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Topic: Spin network

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  Spin network - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (via CobWeb/3.1 planet03.csc.ncsu.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
A spin network is a (directed) graph whose edges are associated with irreducible representations of a compact Lie group, G and vertices are associated with intertwiners of the edge reps adjacent to it.
Spin networks were applied to the physics problem of quantum gravity by Carlo Rovelli, Lee Smolin, Fotini Markopoulou-Kalamara, and others to reformulate loop quantum gravity in the canonical approach.
In loop quantum gravity, a spin network represents a "quantum state" of the gravitational field on a 3-dimensional hypersurface.
en.wikipedia.org.cob-web.org:8888 /wiki/Spin_network   (742 words)

 Spin Networks
Spin networks are states of quantum geometry in a theory of quantum gravity, discovered by Lee Smolin and Carlo Rovelli, which is the conceptual ancestor of the imaginary physics of Schild's Ladder.
If a quantum-mechanical particle starting out in a certain spin state (characterised by a total spin, j, and a component in the direction of the z-axis, m) is carried along a path through space, parallel transport will generally change the particle's spin state; this is the quantum-mechanical equivalent of the rotation of a classical vector.
The total spins on the edges aren't enough to fully describe a particle's spin state, though; there is still freedom to choose different values for m, the components of spin along the z-axis.
gregegan.customer.netspace.net.au /SCHILD/Spin/SN.html   (443 words)

 Spin foam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In physics, a spin foam is a four-dimensional graph made out of two-dimensional faces that represents one of the configurations that must be summed to obtain Feynman's path integral (functional integration) describing the alternative formulation of quantum gravity known as loop gravity or loop quantum gravity.
A spin network is defined as a diagram (like Feynman diagram) which make a basis of connections between the elements of a differentiable manifold for the Hilbert spaces defined over them.
Spin networks provide a language to describe quantum geometry of space and spin foam does the same job on spacetime.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Spin_foam   (286 words)

 Spin Systems - Terms of Service
Spin will provide notices that such content is made available for a premium charge before allowing entry and Spin will usually but not always secure such content by a separate Username and Password to prevent unauthorized access via your account(s).
Spin has an extensive network of access phone numbers throughout the country, but it is still possible that the nearest Spin access number might be a long distance or toll call from your location.
Spin reserves the right and you agree that Spin has the right to charge your account and credit card up to the maximum legal penalty under New York State law, per occurrence and/or complaint, if, in Spin’s sole opinion, Spin determines that your account was used to send UCE / spam to non-opt-in recipients.
www.spininternet.com /tos.shtml   (4242 words)

 Spin - Wireless Network Store   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Due to its well-funded birth, Spin rode the wave of the burgeoning alternative rock movement and was afforded the luxury of being as controversial as it wanted, forsaking at times somewhat slanted reporting in favor of the punch and jibe.
Not only is SPIN the best magazine for music for "kids my age (22)" but the picture quality is some of the best quality that I have seen in any magazine.
SPIN magazine does include some rap/hip-hop music that I try to avoid but the indie-rock and rock band information that I receive is some of the best.
www.321wireless.com /product/B00005N7SU-Spin.html   (611 words)

 Southern California SPIN
SPIN meetings are held on the UC Irvine campus from 9:00 am to 12 noon on the last Friday of every month (except holidays) and have an average attendance of 60.
SPIN meetings are planned and organized by the SPIN Steering Committee, which meets monthly immediately after the SPIN meetings.
The Southern California SPIN was pleased to co-sponsored the 5th SEPG National Meeting (the predecessor to the annual SEPG Conference) with the SEI.
www.ics.uci.edu /IRUS/spin/spin.html   (514 words)

 Solids Processing Industrial Network - About SPIN
Increase the membership of SPIN so that industrial organisations from at least 10 member states of the European Union are represented.
Ensure that the SPIN Network continues to play a role as the lead propagator in the development of solids technology well beyond the four year duration of the Thematic Network implementation phase.
SPIN is one of the thematic networks included in the section "Area 2 - Materials and technologies for product innovation / New methodologies for product design and manufacture" of the brochure.
www.spin-info.de /SpinWeb/About_SPIN.htm   (589 words)

 The fabric of space: spin networks
A graph is simply a network of one dimensional, oriented lines which are linked together at their end points to form a kind of mesh.
The mathematical background of this number is the same as that of spin numbers in particle physics, a type of number used to describe a basic property of elementary particles.
However, in contrast with the previous simplified example, the spin label associated with a line is not simply the numerical value of the surface area of the corresponding face.
www.einstein-online.info /en/spotlights/spin_networks   (1641 words)

 Spin : Support
This policy defines the actions that SPIN considers to be abusive or inappropriate, and thus, strictly prohibited.
SPIN may charge up to $100.00 per unsolicited message sent from the SPIN network to any point on the Internet or connected networks.
SPIN has the right to refuse email sent to or received by the SPIN network which includes a forged or otherwise false header.
www.spin.net.au /cgi-bin/spinc.cgi?path=/shtml/aup.shtml   (1180 words)

 Signal Processing in Networking
SPIN (Signal Processing in Networking) focuses on an exciting new area of signal processing devoted to the study, modeling, and analysis of networks and network traffic.
The overarching goal of SPIN is to improve future generations of networks and the Internet, making them faster, more reliable, and more secure.
Network maintenance, provisioning, design, quality of service, and security all benefit from careful modeling and data analysis.
www.spin.rice.edu   (106 words)

 Spin Supportive Parents Information Network
We were founded in 1998 by 12 parents on public assistance who were struggling to find a way to complete their educational training instead of being forced to take low-wage, temporary jobs to satisfy welfare reform demands.
SPIN youth have educated several thousand members of the public about the realities of living in poverty and the effect on children’s lives
SPIN formed the first-ever cross-class partnership with the Caring Council of San Diego to achieve systemic changes that affect children’s scholarships, mainstream banking access for low-income families, plans for asset development, and an alternative to criminal proceedings for first-time offenders accused of welfare fraud.
www.spinsandiego.org   (265 words)

 Special Parent Information Network
The Special Parent Information Network (SPIN) is a parent to parent organization in Hawaii that provides information, support and referral to parents of children and young adults with disabilities and the professionals who serve them.
SPIN helps families put together the pieces of the puzzle, so they can have a clearer vision of where they are heading.
SPIN is sponsored by the Disability and Communication Access Board and the Department of Education, Special Education Section.
www.spinhawaii.org   (163 words)

SPIN is a statewide project of the Maine Parent Federation, serving parents and professionals who are concerned about issues related to children and young adults with disabilities.
SPIN publishes a newsletter every three months which provides information on upcoming events, workshops, and articles of interest to parents of children with disabilities.
SPIN provides assistance to parents who wish to network with other families with similar interests and who wish to join existing parent support groups.
www.mpf.org /spin/index.html   (545 words)

 Spin Networks, Spin Foams, and Quantum Gravity   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
A spin network is a graph with edges labeled by representations of some group and vertices labeled by intertwining operators.
Thanks in part to the introduction of spin network techniques, we now have a mathematically rigorous and intuitively compelling picture of the kinematical aspects of loop quantum gravity.
A spin foam is a 2-dimensional cell complex with faces labeled by representations and edges labeled by intertwining operators; generically, any slice of a spin foam gives a spin network.
math.ucr.edu /home/baez/foam   (212 words)

 Spin networks, spin foams and loop quantum gravity
Spin networks are diagrams which provide a basis for the Hilbert spaces of these theories.
A spin network is supposed to be a model of space, while a spin foam is suppose to model the evolution of space from one time to another, and so be like spacetime.
Suggests that spin foam amplitudes should only depend on the geometry of the spin foam as a surface, and not on its decomposition into faces.
jdc.math.uwo.ca /spin-foams   (2360 words)

 Silicon Valley SPIN
SPIN meetings are held at Cisco Systems from 5:45 p.m.
The Silicon Valley SPIN currently has no fees; all meetings are open and free to all software process practitioners and their associates.
The Silicon Valley SPIN is administered by a Steering Committee which is made up of seven Chair positions - President, Vice-President(2), Progams, Publicity, Membership, and ASQ Coordinator.
www.svspin.org   (301 words)

 Spin Networks
Our focus is on network communication and connectivity, and the need for leading-edge technology solutions that help to maximize the performance, management and privacy of those devices.
Spin Networks' unique nokLINK technology is a new generation alternative to the traditional, heavy maintenance and penetrable VPN solutions utilized on most networks.
We have a mandate at Spin Networks that drives everything we do: it's not about engineering complex technology, it's about technology that is powerful and simple; it's about simplifying the way people communicate and connect with other people, their applications and their devices.
www.spinnetworks.com   (582 words)

 fUSION Anomaly. Spin Networks
A spin network is a generalization of a knot or link: a graph embedded in space, with edges labelled by representations of a Lie group, and vertices labelled by intertwining operators.
Loop Quantum Gravity (LQG), reality is built of loops that interact and combine to form so-called spin networks-- first envisioned by English mathematician Roger Penrose in the 1960s as abstract graphs.
String theory has tried, but others, for example Lee Smolin, argue for spin networks, based on Roger Penrose's original idea that at this level everything is spin.
www.fusionanomaly.net /spinnetworks.html   (1649 words)

 Austin-SPIN - Home (Announcements)
A-SPIN meets the second Thursday of the month, except for the months of June and December.
STC Austin and A-SPIN are pleased to present this panel discussion on the impact of ISO 9000, TL9000, CMMI, and other quality and process initiatives on the development environment.
He is President of the Austin SPIN, with strong interest in development process, knowledge management, and organizational behavior.
www.jwspro.net /aspin   (765 words)

 Cape Town SPIN: Welcome
The individuals are organized into regional groups called "SPINs" that meet and share their experiences initiating and sustaining software process improvement programs.
Cape Town SPIN meetings are held at the Bandwidth Barn in Cape Town from 6:15 p.m.
Our primary goal is to create a network of peers who exchange views on the state of the South African IT and software industry for the international market and cross-fertilise ideas and synergies for the development of co-ordinated ICT-enabled growth strategies.
www.spin.org.za   (416 words)

 Security / Police Information Network .....Nassau County Police Department
The Nassau County Security/Police Information Network (SPIN) is a crime prevention partnership between the Nassau County Police Department and the private sector which seeks to increase public safety through the sharing of important and timely information.
SPIN members are contacted by email or text messaging of unfolding situations as they occur.
SPIN in partnership with the Nassau County Office of Emergency Management has the ability to send out information to the entire SPIN membership, or to any specific sector of private industry, which are sorted into their own email distribution groups.
www.police.co.nassau.ny.us /SPIN/spininfo.htm   (319 words)

 OGS: Finance - SPIN   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Before you logon to the Sponsored Projects Information Network (SPIN), here are some tips that you might find useful to consider.
SPIN now includes two versions: an older one and a new one.
The "new SPIN" has the advantage of providing a short synopsis and a more legible interface, so it's easier to determine whether a particular program is right for you.
www.rgs.uci.edu /grad/finance/spin.htm   (189 words)

 About SPIN - Senior Provider Information Network
The original goal of SPIN was to educate and inform the coordinators and to assist in identifying seniors who were eligible for services.
SPIN continued in this mode until the early 90’s.
Assisted Living and Retirement Facilities were beginning to crop up and this was a great place to network and learn as much as possible about new and innovative ways to serve the seniors in our community.
www.spinportland.org   (440 words)

 EIU SPIN Student Panther Information Network - SPIN Doctor
IDS is a detection system that scans and analyzes the packets flowing on the network and calls attention to those that are suspicious in nature.
It then allows network administrators to send technicians to investigate the machine that is transmitting the suspicious traffic.
It also allows network administrators to shut off the network port that the machine is connected to and force the user to clean viruses, etc., from the machine prior to letting it back on the network.
spin.eiu.edu /spin_doctor/index.php?path=csa/qa   (575 words)

 EIU SPIN Student Panther Information Network - What Spin Offers
The SPIN message boards are low on objectionable material as a result of the fact that users cannot hide behind anonymity.
SPIN accepts no responsibility with regard to problems incurred as a result of playing these games.
In past years, if a student needed to sell a personal item or was curious about what others were selling, he or she would have to browse over-crowded bulletin boards around campus, and often have to decipher the sloppy writing in order to tell what was being sold.
spin.eiu.edu /info.php   (1227 words)

 Shared Pathology Informatics Network
It is now widely recognized that of all the components of the mission to translate the "new biology" into the "new medicine" it is not genomic measurements which are the major challenge.
The Shared Pathology Informatics Network (SPIN) is a constructive and highly successful response to this problem funded in response to an RFA from the National Cancer Institute.
A text scrubber suite developed within SPIN (it all also "chunks" the pathology report, parses it, and autocodes it.
www.chip.org /research/projects/spin   (447 words)

 SPIN: Student Public Interest Network - SPIN Grants
One of SPIN's primary functions is to provide supplemental summer funding for students working in public interest jobs.
In order to be considered for a SPIN Summer Grant, you must work a minimum of 15 hours for SPIN throughout the school year at or in preparation for SPIN events.
Applications for SPIN Summer Grants are due April 10, 2006.
www.temple.edu /law/spin/spin_grants.html   (346 words)

 Omaha SPIN
The Omaha SPIN is a group of professionals who share a common interest in quality assurance, software engineering, and software process improvement.
The SPIN is a forum for the free and open exchange of software process improvement experiences and ideas.
We are committed to helping each other to enhance skills through an active program of networking, publications, recognition of excellence, and mutual support.
www.omahaspin.org   (143 words)

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