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Topic: SportsCenter

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  SportsCenter - TV.com
SportsCenter debuted September 7, 1979 to launch ESPN.
Sportscenter recaps all the sports action and news for May 25.
Sportscenter recaps the news from that day, not from the previous day.
www.tv.com /sportscenter/show/7455/summary.html   (252 words)

  SportsCenter Enters Middle Age Cable World - Find Articles
When SportsCenter was launched on September 7, 1979 at 7 p.m., one can well imagine its producers and anchors being ecstatic to have completed just one edition by 8 p.m.
SportsCenter chronicles the ins and outs and ups and downs of so many sports (ESPN covers about 65) that you need both calculator and the near infinite patience of a sports nut to keep track of them all.
Yet as ESPN and SportsCenter - the two are as inextricably linked as head to body or toe to foot - sail into the 21st century, questions surround this great franchise as they would any great franchise on the cusp of middle age.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0DIZ/is_2002_August_19/ai_90460808   (953 words)

  This is Sportscenter, presented by PowerAde   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Sportscenter is the news show on ESPN showing some of the highlights of some of the “important” games (in the opinions of the producers and the viewing public).
In 1998, Sportscenter was shot in a basic television studio with a plain background and two large screened televisions off to the side of the duel anchors of the show.
Sportscenter has now become “flashy”, trying to catch the eye of everyone who happens to be surfing through at that time.
www.louisville.edu /~jcarti01/portfolio/project2.html   (1382 words)

 SportsCenter   (Site not responding. Last check: )
SportsCenter jumps the shark once every year: when Major League Baseball is in the middle of the season and there is no basketball and football to compete with for highlights.
Sportscenter jumped when it went from a hour long show where they showed you sports highlights to a show where we have to listen to idiotic anchors saying idiotic catch phrases while doing the highlights for a game.
Sportscenter is unique, in that there is no threat of it ever going off the air b/c it is the anchor of the network.
www.jumptheshark.com /s/sportscenter.htm   (19095 words)

 Sports: SportsCenter hits milestone
To most visitors it seems odd that such a powerful network is stationed in such a remote area, but in the late 1970s the land met the sole requirement of being cheap.
SportsCenter was can't-miss TV, not just because of the clever catch phrases and excellent writing, but because viewers had to see what Olbermann and Patrick might do next.
Either it meant she had done something that had made an impact on society, she said, or another rerun had aired and she soon would be getting another royalty check.
www.sptimes.com /2002/08/25/news_pf/Sports/SportsCenter_hits_mil.shtml   (1222 words)

 What Happened Sportscenter? - Associated Content
Sportscenter used to be a daily necessity; I would watch it before school every morning while I got ready and watched it every night before I went to bed.
All the guys who got there early would huddle around the TV and watch Sportscenter; not only was it Sportscenter but it was a re-run of the Sunday Night Sportscenter which was special because it was an hour long, they had a Sunday Night Conversation, and of course the Plays of the Week.
Sportscenter is a show that informs us about what happened in that day of sports so it would make sense to show us all the highlights of all the games.
www.associatedcontent.com /article/87577/what_happened_sportscenter.html   (677 words)

 SportsCenter Invaded By Xbox 360 - Kotaku
Xbox 360 as the sole advertiser for the November 28th SportsCenter is a testament to the popularity of the program and the strong demographic tie to the ESPN audience.
SportsCenter is ESPN's flagship news program and provides television's most thorough and entertaining presentation of the day's news in sports.
PT) SportsCenter is re-aired at 2 a.m., with live updates as needed each night, and on weekdays from 5:00 a.m.
www.kotaku.com /gaming/xbox-360/sportscenter-invaded-by-xbox-360-217784.php   (922 words)

 jessespector.com » Saving SportsCenter
He was taping SportsCenter at 2 AM for countless morning repeats and didn’t come off as the phony that he did on his eventual late night show, where I grew to loathe him.
In fact, Kilborn’s departure from SportsCenter was the beginning of my loathing for both the man and the show he used to host.
SportsCenter started to ooze catchphrases, and somewhere along the line Stuart Scott became king of Idiot Nation.
jessespector.com /2004/12/29/saving-sportscenter   (1100 words)

 SportsCenter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
SportsCenter 30 at 30: This is a short segment that appears for thirty seconds every thirty minutes in primetime from 7pm ET to 11pm ET.
Best of SportsCenter) is seen annually during the month of December, featuring a look back at the year that was in sports, including highlights of the top games of the year (such as the Rose Bowl), as well as the top news stories of the year.
SportsCenter's Top Games of the Year is also seen annually during the month of December, featuring a look back at the calendar year's top ten games, such as the World Series, the Super Bowl, the NBA Finals, and the NCAA men's and women's basketball championships.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/SportsCenter   (4068 words)

 ADA News... SportsCenter Across America
SportsCenter going on the road, following last year's week at an Army base in Kuwait, to annual trips to the Super Bowl, NBA Finals and other major events.
SportsCenter is ESPN's flagship studio show and television's only nightly, one-hour sports news program.
SportsCenter is television's most comprehensive and longest-running sports news show.
www.adadarters.com /news/archive/2005_06news_sportscenter-acros.html   (630 words)

 espnstar.com - powered by ESPN STAR Sports: Sports Center
SportsCenter Asia is a 30-minute sports news programme, every weeknight on ESPN at 7.30pm, 10pm and 12.30am Hong Kong-time in Southeast Asia and at 8:30pm and 10.30pm across India.
SportsCenter draws on the worldwide resources of ESPN to bring the latest highlights from the biggest global sports.
SportsCenter Asia was recognised as the region's number one show of its kind by winning the 'Best Sports Programme' category at the 2003 Asian Television Awards and received a commendation for 'Best News Programme' at the 2005 Asian Television Awards.
www.espnstar.com /studio/studio_sportscenter.html   (612 words)

 This is SportsCenter - CTAM Hall of Fame
In a daring concept that required higher lever acting skills on the parts of both the SportsCenter talent and the athletes and celebrities who would be appear, the Wieden team put together storyboards for a series of spots.
These “mini-documentaries” turned out to be television advertising at its finest; not only positioning SportsCenter as a very cool place to be, but speaking to the target market in a way that was refreshingly honest and direct*.
In its five year history “This is SportsCenter” has won numerous accolades from both the advertising community and the consumer and trade press – including being named the 22nd greatest television commercial of all time by TV Guide.
www.ctam.com /awards/hof-sportscenter.htm   (435 words)

 This is SportsCenter? - By Matt Feeney - Slate Magazine   (Site not responding. Last check: )
SportsCenter, and Keith Olbermann has his own current events talk show on basic cable's perennially unwatched news network, MSNBC.
The chemistry the two had together is a rare, elusive thing, which why it is such a debacle that ESPN allows its current first-string SportsCenter cast—mostly Steve Berthiaume, Linda Cohn, John Anderson, and Scott Van Pelt—to strive, night after night, to recapture that chemistry through brute force.
SportsCenter veteran Linda Cohn, for example, peppers basketball highlights with an array of catchphrases that reflects an apparent front-office directive that she must, at all costs, have catchphrases.
www.slate.com /id/2098071   (1951 words)

 The Dark Side of SportsCenter   (Site not responding. Last check: )
While ESPN and SportsCenter probably reached the 37-year-old-virgin-living-in-mom’s-basement-downloading-Internet-porn-faster-than-the-Millenium-Falcon-can-make-the-Kessel-Run (which is 12 parsecs) demographic, SportsCenter went too far with this highlight.
SportsCenter has become a money-making machine, but the producers need to step back and reassess the situation.
If SportsCenter wishes to remain a credible source of sports information, then it must be able to separate corporate sponsors from its programming, even if those advertisers are willing to shell out hefty sums to have their name in the show
www.sportsrant.com /dark-side-sportscenter-a13513.html   (657 words)

 SportsCenter Shrine
Below is a list of all the current Sportscenter anchors in no particular order.
Ian's World o' Sportscenter- A new SportsCenter page with a list of SportsCenter anchors and catch phrases.
I am only 14, but I have been watching SportsCenter back since the days when the set was blue and there were 9 television sets behind the anchors.
members.aol.com /BMC583/sportscenter.html   (583 words)

 SportsCenter: The Greatest Cable Show Ever?
SportsCenter recently did a 25,000 show and the anchors looked back to the beginning days of the show.
The show runs for a whole hour, giving people the chance to watch highlights, hear discussions about sports related topics, or just laugh at some of the day’s bloopers.
  SportsCenter even has the best anchors in the business:  Stuart Scott, Dan Patrick, and Kenny Mayne, all have done the show and gone on to be big stars on other television and radio networks.
www.etsu.edu /writing/comp1_sum04/sportscenter.htm   (1015 words)

 Urban Dictionary: sportscenter
After Ron Artest beat up some fan, SportsCenter was Laker-free for about a week, because ESPN kept showing the same replay of the same fight over and over and over.
It has slowly gone down hill with anchors trying to live up to previous hosts with their bad and not funny catch phrases.
I only watch Sportscenter a few times a week due to the terrible anchors.
www.urbandictionary.com /define.php?term=sportscenter   (248 words)

 VCU SportsCenter
We may accept up to 6 credits in graduate-level courses taken prior to entering the VCU SportsCenter program as long as they have not been applied to any other degree program.
However, all credits must be reviewed and approved by the SportsCenter Executive Director and Academic Director prior to being accepted as part of the degree requirement.
VCU SportsCenter students have found career opportunities in a wide variety of companies and organizations.
www.vcu.edu /sportscenter/03faq.htm   (1002 words)

 ESPN's SportsCenter goes on walkabout - Boston.com
It's the 11th such nation-specific SportsCenter for the network, but this one has a twist -- unlike the others, it will be produced an anchored from ESPN's studios in the United States.
But the other "stars" of SportsCenter have all moved to the U.S. where ESPN has a state-of-the-art digital production facilities, and a ready-made staff of editors, technicians and other experts.
The launch of SportsCenter Australia is scheduled to coincide with the Australian Open tennis tournament.
www.boston.com /news/local/connecticut/articles/2007/01/16/espns_sportscenter_goes_on_walkabout?mode=PF   (781 words)

 The SportsCenter Altar / Video Multimedia
Everybody loves the "This is SportsCenter" commercials, so we've done our best to collect as many as we can here from various sources.
There used to be a site run by Jeremy Stoll that had them all listed, but that site (and many of the video files) has since disappeared, so we have now built upon his original list.
SportsCenter anchors pay tribute to their idols with tattoos.
www.sportscenteraltar.com /multimedia/video.asp   (409 words)

 ESPN Celebrates Milestone 'SportsCenter' - 7/15/2002 - Multichannel News
Although the "This is SportsCenter" spots have historically relied on sports stars and celebrity fans, the real stars of the ads have been ESPN's on-air talent, said Kramer.
In the ongoing campaign, SportsCenter is depicted as the center of the universe, so it's natural for sports figures to be found hanging around when the cameras start rolling for the spots, said Kramer.
On SportsCenter itself, athletes and celebrities will recall their favorite moments during the 25 days that precede the milestone episode.
www.multichannel.com /article/CA233401.html?pubdate=07/15/2002   (618 words)

 Sportscenter Home   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Sportscenter Triad is over 75,000 square feet of North Carolina’s finest fitness facility.
We are a private membership club dedicated to providing the ultimate athletic and recreational facilities for our members of all ages in a facility designed to incorporate the total fitness concept for maximum benefits and total enjoyment.
Mission Statement: The Sportscenter Triad is a private membership club dedicated to providing the ultimate athletic and recreational facilities for our members of all ages in a facility designed to incorporate the total fitness concept for maximum benefits and total enjoyment.
www.unc.edu /~johnso34/sportscenter/home.htm   (147 words)

 SportsCenter News
SportsCenter News continually updated from thousands of sources around the net.
I'm currently in training and I will be filling in on national Sportscenter updates for ESPN Radio starting Thursday and will continue...
The work is all done, there's a hot meal in your belly, a fire in the fireplace and a golden retriever curled up at your feet.
www.topix.net /tv/sportscenter   (673 words)

 Zap2it - TV news - 'SportsCenter' Kicks It Old School
The show that launched a thousand catchphrases is still, despite frequent hand-wringing about its sponsor tie-ins, pun-loving anchors and creation of a highlight culture that values style over substance, a prime destination for sports fans who want to know how their teams fared and still, at heart, a news show.
As ESPN continues celebrating its 25th anniversary, some of the people who helped make "SportsCenter" into the monster it is -- "a good monster," as former anchor Gayle Gardner puts it -- are returning to the network this week to host editions of the show.
Rather, Steiner says, it grew out of the fact that the "SportsCenter" anchors wrote (and still write) their own material and were given the freedom to say what they wanted.
tv.zap2it.com /tveditorial/tve_main/1,1002,271|89861|1|,00.html   (685 words)

 USATODAY.com - A site for those who worship SportsCenter   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A home run is not a home run on ESPN's SportsCenter, nor is it a 'blast' or a 'dinger.' It's a hoom ron, he gat it or That's levitation, Holmes.
The first language of SportsCenter is the bevy of terms its various anchors have coined over 24-plus years of ESPN airtime.
Many phrases are available in audio format, and most are complete with examples of usage on the show and references to their origin.
www.usatoday.com /sports/2003-12-02-sportscenter-altar_x.htm   (505 words)

 "SportsCenter" (1979)
This sports news show has now been going for over two decades, and shows no signs of slowing down "SportsCenter" seems to be staying for good.
Some of the female anchors are colorful and talented you can notice that so well in Robin Roberts and Linda Cohn.
So if your a sports buff making "SportsCenter" apart of your week is a must.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0136668   (356 words)

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