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Topic: Stable (professional wrestling)

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In the News (Wed 26 Jun 19)

  Japan Glossary - Sumo Wrestling
Currently professional sumo is organised by the Japan Sumo Association.
All practising wrestlers are members of a training stable run by one of the oyakata, who is the stablemaster for the wrestlers under him.
In the evening sekitori may go out with their sponsors while juniors stay at home in the stable, unless they are to accompany the stablemaster or a sekitori as his manservant when he is out (this is normally a more privileged role given to a riikishi who may be nearing sekitori status himself).
www.jref.com /glossary/sumo.shtml   (2629 words)

 Tony D.'s Professional Wrestling Webpage
Jimmy was gonna bring his stable from the Mid-Southern area to the Georgia area.
Also, I read some wrestling mags that I have from back then, and Jimmy Hart managed The Terminators around this time, but I don't remember if they were part of this video or not.
They were supposed to wrestle a team (maybe The Midnight Express) in an "escape-proof" cage match.
www.cpol.net /tonyd/wrestling.htm   (1389 words)

 Professional Wrestling
As late as the 19th Century, wrestling was a respected and even prestigious sport, a favorite among every strata of society, from peasant to President (Abraham Lincoln was an accomplished wrestler; interestingly, so was Donald Rumsfeld).
As wrestling carved out its niche on television (with a few false starts along the way), wrestlers began to emerge as personalities, sometimes becoming stars for reasons almost entirely unrelated to their ability to wrestle per se.
Wrestling had been steadily evolving into a simple morality play — which meant that whenever possible, and especially in high-profile main event matches, the formula was to pit a good and pure wrestler (called a "babyface") against a bad and evil wrestler (known as a "heel").
www.rotten.com /library/culture/professional-wrestling   (1892 words)

  file_nav_name Encyclopedia Index
Championship unification or championship consolidation are professional wrestling terms which mean the act of combinin...
The professional wrestling stable Planet Jarrett in December 2005.
Nelson Dieppa (born February 25, 1971 in Vieques, Puerto Rico) is a professional boxer.
www.brainyencyclopedia.com /topics/title.html   (8499 words)

  Wrestling Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Compiled Wrestling Title Histories, the most complete record of pro wrestling titles and titleholders ever published, which is cited by historians as the bible of professional wrestling’s championship history.
A former amateur wrestling champion, he was a professional superstar for nearly three decades before becoming one of the Midwest’s most powerful promoters, as he partnered with Harley Race in overseeing the prestigious Kansas City region.
Billionaire mogul who first broadcast professional wrestling on his national cable network in the 1970’s and later purchased WCW in 1988, eventually financing their competitive run against the WWF during the 1990’s Monday Night Wars.
www.wrestlingencyclopedia.com /top100-honorable.html   (3569 words)

 Stable - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A stable is a building in which livestock, usually horses, are kept.
Historically, the headquarters of a unit of cavalry rather than just their horses' accommodation, would be called a stable.
Stable is also a rock band from the warfedale region of Yorkshire.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Stable   (144 words)

 P. Staniforth
It was my dream as a youth to play professional baseball, however as I moved into high school, my father suffered a serious back injury in his workplace leading to many years of surgery and disability for him.
But what I learned about the wrestling fan is that after they work hard all day to raise their families, keep a roof over their children’s head, try to keep their loved ones safe and out of trouble; it was important that they be recognized by someone for their work.
This was important to me. In the years I spent in the wrestling business, I tried to impress upon all I would meet that the heroes of America are not athletes, but the dishwasher, the mechanic, the trash man; and all individuals who work together to raise healthy and respectful children.
www.wrestlingclothesline.com /PeterDCDrake.htm   (5282 words)

 Classic Women Professional Wrestling
You simply cannot discuss classic women professional wrestling without discussing Mildred Burke.
It was she who really established women's wrestling as a vital part of sports entertainment, and she had it all--the skills, the looks, the body, and the larger-than-life personality that make a star.
We have classic professional wrestling matches, title bouts, great highlights of mud wrestling, topless matches, and even the only known clips of nude professional wrestling by two of Mildred Burke's girls--Casey Carr and Cheryl Day.
www.steelkittens.com /articles/classic-women-pro.asp   (755 words)

 Professional wrestling / Female Single Combat Club
Professional wrestling is a form of performance art where the participants engage in simulated sporting matches in the boxing-like ring.
In essence, pro wrestling is a circus performance, a peculiar acrobatic clownery, which represents human relations in the hypertrophied and grotesque forms by means of "wrestling in the ring".
Due to the term, "professional wrestling" is the traditional and stable name of this incredibly popular show, attempting to search in WEB for keywords "wrestling", "women wrestling" leads to getting the enormous number of sites dedicated to pro wrestling and to other pseudo-combat shows.
www.fscclub.com /vidy/profi-e.shtml   (2571 words)

 Wrestling Exposed
Being a typically male directed sport, professional wrestling has always leaned towards a chauvinistic representation of entertainment, the male performers being the serious competitors, the centre of the company, whilst the female performers were sidekicks or sideshows.
As professional wrestling moved out of the carnivals and into small arenas, becoming a national past time of America through the traveling stars of the NWA during the fifties and onward, the showmanship had to be modified for such an audience.
Professional wrestling has to some degree developed a more ‘whole’ role for women over the decades, but sadly, it has to have a significant effect on mainstream professional wrestling, which seems to still have the cultural status quo from the mid nineties.
wrestlingexposed.com /columns/posts/1029.shtml   (2859 words)

 Pro Wrestling is real!!
Wrestling is an ancient sport the roots of which can be traced back to before Roman times.
Many primitive tribes and traditional cultures still use wrestling as an important part of ritual and celebration and wrestling is one of the sports that featured at both the ancient and modern Olympics.
In its gentrified amateur forms wrestling is a stable of the college athletics system in the U.S.A. While in Japan Sumo is the national sport.
members.aol.com /solie11/wrestle1.html   (538 words)

 Cultural Politics and Professional Wrestling
As professional wrestling enjoys extraordinary success today with the public, scholars of popular culture are left to explain its appeal.
Wrestling promoters generally, and Vince McMahon specifically, have gone to great lengths to promote a new rebellious image and to break down the old standard of a pure, undefiled good, versus a malicious, unrepentant evil.
Despite the changes, however, many of the central themes in professional wrestling are not brand new at all, but they draw from the rhetoric and symbolism of the political arena over the last two decades.
pcasacas.org /SPC/spcissues/21.3/may.htm   (4442 words)

 Pro Wrestling is real!!   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Wrestling is an ancient sport the roots of which can be traced back to before Roman times.
Many primitive tribes and traditional cultures still use wrestling as an important part of ritual and celebration and wrestling is one of the sports that featured at both the ancient and modern Olympics.
In its gentrified amateur forms wrestling is a stable of the college athletics system in the U.S.A. While in Japan Sumo is the national sport.
www.solie.org /articles/wrestle1.html   (538 words)

 American Chronicle: Who made professional wrestling what it is today?
Hogan was catered to children and brought spectacle to the realm of professional wrestling.
There isn?t one entity that made professional wrestling; the fact is, everyone who has ever worked hard on their character, in the ring, and on the microphone has made professional wrestling what it is today.
Anyone and everyone who has been in professional wrestling?s illustrious history has had their thumb-print in the success of professional wrestling; therefore, they also made professional wrestling what it is today.
www.americanchronicle.com /articles/viewArticle.asp?articleID=8554   (1173 words)

 New World Order (professional wrestling) - Encyclopedia, History, Geography and Biography   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The nWo (New World Order) was both a professional wrestling storyline and the stable of wrestlers who were its central players.
According to the storyline, the nWo were representatives of another wrestling organization (alluded to, but not actually mentioned, as the WWF, since its three founding members all formerly wrestled there), and planned to take over WCW.
Hogan labeled the new faction a "new world order of professional wrestling", and this began a long and bitter feud between WCW and the nWo.
www.arikah.net /encyclopedia/NWo   (2510 words)

 PWInsider - XTRA - [New Site] - Pro Wrestling News Inside & Out
With that said, why is it that, in the business of wrestling, where Stables have been part of the most compelling and entertaining TV for decades, that we are without one in mainstream "sports entertainment" today.
A stable, on the other hand, generally consists of a leader (main eventer, mouthpiece), a mid-upper card wrestler (IC Title challenger possibly, or a bodyguard etc), a tag team (for the tag titles and for those handicap matches that are inevitable in a faction scenario) and possibly a woman.
I can’t quite think of a reason the HBK stable would initially get together but this feud would create many opportunities for good to great matches and storylines which I’m sure any real wrestling fan can think of from the talent that is involved.
www.pwinsiderxtra.com /ViewArticle.asp?id=4755&p=1   (860 words)

 Professional Wrestling Online Museum - Ring Chronicle Hall of Fame Inductee - The Crusher
Wrestling technique and a vast repertoire was not The Crusher's style.
Proving himself as one of the toughest brawlers in wrestling history was...
His size, power, and fighting skills (along with a dash of wrestling ability) combined in victory after victory, and the Midwestern fans he performed for soon rallied in great numbers behind their hero.
www.wrestlingmuseum.com /pages/bios/halloffame/crushbio.html   (1653 words)

 CRZ.net [slash] Wrestling [slash] Guests [slash] Fairbanks
The number of wrestling moves in her repertoire shrunk following the operation, and she must always be careful to fall onto her back rather than her chest to avoid damaging the implants.
In doing this, the professional wrestling industry for the first time allowed a woman to become a major star without relying solely on her ability to tittilate young boys with shows of cleavage.
One formula which wrestling promotions tend to follow is that once a male character achieves a certain level of fan support, he is teamed with an attractive female valet, who encourages fans to cheer for him.
slashwrestling.com /guests/fairbanks.html   (2603 words)

 The Doctor Speaks
Our motto at World Professional Wrestling remains the same: "The Fans Are The Reason!" Until next time, this is The Doctor, not saying goodbye but only good night (or good morning as the case may be!) Yawn...
Blame the organizers for the lack of foresite and prejudice against wrestling, but the question on everybody's mind at Logan's 150th celebration was "Where is WPW?" Well, we'll show them and everybody else that WPW is the draw.
Challenges to professionalism include: abuse of power; discrimination, bias and/or harassment; breaches of confidence; arrogance; greed; misrepresentation (lying/fraud); impairment (not being able to do the job because of drugs or alcohol); lack of conscientiousness (not thinking of others); complacency; and conflicts of interest.
members.fortunecity.com /wrestlingdoctor/worldprofessionalwrestling/id14.html   (3203 words)

 Professional wrestling slang information - Search.com
Professional wrestling has accrued a considerable amount of slang, in-references and jargon.
Kayfabe, term used to describe the illusion (and up-keep of the illusion) that professional wrestling is not staged (i.e.
Sell, to make a wrestling match seem unstaged by reacting to an opponents attacks in a manner that would suggest that the techniques were being applied at full-force and that he/she is feeling the painful effects.
www.search.com /reference/Professional_wrestling_slang   (8511 words)

 Ring of Honor Discussion Forum - Society vs. Wrestling
When I was talking to a friend about wrestling I had a teacher come up to me and say, " WWF wrestling is fake, don't ya know?" This pissed me off because 1.
What was bad was one time he said that he actually KNEW alot about Pro Wrestling, So I asked him "What is a Suplex?" and all I got was silence.
When somebody tells me wrestling is fake I simply inform them that it is predetermined and that injuries do happen although it isn't done purposly.
www.rohwrestling.com /messageboard/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=8941   (895 words)

 Stan Hansen Interview In Wrestling Perspective #87
Wrestling Perspective: As an outsider looking at the All Japan situation with Misawa splitting from the organization to form his own company and taking numerous wrestlers with him, it looks like loyalty played a large factor in your decision to stay with All Japan.
Japan has been a very stable and a good place to work because of the stability and because of the stability of All Japan.
Wrestling Perspective: Her husband had built it up from nothing, just on his name alone.
www.wrestlingperspective.com /87.html   (1230 words)

 Professional Wrestling Online Museum - Spotlight on Freddie Blassie
A few years later he began wrestling professionally, learning a great deal from those with greater skills and more experience until 1954 when he won the NWA Southern Heavyweight championship.
Having struck fear into the hearts of his opponents and made an enemy of all of the fans in the southeast, Blassie set out in 1960 for the sunny skies of the west coast.
Unfortunately, after thirty years of wrestling, Blassie's kneed had worn out and he was forced to retire from active performing.
www.wrestlingmuseum.com /pages/bios/fredblassie2.html   (754 words)

 Toni Rose and Donna Christiantello wrestling tag team champions
Toni always stated that she saw herself wrestling until around the age of 35 where she thought she would "settle down" and retire.
Toni's favourite moves were brawling tactics and although she was small in statue it wasn't unheard of for Toni to lift larger opponents like Barbara Owens off the ground and over the top rope.
Donna is known for her great success in Tag Team wrestling with Toni Rose as her partner.
www.amyaction.com /womenswrestlingamericarosechritiantello.html   (475 words)

 Wrestling grabs more kids
Professional wrestling shows have skyrocketed to the top of cable ratings, and live matches are being staged for sold-out crowds across the country.
Professional wrestling is a comic book come to life, says Jeffrey Brown, assistant professor of popular culture at Bowling Green State University.
Some moves are similar to wrestling, she says, but they've been altered for pro wrestling.
www.enquirer.com /editions/1999/03/12/loc_wrestling_grabs_more.html   (1451 words)

 0026 Professional Sumo Wrestlers
Professional sumo wrestlers in Japan earn their living by competing in sumo wrestling events.
Sumo wrestlers belong to a stable or training area where they live and work under the guidance of a stable master, coaches, and higher ranked wrestlers.
Recruits must be between 15 and 25 years of age, meet minimum weight requirements, pass a physical exam, have consent or their parent or guardian, and have completed junior high school.
www.loihi.state.hi.us /CARINFO/SPORTOCC/SUMO.HTM   (875 words)

 MNM - Encyclopedia, History, Geography and Biography
This article is about the WWE professional wrestling stable. For the candy, see MandM's.
MNM was later joined by a "fixer", Jillian Hall, but Jillian left the group not long after to offer her services to John "Bradshaw" Layfield.
MNM got their start in Ohio Valley Wrestling when Matt Cappotelli brought in Melina Perez, an old girlfriend of Johnny Nitro in spite of revenge only to see Melina double cross Cappotelli and re-joined Nitro.
www.arikah.net /encyclopedia/MNM   (684 words)

 3StrandWrestling: Can You Honestly Say There's A Better Wrestling Website?
He appeared multiple times on Fox Network’s wrestling inspired sitcom “Married with Children.” For the uninitiated, the Bundy family—Al, Peg, Kelly, and Bud—owe their last name to none other than King Kong Bundy.
Wrestling’s influence on the creators of the show would later prove to be helpful to Pallies’s budding acting career.
One of the most significant changes to the industry was the emergence of such upstart wrestling companies as Ted Turner’s WCW and Paul Heyman’s ECW.
www.3strandwrestling.com /bio/bundy.shtml   (1244 words)

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