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Topic: SpiderMonkey

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In the News (Fri 19 Jul 19)

  SpiderMonkey - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
SpiderMonkey is the code name for the first ever JavaScript engine, written by Brendan Eich at Netscape Communications and later released as open source.
SpiderMonkey is written in C and contains a compiler, interpreter, decompiler, garbage collector, and standard classes.
SpiderMonkey and its sister engine Rhino have implemented support for the ECMAScript for XML (E4X) standard.
en.wikipedia.org /?title=SpiderMonkey   (196 words)

spidermonkey 1.5 are required (earlier versions may work, but are untested).
Thanks to Brendan Eich for help with several spidermonkey issues (and for all his Mozilla work), and to Erwin on the freenode #c IRC channel for gdb tips andc.
Note: the name has changed (from spidermonkey to python-spidermonkey, to avoid any confusion of wrapper and wrapee), but the code is identical (except for a few comment / doc tweaks, maybe).
wwwsearch.sourceforge.net /python-spidermonkey   (232 words)

 BVI July 1999   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Spidermonkey was in shorts when he climbed the tree.
Spidermonkey was a little tired and very hot.
Shortly after the trip, Spidermonkey thought that the generic smiley face needed a more nautical theme and so the Piratesmile design was born.
www.piratesmile.com /index_files/Story.htm   (934 words)

 SpiderMonkey (JavaScript-C) Engine
SpiderMonkey is the code-name for the Mozilla's C implementation of JavaScript.
The core SpiderMonkey engine can be found in mozilla/js/src.
The stand alone interpreter can be built using Makefile.ref.
www.mozilla.org /js/spidermonkey   (210 words)

 JavaScript as game script - GameDev.Net Discussion Forums
Performance is hard to gauge because Spidermonkey is being tweaked for performance all the time, and really there isn't much in the way of data for it being used in games.
Getting Spidermonkey itself going is pretty straightforward though and I agree that javascript is a much nicer syntax than lua.
Posted - 4/25/2005 5:43:37 PM I'm working on spidermonkey integration at the moment and did some hunting for easy wrapping, all I came across was references to swigJS, but all the links I found were dead (including the one on the swig.org site).
www.gamedev.net /community/forums/topic.asp?topic_id=314063   (803 words)

 jsgen - javascript/spidermonkey generator for C++
This makes SpiderMonkey aware of your class, and if you made any constructors visible, allows the user to create instances of that class from JavaScript.
The main the credit goes to the writers of SpiderMonkey for such as a cool scripting language.
SpiderMonkey is a mozilla.org project by Brendan Eich.
www.cs.unm.edu /~cello/jsgen   (2801 words)

 SpiderMonkey - MDC
SpiderMonkey is Gecko's JavaScript engine written in C. It is used in various Mozilla products, and is available under MPL/GPL/LGPL tri-license.
This document provides an overview of the C language implementation of the JavaScript (JS) engine, and it describes how you can embed engine calls in your applications to make them JS-aware.
These are the global objects that are set up automatically by the SpiderMonkey js command-line interpreter when you start the program.
developer.mozilla.org /en/docs/SpiderMonkey   (129 words)

 Rotten Tomatoes: The Vine: eight legged insanity
spidermonkey has not added any friends into his/her network.
spidermonkey is not a member of any Groups.
Buzz is a short comment about a journal owner from his/her friends and/or other RT users (if allowed).
www.rottentomatoes.com /vine/journal_view.php?journalid=106083&entryid=32511&view=public   (81 words)

 Scripting C++ with JavaScript   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The goal of this tutorial is to show you how you can use JavaScript as your scripting language to automate your C++ applications.
SpiderMonkey, which is a part of the Mozilla project, is an engine for executing JavaScript.
It is written in C. There's also an engine available for Java, which is called Rhino.
users.skynet.be /saw/SpiderMonkey.htm   (1446 words)

 Javascript 1.5 Release Candidate - MozillaZine Talkback
Robert Ginda wrote in to tell us that Javascript 1.5 is now in the Release Candidate stage.
If you are interested in the Javascript-in-C implementation (aka SpiderMonkey), you can click here to visit the SpiderMonkey page, or click here to download the tarball of the 1.5 RC SpiderMonkey code.
SpiderMonkey and Rhino are both stand-alone javascript engines, suitable for embedding in other projects such as Mozilla (alread done :-)), web servers, etc.
www.mozillazine.org /talkback.html?article=1251   (913 words)

 Taylor Ho Bynum, Other Stories
Named after two mythic tricksters, Anansi the Spider of West Africa and the Monkey King of China, this all-star ensemble brings a genre-defying spirit and sense of humor to its eclectic extended suites.
I have a fascination with trickster myths and trickster mythology and so SpiderMonkey, of course, being named after the two great trickster spirits: Anansi the Spider and the Monkey King, from Africa and Asia respectively.
For me, the trickster embodies a lot of the attributes that are necessary to be a creative artist, a sense of humor, a sense of reverence, a type of spirituality, a willingness to play in the ambiguous areas.
www.482music.com /albums/482-1041.html   (764 words)

 Jazz News :: Taylor Ho Bynum & SpiderMonkey Strings on 482 Music
Named after two mythic tricksters, Anansi the Spider of West Africa and the Monkey King of China, this eclectic ensemble brings a genre-defying spirit and sense of humor to Bynum's diverse extended suites.
”With SpiderMonkey Strings, I am blessed to work with many of the finest musicians and improvisers on the East Coast, ” Bynum writes.
Along with SpiderMonkey Strings, Bynum leads his own sextet and has an ongoing duo collaboration with dancer/choreographer Rachel Bernsen.
home.nestor.minsk.by /jazz/news/2005/09/1704.html   (333 words)

 MozillaNews - RC4 of Mozilla's JaveScript engine (SpiderMonkey) released
_______________________________________________________ Hello, The latest tarball for version 1.5 of the SpiderMonkey (JavaScript-C) engine is now available at : ftp://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/js/js-1.5-rc4.tar.gz This is Release Candidate 4 of JavaScript 1.5, containing a number of bug fixes as we progress toward a final release.
Details on how to do this are available at: http://www.mozilla.org/js/spidermonkey/ Note for Linux users: depending on your environment, you may have to pass JS_READLINE=1 on the command line when you build SpiderMonkey.
As seen in the release notes, Omniweb now uses SpiderMonkey as its JS engine.
mozillanews.org /?article=61   (418 words)

 SpiderMonkey - GameDev.Net Discussion Forums
Posted - 6/25/2004 6:36:20 PM Hi I am currently trying to use spidermonkey in my game engine however I am having problems using the generated.dll file.
I compiled the SpiderMonkey engine using VS.Net 2003 and it build fine and output a.dll file along with the lib and exe.
Posted - 6/25/2004 8:12:46 PM Statically as in including the SpiderMonkey files in your project (not using a DLL).
www.gamedev.net /community/forums/topic.asp?topic_id=253050&whichpage=1�   (508 words)

 HELP - SpiderMonkey MP3 Search
The revolutionary nature of the ISO-MPEG Audio Layer-3 algorithm lies in the perceptual coding technique which exploits the understanding of the subjective faculty of human hearing and the mechanism of human auditory perception to evaluate how data can be compressed while retaining very high audio fidelity.
This tells SpiderMonkey to match your word pattern exactly and search for your phrase set out in quotation marks.
If you want to search for a word or phrase but want SpiderMonkey to exclude pages having certain words, simply type: "keyword and keyword not word".
www.spidermonkey.ca /mp3_help.html   (864 words)

 Canadian Family Web Portal - Extensive web services for the whole family.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Most often used for specialized site searches, licensed to web sites around the world, SpiderMonkey began as a research and development project in 1995.
Exploring stable and emerging technologies such as clustering systems, information retrieval algorithms, network programming, machine learning, heurisitic determinations, unix kernel, PERL, C, shell, PHP, Python, Ruby, and SQL was the misson.
The best of SpiderMonkey's resources can be found at SpiderMonkey's International or Canada home.
www.mobrien.com /messages/twr/messenger/twr/news.shtml   (650 words)

 ECMAScript Shells
Same base code as SpiderMonkey, but it adds the ability to load xpcom components, a few of which are builtin.
It is a recent (2004) parser of JavaScript written in JavaScript.
It is reliant on some SpiderMonkey extensions such as "const" and __proto__.
burstproject.org /build/doc/shells.html   (1130 words)

 The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle, by Hugh Lofting; Part Two XII Destiny And Destination Page 1
Of all the places in the world you picked out that one with your eyes shut.
Spidermonkey Island after all!--Well, there's one good thing about it: I shall be able to get some Jabizri beetles." "What are Jabizri beetles?"
"We are going to Spidermonkey Island, Miranda," said the Doctor.
www.pagebypagebooks.com /Hugh_Lofting/The_Voyages_of_Doctor_Dolittle/Part_Two_XII_Destiny_And_Destination_p1.html   (445 words)

 mozdev.org - delphi: /javascript_bridge/index
This sub-project provides a bridge between Delphi / Kylix and SpiderMonkey, the JavaScript engine from the Mozilla Foundation, allowing you to use it in your own applications.
You can get the code via CVS or download an archive.
For questions or comments about delphi, please send a message to the delphi mailing list.
delphi.mozdev.org /javascript_bridge   (191 words)

 New Media Hack   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
John J. Lee has put together python-spidermonkey, a way to bridge the Mozilla SpiderMonkey JavaScript (written in C) into a Python interpreter.
This could be useful for Python apps that want to expose a scripting mechanism, but can't quite sandbox Python to satisfaction.
Sounds wacky, embedding a scripting engine in a scripting engine, but SpiderMonkey is a bit better behaved for restricted execution.
costarica.cs.northwestern.edu /bmd/blogs/nmh/archives/2003_12.html   (1940 words)

 Taylor Ho Bynum & SpiderMonkey Strings | Other Stories (Three Suites)
“SpiderMonkey Stories,” the most rhythm-centric suite of the disc, returns to an edgier landscape.
Bynum layers a spare melody over the gentle wash of strings, bringing an accessible close to Other Stories—an album that's sure to intrigue those unafraid to have their music travel to unexplored places and use less than conventional instrumental combinations to get there.
When not writing feverishly for AAJ, John Kelman contributes to the Canadian magazines Muzik Etc. and The Jazz Report.
www.allaboutjazz.com /php/article.php?id=19697   (643 words)

 Jazz Press Release Taylor Ho Bynum & SpiderMonkey Strings on 482 Music @ jazzreview.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Jazz Press Release Taylor Ho Bynum & SpiderMonkey Strings on 482 Music @ jazzreview.com
AVON, CT (USA) -- On October 25th, 482 Music will release Other Stories [Three Suites], the debut CD from Brooklyn-based cornetist/composer Taylor Ho Bynum's SpiderMonkey Strings.
"With SpiderMonkey Strings, I am blessed to work with many of the finest musicians and improvisers on the East Coast," Bynum writes.
www.jazzreview.com /article/print-4348.html   (337 words)

 July 18, 2000 - SpiderMonkey and Rhino
Before you can make any JS calls, you must create and initialize the JS engine with a call to
Netscape developed two dialects of the JavaScript engine: a C-based engine (called SpiderMonkey) and a Java-based engine (called Rhino).
Obviously, you would link your C applications with SpiderMonkey and your Java applications with Rhino.
www.webreference.com /js/tips/000718.html   (234 words)

 Spymac :: Forums :: Technology :: Software Central :: SpiderMonkey   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Has anyone used SpiderMonkey (Mozilla's implementation of pre engine) from Perl.
I tried the perl module pre::SpiderMonkey, but could not use to due to lack of documentation and examples
I am trying some web scraping, I could most of it for HTML but pages with pre are posing problems.
www.spymac.com /forums/showthread.php?threadid=127808   (97 words)

 SpiderMonkey; Standards compliance of KHTML   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Just added this comment to specify that Mozilla's ECMAScript/JavaScript engine consists of SpiderMonkey (it wasn't clear in some replies, which seemed to assume that Gecko absolutely has to replace kjs)...
This also means that combinations of the two would also be possible if it was necessary provided there be a unified API between the ECMAScript engines...
For further information or comments on this site, please contact the Webmaster.
dot.kde.org /1094924433/1094943221   (290 words)

Safari 1.2 has XmlHttpRequest; Konqueror has W3 Load and Save.
untested, but presumably passes since it is also SpiderMonkey
We can't find an implementation for getting the current scripts url.
burstproject.org /build/doc/support_matrix.html   (296 words)

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