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Topic: Spiritual being

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In the News (Fri 14 Jun 19)

  Spirituality - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Spirituality is, in a narrow sense, a concern with matters of the spirit, however that may be defined; but it is also a wide term with many available readings.
One aspect of 'Being spiritual' is goal-directed, with aims such as: simultaneously improve one's wisdom and willpower, achieve a closer connection to Deity/the universe, and remove illusions or false ideas at the sensory, feeling and thinking aspects of a person.
Spirituality, according to most adherants, is an essential part of an individual's holistic health and well-being, by developing an awareness of a "transcendent dimension" to life.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Spirituality   (1048 words)

 sortlifeout.co.uk - Discover Your True Purpose   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Spiritual beings have an awareness of the nonphysical world and are not stuck exclusively in a universe restricted to the functioning of their five senses.
Spiritual beings are not against war, they are for peace and spend their energy on working for peace.
To the spiritual being the cycles of life are approached as representatives of infinity, with reverence that is truly an honoring of life.
www.meaningoflife.i12.com /beingspiritual.htm   (3747 words)

 Becoming Spiritual (Part 1) by Wayne Dyer
I use the terms spiritual and non-spiritual in the sense that a spiritual being has a conscious awareness of both the physical and the invisible dimension, while the non-spiritual being is only aware of the physical domain.
Spiritual beings simply know, through their personal experience of having been in contact with their own divine guidance, that they are not alone, and that they can use that guidance to become miracle makers in their lives.
The non-spiritual being cannot make such a leap, but the spiritual being knows that this invisible force connects him to all others, and therefore treats all others as if they were a part of himself.
innerself.com /Spirituality/becoming_spiritual.htm   (1470 words)

 Is it all right to be spiritual without being religious? - explore faith
When you think of being spiritual rather than religious, you are probably feeling that you don't want to simply practice a piety that is antiquated, or that causes you to feel guilty for what you have and have not done in your life.
Being religious doesn't mean simply surrendering yourself to a church institution.
Rather, being religious is choosing to live a life that honors and claims the relationship with God that your soul so deeply craves.
www.explorefaith.org /spiritual.html   (1807 words)

 [No title]
Modern spiritual research (by Steiner), as well as ancient tradition (from Dionysius the Areopagate, pupil of St. Paul) speaks of at least nine orders of angels and supra-angelic beings -- which, taken together, are called the "hierarchies", sometimes the "choirs of angels", or sometimes the "Gods".
The incarnation of high spiritual beings in human bodies has the special significance that new possibilities for human development are opened up, because, as it were, the way is cleared by these high-spiritual-beings-in-the-flesh being the first to accomplish these developments.
To have knowledge of a spiritual being through intuition means to have become completely one with it, to have become united with its inner nature.
www.geocities.com /Athens/Sparta/1105/ahriman.htm   (18069 words)

 Spiritual being - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A spiritual being would be of that nature but would have some awareness.
The word has many connections to the concept of the soul, with the difference that a spirit is not necessarily linked to a human or other corporeal being.
In some parts of the world, spirits are believed to be able to possess humans and control their behaviour.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Spiritual_being   (447 words)

 Spiritual Well-Being
Many describe reaching a state during long runs that might be considered a spiritual state.
As illustrated in the Wholeness Wheel, the goal of faith hardiness is achieved through the development of spiritual wellness as a foundation of health.
Spiritual wellness is achieved through a disciplined devotional life of prayer, study, contemplation, and reflection.
www.elca.org /health/spiritual.html   (309 words)

 Anthroposophy Spiritual Science Human Evolution
The Christ of the Gnosis is a Being Who is of the Eternal — the Eternal that is not only immanent in the whole evolution of humanity, but also in that of the Universe, of the Cosmos itself.
In those regions where spiritual man dwelt before taking on a material existence, where he felt himself among other purely spiritual beings and spiritual processes — in that region the ancient Gnosis looked for the Christ Being.
Hence even in historical ages the Christ Being must not be sought in the region to which man belongs as a physical being, but in the region of pure Spirit.
www.eleggua.com   (1463 words)

 Book Excerpt  Spiritual Growth
He tells us he is a being of light and is here because we are going through a time of major transition and awakening.
They will help you awaken to the multidimensional being you are, tap into the greater plan of humanity's evolution, and discover the part you came to play in these wonderful, exciting times of transformation.
Spiritual Growth, single tape by Orin with meditation on one side, affirmations for your spiritual growth on the other.
www.orindaben.com /db/dbstore/description.php?prodno=sg   (3104 words)

 The Nature of Spirit: The Nature of Spirit, and of the Spiritual World (from Swedenborg)
Human beings are a spirit as to one part of their nature, and that part is formed of spiritual substances.
Now it may be, and sometimes is, objected to this view of the spiritual world, that it is only materializing it; attributing to it those qualities which this world possesses; and instead of a spiritual world, by this process of reasoning, it is said, we only get another material world.
It is this absurdity of denying to the spiritual world every possible mode and form of existence, and then trying to conceive it or think upon it, that has resulted in such doubt and practical denial of its reality, and of the possibility of spirits being really human beings, having a complete human form.
www.swedenborgdigitallibrary.org /nature/nat1.htm   (4773 words)

 Just what does it mean to be 'spiritual'? - Omplace   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Depending on what ones view of the 'spiritual' is, this will directly effect what steps they take to increase their level of spirituality.
I think being 'a good person', has little to do with spirituality, in that 'doing good' is only what 'you' view as 'good'.
Every human being wants to be healthy and happy, to have three decent meals a day and live in a friendly neighborhood, to lead a fulfilling and meaningful life.
www.omplace.com /ubb/Forum9/HTML/000002.html   (2060 words)

 A Spiritual Journey
It is no good believing in a higher spiritual being when everything is going ok and then when something goes wrong you sack the spiritual being for it's all his/her/it's fault.
Just because we believe in a spirituality doesn't mean life is not going to happen and everything is roses what it does do is help us through the hard times and remind us to be thankful for the good times.
The same spiritual experience is to had in a desert, up a tree, in a swamp because the spiritual being is (ME).
ghostriter.tripod.com   (2196 words)

 Spiritual Directors International Home - Spiritual Directors International
Spiritual Directors International is a global learning community of people from many faiths and many nations who share a common concern, passion and commitment to the art and contemplative practice of spiritual direction.
Spiritual direction exists in a context that emphasizes growing closer to God (or the holy or a higher power).
Spiritual direction invites a deeper relationship with the spiritual aspect of being human.
www.sdiworld.org   (286 words)

 Nube-sensei's Spiritual Being Encyclopedia !!
Seiandon is the spiritual being that guides the death to the place that it should go.
In a very short period of time, lots and lots of spiritual being would come to the human world and humans would lost the space to live in.
Warashi is the spiritual being that brings joy and happyness to every one.
members.tripod.com /~kimiko_h/Spiritual.html   (750 words)

 Spiritual Psychology in Swedenborg Glossary by Leon James
A human being is created a dual citizen at birth: a temporary physical body in the natural world connected by correspondence to an immortal spirit-body in the spiritual world.
It is the spiritual, deriving its origin from the sun where the Lord is, and proceeding to the outmosts of nature that produces the forms of plants and animals, exhibiting the marvels that exist in both, and filling the forms with matters from the earth, that they may become fixed and enduring.
In the spiritual world, that is in the mind, individuals remain unique by occupying a unique state (mental state or spiritual state), different from the state of all other minds.
www.soc.hawaii.edu /leonj/leonj/leonpsy/instructor/gloss/spirpsy.html   (18094 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
An Omni-Sovereign being takes a position that is capable of creating or co-creating the emanation point A and the receipt point B. the impelled particles that make up the intention or goals flow freely back and forth between the point A's and B's.
At Sovereignty the being will encounter even more friction and counter effort to its intentions, often to the degree that the being drops below Sovereignty to an even lower state of becoming created as or becoming an 'artificial me' that needs other determination to impel them and their intentions.
BY-PASSED CHARGE is defined as the unwanted present time spiritual or mental energy or mass that has been accessed by a present time 'slow' or 'stop' that by-passed or missed the real time charge stemming from a more basic area of stored spiritual energy emanating directly from the spiritual being or GAMES MATRIX.
www.lightlink.com /archives/acw/acw95.memo   (863 words)

 Spiritual Being   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Spiritual Being is one of the topics in focus at Global Oneness.
This is the second of two two summaries of the speach about Womens Movement in a Spiritual context delievered by Tapasya Dasaji of the Golden Age Foundation at the Oneness Festival, 16-22 of February 2004.
Spiritual Being: DNA is influneced by words and frequencies
www.experiencefestival.com /spiritual_being   (880 words)

 Psychology and Religion | Spiritual Healing | Spiritual Direction
I live a spiritual life!” Yet all the while bitterness and animosity fester in their hearts.
Saint John spoke of the Dark Night as an experience of spiritual purgation in which all physical and psychological satisfactions are stripped away to leave the soul in the presence of nothing but the physically invisible (and therefore, to human experience, dark) and silent workings of divine grace.
Nor does spiritual purgation cause us to feel self-hatred, because the sorrow we feel for our sins and inadequacies, rather than being an obstacle to our progress, is the first step on the path to divine love.
www.guidetopsychology.com /reltx.htm   (3820 words)

 On Being a Spiritual Nurturer, 2007-2008 - School of the Spirit
Spiritual nurturers are persons led to pay particular attention to God’s transforming, guiding, and healing work.
The foundation of this program is the traditional practice among Friends of individual formation within community—of being church for one another.
to develop one’s gifts for spiritual nurture and discern how these gifts can best be used to serve individuals, meetings, churches and the wider world.
www.quakerinfo.com /nurturer.shtml   (396 words)

 Creating a Strong Family, Spiritual Well-Being: Sacred Connections, NF00-444   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Spiritual well-being comes from the caring center within each individual that promotes sharing, love and compassion.
Spiritual well-being is the feeling or power that helps people transcend themselves, rising above the mundane and petty to identify with the greater good: "I feel my family is a part of all the families of the world," said one individual.
Membership in a religious or spiritual group can provide a caring, supportive community to help when illness strikes, a baby is born or an accident occurs.
ianrpubs.unl.edu /family/nf444.htm   (785 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
A spiritual being when they have PRESENCE appear to occupy both space and time.
We do not proceed with the mainline processes until the being is larger than their body, usually at least as large as the processing room.
This puts the being immediately into the Green or Gold Zone operating space, from that size spacation they can run their case much faster and much more efficiently.
www.lightlink.com /archives/acw/acw21.memo   (611 words)

 Pnohteftu - 675. About the Different Kinds of Emotions
One reason that a Being is not aware of its own spiritual emotions is that it cannot confront its own state of spirituality.
The prevailing opinion about a Being's spirituality is that a Being is inherently good and, according to most of the New Age philosophies, it will bathe in its own goodness as soon as it discovers it own existence as a spiritual Being.
Again, a spiritual emotion is permeating a volume of space in contrast to a body emotion that is forming a ridge of energy at a certain place on the body.
orunla.org /pnohteftu/ch675.html   (1772 words)

 Awareness~Patience~Acceptance~Love   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Spiritual freedom grants time and space for the exploration of our limits and the grace to embrace them with acceptance.
Energy is real, and more attention is being paid now to what has been known among mystics for ages.
There are many, who work in the realm of spirit, who would like to keep it that way for the sake of being elite, but it is simple.
www.spiritualbe-ing.com   (418 words)

 Alan C. Walters: Furies part 2   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
As the being continues to violate its basic principles of honor, the being diminishes itself into an ever smaller sphere of influence and has less and less presence.
This diminishment of the Spiritual Being is the equivalent to DEATH, VANQUISHMENT and EXTINCTION of the SPIRIT, a very terrifying cataclysmic event for the being.
To do this denial the Being is forced to give up the TRUTH and resort to blaming others for making them violate their Codes, Virtues, Principles, Honesty and Integrity.
freezoneamerica.org /articles/furies2.html   (745 words)

 Spiritual Well-Being Scale   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Bufford RK, Paloutzian RF & Ellison CW (1991) Norms for the spiritual well-being scale.
spiritual well-being, spiritual assessment, religious assessment, spiritual care
Promoting Excellence in End-of-Life Care is a national program of The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation dedicated to long-term changes in health care institutions to substantially improve care for dying people and their families.
www.mywhatever.com /cifwriter/content/41/pe1271.html   (69 words)

 Amazon.com: You Are a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience: Books: Bob Frissell   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The author of Nothing in This Book Is True, But It's Exactly How Things Are and Something in This Book is True...writes freely about the spiritual and philosophical implications of the astonishing topics in his previous two books, showing how we can recover our birthright as spiritual beings.
In You Are a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience he invites us to entertain:
Unity of Being, Ascended Masters, Christ Consciousness, Flower of Life, Unity Consciousness, Dream Time, Akashic Record, Higher Self, World War, Great Pyramid, Saddam Hussein, The Indigo Children, Great Year
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/1583940332?v=glance   (1795 words)

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