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Topic: Specific relative angular momentum

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  Specific relative angular momentum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In astrodynamics, the specific relative angular momentum of an orbiting body with respect to a central body is the relative angular momentum of the first body per unit mass.
Specific relative angular momentum, represented by the symbol
is the relative angular momentum of the orbiting body with respect to the central body.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Specific_relative_angular_momentum   (272 words)

 Specific orbital energy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
is the specific relative angular momentum of the orbiting body
) and is equal to the excess specific energy compared to that for an escape orbit (parabolic orbit).
If the angle between v and g is acute, for example in a landing (on a celestial body without atmosphere) and in a transfer to a circular orbit around a celestial body when arriving from outside, this means applying the delta-v as late as possible.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Specific_orbital_energy   (776 words)

 Solar System Dynamics
Angular Momentum J and Magnetic Dipole Moment P are related by a constant that is on the order of unity (J = P) (natural units) due to Gravity-Induced Electric Polarization of matter.
Further, the Angular Momentum vector of the Sun is tilted 7 degrees with respect to the total average Planetary Orbital Angular Momentum.
The angular momentum of the central object is transferred efficiently by the out\flow as well as the effect of the magnetic stress.
www.valdostamuseum.org /hamsmith/angmomemag.html   (4504 words)

 Specific relative angular momentum
In astrodynamics specific relative angular momentum () of orbiting body () relative to central body () is the relative angular momentum of per unit mass.
Specific relative angular momentum ()is defined as cross product of position vector and velocity vector of :
Under standard assumptions for a orbiting body in a trajectory around central body at any given time the vector is perpendicular to the osculating orbital plane defined by orbital position and velocity vectorss.
grupos.xasa.us /wiki/en/wikipedia/s/sp/specific_relative_angular_momentum.html   (162 words)

 Accident Reconstruction Network - Linear Momentum   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Conservation of linear momentum, when resultant force vanishes, and conservation of angular momentum, when sum of moments of forces about fixed point O vanishes, during an interval of time.
This is the principle of conservation of angular momentum.
Suppose a particle P is in curvilinear motion relative to axes x-y, with origin A, which have angular velociy W and angular velocity dW/dt with respect to inertial axes X-Y.
www.accidentreconstruction.com /research/lmomentum/vector_mechanics.asp   (4258 words)

 How Things Work - How Things Work Home Page
Because momentum is equal to an object's mass times its velocity, the accumulating downward momentum in the egg is reflected in its increasing downward speed.
However, the true meaning of the "40 foot-pound" specification is that the safety helmet is capable of absorbing 40 foot-pounds of energy during an impact on its crown.
It has angular momentum, a conserved quantity of motion associated with spinning, and this angular momentum points toward the left (a convention that you can understand by pointing the curved fingers of your right hand around in the direction of the tire's motion; your thumb will then point to the left).
howthingswork.virginia.edu /home.html   (20285 words)

Apparent magnitude is that determined on the basis of an object's relative brightness as seen from the earth.
For bodies moving at speeds close to that of light, Newtonian mechanics is superseded by the theory of Relativity, and for the study of very small objects, such as Elementary Particles, Quantum Theory is used.
Motion at speeds approaching that of light must be described by the theory of Relativity, and the motions of extremely small objects (atoms and elementary particles) are described by quantum mechanics (Quantum Theory).
www.hydrocut.com /Terms/M.html   (4551 words)

 Fundamental Proof of Static Nuclear Structure and Atomic Physics
In even a simple analyses, a orbital body cannot increase it's momentum at greater radius simply because the force of attraction decreases at greater radius and it does not have the intact structure of a rotating body or an intact structure such as a string or wire tied to it.
Angular momentum of nuclear spin is thought to be in only quantized values.
Although Bohr's theory was an entirely incorrect application of angular momentum from Kepler's laws and made no attempt to justify the specification of the energy levels, it had become entrenched in academic rhetoric and could not be abandoned when it failed upon the refinement of spectroscopic analyses.
home.earthlink.net /~kdthrge   (4018 words)

 Aerospace Science and Technology Dictionary R Page
A straight line connecting a fixed reference point or center with a second point, which may be moving; specifically, in astronomy, the straight line connecting the center of a celestial body with the center of a body which revolves around it, as the radius vector of the moon.
The term red shift is applied both to the Doppler effect caused by the relative speed of recession of the observed body and the gravitational or relativistic shift in which the frequency of light emitted by atoms in stellar atmosphere is decreased by a factor proportional to the mass-radius relationship of the star.
The cooling of a part of an engine by the fuel or propellant being delivered to the combustion chamber; specifically, the cooling of a rocket-engine combustion chamber or nozzle by circulating the fuel or oxidizer, or both, around the part to be cooled.
www.hq.nasa.gov /office/hqlibrary/aerospacedictionary/508/r.html   (10294 words)

 Specific relative angular momentum   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
In astrodynamics specific relative angular momentum (\mathbf{h}\,\!) of orbiting body (m_2\,\!) relative to central body (m_1\,\!) is the relative angular momentum of m_2\,\! per unit mass.
\mathbf{v}\,\! is orbital velocity vector of orbiting body relative to central body.
Under standard assumptions for a orbiting body in a trajectory around central body at any given time the \mathbf{h}\,\! vector is perpendicular to the osculating orbital plane defined by orbital position and velocity vectors.
www.infobadger.com /articles/Specific_relative_angular_momentum   (197 words)

 Dictionary of Technical Terms for Aerospace Use - R
This pressure is manifested whenever the electromagnetic momentum is a radiation field is changes, and is exactly twice as great when the radiation is reflected at normal incidence as it is when the radiation is entirely absorbed at normal incidence.
Specifically, the study of celestial objects by measurement of the radiation emitted by them in the radiofrequency range of the electromagnetic spectrum.
In this gyro an output signal is produced by gimbal angular displacement, relative to the base, which is proportional to the angular rate of the base about the input axis.
roland.grc.nasa.gov /~dglover/dictionary/r.html   (10660 words)

 Elec. Spin Polariza. Determin. from Lumines. Polari.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Confusion can be avoided in communicating experimental results and relating the sign of the electron spin polarization in the semiconductor to that of the ferromagnet by carefully specifying quantities in terms of angular momentum in a common reference frame.
The angular momenta of the light, and of the electrons in the ferromagnet and semiconductor are shown in Fig.
At the bottom, the third column is expanded to give the angular momentum of states in the semiconductor at the conduction band minimum and valence band maximum, and illustrates the relevant heavy hole transitions.
physics.nist.gov /Divisions/Div841/Gp3/Projects/MagNano/esp.html   (1281 words)

 POAMS - The Neo-Machian, Digital Physics Website   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
The motion is simply relative to whoever happens to be observing it, with all such observer-frames regarded as physically indistinguishable.
Length and time are inseparable dimensions of angular momentum and changes in angular momentum, with no meaning apart from that.
In such cases, the asymmetry distinguishing which observer's duration is dilated and which is contracted is ultimately manifest in terms of acceleration in relation to the alpha frame, rather than simply in the frame of the one observer relative to the other.
www.poams.org /04_relativity_and_time_dilation.html   (725 words)

 Distortions Paper Description of Types of Effects   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Here beta represents the angular distance between the lens and the source on the observer's sky in the absence of the gravitational field of the lens, while alpha represents this distance in the presence of the gravitational field and light deflection.
Therefore if the apparent angular area from some sources is greater than without the gravitational field, then there must be other sources with apparent angular area which is lower, to compensate.
(A derivation of the angular size of a sphere of mass M, radius R_* at distance D is given in the Appendix.) When the second surface Einstein ring has equal angular size to the apparent angular size of the lens surface, two complete images of the lens surface are visible.
antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov /htmltest/gifcity/nslens_effects.html   (4010 words)

 Specific Angular Momentum   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Specific relative angular momentum plays a pivotal role in definition of orbit...
Change of the specific angular momentum as a result of anisotropic mass loss..
We wish to determine the angular momentum with respect to a specific...
www.angularmotion.info /info/Specific-Angular-Momentum   (302 words)

The first model of the atom explaining the hydrogen spectrum by imposing "quantum conditions" by which angular momentum in an atom had to equal a multiple of Planck's constant h.
Spectral line A narrow range of spectral color, emitted (or absorbed) by a specific atom (or molecule).The energy of its photon corresponds to the difference between two energy levels of the atom, and such photons are emitted when the atom "falls" from the higher level to the lower one.
Spin of an electron, intrinsic angular momentum of an electron, affecting energy levels of atoms and such phenomena as the ordering of elements in the periodic table.
www-spof.gsfc.nasa.gov /stargaze/Sgloss.htm   (14613 words)

 The laws list: C   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
One of the postulates of A. Einstein's special theory of relativity, which puts forth that the speed of light in vacuum is measured as the same speed to all observers, regardless of their relative motion.
The magnitude of the Coriolis "force" is dependent on the speed of the object relative to the noninertial frame, and the direction of the "force" is orthogonal to the object's velocity.
The conjecture, so far totally undemonstrated within the context of general relativity, that all singularities (with the possible exception of the big bang singularity) are accompanied by event horizons which completely surround them at all points in time.
www.alcyone.com /max/physics/laws/c.html   (1543 words)

 Chapter 3 - Gforce - Secrets of the Aether
And it is the force behind the primary angular momentum and charge of each onn.
Strong charge (electromagnetic charge) is the result of primary angular momentum spinning within the Aether.
Essentially, primary angular momentum and strong charge describe the same onn, but from orthogonal perspectives.
www.16pi2.com /chapter_3_secrets_of_the_aether.htm   (422 words)

If the specific angular momentum of the accreting plasma is greater than that of the neutron star, the trailing edge of pulse profiles will be brighter (Wang and Welter 1981).
If the plasma specific angular momentum is less than that of the star the leading edge of the pulse profile will be brighter.
Similarly, during the spin-down era of the 1980's (when the star specific angular momentum was presumably more than that of the accretion plasma) one would expect leading-edge-bright pulses.
www.atnf.csiro.au /pasa/15_2/greenhill/paper/node3.html   (875 words)

 Star Formation Newsletter, Issue 54
On the relative importance of photoevaporative and hydrodynamic effects in the ablation of self-gravitating globules in compact H II regions
The dynamics of the accretion depend critically on the specific angular momentum of the infalling gas relative to that of the triple system and on the component masses.
Low relative specific angular momentum accretion helps stabilise systems where a lower mass single star is orbiting a more massive binary, by preferentially shrinking the binary's separation over that of the binary-single.
www.astro.umass.edu /sfnews/no54/no54.html   (6019 words)

A graphic presentation of the target area, usually a pre-strike air photo, on which prominent dots are plotted to mark the impact or detonation points of bombs dropped in a specific bombing attack.
The maximum momentary displacement of the rear surface of an armor panel, caused by a fair hit not penetrating the armor when it is in initial contact with the backing material.
Angular deviation of the projectile from its line (axis) of flight.
www.rabintex.com /ballisticdictionary   (2349 words)

 9 Quasi-Local Spin-Angular Momentum
In this section we review three specific quasi-local spin-angular momentum constructions that are (more or less) ‘quasi-localizations’ of Bramson’s expression at null infinity.
Since, however, Bramson’s superpotential is an algebraic expression of the basic variables, and the number of the derivatives in the expression for the angular momentum should be one, the angular momentum expressions based on Bramson’s superpotential must contain the derivative of the ‘quasi-rotations’, i.e.
Since, however, such an expression cannot be sensitive to the ‘change of the origin’, they can be expected to yield only the spin part of the angular momentum.
www.univie.ac.at /EMIS/journals/LRG/Articles/lrr-2004-4/articlese9.html   (477 words)

 Eric's Research
The constraint from the conservation of momentum is more complicated because the velocity of the photons depends on the index of refraction within the crystal.
It is these cases, in which the angles of the output photons allow their total momentum to equal the original momentum, that phase-matching occurs.
Another application of entangled photons is measuring the relative delay of two photons of different polarization within a material.
web.mit.edu /edauler/www/research.html   (842 words)

 Chapter 10: Quantum Physics Today
For example, it correctly predicted that hydrogen could exist in two types, depending on the relative orientation of the angular momentum of the nucleus.
Two of these cases that have been frequently noted are the singularity at the centre of a fl hole, and on the very small scale but high density conditions of the Big Bang at the beginning of the Universe.
On the other hand, relativity is a 'classical' theory, in the sense that it deals with smooth continuities and so has not been 'quantised.' Every attempt so far to bring quantum theory and relativity into agreement has failed for various mathematical reasons.
www.faqs.org /docs/qp/chap10.html   (798 words)

The field define specific planes, and thus a single electromagnetic wave is said to be linearly, or plane, polarized.
It is important to note that the angular momentum of a photon is completely independent of its energy.
Thus, a purely left­circularly polarized plane wave will impart angular momentum to the target as if all the constituent photons in the beam had their spins aligned in the direction of propagation.
physics.tamuk.edu /~suson/html/4323/polar.html   (2429 words)

 wikien.info: Main_Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
In astrodynamics relative angular momentum ([\mathbf\,\!]) of orbiting body ([m_2\,\!]) relative to central body ([m_1\,\!]) is the moment (physics) of ([m_2\,\!])'s relative linear momentum:
[\mathbf\,\!] is orbital position vector of the orbiting body relative to the central body,
In astrodynamics relative angular momentum is usually used to derive specific relative angular momentum ([\mathbf\,\!]):
www.alanaditescili.net /index.php?title=Relative_angular_momentum   (176 words)

These observations suggest that T Tauri stars in accretion disk systems are subjected to a regulation of their angular velocities, countering the tendency to spin up both from accretion of disk material of high specific angular momentum and from readjustments in moment of inertia as they contract toward the main sequence.
However, this approach does not suggest any natural explanation to regulate the angular velocity of the convective, accreting star, nor is the means for the dynamo to drive the wind identified.
The MHD calculations exploring the coupling between the disk and the magnetosphere and the subsequent extraction of angular momentum from the star differ significantly (Ghosh and Lamb, 1979; Konigl, 1991; Shu et al., 1994; Cameron and Campbell, 1993; Ghosh, 1995; Clark et al., 1995), but all agree on a few fundamental points.
www.astro.umass.edu /preprints/starform/edwcoz/node2.html   (751 words)

 The Planetary Nebula Spectrograph - science background   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Another readily-determined quantity is the angular momentum of the stars in galaxies' outer parts.
Although the main bodies of ellipticals are known to contain much less angular momentum than in spirals of similar luminosity, some simulations of galaxy formation (Zurek et al.
These models are approaching the point of being able to make robust and detailed predictions of the magnitude and direction of angular momentum in ellipticals, and it is important to investigate such properties observationally for a reasonably-sized sample of these galaxies.
www.aao.gov.au /local/www/pns/pns_sci.html   (1057 words)

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