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Topic: Spring Festival

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  Spring Festival-The Eternal Spring Festival
Spring Festival is essentially an expression and manifestation of long-standing traditional Chinese cultural concepts, but is nowadays challenged, like other world cultural heritages, by the diversions of modern life.
Jiaozi (dumplings) were formerly a major Spring Festival dish, and although hand or machine-made frozen jiaozi are on sale in supermarkets throughout the year, families still like to gather together and make their own jiaozi during the Spring Festival, as they symbolize family reunions and harmony.
The importance of the Spring Festival lies in that it embodies the ancient Chinese philosophy "man is the integral aspect of nature." It symbolizes the harmonious unification of nature and the spring season in people's minds, and a fresh, vital starting point for both humanity and nature.
www.chinavoc.com /festivals/spring/external.htm   (617 words)

 Traditional Chinese Festivals - china.org.cn
The Spring Festival is the most important festival for the Chinese people and is when all family members get together, just like Christmas in the West.
Strictly speaking, the Spring Festival starts every year in the early days of the 12th lunar month and will last till the mid 1st lunar month of the next year.
In recent years, the Spring Festival party broadcast on China Central Television Station (CCTV) is essential entertainment for the Chinese both at home and abroad.
www.china.org.cn /english/features/Festivals/78322.htm   (826 words)

 The Spring Festival
The oldest and most important festival in China is the Spring Festival is celebrates the earth coming back to life, and the start of ploughing and sowing.
The oldest and most important festival in China is the Spring Festival, more commonly known in the West as Chinese New Year.
Like all Chinese festivals, the date of the new year is determined by the lunar/solar calendar rather than the Western (Gregorian) calendar, so the date of the holiday varies from late January to mid February.
www.chinesemoods.com /springfestival.html   (325 words)

 Celebration of the Chinese New Year
Spring Couplets can be seen in Chinatwon stores everywhere, but these are now bought from the Chinse Hospital as a fundraising effort - an interesting variation on an old Chinese custom.
These Spring Banquets, originally developed to take the place of family dinners, are still held today, even though Chinatown is no longer a society of single men.
Spring Couplets: Spring couplets are traditionally written with fl ink on red paper.
www.c-c-c.org /chineseculture/festival/newyear/newyear.html   (2104 words)

 Official Website of the National Cherry Blossom Festival - Washington, DC
The 2007 festival marks the 95th celebration of the original gift of the 3,000 cherry trees from the city of Tokyo to the people of Washington, DC in 1912.
Spring 2007 will witness the celebration of 95 years of fabulous flowering Japanese cherry trees in our nation's capital.
NCBF is now accepting applications for a variety of performance opportunities available during the festival, including with the Parade and the Stage at the Tidal Basin.
www.nationalcherryblossomfestival.org   (227 words)

 Spring Festival
Spring Festival, also know as the Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year, is the most important holiday in the Chinese culture.
Although the climax of the Spring Festival lasts only several days including the New Year's Eve in China, the New Year season extends from the mid-twelfth month of the previous year to the middle of the first month of the New Year.
Like all festivals, the Chinese New Year, is especially joyful for children, since they get new clothes and money-gifts wrapped up in red paper packages from their parents, family members, or friends of their parents when they go greet those people.
www.albany.edu /~yc7270/isp523/webteam2/springfestival.htm   (1061 words)

 Panama City Jr. Woman's Club   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-23)
The 1st Spring Festival of the Arts was held on March 29, 1969 at McKenzie Park for 1 day only and raised $450.00.
Spring Festival is held the 1st weekend of May every year and begins with our Preview Party featuring "A Taste of Panama City" provided by local restaurants each serving a signature dish.
The entire proceeds from the Spring Festival of the Arts is what the Panama City Juniors use to donate to charities and causes in our area.
www.panamacityjuniors.com /springfestival.html   (404 words)

 Happy Spring Festival - Greetings from China Highlights Travel
Since ever, the custom and tradition of celebrating the Spring Festival born and the practice of putting red couplets on gates, setting off firecrackers, etc have been passed down.
Spring Festival is a time for celebrating with family and friends.
Spring Cleaning: From December 23rd in the Chinese calendar, people begin to clean their houses to bid farewell to the old year and usher in a happy and fresh new year.
www.chinahighlights.com /card/spring-festival-card.htm   (789 words)

 Trummerflora Presents Spring Reverb 2005
Trummerflora presents their 5th Annual Spring Reverb, a festival of original music and visual art.
The Trummerflora Collective is an independent group of music makers that embraces the pluralistic nature of creative music as an important means of artistic expression for the individual and the community, and provides an atmosphere that nurtures the creative development of its members.
Spring Reverb 06 is made possible in part by a grant from the North County Higher Education Alliance and the support of Sushi Performance and Visual Art.
www.springreverb.com   (283 words)

 Chinese New Year - The Spring Festival
There goes the saying that "a whole year's work depends on a good start in spring." Hoping for a propitious and happy new year, each family will clean up the house and put up an antithetical couplet, written on two scrolls of paper to be pasted one on each side of the door.
During the Spring Festival, the first words uttered when meeting others are often "Congratulations for the New Year!" Many interesting activities such as letting off firecrackers, dragon lantern dance and lion dance are also held to celebrate the occasion.
The antithetical couplets stuck on doors at the Spring Festival were originally called "peach wood charms against evil spirits." According to legend, there once lived in a beautiful mountain two brothers, Shennai and Yulei by name.
www.interbulletin.com /cspecial/story/e2.htm   (991 words)

 [No title]
The Spring Wings Bird Festival coincides with International Migratory Bird Day and the height of spring migration in the Lahontan Valley wetlands.
During the 2006 festival, 95 different species were logged.
Spring Wings 2006 was another happy success, with keynote speakers Jonathan Stacey, of Rio-Tinto and Birdlife International, and Don McIvor from Lahontan Audubon's Important Bird Area Program.
www.springwings.org   (598 words)

 Spring Festival(春节)
The 15th day of the new year is called the Lantern Festival(元宵节), which is celebrated at night with lantern displays and children carrying lanterns in a parade.
The Chinese New Year is now popularly known as the Spring Festival because it starts from the Begining of Spring (the first of the twenty-four terms in coodination with the changes of Nature).
The 14th day should be for preparations to celebrate the Lantern Festival which is to be held on the 15th night.
www.chinadaily.com.cn /english/doc/2004-01/19/content_359389.htm   (1105 words)

 China: Dim Sum: New Year or Spring Festival   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-23)
In these activities, students learn about Chinese New Year or Spring Festival and do lantern, paper cut and scroll activities related to the celebration of Chinese New Year.
The Festival of the Lanterns mark the end of the New Year's celebration and life goes back to normal.
But the spirit underlying the diverse celebrations of the New Year is the same, a sincere wish of peace and happiness for family members and friends.
www.newton.mec.edu /Angier/DimSum/china__dim_sum__spring_fes.html   (1573 words)

 [KFCC] Hawaii International Spring Film Festival Coverage
This festival was smaller compared to the Fall HIFF so there weren't many banners and posters displayed, or extra activities to take part in, or as many movies, but I had a great time.
As the largest East-meets-West Festival in the United States, HIFF is the primary source for the discovery and exhibition of Asian and Pacific feature films, documentaries and videos in the nation.
The Festival is an eagerly anticipated annual event for residents of Hawaii, as well as visitors to the state.
www.kfccinema.com /festival/hawaiifest/hawaiifest.html   (1812 words)

 Journal: Spring Festival in Yangjia Village
But Yang Ying, her father, brother, and sister-in-law have all been away from home for most of the year working, so this year's Spring Festival really was a time for reunion.
Another Spring Festival custom is that you shouldn't sweep the courtyard on the first two days of the new year (sweeping inside the rooms is okay, though).
I liked the way Yang Ying's mother explained this: she said many of the family members had been away during the year earning money, finally returning at Spring Festival, so sweeping would be like sweeping this wealth and good fortune out of the house.
www.waze.net /china/yangjia_village_spring_festival.php   (2045 words)

 Chinese Spring festival information
To the ordinary Chinese, the festival actually begins on the eve of the lunar New Year's Day and ends on the fifth day of the first month of the lunar calendar.
But the 15th of the first month, which normally is called the Lantern Festival, means the official end of the Spring Festival in many parts of the country.
Houses are festooned with paper scrolls bearing auspicious antithetical couplet (as show on both side of the page) and in many homes, people burn incense at home and in the temples to pay respects to ancestors and ask the gods for good health in the coming months.
asiarecipe.com /chispringfestival.html   (750 words)

 Blue Spring Manatee Festival a Huge Success
People of all ages snapped pictures, children cheered, fingers were pointed excitedly toward new manatee sightings, and all around you could hear the awe-inspired voices of the park visitors as they marvelled at the wonder of these magnificent, gentle animals.
People were able to adopt a Blue Spring manatee as well as purchase a variety of popular manatee items such as calendars, T-shirts, and holiday ornaments which are also featured in the Club’s catalog.
The Blue Spring Manatee Festival is a wonderful time for people who love manatees and care about their future to come and see them in the wild, in their natural environment.
www.savethemanatee.org /newsfbsfestival.htm   (963 words)

 Spring Gulch Resort Campground
And no festival would be complete without a variety of hot and cold food selections to please your palate.
Of course, the many amenities at Spring Gulch will be available for use during the festival, including the 2 large heated swimming pools, hot tub, tennis, shuffleboard, mini golf, video arcade and game room, fishing lake, playground, country store, hot showers, wooded sites, and planned children’s activities...all in a beautiful camp resort!
The event promises to be "The Festival to Remember" for 2006 and for many seasons to come.
www.springgulch.com /folkfestival.cfm   (960 words)

 Spring Festival
The Spring Festival is a grand tradition celebration that includes a parade, a large deep pit barbecue and a queen coronation that has been a part of Chowchilla since 1946.
As a matter of fact, the Spring Festival Parade is the largest military parade throughout the state.
The most popular event of the festival is the traditional barbecue that takes place after the parade on the Saturday of the Fair.
www.ci.chowchilla.ca.us /fairgrounds/spring_festival.htm   (467 words)

 RIT Spring Festival 2006
Spring Festival is RIT's largest annual event, organized by the College Activities Board and held near the end of Spring Quarter, when the whole campus comes together to celebrate the (hopefully) good weather and have some fun before finals.
Spring Festival kicks off on Friday, May 5th with the Student Government BBQ, the Carnival with rides, games, and food, and an outdoor showing of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the Greek Lawn.
Spring Festival is guaranteed to be a fun weekend with something for everyone, all right on campus!
cab.rit.edu /springfestival   (155 words)

 China Culture - Ancient Dynasties Unite with Modern Day   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-23)
The Spring Festival (New Year) is the most important festival in China.
It is said that the Spring Festival evolved from an activity known as the Winter Sacrifice.
As the cold winter began to recede and the warm spring was about to begin, the people of an entire clan gathered together.
www.globalvolunteers.org /1main/china/chinaculture.htm   (1334 words)

 Okanagan Wine Festivals Homepage
The Okanagan Spring Wine Festival is a perfect marriage of wine and culinary tourism.
The Okanagan Spring Wine Festival has been described as "one of Canada's best small festivals" and it is no wonder that its success continues to grow.
This festival continues to be ranked in the top 100 events by the American Bus Association.
www.owfs.com   (535 words)

 Loch Shiel Spring Festival
Starting in 1997 only three months after the decision was taken to put on a festival, it has increased in popularity and recognition each year.
Patrick is always on the lookout for great and lesser known pieces by the composers of the past, though he has also slipped in one or two composed by himself or by Richard Stead, the Festival Chairman, which were very well received by an appreciative audience.
For several years the adventures of Hans Hasitoffen and Stefan Dozzenghetenni formed a hilarious end to the festival.   Last seen being pursued by the Mafia to whom they, inevitably, owed large amounts.   It was a fun evening in a club setting with wine refreshments, music and much laughter.
www.shielfestival.freeuk.com /past.html   (321 words)

 Spring Boreal Birding Festival, Grand Marais, Minnesota
Spring is an explosion of life in the North.
The Spring Boreal Birding Festival takes place in Grand Marais, Minnesota, on the North Shore of Lake Superior and in the midst of the Superior National Forest.
The Spring Boreal Birding Festival emphasizes sharing the excitement and curiosity of birding as a community.
www.grandmarais.com /birding/boreal/index.html   (359 words)

 The Old Iron Spring Festival   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-23)
The Old Iron Spring Festival is Saratoga Countys premiere spring destination for great entertainment, arts and crafts, food, and fun for the whole family!
The Festival is a presention of the St.
The Old Iron Spring Festival is also a celebration of local and regional art, and we strive to be the largest springtime craft fair in the Capital region.
www.oldironspringfestival.org   (466 words)

 Spring Festival   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-23)
In China the Spring Festival is the most important holiday of the year.
On the 15th of the first month that is called the Lantern Festival which means the Spring Festival is over.
The spring festival is a time to begin the New Year with happy celebrations.
www.ucs.mun.ca /~x95xk/springfestival.html   (137 words)

 New Page 2
Spring Festival, or Chun Jie, is the most important cultural festival in China.
Carved fruits, rolls deep-fried in goose fat, steamed buns stuffed with minced pork, sticky rice cake, and many other foods are prepared and served during the Spring Festival.
The New Year’s festival goes many days, until the lantern festival, and every day there are activities such as gong and drum contests, lion dances, fairs, and the drowning of people in flowers.
www.geocities.com /oleolson131/springfestival.htm   (514 words)

 Loch Shiel Spring Festival - Home
The Festival’s new Artistic Director, Glasgow-based violinist Charles Mutter, is currently putting together an exciting programme of concerts and workshops befitting the scenic splendour of the West Highlands.
The overall themes of the forthcoming 2007 festival will be based on the character of the Highlands and its place in European history.
Although the Loch Shiel Spring Festival takes in many wonderful local venues, Glenfinnan - located just a few miles to the West of Fort William - is its central hub.
www.lochshielfestival.com   (283 words)

 Chinese New Year - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
According to legend, the beginning of the year began with month 1 during the Xia Dynasty, month 12 during the Shang Dynasty, and month 11 during the Zhou Dynasty, but intercalary months were added after month 12 during both the Shang Dynasty according to surviving oracle bones and the Zhou Dynasty according to Sima Qian.
The dates of the Spring Festival from 1996 to 2019 (in the Gregorian calendar) are listed below with pinyin romanizations for the earthly branches associated with the animals, which are not their translations.
The same calendar is used in countries that have adopted the Confucian and Buddhism tradition and in many cultures influenced by the Chinese, notably the Koreans, the Japanese, the Tibetan, the Vietnamese and the pagan Bulgars.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Chinese_New_Year   (4185 words)

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