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Topic: Spectrofluorometer

  Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology-NEWS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
A Flurolog-Tau3 spectrofluorometer can be used to study molecules as they respond to experimental manipulations, according to Mark Brandt, assistant professor of chemistry and principal investigator for the NSF grant.
The properties of the emitted light (such as color and intensity) are related to both the properties of the fluorescing molecule and the properties of the environment around the molecule.
The spectrofluorometer is also assisting Dan Morris, associate professor of chemistry, and students in examining the role of metal ions in oxidative DNA damage.
www.rose-hulman.edu /news/articles/2006fluorometer.htm   (789 words)

 The Measurement of Sensitivity in Fluorescence Spectroscopy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
A spectrofluorometer with high sensitivity is an asset for the researcher.
The sensitivity of a spectrofluorometer is expressed as the ratio of the signal of a standard sample to the rms noise level [2].
The goal of the exercise is to test the inherent ability of the spectrofluorometer to gather data.
www.pti-nj.com /tech_3.html   (2922 words)

 Laser Focus World - SPECTROFLUOROMETRY   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
The spectrofluorometer consists of a nitrogen laser producing 1.4-mJ pulses at 337 nm.
The laser is connected to about 30 meters of fiberoptic cable, in which one 400-µm fiber--the emission fiber--is surrounded by nine 200-µm fibers that serve as detectors.
Towing the spectrofluorometer behind their boat the researchers were able to track plumes of pollutants to their source.
lfw.pennnet.com /Articles/Article_Display.cfm?Section=Archives&Subsection=Display&ARTICLE_ID=26386&KEYWORD=Savage   (820 words)

 Spectrofluorimètres SPEX & IBH, états stationnaires, durée de vie,mesures déportées,contrôle de process
-3 is also a complete, stand-alone steady-state and lifetime spectrofluorometer using the outstanding sensitivity of photon counting in the time domain.
The NanoLog™ series of spectrofluorometers are specifically designed for research in nanotechnology and the frontiers of nanomaterials.
SkinSkan is the only in-vivo, fiber-optic spectrofluorometer designed specifically for skin-fluorescence and hair-fluorescence measurements.
www.jobinyvon.fr /frdivisions/Fluorescence/index.htm   (976 words)

 Quantifying DNA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
The spectrofluorometer is a useful device for measuring DNA concentration.
It is better to use the spectrofluorometer than to measure 260 nm absorption on the spectrometer as that technique will quantify all nucleic acids (DNA + RNA).
This has the disadvantage that if you dilute them all to say 50 ng/ul and then find they are too dilute, it is difficult to concentrate them again.
hcgs.unh.edu /protocol/basic/dnafluor.html   (476 words)

 Prizmatix - custom made fiber optic bundles and patchcords
The excitation branch comprises the excitation fiber that should be connected to LED light source by SMA connector.
The excitation branch comprises the excitation fiber that should be connected to laser diode light source by SMA connector.
The fibers fixed into standard SMA connector that should be connected to a specially designed adaptor that replace the cuvette holder of the spectrofluorometer.
www.prizmatix.com /docs/Custom_Fiber_Optic_Assemblies.cfm   (497 words)

 USB2000-FL-450 Spectrofluorometer
The USB2000-FL-450 is a preconfigured spectrofluorometer with a fully integrated USB2000-FL Spectrometer and a USB-LS-450 LED Module.
Fully integrated spectrofluorometer features a USB2000-FL Spectrometer and a USB-LS-450 LED Module
Ocean Optics is part of the multinational Halma Group of safety and detection companies.
www.oceanoptics.com /products/usb2000fl450.asp   (371 words)

 Characterization and Analysis of Nanomaterials Using the NanoLog - Application Note by Horiba Jobin
The NanoLog™, a modular spectrofluorometer from HORIBA Jobin Yvon specifically designed for researching nanomaterials, is shown to be able to rapidly (seconds to minutes) collect and analyze the instrument-corrected fluorescence spectra of nanomaterials for characterization.
Rapid spectral acquisition and analysis of nanomaterials is useful in the fields of chemistry, biology, and materials science; therefore HORIBA Jobin Yvon has designed a spectrofluorometer, the NanoLog™ (see figure 1), specifically for such uses.
The sample was placed in a cuvette (path length = 5 mm) in a NanoLog™ spectrofluorometer set up with emission detection at right-angles to the excitation.
www.azonano.com /details.asp?ArticleID=1361   (1107 words)

 FluoroMax 3, the newest most sensitive fluorometer
The Spex FluoroMax has been a highly successful spectrofluorometer since its introduction in 1990, and its reincarnation as the FluoroMax-2 a few years later.
Now a spectrofluorometer is an instrument that excites a same with one color of light, then looks at the color that results when the light is re-emitted.
But the thing that really separates the FluoroMax, and all Spex spectrofluorometers, from the competition is its extremely high sensitivity – hundreds, or even thousands of time higher than competitors.
www.jobinyvon.de /PressReleases/0101fluoromax3.htm   (217 words)

 Single-Measurement Excitation/Emission Matrix Spectrofluorometer for Determination of Hydrocarbons in Ocean Water. 1. ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
A spectrofluorometer capable of dispersed-spectrum, simultaneous, multiwavelength UV excitation and collection of luminescence has been constructed for the purpose of qualitatively and quantitatively determining aromatic hydrocarbon pollutants dissolved in ocean water.
Hydrocarbon fluorescence data produced by this instrument were in the form of excitation/emission matrices, which provide more spectral information about these complex mixtures than is available from conventional excitation or emission fluorescence profiles.
Second-order statistical methods were applied to these data to determine low part-per-billion concentrations of two primary fluorescent compounds, naphthalene and styrene, found in ocean water exposed to gasoline despite the presence of uncalibrated interference from similar aromatic compounds, the ocean water matrix, and the instrumental background.
pubs.acs.org /cgi-bin/abstract.cgi/ancham/1996/68/i20/abs/ac960252b.html   (165 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Title : Acquisition of a Spectrofluorometer for Faculty-Mentored Stu dent Research in Biochemistry Abstract : 9977518 Abstract This project involves the acquisition of a spectrofluorometer that will be used by undergraduates in biochemistry course laboratory research and in individual faculty mentored research.
Students will use the spectrofluorometer to investigate membrane structure and dynamics, protein structure and stability, protein folding and unfolding, binding interactions between macromolecules and ligands, facilitated diffusion and cell involvement in ligand recognition and signal transduction.
Individual research projects will include characterization of serine protease and acid phosphatase inhibitors which can be used to probe structural changes in the enzyme associated with expression and regulation of enzyme activity.
www.cs.utexas.edu /users/yguan/NSFAbstracts/Abstracts/BIO/DBI.BIO.a9977518.txt   (202 words)

 Fluorimeter   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
The SLM-Aminco spectrofluorometer is a steady state fluorescence spectrophotometer with photon counting mode for high sensitivity.
Starting with a high pressure xenon source focused onto the entrance slit of the excitation monochromator with an elliptical mirror.
The emission detector housing also contains an integral high voltage supply which is factory set to provide the signal to noise.
www.chem.tamu.edu /cims/Spectrofluorometer.html   (262 words)

 Ocean Optics Introduces Time-gated Spectrofluorometer
Dunedin, FL -- The Ocean Optics USB2000-FLG Spectrofluorometer is a USB-interface miniature fiber optic spectrometer for low-intensity fluorescence applications (380-1050 nm) that can detect picomolar-range concentrations of fluorophores from surfaces and in liquids and powders.
This gated mode is particularly useful for measuring fluorophores with long fluorescence lifetimes, such as lanthanides and photoluminescent materials.
Available for $2,999, the USB2000-FLG Spectrofluorometer is easily combined with Ocean Optics excitation sources and sample optics to create fully integrated fluorescence-measurement systems.
www.fiberopticsonline.com /content/news/article.asp?docid={5B9CABD8-7B01-4204-906B-26BAE5DFEE38}&VNETCOOKIE=NO   (189 words)

 BSF -- Benthic SpectroFluorometer
The Benthic SpectroFluorometer (BSF) first went into the field in 1994 and served well for several years.
The Benthic SpectroFluorometer (BSF) is a diver-operated instrument for measuring the optical properties (fluorescence and reflectance) of benthic (bottom-dwelling) marine organisms.
It was originally designed to measure the spectral emission characteristics of fluorescence from corals illuminated with ultraviolet or other wavelengths of light, but it is also capable of measuring downwelling light or the light reflected from an organism or surface of interest.
www.psicorp.com /mazel/research/bsf/bsf.htm   (1109 words)

 SPEX & IBH Spectrofluorometers, steady-state, lifetime, remote sensing and process control
Tau-3 Fluorescence Lifetime and Steady-State Spectrofluorometer is a complete, stand-alone spectrofluorometer with both lifetime and steady-state modes.
The NanoLog™ series of spectrofluorometers specifically targets research in nanotechnology and the frontiers of nanomaterials.
range of spectrofluorometers, a number of Application Notes are available.
www.jobinyvon.com /usadivisions/Fluorescence/index.htm   (895 words)

 HI-TECH PRODUCT SHOWCASE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
The Curie is a high-sensitivity cuvette emission spectrofluorometer that can detect picomolar-range concentration of fluorophores in solutions from 200-850 nm.
Available for $8499, the Curie is distinguished by internal filtering technology that helps to discriminate between powerful pulsed xenon excitation source wavelengths and the weak spectral emissions from samples.
These filters are ideal for spectrally shaping the excitation energy from the onboard pulsed xenon excitation source, and eliminate the need for scanning monochromators.
www.techexpo.com /showcase/curie.html   (286 words)

 Ratiometry of transmembrane voltage-sensitive fluorescent dye emission in hearts -- Knisley et al. 279 (3): 1421 -- AJP ...
Green (540 ± 6 nm) and red (>610 nm) fluorescence emission was collected with two PMTs that had filters covering their photocathodes.
In some hearts, a spectrofluorometer system was used that contained a spectrograph (77400, Oriel, Stratford, CT) and a 16-element
For the green and red signals (A and B), magnitudes of deflections during phase-zero depolarization were a small fraction of the peak-to-peak magnitude of deflection during the cardiac cycle.
ajpheart.physiology.org /cgi/content/full/279/3/H1421   (6237 words)

 St. Cloud State University Department of Chemistry
The liquid chromatograph is used to separate and analyze pharmaceuticals and other various samples.
Pictured is a sample compartment for the Chemistry Department’s new computer-controlled spectrofluorometer.
Pictured is a Capillary Gas Chromatography (GC) instrument used by the Chemistry Department for separating and analyzing organic compounds.
www.stcloudstate.edu /chemistry/facilities/instrument.asp   (184 words)

 Spectrofluorometers - Spex Tau Lifetime Spectrofluorometer Delivering Steady State and Dynamic Measu   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Spectrofluorometers - Spex Tau Lifetime Spectrofluorometer DeliveringSteady State and Dynamic Measurements - Horiba Jobin Yvon
Spectrofluorometers - Spex Tau Lifetime Spectrofluorometer Delivering Steady State and Dynamic Measurements - Horiba Jobin Yvon
Time is always on your side once your laboratory is equipped with a Spex Tau Lifetime Spectrofluorometer.
www.azom.com /details.asp?ArticleID=2952   (383 words)

Appropriate concentration levels were chosen for each fluorophore in order to avoid concentration quenching.
Fluorescence landscapes were measured on PerkinElmer LS50B spectrofluorometer in a cuvette with the traditional right-angle sampling geometry.
Fluorescence landscapes were measured on Cary Varian Eclipse spectrofluorometer in a cuvette with the traditional right-angle sampling geometry.
www.models.kvl.dk /research/FOODFLUOR/index.asp   (676 words)

 Molecular Devices   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
The SPECTRAmax® GEMINI microplate spectrofluorometer is more than two instruments in one.
It is the most powerful and versatile microplate spectrofluorometer available, and easy-to -use.
In addition, the SPECTRAmax GEMINI instrument was designed with a 9 nm bandwidth for both the excitation and emission monochromator, giving it a tighter functional bandwidth than a filter-based fluorometer.
www.ump.com /MolDev.htm   (296 words)

 FP750 Spectrofluorometer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
The Jasco FP750 spectrofluorometer has a wavelength range of 220nm to 730nm provided by a xenon lamp.
The instrument is capable of wavelength scanning from 60nm/min to 4,000nm/min.
Please consult the printed manual (located in the drawers near the instrument) for operating instructions.
www.calpoly.edu /~bio/ubl/equip_files/fp750.htm   (43 words)

 St. Cloud State University Department of Chemistry
Some of the major instruments available for student use include a MALDI mass spectrometer, a 300 MHz nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer, Fourier-transform infrared spectrophotometer, ultraviolet-visible spectrometers, spectrofluorometer, laser flash photolysis bench, atomic absorption spectrophotometers, gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer, liquid chromatograph, and a radiochemistry facility including an extensive array of radioisotope counting/detecting equipment.
The Chemistry Department has three preparatory and general chemistry labs, one analytical/inorganic lab, one organic lab, one physical chemistry lab, one biochemistry lab, and one forensic science lab.
Cloud, Minnesota 56301-4498 U.S.A. St. Cloud State University is an affirmative action/equal opportunity educator and employer.
www.stcloudstate.edu /chemistry/facilities   (115 words)

 Department of Biological Sciences, The University of Alabama   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Research laboratories for Molecular and Cellular Biology are housed in the Biology Building, Nott Hall and Mary Harmon Bryant Hall.
Equipment in individual laboratories includes a spectrofluorometer, spectrophotometers, centrifuges, a micromanipulator, and epifluorecence, Nomarski and phase-contrast light microscopes.
A molecular biology core facility houses a high pressure liquid chromatography work station with multiple detection units, thermal cycler, gel and image documentation and analysis systems, scintillation counters and ultracentrifuges.
www.as.ua.edu /biology/mcbfac.htm   (256 words)

 Spectrofluorometer Suppliers from the Largest World-Wide Directory - Distributors, manufacturers, and wholesalers of ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Spectrofluorometer Suppliers from the Largest World-Wide Directory - Distributors, manufacturers, and wholesalers of spectrofluorometer
PowerSourcing is your best source for finding spectrofluorometer suppliers.
Use our expansive on-line directory to source spectrofluorometer and other products and services from thousands of suppliers.
www.powersourcing.com /sf/spectrofluorometer.htm   (127 words)

 JCE 1999 (76) 1259 [Sep] Overcoming Angular Dependency When Teaching Light Scattering Using a Spectrofluorometer: The ...
When using a spectrofluorometer in light-scattering experiments, it is impossible to perform angle-dependent studies.
However, a spectrofluorometer offers some potentialities not available with classical laser light scattering spectroscopy, namely, the availability of broader wavelength ranges.
Changing the wavelength changes the magnitude of the scattering vector.
jchemed.chem.wisc.edu:8000 /journal/issues/1999/Sep/abs1259.html   (472 words)

 EHS Center - Protein Interactions and Proteomics Fac. Core
Zeiss Axiovert Inverted Fluorescent Microscope: This microscope is equipped will all hardware and software for analysis of FRET and can monitor fluorescent signals over time using repeated measures of identified cells.
QM-6 Spectrofluorometer: This is a monochrometer based dual emission spectrofluorometer.
It is used for in vitro FRET experiments and to verify the behavior of FRET pairs before they are used in cells.
www.ehscenter.org /facility/pipfc_fret.html   (349 words)

 Design your own Time-Based Spectrofluorometer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
You can design your own time-correlated single-photon counting spectrofluorometers using components available from HORIBA Jobin Yvon.
A full range of light sources, sampling optics, detectors, acquisition electronics and software is available to be combined to form a modular system to fit your exact requirements.
For further information about this press release, you can send an e-mail request by clicking here.
www.jobinyvon.co.uk /pressreleases/0504tcspc_spectro.htm   (140 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Title : Acquisition of a Spectrofluorometer Abstract : Funds have been provided for the purchase of a high performance static spectrofluorometer for shared use by a group of investigators.
The instrument will be used for four different projects involving proteins, each of which utilizes fluorescence as a technique.
This kind of information explains biological processes at their most basic level.
www.cs.utexas.edu /users/yguan/NSFAbstracts/Abstracts/BIO/BIR.BIO.a8703363.txt   (228 words)

 Lifetime fluorescence protein analyser: News from Horiba Jobin Yvon
Horiba Jobin Yvon, the leader in fluorescence spectroscopy, now offers the Protein 280 ex, a lifetime spectrofluorometer that can measure three fluorescence lifetimes in just a few minutes.
Send us a blank email now to join the circulation.
Ideal for those biologists and biochemists who need to test multiple protein samples fast, the Protein 280 ex uses Time-Correlated Single-Photon Counting, a time-resolved fluorescence technique, to record accurate, reproducible lifetime data.
www.subcontractingtalk.com /news/job/job107.html   (288 words)

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