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In the News (Wed 17 Jul 19)

  The Spore Supersite!
Ulf Johansen, from EA games gave an interview at the Game City show, in Austria, where he was asked about the release date, he said it might be "Somewhere in the middl...
Gamehead has been luckily enough to interview Will Wright and his Spore team at Spore studios in California.
Another fan site total spore has made the claim there's an official release date on the basis of an Amazon.com pre-order.
www.xspore.com   (150 words)

 Spore Fanseite
Das zweite, nennenswerte Thema sind Kolonien in Spore.
Eine Möglichkeit in Spore das Weltall zu bevölkern sind Kolonien.
Wir finden, der richtige Zeitpunkt um einmal zusammen zu fassen, um was es sich denn in SPORE nun eigentlich drehen wird.
spore.4players.de   (783 words)

  GigaOM … but will Spore sell? «
These profiles are also part of a gathering storm of interest over Spore, Wright’s truly groundbreaking “god game” in which your goal as player is to shepherd your custom-designed creatures up the evolutionary ladder, from protozoa all the way to space-colonizing civilization.
Spore players will be able to order plastic models of their creatures from EA and they’ll have to pay for the privilege.
Spore has the potential to be not only entertaining but also educational as it pertains to the evolution of life and the development of culture/civilizations.
www.gigaom.com /2006/11/04/spore   (2539 words)

  Spore - SporeWiki   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Spore is a simulation computer game designed by Will Wright that is currently in development by Maxis to be published by EA Games.
Spore is, at first glance, an evolution game: the player molds and guides a creature across many generations of evolution, until it becomes intelligent, at which point, the scope of the game expands to encompass a broader range of social evolution.
Spore's main innovation, the basis of its scope and customizability, is that Wright has moved into procedural generation of content.
www.sporewiki.com /Spore   (1096 words)

  Spore - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A spore is a biological term for a reproductive mechanism, usually haploid and unicellular, that is adapted for dispersion and surviving for extended periods of time in unfavorable conditions.
Produced by meiosis by the sporophyte, the spore is considered a part of the life cycles of plants or algae with alternation of generations.
Spores can be classified by their function, by their origin in the life cycle, or by their motility.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Spore   (870 words)

 Spore (video game) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Spore is a computer and video game designed by Will Wright that simulates the complete history and future of life.
Spore is, at first glance, a 'teleological evolution' game: the player molds and guides a species across many generations, growing it from a single-celled organism into a more complex animal, until the species becomes intelligent.
Spore's main innovation portends to be Wright's use of procedural generation for many of the components of the game, providing vast scope and open-endedness.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Spore_(game)   (2998 words)

 Spore - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki
Spore was an ancient entity imprisoned 400 years before the Galactic Civil War in an asteroid by the Ithorians.
Spore was released, and the ripples of evil permeated the Force.
Spore tried to capture Tash Arranda and Fandomar, but a group of space slugs attacked and destroyed the Vengeance, dropping her shields and causing it to explode.
starwars.wikia.com /wiki/Spore   (431 words)

 Milky Spore
Milky Spore powder must be applied in teaspoon amounts every four feet in rows four feet apart creating a grid pattern.
Milky Spore spreader mix must be applied three times a year for two years with a drop spreader to be spread successfully.
We suggest that you water in the spore as soon as it is done being applied.
www.hffinc.com /MilkySpore.htm   (905 words)

 GigaOM … but will Spore sell? «
Spore players will be able to order plastic models of their creatures from EA and they’ll have to pay for the privilege.
Spore has the potential to be not only entertaining but also educational as it pertains to the evolution of life and the development of culture/civilizations.
I have to emphatically disagree with your assessment of Spore’s financial prospects.
gigaom.com /2006/11/04/spore   (2534 words)

 Spore FAQ - Spores Illustrated - Spore Video Game Fansite
A: This is currently unknown, however based on demos seen at E3, Spore fans are predicting specs similar to that of The Sims 2.
A: Spore is expected to be available on all platforms, including mobile phones, but it will be released for the PC first.
A: Spore will have weather, but it is unknown at this time if it will make much of a difference to gameplay.
spore.strategyplanet.gamespy.com /faq.html   (891 words)

S'pore is also a common abbreviation for Singapore.
In addition, spores may be a resting stage in the life cycle of some bacteria (see endospore), and loosely applied to some animal resting stages.
Zygospores are thick-walled resting spores (hypnozygotes) of zygomycetous fungi which are produced by sexual gametocystogamy and can give rise to a conidiophore ("zygosporangium") with asexual conidiospores.
www.brainyencyclopedia.com /encyclopedia/s/sp/spore.html   (742 words)

 Spore (Deviant, Wolverine foe)
Wolverine tore his way out of Spore, but despite the efforts of he and his allies, Spore continued to consume the people of the army and the rebels around him, and grew to immense size in a short time period.
Her touched seared Spore like the fire the Celestials had rained upon it, and it was consumed into nothingness.
When Spore was released, she helped Palo get to safety, but she returned to face Spore, realizing that her powers might be the only thing that could stop him.
www.marvunapp.com /Appendix/spore.htm   (2086 words)

 GameSpy.com: Most Wanted Games of 2006   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Spore: If even half of what Wil Wright wants to do with this game comes off, he's gonna hit a Miyamoto-like level of game designer godhood.
Spore is one of those happy exceptions, an experiment presided over by longtime game design guru Will Wright.
One of the reasons Spore is relevant is because it flies in the face of convention.
mostwanted.gamespy.com /2006/06.html   (858 words)

 Boomtown - PC
Spore is both incredibly huge and very detailed, and you’re left with an astounding amount of freedom to do exactly what you want.
At the same time it is very exciting and inspiring to realise that other Spore players have created all the creatures on the various planets, and they probably can’t see all of the big picture either.
Still, if Spore manages to drive the player forward, while maintaining the staggering level of freedom, there is one quirky mind out there that’s even more brilliant than we thought.
pc.boomtown.net /en_uk/articles/art.view.php?id=11390   (535 words)

 Technorati Tag: Spore
Spore Doorbells and Chimes Available Great modern doorbells and chimes from Spore available.
Huit nouveaux screeshots du jeu Spore viennent d'être publiés.
Spore at Shopping.com Find, compare and buy spore and other home and garden products.
technorati.com /tag/Spore   (467 words)

The tall narrow evergreens are being weakened by cypress canker, a spore in the soil that leaves the trees susceptible to the ravages of the Western bark beetle...
Spore of anthrax can survive in the soil for an indefinite period of time during which it can still infect animal or human.
Anthrax is an acute infectious disease caused by the spore-forming bacterium Bacillus anthracis.
www.mongabay.com /igapo/biotech/spore.html   (3617 words)

 Spore preview for PC   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Spore begins, of all places, in a pile of goo.
You can then pull out even further to the mind-boggling entirety of the galaxy, where you can attempt to communicate with strange alien races; this was demonstrated via Spore's version of a certain famous musical scene.
Spore is one of the most ambitious games we've ever seen, a total monster of an undertaking with a limitless upside.
www.gamerevolution.com /preview/pc/spore   (1045 words)

  : In-Depth Look At Will Wright's Spore : Igniq
In Spore, rather than having an army of artists create thousands of different animations for players to construct their characters with, Wright aimed to let the player take control of every aspect of that building process by using a dynamic modeller built into the gaming engine.
As such, Spore lets the player build their characters literally from a micro-organism, creating the bodily features that let it first step out of the ocean, gaining "upgrades" like brain-power and the ability to build, and eventually the knowledge to build a UFO, achieve space-travel and explore the universe:
Spore populates the universe with creatures and cities created by players from all over.
www.igniq.com /2005/04/in-depth-look-at-will-wrights-spore.html   (365 words)

 Spore Preview
Five years in development, when it was at times also referred to as 'Sim Everything', Spore sees players follow the evolution of single-cell organisms' right through to the eventual exploration of a galaxy.
Split into six distinct areas, the development of a player's species is played out not only in the various gameworlds, but also through the six editors that allow gamers to change varying aspects of their creature and its civilisation.
Spore's release date is being cited to be in the later half of next year, but since i don't live in the states, it adds as much as another 6 months to the waiting time...
www.totalvideogames.com /articles/SPORE_-_E306_FIRST_LOOK_Preview_9995_5546_0_0_10_0.htm   (1728 words)

 Total Spore: The ultimate fansite for Spore the game
Total Spore was created as a side project of mine about one and a half years ago.
The Producers Guild of America has announced that Will Wright will be given the Vanguard award for his work with The Sims, Sim City, and Spore.
This is a giant step forward for the video game industry signaling the first award ever given to a video game artist by the PGA.
totalspore.com   (324 words)

 IGN: Spore
We talk to Maxis about Spore's E3 absence, release date, DS version, and more.
Maxis co-founder introduces part of the Spore design team and shows off more on the various editors in the game.
Spore evolves into IGN's number one most wanted PC game.
pc.ign.com /objects/735/735340.html   (693 words)

 bit-tech.net | Spore - the E3 preview
Will Wright is sitting in a darkened room with us, apologetic for the fact that the projector EA has brought to E3 isn't working.
Spore is his latest, and most ambitious work.
The premise is simple: take a single-cell organism, then evolve it and modify it all the way up the point where its resultant civilisation takes it up into space.
www.bit-tech.net /gaming/2006/05/15/spore_e3_preview/1.html   (519 words)

 Spore Facts - Spore Web-Site - Spore Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Spore fargo when will wright showed off spore at gdc this year, he absolutely.
Spore for pc preview gamespot's in depth pc spore preview offers details and hands on impressions.
Spore could end up being quite literally the biggest and most ambitious game ever attempted.
www.mold-resources.info /spore.html   (1203 words)

 Spore-Game.net   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
There are pictures of models printed from Spore using a 3d printer here, cnet news has another new screenshot here, a 4gamer.com has two articles here and here (if anyone can read that, let me know), and another foreign site has some more E3 shots here.
And that wraps up the e3 Spore coverage - I don't expect there to be much more after the shipload of videos and images and information that we will be devouring for months to come.
The official Spore website has undergone some reconstructive surgery and now features a wide selection of new and tantalising media tidbits.
www.spore-game.net /SMF/index.php   (524 words)

 Milky Spore Natural Japanese Beetle Grub Control at Home Harvest Garden Supply   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Considered the weakest link in the chain and the most vulnerable point to introduce an infection, resident spores in treated turf are swallowed by grubs during their normal pattern of feeding; this starts the demise of healthy grubs.
Applications of milky spore to lawns and parks are most effective in reducing adult beetle populations when it is done on a community basis.
Milky Spore spreader mix must be applied three times a year for two years with a drop spreader to be spread successfully.
homeharvest.com /milkspore.htm   (1339 words)

 GameSpy: Spore
Spore Ad (05/18/06) - Here's the E3 commercial in case you missed it.
Spore Demo Video (05/10/06) - Will Write takes you on a 17 minutes tour of Spore.
Spore (05/10/06) - The 2006 Electronic Entertainment Expo gives us a closer look at the gameplay for Will Wright's latest digital toy.
pc.gamespy.com /pc/spore   (376 words)

 Role of the Spore Coat Layers in Bacillus subtilis Spore Resistance to Hydrogen Peroxide, Artificial UV-C, UV-B, and ...
Spores were exposed to full-spectrum solar radiation, and we constructed semilogarithmic plots of the percentage of survival
UV-B and solar UV wavelengths, as the LD for spores of strains
Summary of the UV resistance of spores of coat mutant strains normalized to the resistance of the wild-type strain.
aem.asm.org /cgi/content/full/66/2/620   (5378 words)

 MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia: Spores
A spore is a reproductive cell produced by plants (fungi, moss, ferns) and some protozoa and bacteria.
The spore often fully develops after a state of dormancy or hibernation.
Bacterial spores have thick walls and are very resistant to high temperatures, humidity, and other unfavorable conditions.
www.nlm.nih.gov /medlineplus/ency/article/002307.htm   (254 words)

 UMCCC: Urologic/Oncology SPORE Program Overview
The purpose of the UMCCC Prostate Cancer SPORE is to reduce the morbidity and mortality of prostate cancer.
This commitment is reflected by the truly collaborative design of the Prostate SPORE and by the breadth of research projects which cover the spectrum of the biology and treatment of prostate cancer.
SPORE developmental research funds and the abundance of tissue with clinical follow-up available through the SPORE steered Dr. Chinnaiyan into studying gene expression in prostate cancer.
www.cancer.med.umich.edu /research/uro_spore.shtml   (971 words)

 Spore Productions
Spore was pleased to have assisted Filament Lab in the development of Flash media for torstardigital.com's front page.
Spore Productions in partnership with YellowCom inc is pleased to announce the completion of a database driven website and online project management system for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation.
Spore Productions was at E3 to show off our sub-budget PC games line "Lil'Games".
www.sporeproductions.com /main.htm   (1280 words)

 BBC NEWS | Technology | Sims creator takes on evolution
Called Spore, the game allows players to determine the evolution of a species, from an amoeba to an inter-stellar race.
With Spore, Mr Wright is taking this idea one step further, by developing a title based on the evolution of life.
Spore comes across as a mix of The Sims and games like Civilisation, where players determine the progress of a race.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/technology/4576855.stm   (611 words)

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