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Topic: Square kilometer

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In the News (Thu 21 Mar 19)

  Unit Conversion - Online Unit Converter
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square meter, square kilometer, square hectometer, square dekameter, square decimeter, square centimeter, square millimeter...
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www.unitconversion.org   (0 words)

 Unit Converters
Choose from 76 different units including cubic meter, cubic kilometer, cubic decimeter, cubic centimeter, cubic millimeter, liter, exaliter, petaliter, teraliter...
Choose from 39 different units including square meter, square kilometer, square hectometer, square dekameter, square decimeter, square centimeter, square millimeter...
Choose from 24 different units including square meter/second, square meter/hour, square centimeter/second, square millimeter/second, square foot/second, square foot/hour...
www.coleparmer.com /techinfo/converters/converters.asp   (0 words)

 Chapter 2: Our People, Our Resources
According to historical and ethnographic studies, the density of hunter-gatherer populations has ranged from an estimated 1.15 inhabitants per square kilometer for the Amerinds of pre-conquest western North America, to 0.15 inhabitants per square kilometer registered in the 1960s among the Kung Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert of Botswana in southern Africa.
In 1977, Egypt had an overall density of 39 persons per square kilometer of its total land area; but due to the size of its deserts, this was actually about 1,276 persons per square kilometer of arable land.
Population densities are on the order of 15-25 persons per square kilometer, rainfall is in excess of 1,100mm, the vegetation is less degraded and soils are of higher quality.
www.iucn.org /themes/spg/Files/opor/opor2_1.html   (3711 words)

 New Page 3
The total length of the river from source to sea is 1312 kilometers (815 miles) while the length up to dam site is 1163 kilometers.
The total basin area of the river is 97,410 square kilometer comprising 85,858 square kilometer in Madhya Pradesh, 1658 square kilometer in Maharashtra and 9894 square kilometer in Gujarat.
The drainage area up to dam site is 88,000 square kilometer.
www.sardarsarovardam.org /river_basin.htm   (257 words)

 [No title]
In 2004, the population density was listed as 300 people per square kilometer, with the most populated area being the central region of Israel, including Tel Aviv.
An average of 1,900 people per square kilometer reside in the area, in comparison to an average of 70 in the south.
Among the four largest cities in Israel, Tel Aviv is the most crowded with 7,170 people per square kilometer, followed by Jerusalem with 5,642, Haifa with 4,211 and Rishon Lezion with 3,700.
www.ynetnews.com /articles/0,7340,L-3148583,00.html   (611 words)

  Oriental Negros Provincial Profile-Population
The total land area of Oriental Negros is 5,402.30 square kilometers with a total population of 1,130,088 in 2000 census.
From 1,438.39 in 1990, it increased to 1,832.70 people per square kilometer in 2000, that means an increase of 394.31 people per square kilometer
Oriental Negros has a population density of 171.20 people per square kilometer in 1990 garnering an increase of 37.98 in the year 2000 where its population density is 209.18 people per square kilometer.
www.investoriental.com /pp-population.html   (642 words)

 SKA Concept
The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) would probe the gaseous component of the early Universe, thereby addressing fundamental questions in research on the origin and evolution of the Universe.
Extensive discussion of the envisioned science drivers and of the evolving technical possibilities has led to a concept for the Square Kilometre Array and a set of design goals.
The 106 square meters of collecting area is distributed over 30 interferometric stations.
www.ras.ucalgary.ca /SKA/ska_concept.shtml   (702 words)

 USSKA.org - The US Square Kilometer Array Consortium
Currently under development by an international consortium, the SKA will make a revolutionary break from today's radio telescopes.
Have a collecting area of one square kilometer, making it 50--100 times more sensitive than today's best radio telescopes;
Integrate computing hardware and softwre on a massive scale, in a way that best captures the benefits of these exponentially-developing technologies.
astrosun2.astro.cornell.edu /research/projects/ska/main.shtml   (0 words)

 square kilometer. Metric. Area Conversion Chart
This page contains conversion chart from "square kilometer" to other units.
To make online conversions between units please proceed to Area conversion page
Please provide link to Convert-me.Com when using information acquired from this site.
www.convert-me.com /en/convert/units/area/area.km2.en.html   (127 words)

 Astronomy & Space
SKAI Home Page General Information News Archive Scientific Case Technical Case Archive Home Page of the SKA project This site provides information about the world-wide efforts to develop the next generation of radio telescope.
The Square Kilometre Array project Summary of the ``Sub-microJansky Radio Sky'' workshop Andrew Hopkins, Ron Ekers, Carole Jackson, Lawrence Cram, Anne Green, Dick Manchester, Lister Staveley-Smith and Ray Norris, PASA, 16 (2), in press.
The Square Kilometre Array The Square Kilometre Array [ News ] [ Background ] [ Documents ] [ Links ] [ Research Group ] [ Comments ] News: The Square Kilometre Array Science Workshop took place on July 20-22 1998 in Calgary, Canada.
groups.msn.com /AstronomySpace/squarekilometerarray.msnw   (399 words)

 Giant Radio 'Eyeball' Readied for Mega-Telescope
The SKA is designed to be 100 times bigger than today's largest radio telescopes, all the better to capture the weak whispers from the early Universe.
Its total collecting area — one square kilometer (.62 miles) or a million square meters — will be comprised of many small surfaces, grouped in patches.
Concepts for the telescope range from arrays of small flat collectors in the ground to a swarm of satellite dishes.
www.space.com /businesstechnology/technology/radio_eyeball_010706.html   (654 words)

 Ethiopian Tourism
Sightseeing:- Ninety one kilometers (56 miles) past the village of Wolencheti, the road crosses the railroad track and Lake Basaka is visible to the right.
Physical features:- 482 square kilometer of the park is water, comprising the fluctuating shallow pan of lake Abiyatta and the deep, steep-sided Lake Shalla, both of which are saline.
A seventy-eight kilometer of the park is water parts of the lakes Chamo and Abaya.
www.ethemb.se /ee_tourism_parks.html   (3134 words)

 onlinefx destination guide to uganda
Size: 241,139 square kilometers, including 44,000 square kilometers of open water or swampland.
Approximately one-half of Lake Victoria (10,200 square kilometers) lies within Uganda and is source of Nile River.
Density varies from more than 120 inhabitants per square kilometer in far southeast and southwest to fewer than 30 inhabitants per square kilometer in northcentral region.
www.onlinefx.co.uk /fx/Stores/OnlineFX/destinationguide/uganda.asp   (304 words)

 sports history - Square kilometre
Square kilometre (U.S. spelling: Square kilometer), symbol kmĀ², is an SI unit of surface area.
It is one of the SI derived units.
the area of a square measuring 1 kilometre on each side
www.sportsfactbook.com /history/Square_kilometer   (139 words)

 onlinefx destination guide to mexico
Mexico's total area covers 1,972,550 square kilometers, including approximately 6,000 square kilometers of islands in the Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, and Gulf of California (see fig.
On its south, Mexico shares an 871 kilometer border with Guatemala and a 251-kilometer border with Belize.
Mexico has a 10,143 kilometer coastline, of which 7,338 kilometers face the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of California, and the remaining 2,805 kilometers front the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.
www.onlinefx.co.uk /fx/Stores/OnlineFX/destinationguide/mexico.asp   (613 words)

 Cornell News: Square Kilometer Array meeting
The global astronomy community has dubbed the new telescope the Square Kilometer Array, or SKA, and it hopes that if funding and technical problems can be overcome, the massive instrument will be focusing its beams on the distant universe within a decade or so.
Although the telescope's span would be 1,000 kilometers (620 miles), its actual collecting area for radio beams would be only about a square kilometer, or about a half square mile.
The antennas would form a type of telescope called an interferometer, in which radio signals from distant objects in the universe are captured by separate antennas and brought together at a central processor.
www.news.cornell.edu /releases/March00/SKA_meeting.deb.html   (1247 words)

 WorldChanging: Tools, Models and Ideas for Building a Bright Green Future: The $1 Million A Square Kilometer Solution
January 25, 2006 12:20 PM Talk about a real estate bubble: A new report from the United Nations Environment Program estimates that a square kilometer of mangrove or coral reef can be worth over $1 million per square kilometer per year for the economies of tropical nations.
Reefs are worth over $1 million per square kilometer per year in parts of Southeast Asia, where reef-based fisheries generate about $4.46 million in income annually.
Spending that $800-odd dollars/sq km/yr to preserve a square kilometer of mangrove or reef can add up to a lot of erosion mitigation.
www.worldchanging.com /archives/004034.html   (847 words)

 Equatoguinean Geography - NCBuy Country Reference for Equatorial Guinea
Bioko Island, called Fernando Po until the 1970s, is the largest island in the Gulf of Guinea--2,017 square kilometers (780 sq.
It is shaped like a boot, with two large volcanic formations separated by a valley that bisects the island at its narrowest point.
The 195-kilometer (120-mi.) coastline is steep and rugged in the south but lower and more accessible in the north, with excellent harbors at Malabo and Luba, and several scenic beaches between those towns.
www.ncbuy.com /reference/country/backgrounds.html?code=ek&sec=backgeography   (312 words)

 China city information,Chinese cities, china province information
The year of 1998 saw19.91 million births, 8.07 million deaths of the population, with a net growth population of 11.84 million (compared with 12.37 million in 1997); More than 10% of total population is over 60 years old (1999 data).
China population is distributed unevenly with more in the east (more than 300 persons per square kilometer) and fewer in the west (about 40 persons per square kilometer.
The national average density of population is 119 per square kilometer (1990 census).
www.chinatoday.com /city/a.htm   (1098 words)

 Universe Today - Radio Astronomy Will Get a Boost With the Square Kilometer Array   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
It will map the web of neutral Hydrogen that is spread across our universe, near and far.
In 2015, an array of 4400 twelve meter fully steerable paraboloid radio dishes, called the Square Kilometer Array (SKA) is scheduled to be complete and operational.
The project plans are being developed by a consortium of institutions headed up by Cornell, and funded by the National Science Foundation among others.
www.universetoday.com /am/publish/radio_astronomy_boost_ska.html?1592004   (592 words)

 Square Kilometer Array Gets Study Fund Topup
The telescope, the Square Kilometer Array (SKA), would cost in the area of $1 billion and would be among the largest scientific instruments ever assembled.
The challenge, he observes, is to design an antenna and the receiver system that will go with it, plus all of the necessary digital electronics, that would keep the cost of the SKA at $1 billion, an extremely low cost by current radio telescope standards.
The NSF funding, he says, will be used to investigate such a design, with some of the work being carried out at Cornell by Cordes and by German Cortes-Medellin, a senior research associate with the National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center (NAIC) at Cornell, which manages the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico for the NSF.
www.spacemart.com /reports/Square_Kilometer_Array_Gets_Study_Fund_Topup.html   (1213 words)

 [astro-ph/0409312] Probing the Dark Ages with the Square Kilometer Array
The epoch of reionization (EoR) sets a fundamental benchmark in cosmic structure formation, corresponding to the formation of the first luminous objects that act to ionize the neutral intergalactic medium (IGM).
The Square Kilometer Array (SKA) will provide critical insight into the EoR in a number of ways.
First, the ability of the SKA to image the neutral IGM in 21cm emission is a truly unique probe of the process of reionization, and is recognized as the next necessary and fundamental step in our study of the evolution of large scale structure and cosmic reionization.
arxiv.org /abs/astro-ph/0409312   (284 words)

 [73.02] Observing the Extragalactic Universe with a Square Kilometer Array   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
The Square Kilometer Array, SKA, is being developed to provide broad, radio survey capability to cm wavelength, with a 1 degree field of view, 1 arcsec resolution and 100 times the VLA sensitivity.
In extragalactic astronomy, it will observe unobscured, normal and active galaxies, star formation and mergers, large scale structure and gravitational lenses throughout the universe.
In addition, the importance of refining its goals and design criteria in a dialog with organizations making complementary plans throughout the electromagnetic spectrum will be emphasized.
www.aas.org /publications/baas/v33n4/aas199/200.htm   (200 words)

 ASTRON - About Astron
Astronomers and engineers our out to build the world’s biggest telescope, called the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), capable of peering deep into space at such things as gamma-ray bursts, extrasolar planets, evolving galaxies, dark matter and possibly even back to the Big Bang, where it all began.
The SKA project will create a huge radio telescope – in fact, hundreds of small collection stations forming one ‘big picture’ – covering the agreed frequencies of between 0.1 and 25 GHz.
Comments and suggestions regarding this web site should be sent to: www@astron.nl
www.astron.nl /p/skaframe.htm   (543 words)

 SCI Journals: Conversion Factors
To convert Column 2 into Column 1, multiply by
pascal, Pa pound per square inch, lb in
Copyright © 2007 by the American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, and Soil Science Society of America.
www.scijournals.org /misc/conversion.shtml   (62 words)

 Cousine Island Hotel Seychelles, online booking on mauritius-seychelles.com
The villas offer the highest degree of comfort with spacious bedrooms, separate lounge, large bathroom with Jacuzzi and shower inside and outside, front and rear patios.
The 4 villas are fully air-conditioned, and each one has a total floor of 175 square meters.
Cousine Island has a beautiful, white sandy beach almost one kilometer long, which fringes the island on the eastern coast.
www.mauritius-seychelles.com /cousine-island-seychelles.html   (589 words)

 Wisconsin State Animal
Whitetail deer are also good swimmers and often enter large streams and lakes to escape predators or insects or to visit islands.
Their home ranges are generally small, often a square kilometer or less.
Whitetail deer do not migrate to a winter range but yard up in their own territories during heavy snow.
www.e-referencedesk.com /resources/state-mammal/wisconsin-wildlife-animal.html   (1442 words)

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