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Topic: Sports car

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In the News (Mon 15 Jul 19)

  Sports Car Insurance | Sports Cars Insurance Rates | Cheapest Sports Car Insurance | Exotic Sports Car Insurance
Many motorists wish to save enough to buy sports car at least once in a lifetime, even though they might not be able to afford the maintenance of the car for a long time later.
This is because owning a sports car can be an expensive dream and the insurance can be sky high.
Since the sports cars are prone to accidents and being stolen, insurance is a must in spite of it being so expensive.
www.e-sportscarinsurance.com   (377 words)

  cars.com: New Sports Cars | Sports Car
Though the sports car's limits are well past the average car's, its driver is more likely to test those limits than the average driver does those of the average car.
Sports car drivers, who are most likely to test the vehicle's limits — and the laws of physics — are prime candidates for this feature.
Sports cars are probably the worst choice for transporting children, though sporty versions of luxury coupes and sedans tend to be more flexible.
www.cars.com /go/crp/buyingGuides/Story.jsp?section=Sports&story=sportSafe2006&subject=stories&referer=&year=New   (3074 words)

  Sports car - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Performance modifications of regular cars, such as sport compacts, sports sedans, muscle cars, hot hatches and the like do not generally fall in the pure sports car territory, but share common sports car traits.
Most early British sports cars lacked a powerful engine and did not accelerate as quickly as contemporary American muscle cars, but were known for having exceptional handling characteristics due to their combination of light weight, carefully engineered/balanced chassis, and innovative suspension designs.
This layout is preffered by high performance sports car and supercar manufactuers, such as Ferrari and Lamborghini.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Sports_car   (1118 words)

 Sports car racing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Cars competing in the P1 category must weigh no less than 900kg and are limited to 6000cc naturally aspirated and 4000cc turbocharged engines.
Amateur sports car racing throughout the United States is sanctioned by clubs such as the Sports Car Club of America.
Proponents of the series claim that the Super GT cars are the fastest sports cars in the world, while critics deride the cars as being outside the limits of 'acceptable' modifications.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Sports_car_racing   (1472 words)

 Reference.com/Encyclopedia/Sports car
Great emphasis is often placed on handling—the ability of the car to remain in the control of the driver under challenging condition such as when the car's tires begin to lose their grip on corners.
A large, powerful engine is not required; many of the early British sports cars lacked a powerful engine and did not accelerate as quickly as, say, muscle cars, but were known for having exceptional handling characteristics due to their combination of light weight, carefully engineered/balanced chassis and innovative suspension designs.
Often vehicles in the muscle car, performance sedan/saloon or grand tourer (GT) category are referred to as sports cars even though they tend to lack the light weight and excellent handling characteristics of a true sports car.
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/Sports_car   (992 words)

 Sports Car Insurance
sports car insurance directory aims to highlight companies or brands who offer insurance cover for sports cars direct to the public.
If you drive a sports car it is more than likely that the cost of your insurance policy will be higher than if you drove a more standard specification vehicle.
Sports cars are normally driven faster, for quite obvious reasons, and are usually far more expensive than standard vehicles.
www.expertcardirectory.co.uk /sports-car.htm   (350 words)

 Edgy 2-seater's a true sports car - The Boston Globe
I've always thought that to be a true sports car, a two-seater needed a certain edginess: the threat of a snap to its rear at launch, nimbleness afoot, sensitive steering.
An interior touch that reflects the muscular bulge of the car's exterior is a half-egg bump at center dash.
While the car is virtually free of turbulence with the top down and side windows raised, there was a slight rumble of wind from both rear quarters with the top up.
www.boston.com /cars/articles/2005/07/31/edgy_2_seaters_a_true_sports_car   (753 words)

 Building a Sevenesque Sports Car   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A sevenesque sports car may be defined as any lightweight and nimble roadster that resembles a Lotus Seven either visually or in spirit.
To distinguish Ron's design from other sevenesque cars, Ron adopted the name "Locost" (pronounced 'low-cost') to reflect the similarity with the Lotus design while reminding us that building a sports car from the ground up can be accomplished on a minimal budget.
Each car develops it's own characteristics as the builder is challenged with a unique combination of budget constraints, parts availability, mechanical knowledge, and even government regulation.
www.mcsorley.net /locost   (326 words)

 BBC NEWS | England | London | Amphibious car drives over water
A sports car which can travel on water at the touch of a button has been given a test drive on the Thames.
He said it was meant as a sports car and a sports boat.
The car needs a boat ramp or slope to get into the water, although it could be driven straight into the sea from the shore.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/england/london/3077508.stm   (398 words)

 Sports Car GT for PC Review - PC Sports Car GT Review   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Admittedly, Sports Car GT doesn't dish up the most jaw-dropping graphics you've ever seen (though they are good), and its modeling of car and engine damage will leave a lot of sports-car fans wishing that real life were as forgiving.
Fans of high-dollar sports cars will find that the menu in Sports Car GT is enough to set their mouths watering, with cars from BMW, McLaren, Porsche, Panoz, Vector, Mosler, Callaway, Lister, and Ford (the Saloon Mustang).
The biggest disappointment is that unless Sports Car GT develops a dedicated fan base, the only official way to find opponents is by posting your name on EA's lame and relatively ineffective Multiplayer Matchup (I put my name up a year ago for Madden '99 and NHL Hockey '99 and have received only one response).
www.gamespot.com /pc/driving/sportscargt/review.html   (783 words)

 cars.com: New Sports Cars | Sports Car
It's not a perfect car, but is leaps better than the reasonably successful previous generation, and it has entered its second year with a clean record.
Overall sports car Best Bet: With a standard electronic stability system and a choice of suspension and tire packages, including Magnetic Selective Ride Control, the Corvette is as refined or as randy as you want it to be.
Overall sports car Best Bet: The Cayman S is what you get when you take an exceptional rear-wheel-drive roadster, the Boxster, and give it a fixed hard top.
www.cars.com /go/crp/buyingGuides/Story.jsp?section=Sports&story=sportBestbet2006&subject=stories&referer=&year=New   (1301 words)

 USATODAY.com - Not your father's sports car   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The boxier car also will be less aerodynamic, slowing it slightly in turns and hopefully making it easier for drivers to pass each other.
If two cars are nearly equal and the lead car is in calm air and the other is in turbulent air, the trailing car won't handle as well and won't be able to pass.
Boxier cars wouldn't handle quite as well, but their handling wouldn't change as dramatically when caught in turbulent air.
www.usatoday.com /sports/motor/nascar/2004-06-28-cover-future-car_x.htm   (1767 words)

 Sports Car International: Facts and details from Encyclopedia Topic   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Sports Car International is an automobile automobile quick summary:
The mazda miata (sold as the mazda mx-5 in europe and australia, and eunos roadster in japan) is a convertible sports car made by mazda...
Sports car international magazine compiled a list of the top sports cars of the last few decades....
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/s/sp/sports_car_international.htm   (234 words)

 Sports Car Rentals | Compare Sports Rental Cars, Rates, or Rent A Car Online
A:The Estimated Car Rental Price includes the total of all known rates, taxes, fees, surcharges and applicable drop off charges that you must pay either by law or by local policy for the length of a particular Sports car rental request.
This Sports rental car price does not include optional services such as insurance waivers, special equipment, mileage charges, or gasoline etc. It also does not include extra day or hour charges that can result from a late return of the Sports rental car.
This car rental price is provided so you can better estimate the total price you may pay to the rental car company for your car, but is not a guarantee of your total charges.
carrental.greatnow.com /sports-car-rentals.html   (491 words)

 The Manila Sports Car CLub Official Website
The Manila Sports Car Club (MSCC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of sports cars.
Although the club was focused originally on vintage sports cars, MSCC's roster now includes a wide variety of modern two-seaters.
Car enthusiasts from all over the country are preparing their best cars to compete for the prestigious honor of "Best in Show", and the opportunity to have thei
manilasportscarclub.org /index.html   (272 words)

 AskMen.com - Sports car
Cars are an integral part of American culture, and domestic sports cars are even closer to our hearts.
Compiling a list of favorite sports cars was no easy task, so some ground rules had to be set.
To make the list, a sports car must have had final assembly in North America, could not be single model-year special editions, must have a street-legal version (whether or not a racing version was made), and, of course, had to be a hit with critics and enthusiasts.
www.askmen.com /cars/car_lists_100/135_car_list.html   (948 words)

 Flickr: Photos from Cars Photos
Everyone's Photos Groups Flickr Members For a Location · Cars Photos' Photos
Aston Martin Auto Sports Car Photo Wallpaper - Cars-Photos.com
Subscribe to Cars Photos' photos – Latest
www.flickr.com /photos/7994394@N03   (149 words)

 Sports Car Central - The ultimate sports car web site
Few cars can compare to the legendary Nissan 300ZX, believed by many to be the ultimate sports car.
Fast and fun in ANY form, the 300ZX is truly a refined sports car.
Often referred to as a Lexus in sports car clothing, this baby is far from subtle.
www.geocities.com /sports_car_central/fast_cars.html   (290 words)

 Sports Car GT
Sports Car GT Sports Car GT(tm) puts you in the driver's seat of some of the fastest cars in the world.
Earn money with which you can upgrade your current car or save up to buy the one you have always dreamed of.
Sports Car GT is the most riveting and addicting racing game ever made, featuring state of the graphics, and the most realistic physics model ever created for a racing sim.
www.imagespaceinc.com /products/SportsCarGT.htm   (164 words)

 IGN: Sports Car GT Review
Sports Car GT Electronic Art's new GT Racer is solid, but the learning curve may frighten off beginning drivers.
You're only able to practice with cars you've obtained in career mode and only be able to race on tracks that you've already been on.
The computer cars are rendered beautifully but the player car graphics seem a little unstable.
pc.ign.com /articles/161/161888p1.html   (1446 words)

 Sports Car Revolution!
The crew from BSI Racing complete some preliminary checks (fluid levels, torque lug nuts etc.) to ensure the car is safe to drive on a track and we’re off to Roebling Road to gather some baseline performance data on the MX-5.
The plan is to contest the first race and then turn the car over to the series to be used as a ‘guest racer’ for celebrities, journalists etc. in order to generate exposure for all involved.
Check Sports Car Revolution airing Wednesday May 17th or watch for the complete MX-5 project to be detailed in Grassroots Motorsports Magazine (GRM).
www.sportscarrevolution.com /mazdamx5.htm   (1008 words)

 USATODAY.com - Britain launches new sports car-boat   (Site not responding. Last check: )
LONDON (AP) — Britain's newest sports car took a test drive Wednesday, zooming back and forth across the waters of the Thames River in pure James Bond style.
The car is part of the Aquada Bond series, but the company couldn't say whether that is a veiled reference to James Bond and the sports-car-cum-submarine that the superspy operated in the movie "The Spy Who Loved Me."
One hundred of the cars are being built and will sell at the end of this year.
www.usatoday.com /news/world/2003-09-03-aquacar_x.htm   (412 words)

 Sports Car Market > Resources > Resource Directory
Specializing in mostly European vintage race and sports cars, especially classic Ferraris of the '50s and '60s as well as Mille Miglia-eligible sports cars.
We act as principal in the acquisition of collector cars and are aggressive buyers for complete collections.
Vintage race car restoration, preparation and race track support at events throughout North America; in Europe and South America by arrangement.
www.sportscarmarket.com /resources/index.php   (2329 words)

 Amazon.com: Sports Car International: Magazines   (Site not responding. Last check: )
I remember an article about what used sports cars you could buy with certain dollar amounts and this was to me (a man on a budget) a rather nice look at the market as a whole that year.
Sports Car International is one of the best magazines for car enthusiasts available today.
Sports car International never loses focus on its mission: providing insight into everything that defines a true sports car.
www.amazon.com /Sports-Car-International/dp/B00009MQ7U   (1353 words)

 VW GX3: Crossover Between Sports Car and Motorcycle - RSportsCars.com
No comparable sports machine in the world, however, can come even close to the low fuel consumption of the GX3: 46 mpg (5.2 l/100 km).
Whether the Beetle, the Thing (Type 181), or the Microbus, all were the cult cars of their time and still are.
Inspired by the minimalist design language often expressed in contemporary GP motorcycles and F1 race cars, the GX3 has a true feeling of authenticity.
www.rsportscars.com /eng/articles/volkswagen_gx3.asp   (745 words)

 Sports Car Rental   (Site not responding. Last check: )
MLB suspends Palmeiro bet on sports casino for 10 days Outback Bowl officials announced today agreements with the SEC and ESPN to extend their partnerships in the popular New Year's Day sports car rental bowl through the January 2010 game.
Adam Dunn sports car rental - Cincinnati Reds (Wall Poster) The memoir of a disaffected Mormon.
Ashley Cole claims he is looking to put last season's sports car rental troubles behind him.
nowodus.t35.com /sports-car-rental.html   (557 words)

 FastMachines Sports Car News Blog
The new prototype is the first diesel car in the world to win a major sports car race.
His Cheever Racing will field a Lexus powered Crawford Daytona prototype car, and will be on the grid for the Rolex 24 hours in Daytona on January 26-29.
Of course several of the competitors made it easier for the Champion team as the pole winning car driven by Hayanari Shimoda and Tom Chilton was involved in an accident with the other Champion car and the #16 Dyson car.
www.fastmachines.com /archives/cat_sports_car.php   (1908 words)

 Sports car   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Sports car moves Value source for Sports car.
Condimente upon the glance of its board of the writing-desk with these painted papers of the high quality of the wonderful cars of the sports.
It inclines to prevent the theft with the car, extremities that lead safe, how to save the fuel, how to choose the right car, how to keep its old car working like new, and more...
sports.flocars.info /sports-car.htm   (260 words)

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