcome to SPAM.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Download the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player to fully get down with SPAM.
Good people of Des Moines, IA, come witness the magnificence of the most delicious thing on wheels.
SPAM is a registered trademark of Hormel Foods, LLC.
www.spam.com   (74 words)

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