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Topic: Spiritual abuse

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In the News (Thu 18 Apr 19)

  Issues of Spiritual Abuse   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Spiritual abuse is not a function of whether a given set of social relationships conforms to someone's definition of a cult or cultic relationships.
Rather, spiritual abuse is a matter of whether one person intends to exploit, manipulate, control, undermine, corrupt, obstruct, or injure the spiritual capacity of another human being in order to serve some personal agenda (emotional, social, physical, material, psychological, financial) of the first individual.
However, in general, the most devastating dimension of recovering from spiritual abuse is the sense of essential betrayal and mistrust which arises in conjunction with a person's realization that he or she has been spiritually exploited.
amanesis.org /SpiritualAbuse/faqs.htm   (1388 words)

 Information & Articles on Cults, Abuse, Grace & Legalism
Abuse of Authority in the Church: A Biblical Perspective of Leadership - An article by Jason Young.
Spiritual Pride: The Danger of Religious Flesh in the Christian Life- by Richard Lovelace "Spiritual pride is very apt to suspect others; whereas an humble saint is most jealous of himself, he is so suspicious of nothing in the world as he is of his own heart.
Fighting Spiritual Abuse- Casey Bordovsky, a former UPC member, shares her thoughts on how we can combat spiritual abuse on a spiritual level.
www.spiritualabuse.org /articles.html   (2425 words)

 The Watchman Expositor: Spiritual Abuse Profile
Spiritual abuse is the misuse of a position of power, leadership, or influence to further the selfish interests of someone other than the individual who needs help.
Spiritually abusive religious systems are sometimes described as legalistic, mind controlling, religiously addictive, and authoritarian.
Examples of spiritual abuse are found throughout the Bible.
www.watchman.org /profile/abusepro.htm   (1908 words)

 Understanding Spiritual Abuse
Abuse is a hot topic in the popular media as the courts begin to examine and redefine what constitutes an actionable abusive situation.
Though a large number of the participants were clergy, the potential for abuse in the ways we "judge the level and type of commitment of an individual's faith" resonated with the crowd.
In closing Driskill raised the warning that without vigilant attention to definition, spiritual abuse has started to be used in society to inflame - - to pass judgement from one group to another pitting individuals and denominations against one another.
www.disciples.org /DNS/gan99/9abuse.htm   (342 words)

 Surviving Church Hurt: Spiritual Abuse
Abuse is when a person in authority or with greater power (real or perceived) imposes their will, their desires, their deviant behavior upon a victim usually to reinforce their desire for control.
This is closer to what spiritual abuse is. The term came into existence because the abuse was identifiable with classic symptoms, but the source was from a "spiritual" environment.
It is spiritual abuse because the perceived basis of the authority or power is spiritual in nature and the potential threat is to the victim’s soul.
www.brainerd.net /~wjc/IRCC/Sunday_117.html   (2059 words)

 Spiritual Abuse Recovery: Library
Spiritual abuse is not just something that comes in a spiritual way or comes from spiritual people.
And in the case of spiritual abuse, the abuse happens in the context of relationships where someone is in the role of representing God.
Later, when the abuse has come to an end and we are looking for healthier relationships in which to recover, we may find other people—even people who may actually be faithfully representing God—but it will be difficult for us to trust in those relationships, difficult to invest again in relationships and difficult to relax.
www.spiritualabuse.com /dox/interview.htm   (5336 words)

 Spiritual Abuse Recovery
The perpetrators of spiritual abuse are rarely 'Snidely Whiplash' sorts of characters who announce that they are going to drain your spiritual energy.
Spiritual abuse occurs when someone in a position of spiritual authority, the purpose of which is to 'come underneath' and serve, build, equip and make God's people MORE free, misuses that authority placing themselves over God's people to control, coerce or manipulate them for seemingly Godly purposes which are really their own.
Spiritual Abuse Recovery Resources is a ministry of Christian Recovery International.
www.spiritualabuse.com   (379 words)

 SPIRITUAL ABUSE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Finding a Christian counselor who understands spiritual abuse and the dynamics of cultic abuse is the best thing one can do, but simply having a Christian friend who will listen to you, weep with you, and pray with you without judgment is a great blessing from God.
Judgment, independent thinking and a conviction that you could actually spiritually discern for yourself all had to begin to reemerge from the chains the cultic leadership imposed for you to even consider leaving, and that in itself is a huge step toward wholeness.
The ministry a survivor of spiritual abuse will grow directly out of his losses and healing, and out of the depth of spirit and growth that has come from this dark trial.
www.rjd268.com /spiritual_abuse.htm   (8040 words)

 Spiritual Abuse
Spiritual abuse is a provocative term, I realize this.
I have however found the usage of the term "spiritual abuse" to be both accurate and honest.
The result is spiritual abuse—emotionally devastating, and often spiritually crippling, spiritual abuse.
www.geocities.com /Heartland/Woods/1327/pasture.html   (1013 words)

 Spiritual Abuse   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Abuse happens on all levels, regardless of race, creed, or economic status.
Abuse in the latter years does occur and also causes long term effects, but abuse before puberty is more common.
The results of sexual abuse has been described by those who suffered it as causing feelings of fear or of being terrified.
www.achorusofone.org /SpiritualAbuse.html   (1821 words)

 Spiritual Abuse - Free Evaluation Tool.
In spiritual life, just as in any other aspect of life, people representing themselves as advisors are not always what they appear to be and may have ulterior motives.
However, appropriate caution and an insight into what constitutes spiritual abuse may be of assistance to you in preventing a first or future occurrence.
Have you ever suspected that a spiritual advisor has worked with you when he/she has been under the influence of drugs or alcohol?It is my sincere desire that this evaluation has given you useful insights and perspective for your spiritual path.
www.angelfire.com /mn3/reverendtownswick/spiritualabuse2.html   (693 words)

 Traumatic Abuse in Cults   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The hunger for spiritual guidance and relief from varying degrees of despair and fear are often what impels people to explore religious and secular self-improvement groups.
By blinding themselves to the corruption and abuse of their leader, and taking on a sense of sinfulness, guilt and unworthiness in themselves, followers sustain their tie to the leader, and along with that tie, their hopes for redemption and salvation.
On the contrary, Fromm saw the magic helper concept as a perversion of spirituality and did not intend his concept to be used as an argument against spirituality or religion.
hometown.aol.com /shawdan/essay.htm   (9087 words)

 Spiritual Abuse
One thing we learned in coming out of Jubilee Christian Church is that there is such a thing as a Christian "cult." Not a cult in the manner of doctrine per se, but cultic in the manipulation and spiritual abuse of the members of the congregation.
The reason we find more of this type of cultic abuse in charismatic congregations is due to most of the leaders of these congregations are autonomous.
This is a cultic attitude, it is spiritual abuse, and it is unfortunate that it is rampant in this section of the Body of Christ.
www.discernment.org /spiritual_abuse.htm   (462 words)

For our purposes, it is enough to state that spiritual abuse is "the misuse of power, position and influence for the personal gain of the leader or leaders of an organization or a movement." There are many excellent books that have been written on the subject of Spiritual Abuse.
Spiritual abuse is not a new phenomenon, it has been a part of religious life for centuries and elements of spiritual abuse can be found across the entire spectrum of Christian and quasi-Christian faith groups.
Lately, it seems that spiritual abuse is becoming more common in Charismatic churches.
www.freechristians.com /spiritual_abuse.htm   (830 words)

 Christian Recovery Forums - What is Recovery From Spiritual Abuse?
A newcomer recently declared that they felt they had already "recovered" from spiritual abuse because they were back in a church and submitted to the leadership, and that the rest of us needed to do the same so that we could recover also.
The possibility of a spiritual abuse victim migrating right back into another abusive church is just as high as it is for a domestic abuse victim to hook up with another wife-beater.
For me, that means being able to walk away from attempts to abuse me, and to even stand up to those who attempt to use God's name to get me to do what they want me to do, get me to measure up, and declare that I am the problem for pointing out the problem.
www.christianrecovery.com /vb/showthread.php?t=1154   (2782 words)

 The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
There are some churches, however, where leaders use their spiritual authority to control and dominate others, attempting to meet their own needs for importance, power, intimacy or spiritual gratification.
Through the subtle use of the right "spiritual" words, church members are manipulated or shamed into certain behaviors or performance that ensnares in legalism, guilt and begrudging service.
If horrid abuse causes the victim to repress his or her memories, then, it would seen to me that victims of the holocaust would as a group be prone to have no memories of their abuse by the Nazis.
www.enotalone.com /books/1556611609.html   (1919 words)

 = Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse, CSJ, 10(1)
According to coauthors Johnson and VanVonderen, spiritual abuse is a very real phenomenon, occurring more and more in mainline churches; it is not isolated to cultic groups or off-beat religious sects.
Once the factors involved in spiritual abuse are presented and discussed, along with possible explanations, guidelines are provided for avoiding future spiritual traps.
As one who has personally experienced the trauma of spiritual abuse, I applaud Johnson and VanVonderen for their outstanding presentation of a topic about which too little has been written.
www.csj.org /infoserv_bookreview/csjbkrev101subtle.htm   (260 words)

 The Signs of Spiritual Abuse
Wholesale abuse and misuse of authority is an integral part of the very foundation, fabric, and functions of such groups.
Members live under the constant threat of being branded with the Scarlet Letter "R" for "rebel," openly denounced and shamed from the (bully-)pulpit, and consequently shunned by the "covenant-community" for failure to comply with the unwritten, unspoken rules and expectations established by the leadership.
The capstone of the volume is Dr. Lambert's "15 R's of Recovery from Authoritarian Abuse,", steps victims of spiritual abuse must navigate through in order to regain their psychological equilibrium and be restored to spiritual wellness, derived from the author's more than 25 years of experience in ministering to victims spiritual abuse.
www.slm.org /trtdigst/articles/abuse.html   (2360 words)

 The Watchman Expositor: Elements of Spiritual Abuse
It seems that newspaper headlines these days are full of examples of spiritual abuse, describing situations of people being victimized in both cults and churches.
In critiquing the ins and outs of spiritual abuse, one often finds that people have been hurt by legalism, authoritarian leadership, manipulation, excessive discipline, spiritual intimidation and much more.
The authors of the book The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse, David Johnson and Jeff VanVonderen, suggest that people learn to be victimized, or are powerless by experiencing relationships that have either prepared them to be abused, or not prepared them to not be abused.
www.watchman.org /cults/precond1.htm   (841 words)

 Spiritual Abuse
On September 11, we as Americans witnessed the epitome of spiritual abuse when the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were attacked by terrorists.
You may not be familiar with the phrase, “Spiritual Abuse” but you are familiar with its devastation.
Having grown up in a dysfunctional family, usually the seedbed for future abuse, I was drawn like a magnet to other abusive individuals and organizations due to the unhealed areas in my life.
www.suite101.com /article.cfm/non_fundamentalist_christianity/80799   (389 words)

 Spiritual Abuse
We focus on the issue of spiritual abuse in Bible based churches and have a secondary focus on the United Pentecostal Church.
Just as emotional abuse affects one emotionally, while physical abuse inflicts pain and bodily injury on its victim, spiritual abuse affects one spiritually.
It is the result of a spiritual leader or system that tries to control, manipulate, or dominate a person.
www.spiritualabuse.org   (369 words)

 The Awareness Center: Jewish Survivors of Spiritual Abuse
A very high level of trust is often placed in rabbis, cantor or any other individual who represents a spiritual leaders.
There are times that the wound is so deep that the wounded person cannot trust even a legitimate spiritual authority again.
To recover, the victim/survivor of spiritual abuse needs to find a find help to work through the varies issues.
www.theawarenesscenter.org /spiritualabuse.html   (820 words)

 Amazon.com: Books: Healing Spiritual Abuse: How to Break Free from Bad Church Experiences   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
This was a balanced look at where spiritual abuse comes from, and steps to take to be healed from it.
Nowhere did he indicate that "any time a church develops some commonalities, this is a 'danger sign' for spiritual abuse to those who come in from the outside." Instead he was addressing the issue of being "preoccupied with a desire for uniformity among believers" (p.
After reading how the author describes everything that is supposedly spiritual abuse, I cannot put together a picture of what a healthy church would look like at all.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0830816607?v=glance   (2041 words)

 Harvest NETwork - Hierarchy/Spiritual Abuse
I have heard it is better than"Churches that Abuse," because that one was slanted and tended to white wash abuse in the main line churches.
Note: If you are confused about the difference between physical, sexual, psychological, and spiritual abuse, a brief example of the differences is given on the front page of Henry Sheppherd's Recovery From Spiritual Abuse website.
However, keep in mind though that any authority figure which we are dependent upon and vulnerable to (example: mother and father) has the power to influence us spiritually by their actions or inactions--at least until we acknowledge that influence and call upon God to correct any errors we have taken from the experience.
www.harvestnet.org /teachings/hierarchy.htm   (597 words)

 SOSA -- Survivors of Spiritual Abuse --
ELCOME TO This page is dedicated to all those that have been abused by anyone in the name of a religion or spiritual belief.
SOSA is here as a resource for anyone who has been abused in any way in the name of a religion or spiritual belief.
By spiritual and religious abuse, we mean abuse done in the name of, brought on by, or attributed to a belief system of the abuser or abuse from a religious leader.
www.sosa.org   (319 words)

 Abuse, drug abuse statistics, spiritual abuse   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Spiritual abuse Symptom of drug abuse Drug abuse statistics Substance abuse clinic Wife abuse Teen drug abuse Nursing home abuse Child abuse picture Child abuse and neglect Substance abuse counselor
Prevent Child Abuse America was established in 1972 to build a nationwide commitment to preventing all forms of child abuse.
New from Clearinghouse on Abuse and Neglect of the Elderly CANE Bibliography Series: The Scope of Elder Abuse May 23, 2005 As a resource to the research,...
www.watchcomputer.com /abuse.html   (1222 words)

 Spiritual, spiritual storytelling, spiritual fasting   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Spiritual info for women about relationships, health, beauty, fitness, fashion, money, careers, and parenting, to enrich the body, mind and spirit of today's busy woman.
Spiritual Beggars came in at position #2 in the “sound check” in the new...
Spiritual Parenting: You've come to a place where you can find information and support in raising kind, honorable children who remain connected to their...
www.helpdating.com /spiritual.html   (1076 words)

 Christian Recovery Link Database: Abuse/Spiritual_Abuse
Spiritual Abuse - This site has a main focus on the United Pentecostal Church, yet links are provided for other Bible-based churches as they are found.
Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests - SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) is a USA/Canadian self-help organization of men and women who were sexually abused by spiritual elders (Catholic priests, brothers, nuns, ministers, teachers, etc).
Survivors of Spiritual Abuse (SOSA) - Dedicated to all those that have been abused by anyone in the name of a religion or spiritual belief.
www.christianrecovery.com /dox/links/pages/Abuse/Spiritual_Abuse   (308 words)

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