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In the News (Fri 24 May 19)

  Spirituality & Practice: Resources for Spiritual Journeys
Current E-Course: Practicing Spirituality with Henri J. Nouwen.
Spiritual Literacy: Reading the Sacred in Everyday Life is a six-DVD series containing 26 half-hour episodes on qualities of the spiritual life.
Visit the Spiritual Literacy Project to read more about this innovative series and to purchase the DVD where this scene appears.
www.spiritualityandpractice.com   (888 words)

Native spirituality was suppressed by the U.S. and Canadian governments.
Spiritual leaders ran the risk of jail sentences of up to 30 years for simply practicing their rituals.
It is used for rituals of purification, for spiritual renewal and of healing, for education of the youth, etc. A sweat lodge may be a small structure made of a frame of saplings, covered with skins, canvas or blanket.
www.religioustolerance.org /nataspir.htm   (2923 words)

 How Can Spirituality Affect Your Family's Health?
Recent medical studies indicate that spiritual people exhibit fewer self-destructive behaviors (suicide, smoking, and drug and alcohol abuse, for example), less stress, and a greater total life satisfaction.
Much of the research linking spiritual and physical health has involved elderly patients, however, the data offer a glimpse into a possible tie between a spiritual life and good health for people of all ages.
Religious and spiritual beliefs are an important part of how many people deal with life's joys and hardships.
www.kidshealth.org /parent/positive/family/spirituality.html   (903 words)

  Spirituality and stress relief: Make the connection
Spirituality begins with your relationship with yourself, is nurtured by your relationships with others and culminates in a sense of purpose in life.
Remember that spirituality is a dynamic process and a constantly evolving internal journey.
Your personal definition of spirituality may change with your age and life experiences, but it will always form the basis of your well-being, help you maintain a reasonable stress level and affirm your purpose in life.
www.cnn.com /HEALTH/library/SR/00035.html   (1143 words)

  Spirituality - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Many adherents of orthodox religions who consider spirituality to be an aspect of their religious experience are more likely to contrast spirituality with secular "worldliness" than with the ritual expression of their religion.
One aspect of "being spiritual" is goal-directed, with aims such as: simultaneously improve one's wisdom and willpower, achieve a closer connection to Deity/the universe, and remove illusions or false ideas at the sensory, feeling and thinking aspects of a person.
Others regard spirituality as a two-stroke process: the "upward stroke" is inner growth, changing oneself as one changes his/her relationship with the external universe, and the "downward stroke" is manifesting improvements in the physical reality around oneself as a result of the inward change.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Spirituality   (1511 words)

 Definition of spirituality
Spiritual is who has developed his true divine being to the point that his spirit is equal to the holy spirit of God.
True God related spirituality is achieved by means of scientifically applying spiritual teachings and spiritual techniques that allow ego to vanish in the fire of divine love and ego oriented spirit better called intellect to be replaced by the Holy Spirit.
Such true spiritual teachings can only be given by either a Guru or an Avatar as only those having achieved either oneness with God such as every Avatar or a high degree of realized divine spirituality as every true Guru can enlighten and uplift the spirit of others by the power of the Holy Spirit.
www.kriyayoga.com /english/encyclopedia/spirituality.htm   (443 words)

 Spirituality - The Sunspot Natural Foods
Spiritual practices tend to improve coping skills and social support, foster feelings of optimism and hope, promote healthy behavior, reduce feelings of depression and anxiety, and encourage a sense of relaxation.
Results from several studies indicate that people with strong religious and spiritual beliefs heal faster from surgery, are less anxious and depressed, have lower blood pressure, and cope better with chronic illnesses such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and spinal cord injury.
The prevalence of prayer as a spiritual self-care modality in elders.
www.sunspotnatural.com /common/adam/DisplayMonograph.asp?name=ConsModalities_Spiritualitycm&storeID=EABBPGA3BDMV9PLRHC5V7Q5R1JAX2LE3   (2297 words)

 Spirituality Encyclopedia Article @ OnlineReligion.com (Online Religion)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Spirituality is, in a narrow sense, a concern with matters of the spirit.
Others say that spirituality is a two-stroke process: the "upward stroke" is inner growth, changing oneself as one changes his/her relationship with the external universe, and the "downward stroke" is manifesting improvements in the physical reality around oneself as a result of the inward change.
Analysis of spiritual qualities in science is bedeviled by the imprecision of spiritual concepts, the subjectivity of spiritual experience, and the amount of work required to translate and map observable components of a spiritual system into empirical evidence.
www.onlinereligion.com /encyclopedia/Spirituality   (1812 words)

Spirituality, on the other hand, is an individual's experience of and relationship with a fundamental, nonmaterial aspect of the universe that may be referred to in many ways -- God, Goddess, Great Spirit, Higher Power, Universal Mind, the Force, Mystery, the Transcendent.
But eventually, presenting herself to the world as a strictly rational intellectual, she came to believe that her imagination was solely an aspect of her own mind, and lost conscious contact with the sense of a larger reality that had been with her since childhood.
In his study of the spiritual life of children (1990), Robert Coles talked to a 13 year old boy who felt pulled between his Catholic mother and Episcopalian father and noted that children whose families were not religious often have a freer opportunity to find their own spiritual pathways.
www.stephanietolan.com /spirituality.htm   (3468 words)

 Spirituality Encyclopedia Article @ ArtisticNudity.com (Artistic Nudity)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Spirituality is, in a narrow sense, a concern with matters of the spirit, however that may be defined; but it is also a wide term with many available readings.
In fact the goals of meditation are quite varied, and range from spiritual enlightenment, to the transformation of attitudes, to better cardiovascular health.
In Hinduism and its spiritual systems of yoga and in some related eastern cultures, as well as in some segments of the New Age movement -- and to some degree the distinctly different New Thought movement -- a chakra is thought to be an energy node in the human body.
www.artisticnudity.com /encyclopedia/Portal:Spirituality   (1030 words)

The Spirituality of the Carmelites of the Ancient Observance
Spiritual Directors International SDI is an ecumenical association of colleagues, grounded in the Christian faith, whose sole purpose is to serve the growing network of spiritual directors world-wide and the people who train them
A Spiritual Canticle of the Soul and the Bridegroom Christ John of the Cross
www.shc.edu /theolibrary/spirit.htm   (983 words)

 Spirituality   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This term Spirituality is defined as differently by the polytheists, monotheists, followers of new age, humanists etc. The common synomym is the devotion to the metaphysical matters, as that has been opposed to the worldly things.
In the recent years, spirituality in a religion often brings connotations of a believerfaith being much more personal, more open new ideas, less dogmatic and also the myriad influences rather than the faiths established in religions.
The Womens Spirituality program at CMS is one of the first accredited graduate programs of its kind in the world.
www.spiritualhub.org /spirituality.htm   (284 words)

 Stress: Spirituality
Spirituality, or knowing one's 'self'; the real purpose of life, and one's relationship with the concept of God, is rapidly catching the imaginations of modern men.
Pursuance of spirituality encourages one to empty all negative thoughts and distractions from one's mind and helps one cultivate a passive attitude towards nagging life situations.
Even rituals associated with the path of spirituality have often proved to be effective stress reducers.
www.lifepositive.com /Mind/psychology/stress/mental-health.asp   (631 words)

 Evaluating the National Outcomes: Parent/Family--Families; Spirituality
Spirituality relates to a family's capacity for transcending self-interest, living with a positive purpose, and reverencing life.
Increasingly, family researchers and practitioners are recognizing the significant role played by a family's sense of spirituality, as well as their religious framework in facilitating positive emotional, psychological and social change.
Most researchers emphasize that a family's religious orientation or sense of spirituality is not contingent on church attendance or formal membership in a particular denomination.
ag.arizona.edu /fcs/cyfernet/nowg/pf_family_spirit.html   (527 words)

 Workplace Spirituality
One model is a spiritual approach in which the pursuit of entrepreneurship is infused with finding this meaning and where entrepreneurship is the vehicle for the spiritual.
But today, a spiritual revival is sweeping across Corporate America as executives of all stripes are mixing mysticism into their management, importing into office corridors the lessons usually doled out in churches, temples, and mosques.
All this spiritual revival may have a fin-de-siecle feel--in fact, what's happening now is something of a replay of the spiritual movement that took place at the last turn of the century.
northernway.org /workplace.html   (5349 words)

 Religious Movements Homepage: Native American Religion
Animal ceremonialism, the quest for spiritual power, Male Supreme Being, annual ceremony of cosmic rejuvenation, few stationary cult places, shamanism, and life after death beyond the horizon or in the sky were tenets of hunting pattern religions.
Rain and fertility ceremonies, priestly ritual, goddesses and gods, yearly round of fertility rites, permanent shrines and temples, medicine society ritualism, and life after death in the underworld or among the clouds characterized the new horticultural pattern religions (Hultkrantz, 14).
Spirituality is notemphasized per se, but an essay by Myke Johnson entitled "When Spiritual Teaching Turns Into Cultural Theft" is an insightful read.
religiousmovements.lib.virginia.edu /nrms/naspirit.html   (2989 words)

The New Age is in fact a free-flowing spiritual movement; a network of believers and practitioners who share somewhat similar beliefs and practices, which they add on to whichever formal religion that they follow.
Its roots are traceable to many sources: Astrology, Channeling, Hinduism, Gnostic traditions,, Spiritualism, Taoism, Theosophy, Wicca and other Neo-pagan traditions, etc. The movement started in England in the 1960's where many of these elements were well established.
Believers hope to develop new potentials within themselves: the ability to heal oneself and others, psychic powers, a new understanding of the workings of the universe, etc. Later, when sufficient numbers of people have achieved these powers, a major spiritual, physical, psychological and cultural planet-wide transformation is expected.
www.religioustolerance.org /newage.htm   (2536 words)

 Spiritual Union of Patanjali Yoga , An online free text Book for teaching .   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This spiritual Program is to read online thesis of the book with the insight vision of Yoga of Patanjali,and to guide for the guided yoga teaching.
It is to deal, the science of brain, to listen the spiritual tune of the desires,to guide for spiritual union management of the yoga music and free of life.
It intend to guide on the spiritual union management of the Samadhi yoga book for the free of individual life.
www.heavenlygardens.org /samadhi   (272 words)

 Feminist Spirituality Encyclopedia Article @ InnerMan.com (Inner Man)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Feminist theology is a movement, generally in Christianity and Judaism, to reconsider the traditions, practices, scriptures, and theologies of their religion from a feminist perspective.
In those cases, the notion of God as having a male gender is rejected, and God is not referred to using male pronouns.
Feminist spirituality may also object to images of God that they perceive as authoritarian, parental, or disciplinarian, instead emphasizing "maternal" attributes such as nurturing, acceptance, and creativity.
www.innerman.com /encyclopedia/Feminist_spirituality   (798 words)

 Spirituality - The essence of the soul
Spirituality is the epitome of loving, and allows us to emotionally forgive those who have wronged us so that we can let go of, and distance ourselves from negative influence's that have such a strong hold on our well being as a whole.
Spirituality gives us a better appreciation for the simple things in life, the things that truly matter and that bring us to a better understanding that God really does care for us and tends to our basic needs and inner-peace.
Spirituality is indeed the essence of our soul, and it can replace the inner darkness, the emptiness, and feelings of worthlessness that is the direct result of the influence from our outer world that has fed us their own negative inner-contamination.
www.didlegit.com /spirituality.html   (1409 words)

 >> Spirituality in Higher Education >>
Spirituality points to our interiors, our subjective life, as contrasted to the objective domain of material events and objects.
Our spirituality is reflected in the values and ideals that we hold most dear, our sense of who we are and where we come from, our beliefs about why we are here--the meaning and purpose we see in our lives--and our connectedness to each other and to the world around us.
Spirituality also captures those aspects of our experience that are not easy to define or talk about, such as inspiration, creativity, the mysterious, the sacred, and the mystical.
www.spirituality.ucla.edu /about/spirituality.html   (180 words)

 in Spirituality | keithboykin.com
Ask some people when the fl church will accept gays and lesbians are you're likely to get a curt response: "When Hell freezes over." Given all the homophobia in the fl church recently, that sentiment is understandable.
Another Sunday passes and another minister is caught on tape with his homophobic foot in his mouth.
Just moments after a gospel group finished a performance on stage at First Iconium Baptist Church in Atlanta on Saturday, Bishop Yvette Flunder approached the pulpit unannounced and pulled the microphone to her lips.
www.keithboykin.com /arch/spirituality   (1374 words)

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