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In the News (Thu 25 Apr 19)

  Visible spectrum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The visible spectrum (or sometimes optical spectrum) is the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that is visible to the human eye.
There are no exact bounds to the visible spectrum; a typical human eye will respond to wavelengths from 400 to 700 nm, although some people may be able to perceive wavelengths from 380 to 780 nm.
Helium was first detected through an analysis of the spectrum of the Sun; chemical elements can be detected in astronomical objects by emission lines and absorption lines; the shifting of spectral lines can be used to measure the redshift or blueshift of distant or fast-moving objects.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Optical_spectrum   (898 words)

 Spectrum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In the 17th century the word spectrum was introduced into optics, referring to the range of colors observed when white light was dispersed through a prism.
Thus a spectrum is a usually 2-dimensional plot, of a compound signal, depicting the components by another measure.
Sometimes, the word spectrum refers to the compound signal itself, such as the "spectrum of visible light", a reference to those electromagnetic waves which are visible to the human eye.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Spectrum   (456 words)

 ZX Spectrum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Spectrum's video display, although rudimentary by today's standards, was perfect at the time for display on portable TV sets, and did not present much of a barrier to game development.
The Spectrum had an interesting method of handling colour; the colour attributes were held in a 32×24 grid, separate from the text or graphical data, but was still limited to only two colours in any given character cell.
Several peripherals for the Spectrum were marketed by Sinclair: the ZX Printer was already on the market, as the Spectrum had retained the protocol and expansion bus from the ZX81.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/ZX_Spectrum   (3693 words)

 Electromagnetic Spectrum Encyclopedia Article @ LocalColorArt.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The electromagnetic spectrum, shown in the table, extends from frequencies used in the electric power grid (at the long-wavelength end) to gamma radiation (at the short-wavelength end), covering wavelengths from thousands of kilometres down to fractions of the size of an atom.
If the spectrum is composed of background light, parts of which the object transmits and parts of which it absorbs, an absorption spectrum occurs.
A rainbow shows the optical (visible) part of the electromagnetic spectrum; infrared (if you could see it) would be located just beyond the red side of the rainbow with ultraviolet appearing just beyond the violet end.
localcolorart.com /encyclopedia/Electromagnetic_spectrum   (1585 words)

 ::: Spectrum :::
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Spectrum is also the exclusive distributor for Bochica Farms, one of the world's most respected flower growers with more than 30-years of experience.
Spectrum works hand-in-hand with its farms to guarantee customers receive the highest quality of premium grade fresh flowers in every custom packed order.
www.thefarmslink.com   (163 words)

 Stuart Minor Benjamin, the Logic Of Scarcity: Idle Spectrum As A First Amendment Violation, 52 Duke L. J. 1 (2003)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
In the former case, the spectrum is not usable by anyone, and in the latter it is usable only for certain services, which services might not occupy all of the available bandwidth.
More intensive use of spectrum that is already licensed but is underutilized or inefficiently utilized has the potential to help alleviate imbalances between the supply and demand for spectrum in certain markets, address the problem of underserved rural areas, and, in general, ensure the efficient provision of existing and new wireless services to all markets.
Thus the fact that spectrum is subject to interference provides no information about spectrum that might distinguish it from anything else or justify any regime different from the one applicable to all other goods.
www.law.duke.edu /journals/dlj/articles/dlj52p1.htm   (18989 words)

 Spectrum Pictures | Prague-based photography agency specializing in Central and Eastern Europe
Spectrum Pictures is a Prague-based photography agency specializing in Central and Eastern Europe.
Spectrum photographers cover a range of subjects from photojournalism, commercial and corporate work, social documentary and art.
Spectrum works with more than 25 photographers based across Europe and the former Soviet Union.
www.spectrumpictures.com   (181 words)

 FCC Strategic Goals: Spectrum
Spectrum encompasses the entire range of electromagnetic radio frequencies used in the transmission of sound, data, and video.
NTIA manages spectrum used by the Federal government (e.g., air traffic control and national defense) and the FCC is responsible for spectrum used by others, including individuals (e.g., garage door openers and computer modems), private organizations (e.g., radio and television broadcasters), and public safety and health officials (e.g., police and emergency medical technicians).
Because there is a finite amount of spectrum and a growing demand for it, effectively managing the available spectrum is a strategic issue for the FCC and the NTIA.
www.fcc.gov /spectrum   (296 words)

 The Electromagnetic and Visible Spectra
In this sense, we are referring to visible light, a small spectrum of the enormous range of frequencies of electromagnetic radiation.
Each individual wavelength within the spectrum of visible light wavelengths is representative of a particular color.
When all the wavelengths of the visible light spectrum strike your eye at the same time, white is perceived.
www.glenbrook.k12.il.us /gbssci/phys/Class/light/u12l2a.html   (670 words)

Spectrum is always looking for new venues to sing, so if you are organizing a concert or event and need a guest act, please get in touch for rates and available dates.
In the five years he was with us, Spectrum staged a series of major shows at the Adrian Mann Theatre, Ewell, the Secombe Theatre, Sutton, and the Epsom Playhouse and appeared as guests at numerous concerts and festivals.
Spectrum also holds social events such as quiz nights, meals out, garden parties, etc, both for the enjoyment of members and to raise money for choir funds and for charity.
www.spectrum.coles.btinternet.co.uk   (996 words)

 Electromagnetic Spectrum - Introduction
The electromagnetic (EM) spectrum is just a name that scientists give a bunch of types of radiation when they want to talk about them as a group.
This is because most of the radio part of the EM spectrum falls in the range from a about 1 cm to 1 km (30 gigahertz (GHz) to 100 kilohertz (kHz)).
Electromagnetic radiation from space is unable to reach the surface of the Earth except at a very few wavelengths, such as the visible spectrum, radio frequencies, and some ultraviolet wavelengths.
imagine.gsfc.nasa.gov /docs/science/know_l1/emspectrum.html   (1292 words)

 Planet Sinclair: Computers: ZX Spectrum   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Spectrum continued to sell into the early 1990s, but by about 1992 it had been squeezed out by the more advanced 16-bit computers and the cheap but more capable Sega and Nintendo games consoles.
A licensed clone of the ZX Spectrum, the TS 2068, was launched in the United States by Timex in late 1983 (see the
Spectrum emulators can be found on almost any modern computer and several palmtop devices, and many thousands of Spectrum programs have been converted to emulator formats.
www.nvg.ntnu.no /sinclair/computers/zxspectrum/zxspectrum.htm   (355 words)

Together they constitute the "visual spectrum" (or "optical spectrum") because it is the part of the full spectrum that is seen with the human eye.
The rainbow is a natural spectrum caused by the refraction and reflection of sunlight through raindrops, and shows that sunlight consists of a continuous run - - a continuum -- of colors from red to violet.
The visual spectrum of light, however, is but a tiny portion of the whole picture, of a huge spectrum of radiation that extends in both directions from the edges of the rainbow.
www.astro.uiuc.edu /~kaler/sow/spectra.html   (5857 words)

 The Electromagnetic Spectrum   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The electromagnetic spectrum is the distribution of electromagnetic radiation according to energy (or equivalently, by virtue of the relations in the previous section, according to frequency or wavelength).
The visible part of the spectrum may be further subdivided according to color, with red at the long wavelength end and violet at the short wavelength end, as illustrated (schematically) in the following figure.
The sequence of colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet may be remembered by memorizing the name of that fine fellow "ROY G. This was originally "ROY G. BIV", because it used to be common to call the region between blue and violet "indigo".
csep10.phys.utk.edu /astr162/lect/light/spectrum.html   (205 words)

 ALA | Spectrum
Established in 1997, the Spectrum Scholarship Program is ALA's national diversity and recruitment effort designed to address the specific issue of under-representation of critically needed ethnic librarians within the profession while serving as a model for ways to bring attention to larger diversity issues in the future.
Applications for Spectrum Scholarships are processed in conjunction with the ALA Scholarship Program which allows applicants to submit a single application and supporting documents to apply for multiple ALA scholarships in one easy step.
Spectrum is ALA's multimillion dollar scholarship and professional development program to improve service at the local level through the development of a representative workforce that reflects the communities served by all libraries.
www.ala.org /ala/diversity/spectrum/spectrum.htm   (853 words)

 Unscrupulous Marketing by Spectrum Energy, Bournemouth
Spectrum seem to think that, because they first obtain, by phone, the potential customer's agreement that they may visit, that the contract is not covered by a right to cancel.
If Spectrum Energy is effectively denying the right to cancel to people whom they approach with a clever sales pitch, then the law is failing people like my parents.
He recalls that hidden cameras showed a Spectrum employee first putting great pressure-to-buy on a single lady, and then (and I quote) he "ended up rooting through her handbag when she left the room".
home.btconnect.com /tg/spectrum.htm   (2450 words)

 ALA | Spectrum   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Spectrum provides a unique opportunity to connect with an ever-growing pool of exceptionally trained and professionally networked individuals from a wide range of diverse backgrounds and library interests.  To reach the Scholars, please submit a text copy of your announcement, invitation or request to the ALA Office for Diversity by sending email to diversity@ala.org. 
Your contributions to building the Spectrum endowment to a level where it can sustain scholarships into perpetuity sends a powerful message that librarians and libraries care about diversity, education and equal access to information for all.  For more information on supporting Spectrum through donations or advocacy, visit the Support Spectrum portion of this website.
Spectrum is ALA's multimillion dollar initiative to improve service at the local level through the development of a representative workforce that reflects the communities served by all libraries.
www.ala.org /ala/diversity/spectrum/spectruminitiative.htm   (422 words)

 Technorati Tag: spectrum   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
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technorati.com /tag/spectrum   (471 words)

 Planet Sinclair: Computers: ZX Spectrum: Spectrum+
The Spectrum+, released in October 1984, was a stop-gap produced to refresh the Spectrum at a time when the home computer market as a whole was suffering a slowdown.
Sinclair's own surveys showed that the Spectrum's peculiar rubber keyboard was a serious turnoff for prospective users.
The Spectrum+ introduced no changes to the basic Spectrum hardware but provided a "professional keyboard" which had an uncanny resemblance to that of the
www.nvg.ntnu.no /sinclair/computers/zxspectrum/specplus.htm   (225 words)

 SPECTRUM   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
SPECTRUM is a stellar spectral synthesis program written by Richard O.
SPECTRUM runs on a number of platforms, including most flavors of UNIX and LINUX.
SPECTRUM and a number of auxiliary programs are available on an ftp site and through this Web site.
www.acs.appstate.edu /dept/physics/spectrum/spectrum.html   (269 words)

 Sagebrush Spectrum - Sagebrush Corporation
Spectrum offers a user-friendly interface, enhanced security for search stations, patron photos, comprehensive reports, material and patron custom indexes, and other helpful features save you time and effort and help patrons search successfully with little or no training.
Spectrum catalog gives patrons at every search skill level the flexibility to find more materials to fit their unique research needs.
Spectrum's advance booking, included in the Spectrum Suite, lets library and media center staff (and patrons, with permission) reserve items for a specified date, ensuring material availability exactly when necessary -- especially helpful for lesson planning and special events.
www.sagebrushcorp.com /tech/spectrum.cfm   (1075 words)

 The Cosmic Spectrum   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
We have constructed what we call "The Cosmic Spectrum", which represents all the sum of all the energy in the local volume of the universe emitted at different optical wavelengths of light.
Mark Fairchild at Munsell Color Laboratories in Rochester, NY is working with us to make a simulation of the cosmic spectrum, they can control light sources to give exactly the same red/green/blue eye stimulation as you would see from the cosmic spectrum.
By analyzing the spectrum we can work out the relative proportions of these and try and infer what the star-formation rate was in past ages of the Universe.
www.pha.jhu.edu /~kgb/cosspec   (1376 words)

 Aprisma - SPECTRUM® Powered Solutions - Products
SPECTRUM infinity provides specific functionality with significant performance improvements dedicated to accelerating new service rollouts and exceeding customer quality expectations, while allowing them to manage a growing infrastructure with existing resources.
The SPECTRUM integrity solution has transformed Aprisma's patented technologies and combined them with new features and functionality to offer today’s evolving enterprises with the power to manage business-critical services across the hall or around the world.
The SPECTRUM Assurance Server is the core root-cause analysis and impact analysis foundation for SPECTRUM infinity, integrity and xsight.
www.aprisma.com /products   (357 words)

 Spectrum ISP, Website Design, Website Promotion Services, Software Development
Spectrum is the first private sector ISP in Kerala to provide a wide range of Internet Services.
Spectrum has a High-impact Web Page Design and Layout, Online Catalog Layout, Custom Order Form Production, Java Scripting, CGI Forms, Database Connectivity, GIF and Flash Animation, and much more at its disposal to cater to the customer's ever changing needs.
Spectrum site-hosting service assures that the site is always secure for e-commerce transactions.
www.spectrum.net.in   (259 words)

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